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Embark, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Boston T – MBTA by Embark ,London Tube by Embark ,Embark Philadelphia ,Ride Caltrain ,Embark SF — Bay Area Transit: BART, MUNI, Caltrain, AC Transit), brings Boston T – MBTA by Embark with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Boston T – MBTA by Embark app has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionclick me53
Best free app I've found.
Amazing beautiful app.
Usefulnessclick me87
Very useful for a free app.
Used it everyday.
really simple to use and very helpful.
Ease of Useclick me80
really simple to use and very helpful.
Very clean and simple.
clean design and easy to use.
Super convenient for any Boston train traveler.
This app is incredibly easy to use.
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Offers adfree version.


Embark Boston T. The better way to get around.


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Boston T – MBTA by EmbarkBoston T – MBTA by Embark
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– Offline trip planning between subway stations
– Interactive MBTA (T) Map
– Directions to any address or landmark (internet connection required)
– Tap any station to see upcoming scheduled trains & a street map
– Bookmark a station to save it
– Current "T Alerts"
– Push alerts for delays customized to your routes
– Share your trip via Email, SMS or Twitter


Please note: Embark Boston T was not commissioned by MBTA. We do our best to provide the most complete and up to date information.
Boston T – MBTA by Embark


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Boston T – MBTA by Embark for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 11.5 MB to download. The new Boston T – MBTA by Embark app version 1.3 has been updated on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Boston T – MBTA by Embark check developer Embark, Inc.`s website :


