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Pageonce, Inc , the publisher behind many iOS app (Pageonce Pro – Money & Bills ,Cell Minute Tracker for AT&T ,TripTracker Pro - Live Flight Status Tracker ,Pageonce Bills ,TripTracker - Live Flight Status Tracker ,Pageonce – Money & Bills), brings Pageonce – Money & Bills with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pageonce – Money & Bills app has been update to version 5.51 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • App still works just fine and delivers quicks & accurate snapshot of your finances..
  • The best bill organizer I've ever used..
  • Excellent App to keep your finances organised at a single place..
  • This app is life changing for me..
  • The alerts help me keep track of everything in one easy refresh able app..

Overall Satisfactionc92
This is the best way to manage your finances and investments.
but can no longer trust Intuit's ability to manage finances.
It is one of the best financial apps that I have seen.
This app is hands done the best finance app out there.
It's a great app - much better than Mint in many ways.
was hoping that it would be better than mint.
I love being able to see all my accounts in one place.
What happened to being able to see multiple accounts at banks.
Best bill pay app or program period.
Really helps to keep track of finances and bills to be paid.
Secondly broader support for more banks and businesses in general.
Would be a five if they added more banks.
Fun & Engagingc81
Secondly broader support for more banks and businesses in general.
more banks to be added example credit union banks.
Would be a five if they added more banks.
Pageonce is AWESOME.
Awesome financial app with a wide range of accounts to link.
It's an awesome financial management tool.
Helps me manage my bills and not forget to pay them on time.
The alerts help me keep track of everything in one easy refresh able app.
It helps me stay on track of all the bills and then some.
It's great to have everything in one place and I really like the different notifications.
Keeps me informed quickly when it comes to finances.
Saves time and keeps you from forggrting to pay bills.
Up to date information of your financial accounts.
I have trouble getting up to date info.
It is very helpful in keeping me up to date on my finances.
Ease of Usec79
Easy to pay bills and keep track of funds in your bank account.
Three attempts to pay bills resulted in three error messages.
This app makes paying bills so much more convenient.
I love it and it's very easy to setup and use.
It made me life easy with regards to payments and bills.
Super convenient and easy to keep track of everything.
It simplifies all my financial information into one convenient package.
extremely straightforward and easy to set up and use.
This is a simple app that is packed with great abilities.
All I get is a message for "temporary connection issues ".
but since I was already leary of security issues.
Security & Privacyc78
Only problem I have had is refreshing my bank account balances.
versus going to each website and checking each due date individually.
Monitor up to date bank account information and transactions.
but EVERY SINGLE bank/credit account information is out of date.
The support is amazing and it's very secure.
I feel safe and secure transmitting my information to them.
Took my login information and immediately disabled my account.
Updates & Supportc51
My apologies and thanks to Customer Service and Pageonce.
Very good app and awesome customer service.
"Matthew" in customer service must not work there anymore.
and lose the gold version.

Great app keeps me on my toes & up to date on all my bills. found in 22 reviews
Helps me manage my bills and not forget to pay them on time. found in 121 reviews
Great app for busy people that like to manage their own finances. found in 18 reviews
It is one of the best financial apps that I have seen. found in 581 reviews
This app conveniently consolidates chronologically all my financials in one place. found in 21 reviews
This app is the best financial organizer I have used. found in 26 reviews
Huge time saver and money saver by helping avoid missing bills. found in 134 reviews
Hands down the best money management app out there. found in 174 reviews
This is the bill tracking app that I've been looking for. found in 65 reviews
It's a great app - much better than Mint in many ways. found in 211 reviews
Highly recommended to keep tabs on all of your accounts. found in 47 reviews
Best financial tracking app out of the several I tried. found in 40 reviews
Keeps me informed quickly when it comes to finances. found in 51 reviews
This app is hands done the best finance app out there. found in 423 reviews
Great way to stay organized and informed of account balances and due dates. found in 444 reviews
Best personal bill/ money managing app on the market. found in 21 reviews
It's a great one stop shop to keep an eye on my finances. found in 21 reviews
Definitely recommended for both iPhone and iPad. found in 24 reviews
I love the clean and simple interface of the Pageonce app. found in 57 reviews
Great financial tool for keeping up with monthly bills. found in 189 reviews
Service fees are a little ridiculous BUT still a great app. found in 40 reviews
UPDATE 2: Widget in Notification Center does not update automatically. found in 14 reviews
I have experienced no security issues whatsoever so far. found in 14 reviews
