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Zillow.com , the publisher behind many iOS app (Zillow Rentals - Houses & Apartments ,Postlets: Post Rentals Free - Publish listings to 20+ sites ,Zillow Mortgage Marketplace – Calculator and Rates ,Digs by Zillow – Home Design Inspiration & Cost Estimates ,Zillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent ,Agentfolio by Zillow - Real Estate Collaboration for Agents and Homebuyers), brings Zillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Zillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent app has been update to version 5.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • All the info you need to start your new home search..
  • Nonetheless this is a great real estate resource..
  • House buying should not be any harder than buying a car..
  • The information and features provide valuable information and historical perspective..
  • Great tool for keeping track of home prices and for investors..

Overall Satisfactionc89
Love Zillow - way more detail than other sites.
I love zillow but the newest update causes a crash.
Love using Zillow to see what is happening in the neighborhood.
never realised how good realtor until i stopped using zillow.
I use this frequently and recommend it to anyone looking to buy real estate.
I agree that t need to be updated more frequently.
Needs to be updated more accurately needs to have more information.
I love the draw feature and the photo views are excellent.
Best realty app out there I've found.
Zillow is the best Real Estate site I've ever dealt with.
super easy and I like it much better than trulia.
It is no better than Trulia.
Fun & Engagingc87
I use Zillow all the time to evaluate properties I am interested in.
The worst part is if you try to use zillow.
It is fun to browse beautiful houses and dream of the possibilities.
Now it's darn near impossible to browse a neighborhood.
Zillow is awesome for general information and cross referencing against mls.
This ap is the only real estate ap you'll ever need.
Great app easy to use makes house shopping very addictive.
save save save then nothing is saved great for wasting time.
I'm obsessed with real estate and this helps my cravings.
Great program - lots of useful information and accurate structure.
They have the most up to date information compared to other sites.
If you don't have up to date information then the app becomes useless.
Very helpful tool for assessing properties all over the US.
Very helpful in finding real estate for you as well as investments.
It has the most accurate and up to date info compared to its competitors.
Details everything you need to know when looking at real-estate.
Saves time by letting you search homes listed by many realtors.
Easily the most intuitive and useful real estate search tool available.
Family Friendlyc51
there are way too many condos/townhouses categorized as single family homes.
it over values condos and townhouses and under values single family homes.
If I'm looking for single family don't show me townhouses.
In trying to look up multi family units to invest in.
Ease of Usec90
Easy to use and very informative - great access to a great website.
This app makes it easy to locate homes anywhere you are looking.
It is very user friendly and allows for easy navigation.
super convenient to access while traveling.
Ads not Intrusivec50
Allows me to review foreclose and new homes for purchase.
It helps me to review the housing market.
I don't like being bothered repeatedly to review your stupid app.
It's a great app hopefully will stop asking me to rate it.
Doing this so it will stop asking me to rate it.
Updates & Supportc33
great follow up and commitment to customer service.
Great app great customer service.

