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eBay Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (eBay Now ,eBay Instant Sale ,eBay for iPad ,Watch with eBay ,Annonces ,eBay Motors), brings RedLaser — Barcode and QR Code Scan with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. RedLaser — Barcode and QR Code Scan app has been update to version 3.3.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great shopping aid..
  • Thee best shopping buddy app..
  • Absolutely everything you need in a shopping companion app..
  • This is a great program for checking prices and finding deals..
  • Helps to find the best deal all over town without wasting gas..

Overall Satisfactionc90
One of the best barcode scanner apps for iOS.
This is on of the best scanner apps I have ever used.
This is great to find the best prices so it's just great.
Helps to find the best deal all over town without wasting gas.
It's user friendly and so very helpful in finding better bargains.
but as for finding the best local price.
Best QR code scanning app on the market.
Thanks RedLaser for saving me money.
Fun & Engagingc82
Great app use it all the time.
It's fun and works well.
Red Laser is Awesome.
Lists are awesome.
This is great to find the best prices so it's just great.
It's user friendly and so very helpful in finding better bargains.
but as for finding the best local price.
When shopping box stores I scan everything for price match.
It's easy to use and very helpful.
The scanning technology is great and very helpful when shopping.
Could be very useful and handy.
Great job - does everything as advertised.
Production Valuesc84
Easy interface a great source of information.
Simple and easy interface.
Stunning interface.
Ease of Usec91
It's easy to use and very helpful.
Simple to use and very effective.
Simple app.
Most convenient and useful for price scan/check/comparison.
It's convenient and useful.
Easy interface a great source of information.
Simple and easy interface.
Loyalty card rotation.
Doesn't open on scanner and loyalty card page barely works.
Never had problems updating.
Security & Privacyc10
Updates & Supportc51
Way more user friendly than the classic version.
Not impressed with lack of customer service.

More reliable than the other code scanning apps I've used. found in 11 reviews
Red Laser works fantastic with great comparison of product. found in 523 reviews
Great way to compare prices and get your store to match the lowest price. found in 115 reviews
This is on of the best scanner apps I have ever used. found in 76 reviews
Very impressed at how fast this app recognizes barcodes and QR codes. found in 15 reviews
This is great to find the best prices so it's just great. found in 55 reviews
One of the best barcode scanner apps for iOS. found in 66 reviews
The money savings aspect was better than I thought. found in 16 reviews
I've actually used this mostly for scanning posters and promotions. found in 37 reviews
I recommend this app for money saving and fun. found in 22 reviews
Great tool and a time saver while checking on products. found in 10 reviews
Like the Option of both online and local places to purchase items. found in 15 reviews
Red laser app is the best price comparison app around. found in 35 reviews
This app is a real time and money saver. found in 54 reviews
Best QR code scanning app on the market. found in 16 reviews
When shopping box stores I scan everything for price match. found in 94 reviews
but once in a whole it can't read a QR code. found in 3 reviews
I can't get it to scan a thing. found in 4 reviews
Would be nice if there were more local options listed. found in 4 reviews
Nice app but would like to see more local prices not just websites. found in 3 reviews
but online results are amazing. found in 8 reviews
I have encountered a problem with location services with version 4. found in 18 reviews
Doesn't return results as well as before updates. found in 3 reviews
Good but crashes all the time on
Not impressed with lack of customer service. found in 3 reviews
This is virtually worthless. found in 2 reviews
Why can't I add the local price where i'm shopping. found in 15 reviews
Ios6. found in 1 reviews
needs an iPad version. found in 1 reviews
I would like to be able to hide Weekly Ads. found in 4 reviews
Loved this app till it stopped working. found in 2 reviews
Good but needs more local info. found in 5 reviews
But desperately needs updated graphics for iPad users. found in 1 reviews
deals and sales are as useful as junk mail. found in 4 reviews
Now it's nearly useless except on super common items. found in 7 reviews
Great app but does not always show local stores. found in 6 reviews
Missing many items. found in 9 reviews
No scan button where it should be. found in 9 reviews
location services not working at all or running down the battery. found in 18 reviews
Doesn't open on scanner and loyalty card page barely works. found in 74 reviews
Any app that requires you to rate it should be deleted. found in 16 reviews
iOS 7 upgrades can be a buggy mess. found in 10 reviews
The first time showed no local results. found in 46 reviews
I'm really let down the search results are for online products. found in 8 reviews
But is no longer useful for price information. found in 12 reviews
This version finds deals online but errors out for local search. found in 11 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download RedLaser — Barcode and QR Code Scan for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 6.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.3.0 has been released on 2014-11-08. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about RedLaser — Barcode and QR Code Scan check developer eBay Inc.`s website :

