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mix1009 , the publisher behind many iOS app (FoxVideo - Video Downloader & Player ,FoxTube 3 - Player for YouTube ,SpeedUp Player Pro ,Free Music Download Player ,FoxTube - YouTube Cache ,FoxTube 4 - Player for YouTube), brings SpeedUp Player Pro with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SpeedUp Player Pro app has been update to version 1.9.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Perfect audio play back at top speed..
  • Best study Buddy..
  • Speed control is great for speeding up audio books..
  • save time listening to podcasts and audiobooks..
  • Additionally it also adds invaluable features such as a sleep timer..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Best audiobook player I have used.
The Best App On ITunes.
This app is the best I've used.
The double speed is amazing.
Love the gestures.
Fun & Engagingc89
It'll play the same playlist even when repeat is turned off.
Favorite audio book app.
This app does everything I have ever wanted in my audio player.
This has become my most indispensable app.
I use it every day to listen to audiobooks and podcasts.
It has everything you need and more for audiobooks.
This app saves time.
Repeat Valuec100
Saves me so many hours of my life.
Updates & Supportc95
I used the lite version for about a month.
great app and awesome customer support.

It's customizable gestures and Dropbox support are amazing. found in 2 reviews
Totally worth the price. found in 1 reviews
I use to speed up playback of mp3 audiobooks. found in 3 reviews
This app blew me away. found in 1 reviews
This is a must-have for audible -learners. found in 1 reviews
This is the most useful application on ITunes. found in 4 reviews
Use swipe gestures to rewind and fast forward. found in 2 reviews
Finally I can listen to mp3 audio at any speed. found in 4 reviews
I use this as my primary podcast app. found in 1 reviews
Functional and easy to use. found in 1 reviews
Listening to audios it takes time to find my place again. found in 4 reviews
it has many features and works exactly as advertised. found in 2 reviews
I used the lite version for about a month. found in 2 reviews
Perfect for studying difficult-to-understand recordings when learning a language. found in 4 reviews
it doesn't make voices high pitched. found in 1 reviews
the app does not appear to mark podcasts as played. found in 2 reviews
Please consider adding an option to slow down without preserving pitch. found in 1 reviews
especially if one is listening to a long file. found in 1 reviews
If you are considering purchasing SpeedUp Player Pro anyway. found in 1 reviews
since you effectively have to create audio information out of nothing. found in 1 reviews
A-B Repeat doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
Perfect remedy for Apple ruining the iPad Music function. found in 2 reviews
New iOS notification alerts interferes with nav bar. found in 1 reviews
Poor audio quality. found in 2 reviews
while adding no new functions that I can notice. found in 2 reviews
This is not a problem with the program but the protected files. found in 1 reviews
They screwed it up BIG time. found in 1 reviews
This happened with more than one file. found in 2 reviews
didn't realize it does not support tv shows playing. found in 1 reviews
No speed increase or decrease available. found in 3 reviews
Almost perfect except for one major flaw. found in 1 reviews
Does not play audiobooks from my iPhone. found in 5 reviews
I can't even play the books at normal speed. found in 2 reviews
Does not work with iOS 5. found in 2 reviews
It just sits at 0. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download SpeedUp Player Pro for $2.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 1.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.9.0 has been released on 2014-11-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about SpeedUp Player Pro in mix1009`s Official Website : http://

Listen to your iPod collections at 0.5X - 2.5X speed. Supports iOS4 multitasking, remote controller. Study mode(A/B repeat, quick rewind/forward), sleep timer. Save time listening to podcasts and audiobooks. Play at any speed Study mode ...
