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Shaved Ham , the publisher behind many iOS app (2010`s Best R&B & Soul Albums ,Big Button Box 2 ,Stock Picking Monkey UK ,Big Button Box HD ,Stool Scanner (Fingerprint Test) ,You're Fired Button), brings A Love Test: Compatibility Calculator with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. A Love Test: Compatibility Calculator app has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Test your love compatibility with Love Test! Love Test is the best love compatibility calculator in the App Store, and even better, it's FREE!


Enter the names of two people and A Love Test: Compatibility Calculator will test their compatibility and return their love test score.

A Love Test: Compatibility CalculatorA Love Test: Compatibility Calculator


Try scanning:
- Your friends
- Celebrities
- Your family
- Girl with a guy
- Girl with a girl!


After finding the Love Test Score you are able to:
• Read an analysis of your score
• Email the result and analysis to friends!
A Love Test: Compatibility Calculator


The A Love Test: Compatibility Calculator is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new A Love Test: Compatibility Calculator app version 2.0 has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about A Love Test: Compatibility Calculator in Shaved Ham`s Official Website :


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This app really works I tried it twice I got same thing It works Try it Paece                Awesome
I love this app except when my parents see what I have searched its so embarrassing for them to see and the thing is they knew who it was it freaked me out I thought I was gonna die             Love this app
If youre getting low percentages on your crush or someone you really like dont take it so seriously When I put my name and my crushs name in it came out as 25 and told me wed be better off as friends Nope I didnt let that drown me in despair instead it gave me the courage to tell him how I feel Take it from me a computer cant tell you who is and who isnt right for you only you can Love isnt controlled by some app like this its controlled by you You can download this app for fun just dont make a big deal about it    Dont take it seriously
Horrible    Awful
For everyone who thinks this app is just a joke theyre rightin the description is say entertainment purposes onlybut I really admire what this app has donelook at all the people it encouraged to tell their crush their feelings and look at how well it turned out so when you think about this app is pretty coolits created so many great relationships             You NEED to read this
When I did my crush it said 60 percent so I tried my group and all of them where either 30 percent and down and my crush likes me back all of the sudden                OMG
I put me and my boyfriend and it said 90                Works
Amazing app                
I can test random people                Cool
Me and my girlfriend got 100 but me and my exgirlfriend got 11                IT WORKS
I HATE IT Its FAKE My crush asked me out last year and I matched him with me on the game and it was a 9 I Wish I could give this app a zero star rating    Bad
Its a horrible app I got like 96 with my crush but a 25 for the girl that i love which btw loves me back Plz    Yea this is terrible
I downloaded this app to test me and my girl friend who I have been happily dating for 4 years now and it keep giving us 7s so this app is anything but real or the truth please dont waste youre time go find out yourself if the girlguy likes you not use some computer programming probably made by people who never had real love    Complete trash
I put me Andy girlfriend in that thing and it said 25 I put my ex gf in that thing and It said 100    H
Good app                App
Ok so first off if he was an actual good bf he wouldnt care what this app said          Lawdd
I typed me and destery it was 100 I typed me and Joey and it said 9          Love and hate
My friends and I once put this guys name and Justin Bieber as a joke they kinda look the same and both have have high pitched voices and they got 100 Therefore I trust any output this app gives                Super Legit
Some people are like omg this is so real and true But other people are like omg dont get this its stupid and for entertainment but my boyfriend was like 3 then my crush was like 75 buh I mostly think its for entertainment          Idk if this really works
It doesnt matter what it says it might work or might not it depends on you and your crush             Dont take it so seriously
bad    baf
I got a 100 on my crush so Im happy                Yay
I know that the game is fake and just for fun but when I put my crush and I names it came out as 71 percent I know it is fake but I think this app could possibly crush some dreams of a guy Just for the record not cool of the app       Crushed
