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Mojang , the publisher behind many iOS games (Minecraft – Pocket Edition Lite ,Minecraft – Pocket Edition), brings Minecraft – Pocket Edition with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Minecraft – Pocket Edition games has been update to version 0.4.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Oh and some things you guys NEED to add : Skin changes in p..
  • Awesome awesome game it's exactly like minecraft PC..
  • You could have texture packs and more materials and mini games..
  • Guys like really calm down about updating it..
  • are working hard to give PE add ons..

Overall Satisfactionc83
I love love love love love LOVE minecraft.
Overall I love minecraft but this is ridiculous.
Minecraft is one of my favorite games in the world.
But minecraft pe used to be one of my favorite games.
Amazing game which lets your imagination run wild.
Fix and support this amazing game for iOS.
So thanks Mojang for creatin this awesome update.
Thanks for reading this and maybe even acknowledging me.
Needs crafting furnace villagers monsters and animals like the computer.
Let me just start it needs Caves.
Don't get me wrong I love the new infinite worlds with caves and new biomes.
Fun & Engagingc87
Awesome awesome game it's exactly like minecraft PC.
Awesome game until it destroyed everything.
Minecraft Is awesome when will there be another update.
Minecraft is awesome but still needs work.
Minecraft pe is awesome and I play it all the time.
It really gets boring walking around in the same world.
Super fun game especially after the last update.
AND peaceful minecraft music with more mob eggs in creative mode.
It is awesome but it needs more mob spawners.
I need a horse and more monster and more animal Plz.
It is a really fun game that I think everyone should have.
Just add everything in Xbox 360 version then bam.
Add everything in pc Minecraft and add skins.
please add everything that the computer version has.
I play it every day and it made great progress when 0.
Replay Valuec71
It really gets boring walking around in the same world.
my advise is to make more challenging monsters like creepers.
Let there be hunger bars to make more challenging 7.
Social Aspectsc57
There's a bug when you play multiplayer for the chests.
I can't play multiplayer either because it crashes.
I want to get this thing- Cave Grass Enderman Play with my friends.
Peace of junk it doesn't let me play with my friends.
online multiplayer without haveing to get full pc minecraft 3.
You promote realms for online multiplayer yet it doesn't work.
0 the game crashes making it impossible to play.
Before the game freezes it makes the arrow sound.
The new update totally ruined the game please fix the problems.
Please minecraft update is beautiful and fun please fix these bugs.
Thx you for fixing the bugs and glitches now game better now.
but I'm still very disappointed about the bugs and glitches.
I love the game but multiplayer doesn't work anymore keeps crashing.
and also it's been really glitchy lately P.
Security & Privacyc73
to play with my brothers without a Minecraft account.
When is the next update put in the minecraft account.
That's stupid because my brother doesn't have a Minecraft account.
Updates & Supportc82
Catch up with updates with the computer or the Xbox 360 version.
Xbox 360 version way better dont waste your money on this crap.
You should make this PE version like the XBOX version.
But the pe version isn't fun at all.
So amazing the new update is awesome keep up the good work.
The new update is awesome but u need to fix the realms.
Pleeeeeaaaaase make a new update for the Minecraft PE version.
Please make a new update that fixes these dumb bugs.
whenever I receive a " low battery " notification.
And when I get the Low Battery alert on my iPod.

