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Mobile Interactive LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (5Min Chart: Near Realtime Intraday Stock Chart ,Stock Short Interest - Free : with Real Time Quotes ,Market Screener Pro - Free ,Fibonacci Stock Chart - Free ,Stock Institutional Holding - Free : with Real Time Quotes ,Simple Earnings Calendar), brings 5Min Chart: Near Realtime Intraday Stock Chart with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. 5Min Chart: Near Realtime Intraday Stock Chart app has been update to version 1.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

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    The 5Min Chart: Near Realtime Intraday Stock Chart is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 1.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1.1 has been released on 2014-11-29. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
    More Info: Find more info about 5Min Chart: Near Realtime Intraday Stock Chart in Mobile Interactive LLC`s Official Website : http://www.mobileinteractive.com

    5Min Chart is a small but powerful charting tool for the stocks traded in the United States market. Data is updated intraday near real time. BASIC Symbol Price Volume Change Change in % CHART ...
    Very well made app                     Great chart JAsvan70
    Goo                     Bld Thấch ThĂ´ng
    Same information on Yahoo Finance without all the ads This App is crap     Nothing Special Here Trump_Treason
    Very helpful in my daily trading Highly recommend                     Helpful in my trading Loveshopping117
    Every once in a while the daily charts don t reflect the current days movement it s Sat and Fridays activity isn t listed yet     A day late nydemo
    Still learning your program             Review Lv2kayak
    Cool                     Awesom Onate310
    Very good                     Great charts S3rgio00
    Title says it Graphs cannot be enlarged and had to resort to screen grab which could then be enlarged snd readable in photos                 Good app graphs too small Richard24567
    I love it                     Great tool for traders Ryan Phuwanai
    I ve been looking for this kind of app and it s the first found that has what I need and can easily use Thank you w                 Great app M Jane . ..
    Helpful when you need it Nuisance when you don t Keeps reopening when I close the app             Nuisance app EEGeeky
    Works well for us                 Wonderful Wallyvan
    I primary use to monitor Aroon Up Down movement and have been very pleased                     Solid tool Jtklima
    Not recommended Very clunky The full screen chart page is not interactive Navigating from one chart to the next is tedious first click on a stock in the watchlist to go to the basic chart then click to select the advanced chart to go to the advanced chart settings page then click the small chart to go to the full screen chart To view the next stock you have to close the window and navigate all the way back thru the settings page the basic chart page and finally the watchlist Skip this app there are many great stock chart apps out there         Very limited raymondy
    Very good app                     Review Muxiqai
    Really great app to get a quick view of positions and Market direction                     Market enthusiast jc3030303
    App very useful to get info on stocks Easy to use                     Great app Jago9999
    I m new to stocks so it s kool                     Ok The real Filthyrich
    App has potential to be great but the user interface is horrible closer to a website than a native app For example charts require scrolling to view in their entirety and the app does not support iPad Pro     Wasted potential iLikeSlurpees
    This is a powerful tool Great app                     Owner Stock killer
    Keeps nagging me to write a review so here goes Good app Good support Sometimes it has trouble switching between landscape and portrait chart views Getting rid of ads was very expensive in my opinion                 Good app Margo85
    Good app Solid performance data updating and options Would like to see list made optional not bug everyone about reviews Data analysis on indexes available a rare option these days                     Solid app Parahelia
    used for while now works very good                     Good App Dcowboys101
    This app is very useful and a regular part of my frequent market reviews Please don t change it Personally I d like dividends or return on the front page But that s minor Is there a desktop version of the app for Macs That d be very cool                 Very useful ssargs1234
    Easy way to keep current on the market You can enter your stocks and check frequently for updates                     5 Minute Chart Liblio
    I love the charts So much like stock charts Thanks                     Awesome charting Curbiechan
    Best I ve found so far                     Great App tomirishflanagan
    App fails when trying to look at individual stocks and there is no way to zoom into charts The adds are irritating as hell to boot What a waste of money     Don t Waste Money App Fail SolidSoln737
    Not a bad app but not the best either If you could expand the charts on your phone like everything else it would be much better and user friendly           Decent
    Great to monitor trends                 Nice app
    Really smart app Helps you a lot with stock info              Thumbs up
    I love how this app can be both simple looking and at the same time be very inforamtive with beautiful charts and statistics for any one who keeps up with the stock market                 Simple and InformativeI
    Decent Wish they could include option to import portfolios from yahoo or google              Decent
    I love this app on the go to show charts to friends on stocks that I bought and how handy and simple it is to show info Great app                 Great app to keep up with the market
    The app is very professional and simple to use Great app                 Very useful
    Works Good app              Nice App
    Great app Very useful I use it every day                 Great
    Outstanding app Great with watch list tools              Nice
    Good solid app Easy to use                 Solid work
    Im always looking for good free chart software this one fits the bill Updates automatically and I figured this app by myself without having to go to any help screens if there is one and truthfully Im not the brightest guy in regards to IPad apps In conclusion I highly recommend this app for folks needing realtime quotes charts                 GREAT for CHARTSQUOTES
    This is a great fiance app that has a clean UI and deep features It allows you to check all your portfolios in real time and allow to to make discisons on your finances acordingly                 Stock App
