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Cocone , the publisher behind many iOS app (ドーナツ大好き!HD ,JAPOW! ,ジャパンタイムズで英単語 FREE ,听力王国 ,とことんクロスワードで英単語 ,갑자기 웃기는 일본어), brings PocketColony with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. PocketColony app has been update to version 3.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download PocketColony for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 40.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.2 has been released on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about PocketColony in Cocone`s Official Website : http://m.cocone.jp/ap/

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This is absolutely cute game but I dont speak Japanese Can you please change it                 Cute game but
アバターがすごく可愛い                 可愛いゲーム
This game is awesome Theres an english version of this game btw its called Pokemini Go check it out                 Awesomee
I love this game but I dont understand it please put an english translation button the English version Pokemini is so wonderful but it doesnt have as many things as pokecolo If you cant make the English version like this one then can you please at least put in a English translation button Thank you and I would appreciate if you did as I requested thank you and I will be waiting for an update on this and Pokemini                
This game is so cute and fun they give u pets and a planet its really fun                 Really good
I love this game even though I couldnt understand the language Please give the option for an English version this one is a lot better than poke mini Thanks           Cute but need and English version
すごく可愛いアップですよ                 可愛いー
it is the best game EVERbut if it was English it would make the game like pokemini              best game
Way better then the English one but I cant read Japanese so Im kind of upset about it so I cant play                 Love it
500 donut special limited time holiday code Use Ci2fm for 500 free donuts                 ci2fm code for donuts
Is there any way you can make it so we could read it in English too Clueless what it says           Cant read it
Cute game              Cute
I play everyday                 The cutest
I love this more then pokemini actually Please continue exvp8                 Yes
This app has gotten me so addicted Even if you dont spend money on it you can gain many items which is amazing Everyone is so nice on it I highly recommend getting the app if you know Japanese If not I am more than happy to guide you through everything in English Just type In my code bxd4k when you sign up Sarah                 Awesome
Fun                 Good
It is a good game I can learn Japanese from this game                 Super cute
超カワイイよぉ しかもおもしろいです              ポケコロ
I truly love this game sadly I cant read Japanese 3141500665                 I truly love this game
Use my code pepia                 Lots of fun
This game is so amazingly awesome but it makes me sad that pokemini isnt the same Its not fair I emailed support about it and ever since that I stopped getting gumballs and donuts Maybe Im being paranoid but it feels like they halted my account from gaining currency so Id go back to pokemini I love both games but this one is so much funner Why doesnt pokemini have fishing and a little aquarium and the ability to send messages in a bottle Why doesnt pokemini have scratch off tickets and better gumball items I feel like cocone hates English speaking people I really wish pokemini had the same features as this one Its just not fair The language barrier doesnt bother me that bad what bothers me is that in the pokemini the game I have lots of friends in and play more that it isnt the same as pokecolo           Change pokemini or add English to pokecolo
Use the code above This app is very cute so addicting The items are so detailed You can change your little mini into who ever or what ever youd like                 xx3fp
This game looks great but i am not Japanese Please make Pokemini like this and add the GBs they are super cool I really like the one with the peacock hair for girl minis If you cant change Pokemini can you atleast add a language changer and make it so minis from Pokemini can gift and be friends with each other I love Pokemini but I wish it was more like Pokeolo Please read this and consider this Sincerely Miss Muppet Kermit is the Best                 Please CHANGE Pokemini
Love this game but there is no English translations                 No English Translations
This looks super fun but i cant play if I dont understand the language        Is this in English
So much better items than Mini Me I wish it was in English but luckily most things are in katakana and the icons say it all bn9pa              Thank you katakana
Absolutely adorable                 かわいい
very cute but please make an English version        English
Such a cute little app Adorable accessories clothes and world items Love it                 VERY adorable
Very kawaii                 Love it
I havent played this game but I know I But I know i will love it The only Problem is its not English I cant Understand one word Also when I downloaded the game I couldnt Start playing on it it just made me Go back to the home screen PLEASE FIX TWO OF THESE PROBLEMS I WILL RATE FIVE STARS              English
Awsome sause                 Awsome
Love this game better than the English version Just wish it had an English subtitles option to understand it better But overall really awesome app              So cute
とてもいいですがドナが溜まりにくいのともうちょっと安くして欲しいです                 いいです
But its cuter than pokemini              I dont know what Im doing
Love this so much because of Pokemini but english would be helpful                 English
このゲームはとても楽しくて可愛いゲームです オススメゲームです 是非1881706431のマイコードを使ってください お互いに3000ドナもらえます スムーズにやってくれた方には私がゲーム内でのお洋服を送ります                 ポケコロ
けっこうおもいです でも楽しい              おもい
3431485331                 Use my code
I need a English language cause I cant understand     Update Plz
This is such a fun game The themes are adorable                 So cute
このアップリを楽しんでるマイコードを入れて下さいね5fip3ありがとうございます                 良いアップリ
可愛いし気軽に楽しめます              可愛い
Its nice i love this version of the game better than the english one Which is why i would like to ask if english language can be added to this                 CUTE
the layout is all messed up and a lot of the buttons are missing please fix it would also be nice if you could change the language     broken
I just started playing this one and have already been playing the English version for almost a year Its addictive and totally adorable                 Love this game

PocketColony Social Networking Mini Garden Give ThemPocketColony Social Networking Mini Garden Give ThemPocketColony Social Networking Mini Garden Give ThemPocketColony Social Networking Mini Garden Give Them

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