Wish it had an actual budget feature though. found in 22 reviews
without having to manually track them or log into each company's website. found in 152 reviews
although it still isn't compatible with one of my credit card companies. found in 25 reviews
Other than a few connection issues with some of the accounts. found in 15 reviews
Wish I could pay bills without a monthly fee. found in 18 reviews
Please add Dover Federal Credit Union to your list of financial institutions. found in 28 reviews
Let's get this app optimized for iPhone 6 + please guys. found in 38 reviews
Just wish they could add more banks and accounts sooner. found in 87 reviews
Still needs more banks and FCUs but great app so otherwise. found in 87 reviews
Also should include auto refresh on startup in the next update. found in 41 reviews
If you schedule a payment it always clears my bank days before. found in 18 reviews
you don't have the ability to mark a bill as paid. found in 65 reviews
my chase bank account doesn't always refresh on its own. found in 14 reviews
No local credit unions in my area are available on pageonce. found in 25 reviews
You can briefly see acct info before it asks for pin. found in 16 reviews
I do wish they'd let you classify an individual account differently. found in 41 reviews
I do wish that the bank information would update quicker. found in 12 reviews
Still no support for iPhone 6 + screen resolution. found in 38 reviews
"Matthew" in customer service must not work there anymore. found in 220 reviews
They killed Pageonce Pro. found in 26 reviews
I don't have much faith in their tech support. found in 25 reviews
I tried chase and capital one with errors on both. found in 23 reviews
but EVERY SINGLE bank/credit account information is out of date. found in 109 reviews
Wells Fargo account doesn't work. found in 32 reviews
Now I constantly have to re enter user names and passwords. found in 37 reviews
My one problem with this app is with certain accounts. found in 37 reviews
I was charged a 4% service fee for my first. found in 40 reviews
Of course I ended up getting charged with overdraft fees. found in 37 reviews
Took my login information and immediately disabled my account. found in 17 reviews
Can no longer add bills manually. found in 18 reviews
The latest update with Touch ID makes the app unstable. found in 19 reviews
Useless items for credit card offers is visible. found in 20 reviews
Still unable to access my GE capital accounts or Charles schwab. found in 92 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Pageonce – Money & Bills for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 9.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.51 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Pageonce – Money & Bills check developer Pageonce, Inc`s website :

Pageonce automatically organizes and tracks your money and bills. See your banks, credit cards, bills and investment accounts in one simple place. Control where your money goes and get important real-time alerts and reminders about ...
I love it because it keeps track of my bills But i cant add my Credit Union although Ive requested it since it was PageOnce Hopefully thugs will get better              Great but
This app has really helped me get and stay on track with my bills                 Lifesaverl
One touch bill pay is awesome              Loving the bill reminder
This is a great app that has been very helpful to me                 Great app
Yes this app is awesome But I didnt like that they charged you a fee to pay your bills using their app But they have to make somehow I just pay the bills independently then update the app on what I paid and when Seems to work best that way              Good for organization but pay your bill independently
Mint is such apart of my routine each day I dont know how what I would do without it I love it even more now that they are including more banks and credit cards                 I mint 1st thing in the AM and last thing before I sleep
My favorite app ever                 Pageonce
I have yet to find a better app than this one It really does help me to keep on top of my bills and prevent me from having to pay late charges                 Excellent
Love this app so much I can keep track of all my bills and finances in one place                 Best Financial App EVER
Its a good app but it takes a very long time for the information to update For example it shows that I have to pay my insurance bill when I have already paid it through the companys website It also shows that I have a low bank balance when I know that my bank balance is now back to stable        Needs to update information
Not only is Maps Credit Union not an option for a bank as well as many others but there should be a way to set up multiple accounts for example if both you and your spouse have a capital one credit card it only allows you to set one up which is not convenient for family bill pay     Seriously Lacking
Love the reminders Have tried to pay thru the app But I like the idea of it                 Loving this app
Its great itll pay your bills Youll look responsible Your credit score will rise like an inappropriate boner                 This app is the worlds okayest app
Just started using the app again but so far it has been a good experience              Good so far
My app has not worked for over a week now What has gone wrong Im about to uninstall it but have been hoping it would be fixed as I hate to have reset this whole thing up again     No longer connects to servers