    I used it eavrey day i can evevn write upto 7 to 8 symbols at once it saves my time loved this appP                 GREAT
    Great charting app for the price For just a couple of bucks more you can upgrade and get the advanced features I did Definitely worth the money                 Great Charting App
    Great app for stocks the overview is easy to read and customize Has helped me greatly so far                 Really good
    Easy to use Detailed                 One of the Best
    This app has a nice and simple user interface and its a good tool for those who work into stocks business              Good
    Its a great app with real time stock details its quite good for those who want to keep a track upon stock charts and news                 Great App
    I am a fun of stock and keep eyes on the stock market from time to time It really a great idea to get notification by auto refreshing                 Simple and functional
    Ive been looking for this kind of app and its the first found that has what I need and can easily use Thank you whm              Great app
    Very powerful stock charting app Visually pleasing Nice design                 Very powerful app
    SoI paid the 5 for ad removal and tried ALL the methods advised by the developer with no avail I loathe ads and for this fact 2 starswould be a 5 without the ads        Ad PAID removal doesnt work
    If you are into TA this app is a must have For me this is the best TA software I have Love it                 Stunning app
    Good information It would be better app if you did not have to drill down and out to check every stock chart or advance charts App should show all advance charts in one page that would be perfect Otherwise too many clicks to see data Also ask for rate app constantly Annoying           Good but can improve
    You can track your stocks and see in an instant whether you have a gain or loss for the day User friendly and easy to adddelete stocks Love it                 User friendly easy to use app
    As I am studying BusinessThis app came handy because its bug free and has easy UIThanks Dev                 Tremendous Utility
    This is an excellent stock app Very easy to use I use it every day To the developer thanks for the great app Please make it iOS 7 compatible as soon as possible                 Easy to use
    I wasnt sure I was going to like this if it only had five minute time periods but surprisingly it had longer time frames which are very helpful in my style of trading Nice quick charts and Stochastics curves without having to open a full program I can quickly see if Im interested in the stock and make a list of which stocks to get into further detail on with my charting software                 Nice app
    Easy charting app                 Great app
    I use this app to check my stocks Its fast with updating and I find it convenient and quick for anybody who wants to keep up with things on the go                 Convenient
    It helps a lot esp for new learners and I like the charts                 Great app
    The new notes system is great                 Super app
    Paid to remove ads and they keep coming back after a few minutes use Also app does not remember purchases and if you cannot find a feature you paid for like real time streaming you might go back and think you didnt pay for it but you actually did     Does not remember in app purchases
    A fairly basic stock app that gives some information and news on trading your favorite industries without having to upgrade If you are willing to do all the inapp purchases they offer then it would be worth it Otherwise just use a stock app that has everything you need from the beginning           Limited Stock App
    Very easy to use many options One low too many ads              Good app
    For TA great tool                 Perfect
    I love this app Plenty of indicators to choose from so you can fully analyze a chart Loving the full screen mode Highly recommend                 Great charting app
    This app gives me so much information at my finger tips that I wish it existed sooner Its very easy to understand so a beginner into the stock world like me can use it and its full of so much info that a pro will love to have this app in their pocket Looks good and works perfect                 Very detailed
    Great App Minor improvements needed 1 Volume as a separate selectable graph so it doesnt overlap candlesticks 2 Add an option to select filtering options for various Indicators ie Slow Stochastics 205 MACD etc              Great App Minor improvements needed
    User interface not very intuitive cant find where I actually see charts Deleted     Not so good
    I use it every day Convenient to get what I am looking at the price chart etc watchlist is neat I grouped those that I am interested into several lists so with one touch I can patrol all my picks I can even enter 7 or 8 symbols at one time to the list Really save my time Advanced charts are so great So is the note Like the new feature                 A very handy app
    I love this app Its super useful and helpful when it comes to stocks Not only does it display basic information regarding companies stocks but allows you to view advanced information about it as well I would definitely recommend anyone who follows and has an interest in stocks to check out this app Theres a lot of informational charts as well that is helpful to decipher just by looking                 Very helpful
    This is really great stock market app App has beautiful user interface App works great Try it                 Fantastic
    This is one powerful application loaded with information and statistics that can help you make informed decisions about the stock market It also includes many customization options and lists to help you stay organized and on top of things Every detail has been taken into consideration with ease of use and accuracy being the number one priority This is one of the best of the best and its free                 The holy grail
    This is a great financial tool to have to keep you well informed on your stocks and other possible options you might be interested in The UI of this App is well designed and the ease of use is high I highly recommend this App              Pretty good
    I am enjoying this AP a great deal I enjoy the streaming quote clock It is fun and educational I would recommend this to anyone                 mrs
    All the features are exactly for a daytrader with a little extra that I always find helpful                 Very handy app
    While the basic app is good be aware that the free app includes ads for other nonrelated apps Also you will need to purchase another addon for full charting features It would be better to just offer the full app with a purchase price up front Would also be a great app if designed to integrate with existing broker accounts        Disappointed with addon prices
    Works well                 Works well

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