I downloaded this app just for fun which is just what it is and started seeing whom Im most compatible with I just typed in random names like famous celebs and see what percentage came out most as I typed in my name and then Irish actor Aidan Turner Kili from The Hobbit and we were defiantly compatible Lol Then I tried it with WWE Superstar Roman Reigns and it said that we were not compatible Ouch Like I said before I did this just for fun and I dont truly believe what this silly app tells me about my potential love life People who do are just dumb This app is just for entertainment purposes Dont believe in what you read on this app          Grins and Giggles
Why is everybody so surprised that its not real XD its technology not magic Take a chill pill and dont ruin your love life because an ENTERTAINMENT APP said 2 percent haha       The truth hurts
Dont listen to it as much because I tested my crush and it said 2 and we are best friends I think it deserves a 78 or something like that but its your opinion to follow the app or to ignore it and continue planing your first date with your crush much love    This silly app
I hate it I did a test with me and my dad past away and it said 45 I almost cried    Hate it
My crush that Ive had for two years tested in at 100                Omg
I typed in random words and names like food and the letter C and it said 100 Everything I type in I get 100    BaD
I downloaded this app just for a laugh then I deleted it Now it keeps showing up on the apps I can download without purchase and I dont want that Please take it off that list    Okay
It knows you will put urself first so it gives 100          HERES THE CATCH
So my bff was having trouble on deciding whether she should break up with her boyfriend or not so i downloaded this app and put there names in so it was a low percentage and to make a long story short she kissed this guy before she broke up with her boyfriend so at the guys house she broke up with her boyfriend over the phone she accidentally hung up the first time it was rumored as a prank call she didnt prank call so she broke up with him over the phone and the guy she kissed is now her boyfriend I think unless she dumped him to idk havent seen her in a while she kinda ignored me after she hooked up with him anyways if u ask my opinion she is to young to be dating we r both 11 now about the app i think if I wouldnt have downloaded she would be my best friend still to this day Im so dumb I think apps can fix all my problems so the point is if ur downloading for fun its great but for serious relationship stuff dont get its really just a guessing game I guess lol thx for reading                My story about this app
Love this game                Love jassy richie
Cool                Love test
keep your thoughts to yourself everyone has their OWN opinions                to no more gamers
I hate this thing I put in me and this boy Samuel and kept on saying 34 well guess what I told him that I liked him and he said he likes me tooAnd it said 100 on him and a girl that he hatesMy point is dont listen to this crappy app    TERRIBLE
Dont waste your time    This is a joke
I tried my name and the name of my crush and got 100 but he doesnt like me I know its just for fun and doesnt really mean anything but its a good app though for just messing around with friends and stuff                I wish it were true
Although its entirely useless this app is very fun to mess with Its fun to type in random names to see what happens I typed in my band director and music and it was 100 I typed in my school and a rival school and it was 7 Its an enjoyable app                Entertaining
I tried this app and I kept getting 2persent so I got the courage to tell him how I felt an it turned out he liked me two dont listen to this app    Dont listen to this app
I did it with my crush like 5 times and it all came up with 94 even with this emoji and other bad ones so this app is really smart now a days Now first thing this school year Im going to tell him My mom gets all my texts so I have to tell him face to face                Omg
This app is horrible horrible horrible    Horrible
It recked my life too I did it with my boyfriend and it said 5 chance so he walked out and never came back I went to his house and he had another girlfriend there so he broke up with me by text when I went home    To ally bebè
I love how the demo is justin bieber lol                JB
Ok so I tried this with me and my chrushes and we got a like 91 so it works not just for entertainment purposes Hope this helped anyone if ur reading this Jayden Hi                Everyone who wants this MUST READ
Not true    Dont take seriously
I hate this game it is just luck put in the same name twice and come up with 2 differnt Its silly dont waste ur time    Ewww
I was so bored when I did this idek                Ha lol
Please take this off my purchased list    Please
Cool but not real    Fake


Shaved Ham
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.0
iPhone iPad

iOS A Love Test: Compatibility Calculator 2.0 Mobile

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