First of love the game best game eva. found in 29 reviews
Minecraft is the most addicting game I have ever played. found in 62 reviews
When I try to register and Hit the refister button nothing happens. found in 130 reviews
Register button does not work when you press it. found in 183 reviews
It's needs survival mode and more of what's on the PC version. found in 117 reviews
Please fix these bugs before adding anything new to the game. found in 132 reviews
Another is you can't eat food nor cakes. found in 163 reviews
Game freezes when I go into control center. found in 302 reviews
It's really glitchy at some points when I'm playing. found in 50 reviews
I cant switch blocks and cant place rails. found in 97 reviews
I cant join any external servers without crashing. found in 72 reviews
Fix multiplayer and buckets and then I will be happy. found in 87 reviews
I love the game but multiplayer doesn't work anymore keeps crashing. found in 87 reviews
cant eat only cake cant use fernace stupid. found in 101 reviews
It really gets boring walking around in the same world. found in 201 reviews
Can't eat can't cook and armor don't work. found in 522 reviews
But I cant play multiplayer in LAN now :/. found in 197 reviews
When I try to connect to somebodys world my screen freezes. found in 313 reviews
Game crashes within 5 seconds of entering world. found in 738 reviews
Good but needs crafting and animals like real minecraft. found in 238 reviews
1 the bug fix update that give you ARMOR SET TOO. found in 114 reviews
I hate this game and will never play it again. found in 156 reviews
Because I am cannot save the game I am really mad. found in 105 reviews
My old world doesn't some of the new features. found in 114 reviews
but the stupid game keeps on saying warning no memory remaining. found in 103 reviews
It always crashes or says "warning: game is running out of memory. found in 751 reviews
I think it isn't worth 7 bucks so get Tarraria. found in 135 reviews
I can't generate any new worlds because it always crashes. found in 119 reviews
It won't let me long on with the local server multiplayer. found in 92 reviews
Then it crashes and sends me back to home screen. found in 668 reviews
Please for the love fix the glitches while playing multiplayer. found in 99 reviews
Why can't I join my friends world I have tried everything SERISOULY. found in 131 reviews
Won't even open at all on my sons iPod 4th generation. found in 446 reviews
but whenever I play on multiplayer server on someone else's world. found in 96 reviews
Cannot eat food in survival and furnace does not work. found in 163 reviews
Worst game shouldn't beet five nights at Freddy's 2. found in 111 reviews
Can't eat and can't use the oven. found in 522 reviews
Tired of the " running out of memory " constant message pop up. found in 1133 reviews
U cant play multiplayer or use furnices. found in 197 reviews
Now it's do bad that when I open that one world. found in 125 reviews

The Minecraft – Pocket Edition is now available for $6.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 2.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 0.4.0 has been released on 2014-11-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Minecraft – Pocket Edition check developer Mojang`s website : http://www.minecraft.net

Imagine it, build it. Create worlds on the go with Minecraft - Pocket Edition Minecraft - Pocket Edition allows you to build on the go. Use blocks to create masterpieces as you travel, hangout with friends, ...
Please add horses and many more more features the Xbox has Im begging u              HORSES
My animals keep dying on the carpets and I dont know why does anyone else know              Help
I love love LOVE The new update but there are a few glitches like when it rains the rain goes though everything and it gets annoying also for the next big update please bring the end Also rabbits would be nice keep up the nice work mojang Ps Could you add dyeable leather and armor stands D              A few glitches but still worth buying
So since the update ALL OF MY DOGS DISAPPEARED I WANT THEM BACK NOW Also what happened to the villagers in the village they just disappeared and u need and update with switches and buttons so I can keeps villagers IF THE COME BACK out of my house fix this OR I WILL DELETE     WHERE R MY DOGS
Please add redstone stuff commands and you should also addwellyou know how in minecraft pc you can take stuff from chest and do everything that you can do in survival in creativewellexcept for having Health well ADD THAT TOO and I hate the new way to fly up and down CHANGE IT BACK Btw I am loving this game so much its like am in Englandbecausethey are like always playing minecraftsoYaADD IT Pls                 OBSESSEDbut
I love the update but I have always use the change Y axis using the button After playing for years and everyday it is impossible to play now No matter which way you set the button the Y axis is the same Please fix that so that those of us who are used to it can play again I would love to try out all the new changes                 Y Axis Button Does Not Change Anything
I really like the update and minecraft to but my game is really laggy and every time I try to get on my worlds it freezes so that I have to slide minecraft off the screen and restart minecraft its really annoying pls mojang try and fix this because I love playing minecraft and you have mad it harder for me to play           I like minecraft But this update
Ive been waiting for a big update but didnt imagine ones with all sorts of new stuff like crouching Running and more                 Best game
Ive been playing Minecraft for years now on my apple device With no problems just wishing a better variety However I could get passed that and had fun playing it but when I updated mine It was awful I couldnt play on any servers Which was something I did frequently Especially Survival Games Now I cant see any chest in it It kicks me out all the time and Im almost dead before I even start from starvation I have deleted my game because of this thinking it might solve all my problems However it didnt what so ever I wasted all my hard work for nothing I cant enjoy Minecraft anymore which is a bummer Plus whoever said we are lying about bugsissues on the new update All of our experiences may differ not all of us had have good luck with this So think before you say anything please I will be waiting for the new update where they fix all of the bugs Thanks     Update is a nightmare