All the info you need integrated seamlessly in one place. found in 68 reviews
Love Zillow - way more detail than other sites. found in 813 reviews
for about 4 months and found my dream home with it. found in 246 reviews
Best realty app out there I've found. found in 84 reviews
Easy to use - great app for house hunting or just curiosity. found in 836 reviews
Easily the most intuitive and useful real estate search tool available. found in 93 reviews
Zillow is the best Real Estate site I've ever dealt with. found in 71 reviews
It's a great real estate app to use on the go. found in 233 reviews
Helped me find my home at a wonderful price. found in 139 reviews
This is a great research tool that helps minimize driving around. found in 87 reviews
By far the best RE search AP out there. found in 55 reviews
I downloaded several real estate apps and this was my favorite. found in 1391 reviews
Mapping makes it easy to visualize and find specific areas. found in 93 reviews
It makes the home finding process much easier. found in 43 reviews
I love the draw feature and the photo views are excellent. found in 90 reviews
Very helpful when looking for homes in another state. found in 69 reviews
Great house hunting app - my favorite so far. found in 1271 reviews
I love the map search feature and the filter options. found in 42 reviews
Zillow is a great app for house hunting or running around with clients. found in 1442 reviews
super easy and I like it much better than trulia. found in 71 reviews
I am noticing lots of inaccurate data. found in 41 reviews
I wish it had more filter options was the only negative. found in 43 reviews
Zillow needs to update the property information on a regular basis. found in 33 reviews
A bit glitchy with some outdated listings but solid overall. found in 15 reviews
6/22/2011- updates are slow incorrect information on homes. found in 23 reviews
Would like to see MLS numbers with listings as well. found in 38 reviews
Good app but the constant bugging to rate it is annoying. found in 75 reviews
constantly disappointed in frequency of updates and researching outdated information. found in 26 reviews
Don't rely on this app for anything but mild entertainment. found in 23 reviews
The sort function would be very helpful and a time saver. found in 11 reviews
It would be great if information was updated more frequently. found in 30 reviews
Wish there's a filter can see only open houses. found in 161 reviews
The information is good but needs to be more timely. found in 13 reviews
Realtors should do their HOMEWORK before putting up a For Sale Sign. found in 28 reviews
Even searching my own current property I find grossly inaccurate information. found in 18 reviews
except for not being able to view the floor plans. found in 15 reviews
but should have more information and room sizes. found in 16 reviews
but I wish it was more accurate and updated more regularly. found in 7 reviews
One downfall although is that this app needs to be updated more frequently. found in 114 reviews
but begging for reviews couldn't be more annoying. found in 19 reviews
but the latest version no longer shows all current price estimates. found in 32 reviews
Cannot seem to hide pending sales on the app version. found in 51 reviews
but they do not show up on Zillow. found in 33 reviews
The lack of satellite view makes this almost worthless. found in 58 reviews
The support to correct inaccurate data is non-existent. found in 41 reviews
Constantly interrupted to rate the app. found in 75 reviews
Prices and houses available vary so don't rely solely on Zillow. found in 23 reviews
Zillow needs to improve their research methods or shut down. found in 33 reviews
the home screen slide is annoying. found in 18 reviews
First off Zillow does not update often so expect outdated information. found in 26 reviews
Many properties had incorrect listing information that wasted our time. found in 38 reviews
I don't like being bothered repeatedly to review your stupid app. found in 84 reviews
Nags for reviews -"love it" sends you to the App Store. found in 19 reviews
Please use correct information if you want to post this property. found in 20 reviews
many houses have incorrect square footage and lot size. found in 109 reviews
Very Inaccurate information and no customer service to speak of. found in 20 reviews

The Zillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 3.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.3 has been released on 2014-11-09. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Zillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent check developer Zillow.com`s website : http://www.zillow.com/iphone