Great app                 Works well
Best bill management app ever                 Wish I could give more stars
This is keeping my accounts paid in a timely manner Great tool and good job guys I cannot wait for the next iterations with expanded services including investment                 A God Send
Handling all bills with ease thumbs up                 Must have
As a mom wife and small business owner I am always looking for help especially with the bills So far so good and I love it              GAM
Just need to be able to add certain accounts that are not offered              Good
Its great                 Like it
Only 4 stars because they charge for bill pay transactions So I dont use it for bill paying but it would be nice if I could Other than that its a very useful app              Solid app
I just started using this app and I really like the concept of it The big thing I think its missing is a simple budgeting tool I would love it and give it 5 stars for sure if there was a way to enter your pay days frequency andor dates so it could tell you the total of the remaining bills for the pay period I do this now with an Excel spreadsheet and its a bit cumbersome I downloaded this app in the hopes it could do this in an automated way with accurate payment amounts since some bill amounts fluctuate like utilities Please consider adding this simple feature              Needs budgeting tools
Takes some adjustment but decent app I only wish it would show more than 1 months bills on the calendar              Takes getting used to
You can literally put every bill you have in here They give you push notifications when stuff is do Great app                 Great organization tool
This app does almost everything Wish there were a few more companies like Time Warner that subscribed                 Complete
The convenience has caused me to use this app primarily now instead of my old web site bill pay And it seems at least as secure              Convenient and seems secure
It really does help me organize and pay my bills                 Love it
Ive been using this app for almost a year now and am quite pleased I use it to pay about 80 of my bills and feel quite confident in that process Definitely worth a try but does take a few billing cycles to master              Best on the market and getting better
I love this app Even before it was mint bills I used it It keeps track of all your bills and due dates for you                 Love love love
Would be nice if I can link an account and divide with other people My phone bill is 300 a month I only pay 50 of that I wish we could edit the views so my total bills due doesnt look so scary           Account division for roommates
This is the best app ever I love it And helps me keep track of everything that I need to keep track of I wouldnt be able to exist without it                 Amazing
Fits all of my financial needs Love it                 Fantastic
I love this app I tend to forget when bills are due so this app definitely helps me always remember when everything is due No complaints                 Great App
I paid my gas bill and it took several days to post the payment I could have gone to the gas company website and paid instantly I do like the days till payments due feature I like having one place to see my bill info           Sort of Good
This app is really easy and great Recommended to family members and friends Love it                 Luis
This app is so helpful                 Absolutely the Best Financial App
I like the app so far It cool              Pretty Good
Great app Just remember your logins                 Super Awesome
As always nice clean look and a great way to keep track of your bills                 Great and easy
It definitely keeps me organized                 Great
Love this app Awesome appeverything at your fingertips                 Loveit
Helps me remember to get my bills out on time Honestly one of my most useful apps              Great as a reminder
This app is just perfect                 Awesome
Makes everything so easy to keep track of                 Love it
Mint Bills is a great way to consolidate and track your money and pay bills It would be really nice if Mint Bills and Mint were in sync or better yet merged into a single application Regardless they are both excellent utilities for your finances                 Very useful app
Things I love It keeps all of my bills and information in one place and is easy to use My Husband who hates sitting down and having money talks loves it now because this app makes it visual He can see exactly whats going on with no hassle or stress of forgetting something Things I wish were different I wish things stayed green longer Its very rewarding to see that a bills been paid but they only seem to stay paid for a week or so then they turn yellow again I wish there was a way to link accounts so that if my Husband or I changed something on our app it would automatically change on the others also                 So helpful
Ive been using this app since before the name change It keeps me on top of my finances so I can focus on other things Ive had to reenter info for my PayPal account a couple of times but I think thats a PayPal issue                 Lifesaver
Love this app but I dont like having to manually hunt down accounts that arent considered mainstream Other than that I adore it                 Excellent but needs more account sites

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