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Vopium A/S , the publisher behind many iOS app (CleverConnect ,Vopium – Free Calls, Cheap International Calls and SMS with IM ,Vopium4 ,Vopium for iPod – Free and Cheap International Calls, SMS and Free IM/Chat), brings Vopium – Free Calls, Cheap International Calls and SMS with IM with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Vopium – Free Calls, Cheap International Calls and SMS with IM app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
Overall Satisfactionclick me43
The best quality of calls I have ever seen.
Voice Quality is great for international calls.


Try now for free. You get 15 free min + 15 free SMS to anywhere in the world to get you started. No subscription cost.


Use Vopium to save 50-90% on your international calls and text messages.

Vopium – Free Calls, Cheap International Calls and SMS with IMVopium – Free Calls, Cheap International Calls and SMS with IM
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FREE calls to Skype, Gtalk and Vopium users when they are online and FREE chat with your friends on Facebook, MSN, Skype, Gtalk, Yahoo, AIM and ICQ.


Works both on Wifi and on your normal mobile network when outside wifi-zone (3G data or regular 2G/3G voice).
Vopium – Free Calls, Cheap International Calls and SMS with IM


You can see when your friends are online and call them for free.


NB! 3G VoIP/data calls are disabled, but can be enabled from settings. 3G data calls should only be enabled if you have a flat rate data subscription and should be disabled when travelling.


- Recommended by TelecomTV over Skype
- Winner of the 2009 European Mobile VoIP Technology Innovation award by Frost & Sullivan
- Danish newspaper Politiken concludes: "Vopium is 10 times cheaper"


Top FREE social networking app:
#5 in Denmark, Norway & Israel
#6 in Bulgaria & Luxembourg
#9 in Belgium, Switzerland & Czech Rep
#11 in Spain, Chile, Austria & Hong Kong
#13 in France, Ireland, Sweden & Holland
#23 in UK & Canada
Top-25 in 30 of 47 supported countries


Please click on "New customer" inside the Vopium App to create your account. After registration you will receive an SMS to verify your phone number. Please click the link. After verification, you will receive an SMS with your username and password. Please enter your username and password in settings menu in your Vopium App if not already there.


Vopium is a prepaid service. After using your 15 free min, you can login at and buy new credit. You can also top up your account via the Vopium App.


* Low-cost international calls and SMS
* FREE calls to Skype, Gtalk and other Vopium users when they are online
* Can be used both via WiFi, 3G data or normal mobile 2G or 3G network
* Keep your current operator and SIM card
* Instant Messaging: Skype, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo! Google Talk, AIM, ICQ and MSN.
* Top-notch voice quality
* See when your friends are online on Vopium
* Safe payment directly from your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
or web
* Integrated with your existing contacts
* Check and transfer balance from your iPhone
* Follow your friends on Twitter and post Tweets
* Earn 10 Euro, tell-a-friend


The Vopium Application is free and there`s no subscription cost and no hidden costs.


When connected to WiFi, you only pay Vopium`s low international calling rates. See rates at:


When you are not connected to WiFi, the international call will be redirected as a local call. A local rate may be applied by your operator and you will pay Vopium`s low rate for the international call.


Vopium works from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India (Wi-Fi only), Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US and Venezuela (Wi-Fi only).


When you are connected to Wi-Fi, Vopium also works in the rest of the world. However, you can only register from the above mentioned countries.


-See when your friends are online and can be called for FREE
-Facebook Chat
-SMS Templates
-Push notification of chats received when app is closed


Vopium running in the background
Synchronization/back-up of contacts


Please contact support on:
[email protected]
Please send comments and suggestions to:
[email protected]




Compatible with iPhone (3g)
Requires iPhone 2.0 software update


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Vopium – Free Calls, Cheap International Calls and SMS with IM for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Vopium – Free Calls, Cheap International Calls and SMS with IM app version has been updated on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Vopium – Free Calls, Cheap International Calls and SMS with IM in Vopium A/S`s Official Website :