offline trip planning between subway stations. found in 3 reviews
Very useful for a free app. found in 1 reviews
great for tourists. found in 1 reviews
If they where done on time and accurate I'd even pay for this app. found in 1 reviews
To make a long story short. found in 1 reviews
push alerts for delays customized to your routes. found in 2 reviews
Used it everyday. found in 1 reviews
rely on it daily. found in 1 reviews
Great free alternative to paid MBTA apps. found in 2 reviews
Sad it doesn't support bus routes. found in 11 reviews
except for 2 major issues:
Please offer a paid adfree version. found in 2 reviews
1. found in 1 reviews
Could you please try to fix this. found in 1 reviews
If not for the fatal bug. found in 1 reviews
It needs bus info badly. found in 3 reviews
No use without alerts. found in 1 reviews
over the Labor Day weekend it stopped supplying route information. found in 2 reviews
just don't depend on it too much. found in 1 reviews
Now the app just keeps crashing every time I open it. found in 1 reviews
It's pretty useless without this feature. found in 1 reviews
The app doesn't wok as a good as it used to. found in 1 reviews
definitely needs to be updated asap. found in 1 reviews
Wish it covered the bus lines. found in 3 reviews
It's a useful one and it's very frustrating when it doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
Notifications don't work. found in 1 reviews
There are no bus routes on this piece of junk. found in 11 reviews
No real time info. found in 2 reviews
The scheduled arrival times is seriously inaccurate. found in 6 reviews
Seems to have stopped getting real schedule updates though. found in 4 reviews
failed execution. found in 1 reviews
No trips found at specific time. found in 1 reviews
Use to work now NOTHING shows. found in 4 reviews
It says no schedules available. found in 2 reviews
I love this app rely on it daily However updates could be a little better If they where done on time and accurate Id even pay for this app The WorcesterFramingham line changed schedule times and still no update to the app Please update I depend on you guys as Im sure other commuters do as well Happy travels             Almost perfect
Boston and Philadelphia both displaying no trips message not good NYC and DC still working OK so it might be a localschedulesync issueApple bought Embark last summer wondering if the apps are being changed to mesh better with iOSThese arewere great apps hope this gets fixed       None
Whats up with this Embark only recognizes only one Convention center in Boston Type in Boston Convention and Hynes comes up automatically Type in the full expansion of the BCEC acronym and Embark provides only Boston Massachusetts Type in BCEC and you get Boston Massachusetts yet againCan this be fixed       Lost the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center BCEC
Wrong schedule for Sunday commuter rail    Wrong schedule
This was our first trip to Boston We were confused by the T system and didnt know how it worked We tried to use the MTBA official app but were completely confused on which trains to take We found this app and it was excellent We put in our destination and using GPS it told us where to walk to a T station even showing us a map using GPS to get us there then which train the direction and where to get off and finally another map of where to walk to get to our destination This app was a lifesaver                Great App for MBTA
Now the app just keeps crashing every time I open it Its unusableOnce this problem is fixed I really think you should add a bus route on it too so there are no 30 minute walks from the last T stop to your destination       Doesnt work anymore
I used to rely on this app to get around Boston when I wasnt driving Now that I work at Park Street and cant really drive up there due to parking issues I try to plan the trip and it keeps saying no trips found at specific timeReally Ive installed and then reinstalled the app Ive even wipe down my phone at Apple so it is like a brand new oneNow the Embark NY has no problem YET Im in need for the Embark Boston to work    Whats happening
Great app very helpful But clearly not updated very frequently as it is missing s station in the Orange line Assembly This effects route planning and arrival times Please fix          Missing stop
Some kind of y2015 bug          Was great now says no routes available
This was once my goto app The Needham commuter line changed its schedule well over a month ago and the app still hasnt caught up even after sending an email to tech support Ive missed two trains thanks to Embark Im throwing it away    Once good now useless
This is the third time in as many months that Im waiting at a commuter rail station for a canceled train because the apps schedule in no way represents reality Not only does it not have current info about delays and cancelations it does not even update its info for the winter schedule Awful application for planning trips    Awful Do not trust the schedule
Just traveled to Boston and this app never let me down The best of all I downloaded for our trip Highly recommend                Awesome app
The app stopped working and I emailed them downloaded the schedule update and it works like it used to finally                They fixed it
I recently moved to Boston and downloaded 4 or 5 MBTA mappingscheduling apps After a week of use this one is by far the best for daily use Sure it doesnt have schedules available out into perpetuity but whats really the utility in planning a trip down to the minute two weeks from now It uses the actual MBTA system map allows you to use GPS to find which station is the closest and does a good job indicating when you need to make connections Maybe doesnt have all the features of some other apps but its extremely easy to use and does the basics Navigating mass transit in Boston                Whats up with the bad reviews
The scheduled arrival times is seriously inaccurate Today for example it indicated the next inbound D line to be at 1156 it didnt arrive until after 1220 It hasnt been accurate once since Ive downloaded it a few weeks ago But if you are new to the area and simply in need of knowing the closest stop or a map then its fine    Timing is way off
I downloaded several MBTA apps but this was by far the best Simple to use it integrates both T and light rail info has route planner gives subwaytrain arrival times travel time and has a street view map Embark has consistently been the best metrosubway map no matter the city I am visiting Very impressed with their work                Great app
Its been 2 days now and this app is dead Thanks Happy New Year    App not supported
I recently moved to Boston and had no idea how the subway system worked let alone how to read the maps This app made everything soooo easy I would recommend this to anyone and everyone                Fantastic app
Assembly on the orange line is not in the map on the landing page How did someone forget to update this          Missing stops
This is was a great app and I used it daily Since last evening it just shows no trips available no matter what I select I see others complaining of the same thing happening now and in other months since Labor Day Please fix this app Its a useful one and its very frustrating when it doesnt work       Not working at all now