1 Real Estate App on iTunes and "Best Real Estate App" by O`Reilly Media Zillow iPhone App: For all U.S. homes (100+ million): Find Zestimate home values, Rent Zestimates, homes for sale, homes for rent, and more ...
Its awesome Love it                 Great
Does what you ask it to What a novel idea                 Great App
I have been using this iPad app for a few years At first I could filter price space type acreage etc Now NOTHING comes up Zoom out it tells me I contacted several realtors and they never got back Except one who shows me properties that fit what Im looking for Used to be useful If you find a local honest realtor hang on to them Good Luck     Zillow is Useless
Easy to use very resourceful app                 Great app
Awesome tool Always a joy to show off to my friends                 Great app
Intuitive UI easy filter accessibility and use We found our dream home on the Zillow and were closing next Friday                 Love the site then youll love the app
Love how simple the app is Photos look great on my iPad Ability to really zoom into a specific area compare pricing Nicely done                 Easy to Use
Fast and reliable app                 It works
Great app to know how much homes close to you are worth                 Great real state app
I love this app I wanna buy sometime in the future and I use this app to see whats out there                 Best app
Great app Lots of functionality and fun to use even if youre just browsing for the heck of it                 Love it
Love Zillow to help me know the value of my neighborhood and to keep up to date on Real Estate trends I am also finding to useful in my search for a place to retire when the time comes              Redskins Fan
Very accurate Absolutely love it                 Love this App
Use it all the time works great Only issue is sometimes there seems to be a glitch it will show only 5 properties in a given area when moments ago it showed 50 Usually quitting out and reopening fixes the issue              Great
Great I have joined many real estate sites and I have found Zillow to be far superior in accuracy and selection Well deserving of a great rating              Rating
Great I use it all the time                 Easy to use and informative
Found a local property of interest                 Great App
Title says it all This app is very user friendly I love it Pretty accurate                 Easy to use
Great app Lots of options to customize a search                 Love it
I check whats for sale or recently sold in my neighborhood even what Zillow says about my own home Seems accurate but the Zestimates are that estimates                 I use this all the time
Zillow is a font of information There is so much available to look at Even now that Ive purchased a house I still love looking at places Its also a warning if the info youre looking for isnt available on here then the realtorseller may not have all the info and you might want to check a different listing                 So much info
Excellent app for browsing one of our main stays in our home search              Zillow app
It works wherever I go Great way to check investment opportunities whilst traveling              Love it
A lot of options for you in your area                 Good
Really like the ability to easily find homes                 Great App
Nicely designed and all the information required for new home search is laid out very clearly and in very intuitive and easy to use format                 Very informative and intuitive
I think this is THE easiest app to use when looking for homes I know sometimes the info underneath in the categories may not always be correct or up to date Just know to double check something if you are serious After 2 months of house hunting and LIVING on this site idk WHAT to do with myself now that we FOUND a home Im still on here peeking even tho we already wrote a contract Plus its fun to see past pics or see what people paid etc I LOVE ZILLOW                 I love it even if realtors dont
I use this app about a couple times a week for fun and to keep our options open The one negative is the notifications I know I could turn them off but it doesnt seem like theres been any change in the home that the notification is for Other than that great app              Great App
Great app if looking for a new home              Great app
I would get up dates on sales faster than street easy Its my go to real estate app Easy to use and up to date                 Better than street easy
Great app Good idea of values                 Easy to use
Great app Very intuitive design with current information                 Great app very intuitive and current
Love the appgives me all the info I want and need                 Cant complain
Ive been using this app to watch the property options in the 2 places my wife and I are considering for our retirement One in the mountains of TN the other on the Gulf in the Indian Shores FL area With a 4 years until we move this app has and will continue to educated me so we get the best ROI when purchasing                 Momitor your retirement
The information is frequently outdated Usually a day or two behind sometimes even more The updates can be helpful but you get the same updates several times a day and if youve done any searches that overlap you wind up with a ton Sometimes it says you have updates but when you look at it there is no new info           I use itbut
Zillow is of course the prime app for researching real estate The functionality of it is not in dispute It rocks However the iPad version is full of flaws especially when it comes to looking at fullscreen size photos Very often I have to restart my entire iPad to restore this function which randomly cuts out so that I can only see lowquality small images That is NOT THE POINT I want more pictures Fix this bug please Thanks           Good app but faulty
Love this app                 Zillow
Looking for a beach condo and its been great and easy to use                 Love it
Ive been using the app just for fun for years now And no matter where I am it always has great updated real estate information Even for the places Im thinking about going to all over the country I also havent had any problem with the operation of the app at all which is a plus                 First rate real estate app
This app is a great way to quickly view available properties in your chosen area                 Awesome
This app has been very helpful to find potential property to purchase                 Have to try this app
Easy to use                 Interesting
So helpful and detailed                 Awesomesauce
Love this app extremely handy and usually my first goto for understanding properties and the market                 Great app for anyone in the real estate process
Whenever you open this app on iOS and then switch to another app and come back to Zillow it freezes and has to be restarted Also there are a number of key search criteria missing from the search options There is no way to specify that you want a garage other than entering it as a keyword in which case it will not pick up over half of the results that it should which do have garages The same goes for just about any other keywords that you enter in the search criteria There is also no way to specify maximum commute Trulia has this or filter out auctions or new construction The listings are flooded with hundreds of these Obviously depends where you are looking but builders and auction sites are clearly abusing Zillow You will often see 1020 of the same model home new construction in the same community Also annoying some houses will be listed as regular sales and then you will open the listing only to find out that it is an auction Probably the most annoying issue of all if you open a listing and then switch to another app say to check your email and come back to zillow it will close the listing you were looking at automatically and you will have to find it again Also the interest rate listed under trends is always deceivingly too low since it does not account for fees etc So when you use the payment calculator it automatically pulls this rate in and uses it in the calculation which yields a deceivingly low monthly payment and interest costs The value reported should be the average APR especially if it is going to be used to calculate a monthly payment Some people will know to manually increase the rate in the calculator but most wont Last but not least if you save a search you cannot edit the criteria later You have to start from scratch and respecify all of your criteria which is annoying and ridiculous This app has been out for years and most of these issues should have been ironed out by now     Freezes on iOS and Many Other Issues
When it comes to real estate this app really makes the market transparent when it comes to buying and selling your home                 Favorite app of all time
Loved it Made it easy to tell my realtor precisely what properties I wanted to see                 great
Great app wish it had more listings there are some available from other companies              Thumbs up
Easy to use nice layout runs well                 Nice app
So easy and accessible Most apps are so different than looking online however the Zillow is pretty much the same                 My favorite app

Zillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent ProductivityZillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent ProductivityZillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent ProductivityZillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent ProductivityZillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent ProductivityZillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent ProductivityZillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent ProductivityZillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent ProductivityZillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent ProductivityZillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent ProductivityZillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent ProductivityZillow Real Estate – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent Productivity

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