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Wattpad , the publisher behind many iOS app (After Dark - Sexy romance reads - free eBooks by Wattpad Labs ,Covers by Wattpad - Cover Creator & Photo Image Editor for Books ,Unlimited Free Books – Wattpad eBook Reader), brings Unlimited Free Books – Wattpad eBook Reader with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Unlimited Free Books – Wattpad eBook Reader app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Wattpad is also an amazing way to make friends..
  • And of course that makes it awesome for avid readers as well..
  • FanFictions.
  • Lyrics.
  • I love the variety of stories and amazing authors on here..

Overall Satisfactionc87
I love wattpad amazing stories and awesome writers.
i love wattpad but its being really stupid.
I love watt pad so much it's just amazing.
It is December 3rd and now watt pad is annoying me.
Best reading app out there for aspiring authors/writers.
What good is a reading app that won't open.
There are so many amazing stories out there that aren't published.
I love to read and write so it is perfect yaaayyyyyyy.
I actually tried to re -write but it deletes once again.
I would most definitely recommend it to anyone who loves to read or write.
I can read amazing books written by amazing people.
I honestly love this app because there are some fabulous stories on here.
Fun & Engagingc86
Wattpad is awesome I love all the different stories.
Amazing app I'm addicted to wattpad I highly recommend you get this app.
I'm utterly addicted to wattpad.
I'm too addicted to reading all the Magcon Fan Fictions.
I actually tried to re -write but it deletes once again.
Its filled with awesome books that come in various genres.
I read all the time and this app makes that possible.
You can never get bored of reading such amazing books.
It's really fun & filled with good books & It's just awesome.
Whenever I'm bored or find myself not particularly doing anything.
I read everyday and before I go to sleep.
I'm on wattpad everyday and I couldn't be happier with it.
Ugh I need wattpad everyday so fix the problem NOW.
Social Aspectsc98
You can meet new people and write your own stories.
You also can meet new people all around the world2.
It is AWESOME for bringing social media and reading together.
Wattpad is probably the best social media app I've found.
Basically took over what little social life I had.
and you will lose all hopes of a social life.
Security & Privacyc60
I highly recommend that everyone get a Wattpad account.
Whoever is reading this follow my wattpad account.
I've been having problems with my wattpad account.
Updates & Supportc25
I really want the old version of wattpad back.

Best ebook community with really talented writers. found in 28 reviews
There's so much talent in this community and it's so fabulous. found in 30 reviews
Omg I love this app so much i keep finding awesome stories. found in 114 reviews
You can search anything from fanfiction to romance novels. found in 43 reviews
Love wattpad love to read app is great highly recommend. found in 150 reviews
It's an amazing reading app to discover unknown authors. found in 40 reviews
There's so many talented writers and a variety of different stories. found in 271 reviews
It's absolutely amazing for readers and writers alike. found in 28 reviews
It's awesome thank u guys sooooooo much it's the best app ever invented. found in 38 reviews
It's really fun & filled with good books & It's just awesome. found in 46 reviews
It has a lot of great story's on it for everybody. found in 66 reviews
This is the awesomest app I could've ever downloaded. found in 39 reviews
Would definitely recommend this app to anyone who enjoys reading. found in 41 reviews
You can read stories other people write and vote and comment. found in 60 reviews
This app has taken over my life it's literally all I do. found in 174 reviews
I have found my new addiction and love for reading. found in 24 reviews
I enjoy reading the great stories that people around the world have written. found in 31 reviews
I've fallen in love with stories and made new friends there. found in 32 reviews
This app is great and I totally recommend it for all ages. found in 39 reviews
Would rate 5 but I can't update my books anymore. found in 97 reviews
I've had to rewrite many chapters because they keep getting deleted. found in 29 reviews
I just hope you can fix this quickly because it's getting frustrating. found in 34 reviews
I can barely read anymore since the ap keeps freeZing. found in 39 reviews
Whenever I try to update my library it says "update failed" every time. found in 193 reviews
Every time I open wattpad after a while it crashes. found in 36 reviews
With the new update it keeps crashing and freezing. found in 46 reviews
I love this app but I absolutely hate the new update. found in 263 reviews
I don't like the new update because more problems are happening. found in 75 reviews
but recently it's been freezing and crashing like crazy. found in 49 reviews
Sometimes it crashes when I wanna update but it's wonderful. found in 36 reviews
It won't let me update my stories or download my library. found in 177 reviews
And when I just update my library nothing pops up there either. found in 193 reviews
Another problem is that when I change my user name. found in 38 reviews
5 seconds to try to read a story before the app crashes. found in 274 reviews
It's so annoying and it makes me want to delete the app. found in 65 reviews
I don't like the update and it's confusing to make chapters. found in 23 reviews
The new version of the library keeps freezing and it's really slow. found in 30 reviews
The app exits out when I try to read some books. found in 35 reviews
It's really frustrating please try to fix this and the language too. found in 29 reviews
It doesnt update the new chapters in the stories. found in 346 reviews
I actually tried to re -write but it deletes once again. found in 195 reviews
Hate the new update : bring back the colors & fonts. found in 263 reviews
until recently when it just deleted all the stories in my library. found in 161 reviews
slow and completely freezes every single time i try to scroll down. found in 249 reviews
And I couldn't get to the next chapter without it freezing. found in 237 reviews
then crashes back to my home screen. found in 165 reviews
and it won't let me update my library or leave my library. found in 193 reviews
Every time I try to read something the whole app closes. found in 274 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Unlimited Free Books – Wattpad eBook Reader for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 2.6 MB to download. The new Unlimited Free Books – Wattpad eBook Reader app version has been updated on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Unlimited Free Books – Wattpad eBook Reader check developer Wattpad`s website : http://www.wattpad.com