Really I love all apps for Mix1009 I try other app name is FoxTube I can download youtube and enjoy with it offline believe me developer Mix1009 is clever Man Thank you Dev                 Fantastic app
Only use it to replay lectures but works with no problem Initiate hiccup that it wouldnt play second audio clip but shut it down and removed the clips Then havent had a problem since              Works as described
I love this app very much Its really useful You already have the export button so could you please add another import button for Bookmarks I want to use these bookmarks on other devices Thank you very much              Import Bookmarks
App is ok but cant use some of the features at all because not intuitive and there is no support Over 4 emails sent asking for help and no response I am going to try the other apps mentioned by other reviewers Thank you guys        No support at all
This is honestly a very good app It has great applications but just a few bugs Mainly after a track ends sometimes the next track in the playlist doesnt start automatically and the user has to do it manually Im sure this issue will be solved in the future most definitely with updates Otherwise this is a beautifully well designed and highly applicable app and I highly recommend it                 Great App
Good                 Alshaibah
At first it seems a little clunky not having the luxuriously smooth design that some apps have But once you start using it you realize that it is far more power than anything youve used before The ability to subtly adjust playback speed is awesome but where it really shines is the gestures Its almost like having a jailbroken iPhone the gestures are completely customizable and there are more available gestures than you could ever use or remember It is a dream I used to have to put sermons and lectures in the iTunes U section of my player just to be able to play them at 2 preset speeds and have a 15second back button Now I can leave them classified as music as they should be play them in this app and have more control over playback than I ever imagined I could have Thank you                 This app blew me away
This is an amazing app if you want to listen to audio in faster speeds great for productivity                 Speedup
With new update and the audio algorithm adjustment the choppiness found on some of the higher speeds of playback is TOTALLY gone Perfect audio play back at top speed Take your brain to the next level of information retention This app is the best Ive used Since the start of the new year Ive listened to over 100 audiobooks on setting 17 19 I LOVE IT Thank you                 From great to BEST
SpeedUp Player Pro is a decent app that I used pretty contently for a long time However I began having problems with bookmarks not saving the correct place in my audio file and the audio continuing for many minutes AFTER the seek bar says the audio file should be over Clearly time stamping was just all messed up for whatever reason This happened with more than one file I contacted the developer twice via email and received no help or reply at all I have since moved to the Bookmobile app and LOVE it They are constantly updating and improving the app unlike SpeedUp Player Pro which clearly was just created and forgotten about Also in Bookmobile bookmarks are created automatically which is SO AWESOME Hard to explain here You can also add any album artwork you want Basically the interface looks and works great and its just a pleasure to use As someone who listens to a lot of audiobooks Im a big fan of Bookmobile and glad I switched over from SpeedUp Player Pro        Bookmobile app is way better
Audiobook lovers rejoice                 Love it
Works exactly like I wanted Just wish it held my place when I need to pause it and use something else for a few minutes Listening to audios it takes time to find my place again              Good overall
Im an avid learner and am constantly listening to audios and podcasts about marketing success and business Time is money and Speed Up Pro saves me HOURS EVERY WEEK If you value your time you will fall in love with this app Highly recommended                 AWESOME AWESOME APP
The guy who made this is a genius                 This app is pure genius
I love this app Its the only app I use to listen to lectures and podcasts It is easy to use and customize gestures to control playback speed and fast forward or reverse I like that it resumes any recording where I left off miles ahead of Apples app                 Great App
I used the lite version for a monthandahalf and loved it listening to lectures at 21x is a great timesaver Upgrading to the full version of this app greatly increases its functionality and usability in addition to the features listed the ability to tell which audio tracks have already been listened to is a great way to keep track of your progress through multiple albums Great app buy it if youre waffling                 Worth it
When I first a started learning covers it was back in the days of vinyl and the cassettes An excruciating process This app makes the modern day process easier by an order of magnitude For me it is indispensable both for learning lyrics as well as chords                 Indispensable
Player is very goodBut it hasnt had an update in a long time with useful new features Add the ability to handle zipped files This feature would be great when opening files from another app when you dont want to or cant use ITunes           Good player for audiobooks But
This is my goto app for MP3 audiobooks I love the customizable gestures and Highquality audio when speeding up playback Also that it remembers your playback position within each song even for music filesoptional setting                 Highspeed audio Gestures
Perfect for audiobooks                 Perfect
This app is neccesary for anyone who converts text to speech and needs an audio player that can precisely control playback speed I convert my law books to audio for studying on the road or with my eyes closed This app was a godsend I wish i had found it sooner The app gives you a choice of 4 different algorithms for changing speed The spectral choice is the best i have used Also there arent any other apps that allow you to speed up to 4x speed If you practice audio reading for as long as I have you can actually comprehend material thats rather that speed With this app I can finish a 400 page book in just a couple of hours                 Awesome The app that i have been looking for
Very useful app Use it daily for audiobooks During driving gesture based navigation is great                 Great
Why Apple likes to break things that work makes no sense Fortunately this app makes audiobooks so they can be listened to again It is not first in line to start via headphones so you have to select the app to start listening but it is quick and responsive unlike the apple app which can take a long time to launch I have more audiobooks than music              Apple destroyed their player this one works
Does not play audiobooks from my iPhone     Audiobooks
This app is why I stay with the iPhone The built in Apple app for audiobooks does not play back at 2X even when you set it                 Love it
Set B never appears Please fix Thanks              AB Repeat doesnt work