RedLaser - Impossibly accurate barcode scanning. The ALL-NEW RedLaser is the fastest and easiest to use RedLaser yet It has everything you loved in RL Classic and more of the functionality you have told us you ...
Just as the title says Red Laser USED to be a great app to have while shopping Lately however I dont even bother opening it because I know what the result will be Doesnt have nearly the amount of information it used to have Im bummed about it too I used to really like it Im actually thinking of deleting it     Simple This app USED to be useful
Stopped working just scans but doesnt show anything on list ever        Stopped working
Used to be good in the past Recent version either cant find most of the products or crashes quickly Will look for other app Bye bye        Gone bad
I used the app to keep lists and to forward info on items I found to friends and family members Now it crashes almost every time I use it Its useless     Was great now horrible
iPhone 6 crashes consistently Worthless     G
Well I would have to say that this app is NOT GREAT but IT IS ALSO NOT BAD but I love looking up thing so it is a great app so that is why I did 5 stars I tell people to use it and it was free too I love it so much my dad told me to get it so he is the best ever                 It is ok
This app constantly crashes Wont recognize anything I scan     Worst app
I used to rely heavily on this app now its dead space Now I cant save anything to a list and everything I scan crashes the app Such a shame     Torn barcode rendered app useless
What used to be a great reliable app has now become a crashhog that wastes time Please fix before I move on Reads UPC then crashes Doesnt load even with good connections Unreliable when you need it     They mustve fired all the developers
I used to love the red laser app It was great Worked well and was fast I havent been able to use it in months It scans the bar code but gives no results On anything Please fix this app     This app USED to be good Now terrible
I used this app for my Christmas shopping last year Now its useless It crashes every time I search for an item and doesnt provide any pricing info Seriously did you guys just give up on this     What happened
I was at a store trying to price match when the app never loaded correctly I loved this app Please fix the coding        Please fix this app
It only scans the item and shows no information or crashes     No longer works
Absolutely a waste of time since last update     Useless since updat
This used to be my go to scanner app Now when I use it it scans a code and crashes        Handy
It doesnt scan or search The app is useless     Horrible after the 841 update
App shuts down at each tap Useless     V521Buggy
It cant find info on a single item on my iphone 6 So its basically useless to me now Too bad And thats even after OS update and reinstalling the app     Used to be a great app
It is a very good app but it always crashes           Make it better
This app crashes constantly and doesnt give any prices There is no app support It used to be a good app but now it stinks        Crashes constantly
App used to be amazing Nowit crashes after every scan When I try to show the app to other people it crashes in front of them Extremely frustrating and there is no alternative in the App Store     Not what it used to be Crashes every 60 seconds after last update Frustrating
Fix it ASAP     Does NOT WORK
Most worthless app Used to be great Doesnt give info on any scans at all anymore and crashes every time I scan something then try to return home with back button     Crap
The app crashes every time I use it It doesnt recognize literally any product that I scanned and its literally one of the worst apps Ive ever used Would not recommend Ill just use ShopSavvy     Horrible
It even didnt scan my cards     Didnt work
This used to work but now it does absolutely nothing I guess they want us to go somewhere else Remember business rule 1 If you dont take care of the customer someone else will Doesnt get any stars     Worse than North Korea
In the past this app was very useful for finding the best prices for most products Lately the app is unstable and fails to find and prices at all I hope they correct the issues and rerelease this app     Great and Very Helpful App
Does nothing but crash once you scan a barcode Doesnt load useful information anymore and makes obnoxiously loud noises Deleting the app     Should be ZERO stars
Used to be a must have now its useless It scans doesnt give any info then it crashes Iphone6     Best to useless
Im with everyone else The app used to be awesome Now I scan something and nothing comes up for ANYTHING then I go back to the app home screen and the app crashes every time     Terrible
Totally worthless app since last week No longer reads prices just tells you the barcodes Crashes every time you hit home button Outta here eBay     Worthless now
When it does work it doesnt do anything I dont even understand the point Ive scanned things and nothing happens it doesnt try to compare prices or anything that is if you can scan anything All it does is crash every 2 minutes JUNK     Garbage Crash Fest
Love the app as far as what it does but it keeps crashing while Im using it Most times it crashes right after a scan but also when reviewing the product info for an item that was scanned it just closes out without warning Please fix        Keeps crashing
This app used to be an incredible QR code reader but now it just crashes every time I use it     Crashes are Unbearable
The app no longer works When you scan barcode nothing ever comes up     No longer works
It used to be so useful Now Nothing pulls up Delete app     Doesnt work
Great app to find stuff you or a friend cannot remember where it was purchased                 Red Lazer
It was a very useful when it was functioning Now it crashes and often yields no results     Once was a must have app
Why I loved it Please make it work again     Not useful anymore
Its great to have the power to easily compare sources for the identical item RedLaser saves me time and money                 Great ap
Every time I scan a bar code it comes up blank or worse crashes and I have to restart the app This would be a good app except for the bugs Please fix     Crashes
Not updated for iPhone 66 Plus screens and crashes whenever you push the back button Id expect a large company like eBay to do better than this     Horrible
No update in 11 months Crashes constantly     Junk
It lookslike this app is no longer supported by the designer I went to the Redlaser website and clicked on Support and there is no longer any support     No Longer Supported
This app used to be okay I just used it to keep shopping cards on and to save product information on hard to find items Now it wont let me login no matter what even reset password It has no loyalty cards listed and ones I manually entered wont work Totally useless now Deleting     Dont know what happened useless now
It just doesnt work anymore Used to be really great app I used it all the time especially in target Now it just doesnt work     Doesnt work anymore
Does not work anymore     Junk broken
I used to love this app used it all the time when I was shopping I would scan a product to see witch store had it at a cheaper price but now all it shows is online prices not local stores        Not the same
It worked great for a couple of years but it just died for me about two months ago No results after scan and then crashes Fix the issues and I will change this review     It just died
This app used to be fabulous No longer the case It crashes freezes and can never find products scanned     No longer works

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