For some reason it keeps crashing on creative and survival I cant get past the 1st night and I cant do the custom skin option and so many crashes thou evry thing elts is just fine love the game so much                 Love the game and the 0121update but
This is one of my most favorite games of all time In the next update I want the followingrabbits including the killer bunny well I cant think of anything else just the rabbits thats all Bye 3                 Heres what I want in the next update
Love the game but please add a store for mods It would make the game a LOT better              Great game but
Ive had this game since it came out and you guys have added a ton of features this time Youve added great mechanics Such as the new layout fire spread is perfect anvils and tons of other stuff There are a few small problems that need to be changed It rains indoors rain can travel through blocks No server commands at least none that I can find Dogs sometimes hurt themselves on carpet Id like to keep my furry friends inside my warm home but whenever they sit on carpet they take damage It seems that when fighting endermen they dont really teleport as much as youd expect Lightning seems to hit WAY too close to your character These are just things that Ive noticed but Im a perfectionist so to most people these simple errors wont matter at all There are new paintings in the coding and Id really like to be able to spawn them in the next update Keep up the amazing work                 Excellent
To all of you inexperienced players I have an excellent solution Buy a Mad Catz Controller Thats it This controller makes this game 1000 times easier Great for PVP and Creative You can even hold down the sword swing button and run while moving the camera Could you do that with your two hands With the controller you can Before you go on and on about moving slowly and bad controls check your settings and FIX THEM YOURSELF Its easy Lastly remember that whenever a 1 star review is written the apps rating drops So if MC begins to lose new customers its your fault Thank you inexperienced players for making this review section absolutely terrible Bye NG20                 Warning Misleading Reviews Below
The sad thing is all of my animals die when they go on carpet and then I loose all my animals please fix this bug The boats are still so slow they are really slow to drive I dont care for the controls now I liked the old one please switch back Can you allow us to use commands because it doesnt work when I try also the rain comes into my houses and its so annoying to see rain in my house Thanks so much for letting us have ocelots and able to dye the color of our dogs Can you add horses and saddles to the game                 I love this update but
The new update is the best in the world                 Best game
Ok there is a horrible glitch when you made the update the controls are super buggy              New Update Bringing Horrible Control Bug
Help I cant die Im in creative and I built a nether portal then like the idiot I am I lost it built another one and spawned in the middle of the fricken ocean I decided to dig down sense I set my spawn in my huge castle I built But I couldnt die I was just walking around the stars In any other case that would have been awesome but this is my oldest and best world and it would be a shame to have to delete it Please help           I Cant die
Please switch the flying controls back the ones now are just stupid I hate them And when I try to enchant something and dont like the enchantments its giving me I get out of the enchantment table and try again bit its still the same enchantments Its very annoying please fix these But it is still a great game and I love playing it        Egh
HORRIBLE What were you thinking The game pad is horrible and the flying option is bad Once you fly 1 time you cant do it again AND THEN like it could get any worse the stupid app starts to become slow and then i have to reset it How am i supposed to have fun and build when i have to keep restarting it You guys need to make the game pad bigger bring back flying option to middle of game pad and make this crappy glitch go away And im asking apple for my money back              Horrible update
Thank you for all those things but my chunks wont load and plz and rabbits and mods oh and more things from the end and wither I dont care if they just stand still                 Great a few miner changes plz
I love it even more after this new update But I would love to actually be able to be able to put on amour actually use chests and things and place red stone in creative mode And I would really love actually a lot of us would really love it if PE had ALL of the blocks and items and all that stuff that the PC and XBox versions of Minecraft have Not all of us are able to get those versions yknow w Seriously it would make a lot of PE players days if you were to add all of that If you consider doing this or have been doooo iiiiittttt please I will then finally add that last star              So amazing
The update for Minecraft has been awesome I only have one complaint though When I try to tame a wolf to be my dog it always gets hit even if I didnt try to hurt it I have been looking for a dog in the past seven days minecraft days and I find and kill it accidentally for trying to tame it Other than that the update has been good By the way sorry if this is a glitch just on mine but my friend has the same problem                 Hurting Animals
I LOVE THE UPDATE ps mojang plz put in ender portals in the next update sorry Im not trying to be bossy I just really want to go to the end Thank you                 NEW UPDATE
I dont like this app any more when I play life boat it glitches           Come on
Its a good game not a big fan of the crouch and flying controls but they work My main issue is that when you switch from creative to survival you loss every thing in your inventory so if you switch from your survival mode on accident your stuff carries over and you go to switch back you lose all your good stuff That is really my only problem and also not being able to access the chest and ovens in creative              Creative to survival
