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500px , the publisher behind many iOS app (500px Insights ,Releases by 500px ,500px), brings 500px with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. 500px app has been update to version 1.5.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The official
iPadtablet made by Apple
app for 500px is here! Enjoy the world`s best photos right at your fingertips. Discover exhilarating landscapes, cutest moments of wildlife, striking portraits and more.


Use your iPad as a photo frame to show amazing photos with music from your iTunes library.

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With the 500px account you can elegantly showcase your photos, create slideshows, browse your friends` photos and your favourites.




• Browse Popular, Editors Choice, Upcoming and Fresh photo streams. Photos change in real-time, so come back often for a fresh dose of inspiration
• View beautiful, full size photos without distractions
• Login with your 500px account to see your photos, friends` photos and your favourites
• Create a slideshow with music from your iTunes library for every photo stream
• Vote for photos, add to favourites, read and leave comments
• Share photos on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or via email


Upcoming features:


• View photo descriptions, EXIF information and location
• Browse portfolios of your favourite photographers
• Browse photos based on specific categories
• Sign up for an account inside the app
• And much, much more!


If you are iPad owner,you now can download 500px for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 2.5 MB to download. The new 500px app version 1.5.1 has been updated on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about 500px check developer 500px`s website :


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Icon 175x175 1
This application is easy and fun to use Its an amazing way to interact with extremely talented photographers and post your own creations as well Very userfriendly and fun Nothing but good things to say about this websiteapp Highly recommend                Awesome app
Great app                
I love this app Its awesome but Im giving it a one star rating and encouraging my friends to also UNTIL YOU GET AN UNLIKE OPTION I find it incredibly annoying when Im scrolling through my feed to accidentally double click a picture and then not be able to unlike it Get this fixed and then Ill proudly give it a five star rating    Unlike option
Is Nice friendly I lime it                Grieta
It works even better with iOS 9                Awesome
Very interesting                Beautiful photos
Its worth it Nice update But little more went towards review and likes             Stop working after September 4 update
I love this app Beautiful pictures easy to use                Great App
Love love love 500px but have not been thrilled with the latest update I really liked it before the update but slowly figuring out the new one             App is Great but new update not so much
I dont understand whats exactly happening to the 500px website but it is surely moving towards a design that not a lot of photographers enjoy The app on the other hand is still terrible the search feature never improves One of the main reasons I use 500px is to look for photos from a particular place and it would be great to search based on pulse etc but even with multiple updates that feature has been left out Shame    Update One word horrible
Just joined the website and wasAmazed I think I am going to love the variety of photos and Artists in this site Thanks for the great job                Simply amazing
I do like the idea of this app and how its for photographers But since the recent update I can no longer upload a photo from my camera roll It just closes out the app          I do like the app Having difficulty
The pictures are just gorgeous Great inspiration for new photographers                AweInspiring
Its a great app for all the photographers Lots to learn lots to explore Worthy                Great App
I really like this app and it is a great place to publish and view photos from all over                Great place to look at excellent photos
It covers all the basic stuff well There are many thing though that you cannot do in the app that you can in the full web site on a laptop             Great app
Everything is perfect but I would like you to make an update that I could save the pictures I like in my photo library                Perfect
Amazing photos in a beautiful simple app When I upload something I get comments almost right away Looks great on my iPhone I keep getting lost in it as I swipe through photos                Amazing photos
Good app Learnt many things from fellow photographer around the world Amazingly beautiful work                Photographer
Very good app                Good stuff
Love this app from the ease of use to the content inside                Collection of amazing pictures
Um grande e excelente app para quem gosta de fotografia Saindo do campo Amador de alguns outros apps E indo direto a fotografias de profissionais de todo o mundo             For photo lovers
Start working again after the updateGood for an app as a shortcut    Good after the update
I agree with several others on here that the UI has taken a step backward But my biggest complaint is a technical one The cache for this app keeps growing and growing Two days ago it was at 600MB Today it is now at 1GB Ive searched the app and all of the available settings but am unable to find any way to purge the cache or to set a cache maximum This is something 500px needs to seriously address          Not as nice as it used to be