This is definitely one of my two mostused transit apps the other being Catch the Bus What I find most helpful is that you have access to trip planning and schedules without needing wifi or data so you can check things if youre underground and dont have serviceI havent found another app that operates without internet access My biggest complaint would be that for some reason it always gives me weird directions to South Station I live on the Green Line and instead of having me transfer at Park Street it tells me to get off at Boylston and walk Maybe it thinks that the 06 mile walk is faster but Id like to see both options and make that decision for myself especially if I have a large suitcase or its cold and raining etc PreviousI used to use this app daily and preferred it to the other transportation apps I have but for the past few days I keep getting a message that says no trips found at specified time no matter what time or stops I put in I think the last schedule update must have wiped the schedule completely possibly related to the closure of Government Center Until this is fixed Im going to have to use a different app             Updated
Worked great in the past no schedules are present now App is broken       Broken
I love this app but its showing none of the scheduled timesIve tried for a few days now and I keep getting the same annoying messagedefinitely needs to be updated asap             Love it but needs to be fixed
Since I upgraded to 71 I cant get any trip times for any connections Please fix       Boston trip list not working
My wife and I traveled from OKC to Boston and relied heavily on this app Not only was it a great help when we needed it it actually helped teach us to use the T                Great Help
Very often notifications about delays and closed stationsrouts arent shown Says good service Yeah right    Notifications dont work
I love this app I use it all the time I moved to Boston and I would have no idea how to get around Its so simple You tell it where you want to go and it tells you exactly what train subway and bus to get where you need to be and even walking Amazing beautiful app                Best app ever
Horribly inaccurate Gives correct times about 2 of the timeEdit sustained one star Service has been down for over a week    Misleading
Used to be great now it shows no departures on Worcester line Like no departures ever in either direction What happened    Stopped loading schedules
Hmmm it gave me a 3 min window to make my connection between N Station and the Orange line which is of course is impossible to do Worse though is that it didnt give a few subsequent times to make the Orange line Instead it just listed the arrival time at my final stop based on the 3 min window for my connection Not usefulAlso it requires you to put in a start and end destination which is okay However I would like the option of listing just the schedule times not just in real time but for the next day or weekend too for planningI did like the look feel and color however which makes it more interesting to use than other apps          Cool Like But Could Be More Useful
This could be a great updates app for the new Apple watch                Update
Used this every single day while on Boston for a week Absolutely no problems for me Incredibly helpful and accurate It had most alerts related to the lines as well Only problem was that it didnt take into account parts of the T that were completely down due to the snowstorm while I was there                Used it everyday
This was the best MBTA app out there no question Seems to have stopped getting real schedule updates though The WorcesterFramingham schedules are just wrong sad to say Checked the news and it appears Apple bought them in July 2013 Updates have been sporadic at best and no support or Twitter presence to speak of Sadly this makes the best app unreliable    Was great until
Thank you for this great app I travelled to Boston with two very active little kids and Im not familiar with the transit system This app was so helpful that it made our little adventure stressfree I felt in control and knew exactly where to go and how to get there                Very useful and easy to use
Used to love this app but for the past few days it hasnt been working at all It only gives walking directions no train info I dont know if a setting was somehow messed up on my app but if thats the case I cant find anything to correct Please fix    Not working
Used to be a great apphavent been able to get the rail schedules in days now These bugs shouldnt take this long to fix Pathetic    Sadly have to delete
Keep getting no trips foundNo matter what time I input this last update wont let me see the schedule    Used to be Amazing nothing working this version
First time tourist to Boston and this app was incredible Type in where you are and where you want to go and it gives you multiple options including fastest way walking times and distances as well as inroute interactive GPS maps We toured like natives Highly recommended                Great for tourists
ridiculous this hasnt been updated to modified train schedule thats been effective for about a month now going to switch to another app love the layout though       update
Everything about this app is great except when there are alerts on the lines Ive selected I am never actually notified about then until I open the app and look at the Alerts section          Notifications do not work
The app is not working anymore it was working fine up until December 30 Please fix    No trips found at specific time
I use to use this app a lot to travel on the commuter rails now NOTHING shows on train times on anything It went from one of my most used apps to most uninstalled and reinstalled fails I again uninstalled just yesterday and downloaded the supposed schedule to again be met with not one single train time What happened This app isnt worth it anymore look elsewhere    Use to work now NOTHING shows
This app got me out of sticky situations and I was able to use it offline                Awesome
Seriously the best app ever if you need to use public transportation Love it and use it daily Thanks embark                Excellent
The app doesnt wok as a good as it used to I know have to constantly have to tap on the time I want to the train the arrive just to see the schedule Even if I do that the app no longer gives me the times of the trains or routes Only times that are provided are ones that have already past At first I really liked the app             Embark review
This app is a waste of time Every time I rely on any approximation of time I realize quickly that I was wrong to do so tea leaves would get you on the t quicker I am actually angry at all the time this app has wasted for me    Useless
Would love if they added the bus schedule but there are other apps out there that do that also Overall though great app             Good app but only for Subway
Works great for me Just moved to Boston from Miami and have zero subway experience Of the million apps I downloaded to get me around this city this one has been the most useful                Very useful
Love the app but today identified missing commuter railschedules in the app Is it time for a schedules update Thank you             Great app but how about updating the schedules
Doesnt work    Doesnt work


Embark, Inc.
11.5 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.3
iPhone iPad

iOS Boston T – MBTA by Embark 1.3 Mobile

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