great                 good
I love being able to get through hours of podcasts at a faster rate This app even tracks how much time you save I currently have saved 15 days and 10 hours That is half a month of time I listen to three times as many podcasts now without missing content This is the best app I have found You can adjust in 005 speed increments from 10 speed to 50 speed The apple podcast app only goes to 20 What is nice about this is you dont get that chipmunk sound the faster you go Due to the audio conversion you will get a more metallic sound if you go faster than 20 however that is because all the sound is being translated so you can understand it I love 275 speed Most hosts talk so slow that after using this when you listen to them live they will sound sound drunk to you                 I use this as my primary podcast app
THIS IS THE ONLY APP THAT CAN PLAY 2X SPEED AND NOT SCREW UP Provided the user goes through the settings and chooses medium quality Or high but mid is better                 Literally the only app that can do this
I love this app Its easy to use and accessible with VoiceOver My one complaint has to do with rewinding and fast forwarding It would be nice to move in smaller increments Ten percent doesnt always work well especially if one is listening to a long file              Awesome
I listen to lots of audiobooks What I really like about this app is the ability to increase the playback speed in small increments so I can save time while still listening comfortably                 Awesome for audiobooks
I use this app for listening quickly to podcasts This app feels solidly built It is easy and straightforward to use And at the same time there are many useful settings to tweak to make it work the way you want it The customizable gesture controls to change speeds or move forward and backward by userset increments is exactly what I was looking for I cant say enough good things about this app                 Quickly It just works
Very useful and strong and flexible control                 Kamiran haji
Lacks userfriendly intuitiveness Hasnt worked yet But Ill be charitable and give it at least two stars since I suspect that the severely problematic unwieldy very unintuitive awfulnonexistent nonApple app interface ability and just plain maddening iTunes connection is the core of the problem        ITunes the problem
Wonderful for learning a language with easy playback feature Very easy to use                 Great app
So far this is the best speed increasing audio app Ive used Most apps top out at 20x speed Audible says 30x but if you measure its actually only 20x This app will go up to 50x speed I recommend only going to 25x max since anything over that is stressful and hard to follow Not to mention sounds like a dying mouse The features of this app are fantastic Overall its the single best app for fast listening of audiobooks                 Best Speed Increase App
Works really well A couple of points to improve I have repeatedly found that despite the fact that I have deleted an audiobook from my iTunes library and synced my iPhone repeatedly this app maintains old audiobooks in its library taking up space on my phone This is unacceptable the playlist when finished automatically repeats from the first track No way to change this when the audio is interrupted by a phone call for example clicking play will often bring up the iPhones music app rather than resuming this app           Still not great
This app is certainly not perfect But being a relatively niche app its awesome Please continue improving it For reference this is the last review I wrote for it several years ago For now this is my most used app on my iPhone I can see a few small possible improvements mainly in terms of usability but as it stands its already an awesome app I really hope the developer continues working on it                 Great for studies
I like to record my readings and listenplayback while I read alongthis app allows me to speed up and read faster Love It                 Works Great
Well worth the cost Easy to get it up and running fast and so easy to use                 Does what it say VERY well
plays all formats in whatever formats It had a little trouble downloading the Economist but they all seem to For ease of use and customisation I seem to end up using SpeedUp                 The most reliable
I use this for listing to audio books and the like and love it Mainly because I like 1 the speed controls 2 It makes it very easy to play find and play the books I want Would like to see a better sleep timer but the current one is good enough                 Good stuff
1 No reason at all this is still only an iPhone app when too many people would be interested in this app on an iPad Most people with one will not be using an iPhone filter on their iPad 2 As a user I should not have to change the speed BACK to the settings I want to play at OVER and OVER again There needs to be an option to remember this setting as there is in your competitors app Swift player 3 The poor quality icon for your app may cause your marketing to suffer Ijs People do judge a book by the cover I liked the app until I saw it was not speed playing all my books at the speed I wanted It keep reverting back so I use Swift because it allows you to save the speed of playback and I have lots of lecture I have to learn but too little time to be running back after every chapter to change it back That is so annoying           No excuse
Update I still adore this app Buy the full version and show the author some love I wish he would consider working for Sirius XM whose apps are a nightmare piece of garbage Original review Ive been looking for a program like this for a long time Im so happy Its awesome                 Finally
See title        Poor audio quality
Speedup is great for audiobooks              Great for audiobooks
I am a self proclaimed audiobook junkie and this has become my go to app Audibles app can speed up only Audible formatted books this does any mp3 Plus it is significantly more variable speeding up the audio at 5 increment vs audible which does it only at a few The range is important as depending on the author the rate I can do changes The audio quality is great it doesnt sound like the chipmunks With this app I usually can listen at 165 meaning a 10 hour audiobook now only takes me 6 hours This has become one of my most used apps                 Wonderful for audiobook junkies
i love it music playing studying                 so good
Tried the lite version was concerned liked it love the full version Works perfectly                 Great app
Onehour class lectures become halfhour or even less Bookmark important sections or use the looping feature to get the concept stuck in your head If you want to put the material in your own words you can even record yourself onthespot to incorporate your own version of the material into the playlist This is a musthave for audiblelearners                 Musthave for audiblelearners

SpeedUp Player Pro Productivity Speedup Player Sleep TimerSpeedUp Player Pro Productivity Speedup Player Sleep TimerSpeedUp Player Pro Productivity Speedup Player Sleep TimerSpeedUp Player Pro Productivity Speedup Player Sleep Timer

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