You cant even find a place to see all the photographers work you follow and the flow screen looks like it was designed solely for the iPhone and not ipad MUCH worse than the old version    Much worse
Is the best app out there for people who wants to express themselves just by posting a picture Pictures say a lot about the person who posted them                Perfect
This is my most used app after facebook and instagram The new improvements are great                Beat app for photographer
I love the app but I think there should be a way to upload photos to marketplace from app             Needs to be able to upload to marketplace from app
The app works perfect Love the new UI and how it looks Fast and easy to use Keep it up guys Great work                Very sad
The overall redesign is a pretty big letdown It went from a very sophisticated and beautiful design to basically a vamped up version of Instagram It looks cheap now Not to mention you have to do a ton more scrolling to see pictures because all the photo info is now displayed beneath it Its on a plain white background really sucking the life and color out of most photos and there still isnt an easy quick way to check the pulse of your photo You still have to click on the info icon Theres more than enough room in the huge white box to display all the details like views likes faves and pulse you know the quick details Aesthetically I very much prefer the old design Please switch it back       Pretty poor redesign and update
This app used to be so great and I will say its still full of fantastic images but I have to throw my hat in with the crowd whats with this light colored interface Its pretty well known photographs in general look good on a dark background Not sure what 500px was thinking with this redesign Some elements of it are good but many have me scratching my head       What happened
This used to be a good app and website one of my favorites Now it is hard to impossible to see followed artists scores are buried in the interface and the white theme is distracting I used to check this every day now its only occasionally    Newest version is a step in the wrong direction
Missing some functions in web version                Good
Easy to use                Great app
Was a good app until the update Horrible    App developer should be fired
The new design is absolutely horrible Nothing more to say it speaks for itself The app doesnt even open anymoreSince the new version I hardly use the app before I used it dailyClearly this is the end of the app Nothing is being done about it so clearly all that is left is for it to be removed    Terrible terrible terrible
This app was badly in need of an update Finally they deliver Great job keep up the good work and fellow members keep up the great photography                Finally a userfriendly version
Sluggish quite often doesnt share with FB instant notification works 13rd of the time emails arrive late    Such a let down
I love this app both of iPhone and iPad are good cant wait how it looks like in iPad Pro                M
I may have missed earlier versions that many seemed to have liked I dont find this a problem but a tad more intuitive wouldnt hurt             Im good with it
App wont even launch    App wont even launch
very good app but my network connection is very slow                good app
Love this app because it has such a well designed flow to it I love looking at all the great photos out there                Amazing photos
500px is a great good website for photographers in anyone interested in photography Their newly designed website is very userfriendly and makes it enjoyablewhether youre uploading your photographs or simply looking at the photographs of others As an avid hobbyist I routinely recommend 500xp to family and friends                The Best
The upgrade is just awful This app is almost useless now Detailed info is gone or difficult to get Features that have been added just cause massive overhead I dont think the people who redesigned the app actually used the app    What is going on
Amazing photography app update is great                Great update
Quick simple and functional                Love it
Get rid of details and just show under the photo so you dont have to click on it every time Be able to view who favd the photo Add current pulse of photo Add stats Get rid of take a picture this isnt Instagram Or at least put it in settings to hide how many times you accidentally click that then a pain to get out of it Maybe replace with who your following likes and favs are just like on website Add the ability to reply to a reply Maybe send a message to a user on his portfolio as a whole But mainly so tired of clicking on the details button over and over when theres plenty of real estate to add those fields in But I LOVE 500px          Details
I love the quantity and quality of images in this community If you just want to view beautiful images or be inspired to create your own this is a great place to do itLove it                Inspiration from around the world
It is a wonderful app but if you want five starsbring back the previous home screen feed             Great app


Photo & Video
2.5 MB
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.5.1

iOS 500px 1.5.1 Mobile

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