I would love it if you added the following horses stained glass opening chests in creative and placing items in them doing things such as smelting crafting brewing and enchanting in creative lead ropes and cauldrons                 HALP
My nephew and I have updated and cant join each others worlds but the thing I need help with is my nephew has a world that he didnt make I know because he cant spell and is 7 but the world is called Kanto like in Pokemon it is designed just like In Pokemon I know that it is not his because he cant build very well and everything is perfect he has no idea how he got it I want to know and am confused              Can someone help me
It was perfect until Microsoft bought Minecraft and then RUINED EVERYTHING i hate the new controls plz put back to normal     I HATE THE NEW CONTROLLS
Its very laggy and I cant move around nether world with out finding my way back due to Lag and world doesnt show full detail of were lava or blocks to walk on or around I dont wanna lose my gear or things I found Please fix              Problems with update
So I was playing on LBSG Survival and I am playing Pritend with 1 player and he said btw we were playing family and he says bad stuff to me and l am like HOW DO I REPORT YOU so i a pressing the butten next to his name thinking thats how to report but it dosend do any thing so PLZ tell me how to report and I am a player trying to play minecraft and he starts cursing at me and I am like HOW DO I REPORT THIS DUDE the player I was plaing with was a girl plaing family with me and someone els says bad stuff to me and he was playing and he told me not to and he cursed in my face PLZ fix this i love to play minecraf but PLZ how do i report                 How do i report a player
Fun and safe for all ages There is no blood you can easily turn Off any monsters even though they Are really un realistic Fun for all ages and all Types of gamers Wanna create Destroy You can do Just about anything Great for friends Have a friend who you wanna play with You can easily join with your Friends Just get in the same Wifi system log onto a world and make sure local server multiplayer is on Your mate should See your world pop up in blue                 BEST GAME EVER
The controls are a little wire but the game is awesome                 Its alright
The update is glitching and its my FAVORATE game and the controls disappear I hate the update and please fix it     Minecraft
Dear Mojang you really need to put the horse mod in Somethings I want to do on mindcraft I need a horse for So horses need to be in the next mod if you would please please put the horse mod in next update it would mean the world if you did Also please make the update soonplease                 WE NEED HORSES
The game is very fun However the new update is very unfortunate the controls are very hard to handle and every time I go to lay down a block the screen freezes Other then those problems I do love the game and recommend it              New update
This game is so popularwhy The graphics are crap and the mechanics are awful I can name 3 survival games off the top of my head thats way better than this piece of garbage To also charge us 700 is crazy for this idiot gameand I love it              Why
I kinda liked Minecraft pe Wen it was wen in creative mode you can only make animals and structures and two updates lader it was perfect before this update and I had this game for almost 3 years and now mogang please fix a few bugs but Im glad you can sprint but can you get rid of the sneak button and change it to jump and fly and get rid of the button on the side of the screen if anyone needs help with the controls ask me Im racey 56 you may see me in lifeboat              This update is cool
This app isnt very fun I have minecraft on the PC and its so much more fun in my opinion I wish there was a wider multiplayer range available        I bought this and never use it
So I was 100s of feet underground and I still saw rain drops and also while Im in my house I get raindrops which doesnt cause damage but it just looks weird                 Love the new update but theres one problem
This game is Well you get the point plZ name tags and redstone things please custom heads thanks and make the in game commands work                 This is Amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing
I love the new update I was just hoping they would be like colored glass or even horses I was just hoping a little bit more like what its on PS3 Thx for the new update Love yours trulyNoellep Nightmare                 Thx for the update
Plz take off I do not like it when animals spawn where ever they like to its really frustrating And plz add new mobs storm if you can THX I LOVE THIX APP GO MINECRAFT TEAM              Love it
I cant join worlds with friends and they cant join my world I checked settings nothings wrong I am so mad                 Aaaaahhhhhhhhh
I luv minecraft but the controls are a little weird And when I try to play it the screen goes green Lol thats it and plz fix              Bug fixesawesome game
this update is being weird they keep on kicking you out bc of flying and your not actually flying Also there is a lot of lagging           Problems
I love the new update But I cant find the neither reactor in the inventory on creative Am I the only one receiving this problem I look though every tab and its just not there BLEH Also I think that the price could lower js           WUT
I love this game so much but I think in the next update stained glass should be added                 Needs more COLOR
This update was the best update ever                 Awesome update
Ok Mojang I Have Got Really Good IdeasOr Three To Be Exact 1Plz Add The EndNot Complaining But We Need To Slaughter Some Enda Dragon2Add More Animals Like PandaFrogBeeetcBecause Who Doesnt Love Running From Bees3Add New BugLike Creeper I Would Be Soooo Amazed4 Add Commands And Armor Stands Plz Signed MasterShadow                 Future Update Ideas

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