Discover new stories and check out what people around the world are reading right now Wattpad is an app for reading and writing in real time with over 1 million downloads per month, Wattpad ...
Its phenomniall                 Amazayn
I love this app its so great I am now addicted to books and its all thanks to this app I can even write my own stories and I love to write so yes Five stars doesnt even enough stars for this app                 Amazing
Love this app makes my life a lot easier because of its convenience and offline mode                 Excellent
The quality of this app is honestly 100 I love it so much                
I love this application                 My best app
A great app for both reading and writing with tons of great stories                 Good app
This is the best app that has ever been invented it lets you be able to show who you really are without anybody judging you I LOVE IT                 AMAZING
Can you make our activity private or not have an activity bar I dont like other people seeing what I do Please do this it would make watt pad safer and a lot more cool Thank you           Private please
Best app on the App Store hands down I love Wattpad more than I love my life Okay Okay Wattpad is my religion                 MukesBitch
At first I was very skeptical about using this then it grew on me I know how to use it now its the perfect place to write fanfics and such                 Looooooovee
Favorite reasons app AND FREE                 LOVE
this a great appIt lets you read and write books for free and people can discover your booksI think this is great                 GREAT APP
best app to enjoy reading books on                 love it
Always been an awesome app Dont think Ive had problems with it ever                 it
It inspired me to right my first book but still I think its a great app for a quick read you know                 Love it
I love it                 Great
This is by far my favorite app I use it every single day either writing or reading or even checking comments its always fun Theres just one thing that needs to be fixed I dont think rape should be a reported word Its something serious and isnt a joke like fùck or shít Thanks for the greatest app ever whoever created Wattpad                 Great App
Wattpad is literally my life now It is so amazing and trust me it gets so addicting proud larrie                 Five stars
OMG THIS IS THE BEST APP EVER five stars                 Best app
This app give u the opportunity to pic what u like to read and it also allows you to find good books with out any difficulties                 Love it
Love this app so freaking much                 Phan
SO GOOD                 App
I personally love this app just because it lets me read all sorts of different stories and write my own Definitely recommend this app to anyone that loves reading and writing                 Great app
Shah hahahahahah I do t know what to say except that is amazing a digital world where everyone can come together for reading and writing and critiquing and just commenting on all of it and having comptiotions like THE WATTY AWARDS                 Itll break your heart and consume you
When you read you can change the color of the print and I wish I could change the colors for example orange and pink I think that would be cool instead of having black and white              Except
this app is amazing and I love wattpad Ive had it for awhile now and theres just so many things to do whenever Im bored I always go on wattpad and it has wonderful stories that thee amazing authors write some are beautifully written and some are crazily written like horror books but thats just me since I hate scary stuff I love this app and I will never delete it its amazing I hope this app stays forever cause its my top favorites                 I LOVE THIS APP
Wattpad is amazing I love it so much                 Wattpad
One of the most excellent reading apps Ive ever used                 Im in lovely and a
Best App that I ever read So much stories to choose from                 Best App
There are so many books so mane categories to pick from if you love to read you will fall in love with this app if you like to write you will love this app download it try it out you wont regret it                 So many books
I do not like the new update Please go back a few updates before 600 please Also some bug fixes are needed in the library The library is not loading properly        Bad update
Its honestly my favorite app best books Ive ever read on here                 In Love With This App
This app is so useful Now i can show my writing skill to the world Ive already written 6 chapters to my first chapter                 Awesomeatastic
To good                 Gg
Watt pad is my bae Simple as that                 Whats not to like
I would sincerely appreciate it if wattpad would stop deleting my works Its so frustrating that every time I go back to continue writing its gone I cant even tell you how many times this has happened and honestly Im so sick of it     seriously
I love this app so much I like that it has categories The only downside is that vevo doesnt always work on the phone                 Thumps up
Good app I love reading books and a lot of people on this app have a gift                 Awesome
This app changed my life I would die without it I need to read and I need to write And this app allows me to do exactly that                 Love love love
This app has such a wide variety of stories that you are destined to find one or two or maybe 20 stories that fascinate you I got this app maybe a year ago and I have yet to run out of stories and let me tell you I can read the entire Harry Potter series within a week so I can read pretty quick                 Addicted
I love wattpad Ive had my account for almost 3 years now and it is just amazing i wouldnt use any other reading app then wattpad                 Julieta
Wattpad is my used app I love it Ive Never experienced online reading in a Whole new light its very cool Creative and fun to use Thanks watt pad for making it my most used app                 No name
This Whole app is stupid and everyone complains about it and Im tired of hearing about it shut the whole system App Down Its a waste of everyones time an gets people in alt of trouble Kids shouldnt be talking about sex and pregnancy and drugs and using cuss words If I was their parent I would wan to know So help everybody and shut it all off Down Its a waste of space in App Store     Delete the Whole App Its annoying
This app is so cool I can read everything I want there is lot of great books in there in every language I love it the fanfics are great the scary story s are great too this IS THE BEST APP I EVER SEEN                 The BEST App I EVER Seen
This is such an amazing app and the way that youre able to convey how you feel into the stories you read and the stories you make it just makes everything so much better Not really having anything else to say besides its amazing so yeah                 Super Super Booper Dooper
This app is amazing in every way Users get to write their own stories that ACTUAL people read Yeah you could say their are bugs that need to be fixed but they always update Plus you can write your stories anywhere you go No need for buying a microsoft app to do writing you can do it on WattPad I wanna say thank you to the creators of WattPad LOVE YOU GUYS                 I LOVE THIS APP
Their are lots of amazing writers expressing themselves on this app It has wonderful stories and makes it easy to access whatever you want to read                 Great App
I spend too much time reading Larry fanfics on this app                 AMAZING

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