The best quality of calls I have ever seen. found in 1 reviews
Have used this program on my Nokia's for some time. found in 1 reviews
Current Country Wherever you are. found in 1 reviews
Wifi calls perfect. found in 3 reviews
Voip and Local calls + SMS. found in 1 reviews
Voice Quality is great for international calls. found in 1 reviews
Once WiFi is connected. found in 1 reviews
vopium community news support. found in 1 reviews
free roaming call on wi fi when abroad. found in 1 reviews
vopium works on ios4 or later. found in 1 reviews
Thnx guys I won't buy it then. found in 1 reviews
take note of your WiFi status. found in 1 reviews
vopium is a danish provider of international mobile communication. found in 1 reviews
once the number pad shows up. found in 1 reviews
Calling abroad with my mobile. found in 1 reviews
Seems to work well now since the OS4 update earlier. found in 1 reviews
but nevertheless this app if perfect for my purposes. found in 1 reviews
I downloaded this application and registered. found in 2 reviews
but it gave me only 5 min free call. found in 1 reviews
and so website blocks any further attempt to register. found in 4 reviews
But i was not able to connect to my yahoo account. found in 1 reviews
DO NOT DOWNLOAD -- it doesn't give you 15 free min. found in 3 reviews
Poor Customer Service - Skype not supported. found in 2 reviews
Their service is choppy and their app is defective. found in 1 reviews
the app does not allow me to make calls. found in 3 reviews
WORST APP IN THE APP STORE. found in 1 reviews
Don't sign up for this app. found in 1 reviews
Totally Crap. found in 1 reviews
Don't even bother with this crap. found in 1 reviews
Shame we can't give ZERO stars. found in 1 reviews
Worse service. found in 1 reviews
iPhone 334x480 1
iPhone 334x480 2
iPhone 334x480 3
iPhone 334x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
I added 10 to the app and after a couple of days even though I have 860 in my account the app does not allow me to make calls It just says no Internet connection foundThis is the worst app I have seen and I seriously recommend that apple remove them from their store    WORST APP IN THE APP STORE
Thanx i hope u make it free not only for 15 min Its will be the best app ever Now it like the skype and the others          Princess
We are iPhone user I hope you guys dont think we are bunch of duma I agree with the other user who commented about 30 charge on his phone bill I thank you for sharing and helping other innocent victims for the phone company go screw UK not USA busy    What a joke
Perfect                Wifi calls perfect
After 30 min waiting for confirmation I didnt get anything no SMS no email Very bad Waste of time    I didnt recieve anything
SCAM Bait Switch Whatever you call it They ask you to register an email etc for an account that gives you FREE 15 minutes or 15 FREE SMS to try it out but you never get these All you get is SPAM email from these jerks    DO NOT DOWNLOAD it doesnt give you 15 free min 15 SMS
Got a charge for 89 once i used this app Stay away    Dont use
I dont like this    Quality poor
This app is awesome I call people and txt and it actually works and comes up as my number                Great
I can call to the UK sometimes and when I finally am able the call is dropped most of the time Topped up with 5 and its been hours and still hasnt appeared on my account and cant make calls App is complete junk so dont waste your time or money    Crap
I downloaded this application and registered But it does not gives me 15 minutes as it is mentioned in the description of the applicationI just get 5 minutes with zero sms and 15 PKGIt is seem that the application is cost 106 because I were had 10 after buying this app I have 894             Do not waste your money
Thnx guys I wont buy it then                Zemen09
Save up to 94 on international callsThis mean your mins cost less in one cent You are a big lire    Stop cheating
Voice Quality is great for international calls Great app for cheap calls                Good Service
The free trial is not even working This tells me a lot about the app    Free trial aint workn
I didnt use it it said that I only had 5mins 0txts left Its a crappy app    DONT DOWNLOAD
I downloaded the app with the intention of getting the 15 free minutes to any international country When I downloaded it it said I had 15 minutes to use so great started out looking good I used the keypad in the app and I dialed the number After 14 minutes I told the person that my call was going to be cut off in one minute since that is the credit I was given After about 17 minutes it dawned on me that since I am still talking the call may be charging to my phone directly so I hung up I then check my balance on the app only to find that it still says 15 minutes I looked in the call history of my actual phone and saw the international number as if I dialed it straight from my phone I tested two local numbers to see if it will take the minutes off the balance was 15 minutes still I switched to WIFI and called a test number again the balance was still 15 minutes I waited patiently till my phone bill arrived and there it was an International call charge on my bill for 17 minutes at the International rate over 30 Luckily the rep at ATT was very helpful and gave me a credit Now what a ripoff Go ahead advertise low rates using your app and secretly bill my phone for it I simply cant believe that it is so easy to get yourself into trouble by using a third party app All beware and dont chance this app you might not be so lucky to have ATT waive this Even though I was prepared to take this to the highest possible level to get those charges off Just in case I took a screen shot of my dial history in the app just waiting in case I need some proof for my defense    The international call went right to my phone bill
Is working good for me I did call Armenia Very good voice and clear and sms working But very expensive                Is good but expensive
iPod touch can use earphone and use mic I can use other voip App on my iPod touch someone below me is just dumb lol    Idiot
I once downloaded this app and made a call to Guyana after the free 15 mins was up I realized that my call wasnt disconnected so I continued to talk hoping that since I was on wifi I probably didnt need to pay anything I then called ATT and asked if I was being billed for international calls just to be on the safe side and they said no so I continued to make international calls and about 7 days after I received a call from ATT saying that I owe 3749 for the international calls Ive been making so I tried to contact the support team for this app and got no one so my phone was disconnected and I had to pay 3749 to save my credit and to get my phone back on So please stay away from this app please    Terrible app
Sound is very very very badDont buy    Bad
Dont download this app They charged me the calls I made as if I call directly from my phone    Garbage
Scam    Scam
I dont know how this work buy Im gonna try it some time soonif some one can feed me back on this how this worksthank you GT Girl                Guyan
it said 15min but it gave me only 5 min free callthe plans are also quite expensive compare to icall       gave me only 5 min free call
Why do they even need our phone number To take money from our plan Thought so dont do this bs    Why Phone Number
I want to be able to edit my nickname display picture in my IM       Not that much
Ever since I got this app my iphone 4 keeps loosing signal Now i can not use my cell as a phone DO NOT DOWNLOAD    Bugs come with this app
Works great Wish it had a 4g or LTE option             Great app
Works ok but the rates are high       To much money
Like many others i installed this app just to check out their 15min free call and 15 free sms and also was interested in using the chatBut i was not able to connect to my yahoo account So went to their live support BIG Mistake first of all they didnt know what i was asking kept saying they got disconnected and then the real highlight was when i told them i couldnt get on Skype The rep said you cannot sign on to skype so why is listed there he said oh really it is listed there ok i will ask the dev team to remove it what a bunch of disconnected team they dont know what they are offering vs not offeringThen he didnt have a solution for the issue i had with yahoo and told me that he will refer me to tech support after that the chat went blank no response nothingBottomline Dont waste your time installing and configuring this app    Poor Customer Service Skype not supported
Crashes loaded up 1 out of 12 tries    Miss
Skype contacts dont show as online Seeing online contacts and using with Skype is supposed to be a selling point of Vopium Without this its useless and not even as good as other IM clients that have no Skype capability Online live help chat is also useless    Useless
It just went right to my phone billl Do not download this app for your iPhone    Free internatonal calls ya right
These guys do not have their act together They may be well meaning but do not leave a balance with them Their service is choppy and their app is defective Eg it crashes it says that you are calling on wifi even though you maybe using gsm it will use gsm when you are on wifi etc Above all the service is choppy at best You cannot rely on this service for your business I trusted them and left a balance in my account Inspite of hours together by their techsupport I havent been able to place a call through their app and yet they will not refund the money to me    Do not waste your money
You hear crackling in the background       Quality of international call not so good
I havent even tried this appjust downloaded it before reading the reviewsall these reviews cant be wrong and my decision to delete this app is bcoz of the bad reviewsthe problem is before most people know they would have already spent their money Assuming 10000 pple pay 10 bucks once and delete the app afterwards that is 100000 usd free money and the developers move to something else or come back with a different crapit is just businesswilling buyer willing sellerdeceptions includedwelcome to the world of capitalism    Con app
Pleaseeeeee do not buy this service Use the free intl minutes and then delete the app    Worse service Do not buy
south koreas country number is 88 not 111    south korea
5 stars                5x5
Worst app ever its not free at all and it keep closing total waste of time    Wack
this app crashes too much IT NEEDS TO BE REWRITEN    blehhh
I bought 10 credit and was wondering why I do not see the credit right away Apparently it takes 12 hours before you can start calling after making your purchase That kind of customer service is unheard of here in US Pointless Dont get app Ended up using Skype    Takes 12 hours for credit to reflect
I am looking for Skype substitute coz Skype is going down the drain recently But VOPIUM is NOT itVopium is 50 more expensive to all destinations Im using I will stick with Skype Vopium deleted    Too expensive
Dont waste ur time on this app It doesnt work Boo    Piece of
Thanks for the review In that case will delete the apps    Delete
this is a wonderful app i save a lot of money with it                great app
Number one international call                Best Application Ever
I downloaded this on my iPhone it worked with free minutes once I bought the world package for 13 its not working at all n I have email them more than 40 email and nothing happened so it is a waste of money    Bad bad bad app


Social Networking
Vopium A/S
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS /
iPhone iPad

iOS Vopium – Free Calls, Cheap International Calls and SMS with IM Mobile

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Vopium – Free Calls, Cheap International Calls and SMS with IM
Vopium for iPod – Free and Cheap International Calls, SMS and Free IM/Chat

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