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ABC Digital , the publisher behind many iOS app (Oscars ,6abc Events - Philadelphia for iPad ,ABC13 Houston Weather ,ABC11 Raleigh-Durham Alarm Clock ,ABC11 Raleigh-Durham ,ABC11 First Alert Weather), brings ABC Player with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ABC Player app has been update to version 1.4.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I can watch all the shows I missed whenever I want..
  • Awesome picture quality and a great way to watch full episodes..
  • Fantastic for watching tv on iPad..
  • Near HD quality and video streaming is great..
  • Stop being cheap and get better Internet connection..
Overall Satisfactionclick me23
I can watch my favorite shows that I missed whenever I want to.
Perfect for watching ABC shows whenever you want.
Thanks ABC Digital for putting together a better viewing experience.
I love being able to watch full episodes when I miss them live.
This is the only app that has an amazing video quality.
This used to be one of our favorites.
Awesome picture quality and a great way to watch full episodes.
AirPlay Support.
Fun & Engagingclick me17
WHY do we have to watch the same commercial every break.
Family Friendlyclick me25
ABC and ABc Family are different things and different apps.
I wish ABC Family shows could be included as well.
I just watched " Modern Family " - this weeks episode.
I can watch modern family episodes at my convenience.
Repeat Valueclick me14
Though there were more than enough repetitive commercials.
Aside from a lot of repetitive commercials.
Reliabilityclick me10
Ads not Intrusiveclick me16
WHY do we have to watch the same commercial every break.
There are a few to many commercial.
Security & Privacyclick me10
Updates & Supportclick me10
customer service got on it so fast.
Now THAT is customer service.


Introducing the ABC Player for iPad


One more way to watch your favorite ABC shows anywhere, any time.


Watch your most loved ABC shows for free on the ABC.com Full Episode Player for the iPad! Watch full-length episodes of LOST, Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, Desperate Housewives and more.

ABC Player
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It’s easy to find the episodes you’re looking for.


When’s your show on? Now you know!


Need to pause an episode and come back to it later? No problem. We’ll save your place so you can pick up where you left off.


ABC full episodes are brought to you by ABC.com and provided free, courtesy of our sponsors.


Internet connection required. Show and episode availability subject to change. TV show ratings vary by episode within the application. For definitions of each TV episode rating go to www.tvguidelines.org.


The ABC Player is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.4.2 has been released on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about ABC Player in ABC Digital`s Official Website : http://www.abc.com/ipad


Now it pops up an error code every time I try to watch a show. found in 506 reviews
requiring viewers to login to via their cable subscription service. found in 255 reviews
ABC needs to look into this and make improvements. found in 61 reviews
And who decides that so many commercials is considered "limited". found in 205 reviews
It not seems users no longer need a tv provider to watch shows. found in 198 reviews
keeps crashing everytime i try to watch a video on my ipad. found in 23 reviews
but there were only about 10 smaller cable providers listed. found in 1620 reviews
Error Code 300 -4 finally worked yesterday but stopped again. found in 199 reviews
freezes during commercials /previews at times make this app almost unusable. found in 59 reviews
Now it keeps crashing when I try to watch anything. found in 12 reviews
I guess they figured out the repetitive ads aren't successful enough. found in 11 reviews
Errors and unable to connect to Internet keep popping up. found in 222 reviews
The error code is " unable to retrieve required files for playback. found in 90 reviews
It keeps freezing after the Verizon commercial so I can't watch any shows. found in 105 reviews
App keeps crashing only during the commercial breaks and immediately afterwards. found in 207 reviews
For days it keeps saying unable to connect to the server. found in 90 reviews
The fact that it doesn't support major TV providers surprises me. found in 698 reviews
and since the update I can't get through an episode without it freezing. found in 28 reviews
you have to keep viewing the same ads over and over. found in 59 reviews
Can't even watch my favorite shows anymore because my provider isn't listed. found in 757 reviews
You can't watch live tv like you can through other channel apps. found in 216 reviews
This app crashes at least once every time I try to watch a show. found in 506 reviews
I can no longer watch abc shows at my leisure. found in 581 reviews
This and the abc family app is the worst update EVER. found in 214 reviews
Unable to connect to server and now you have lost all your supporters. found in 222 reviews
aside from the atrocious amount of commercials and THE SAME commercials over and over again. found in 215 reviews
Cannot use unless you're a cable subscriber to certain cable providers. found in 1620 reviews
I quit watching ABC shows unfortunately because of this. found in 630 reviews
Keep getting error code 300 -3 when trying to load shows. found in 199 reviews
Very disappointed to need a cable subscription to watch a NETWORK channel. found in 310 reviews
App requires cable subscription even though ABC is broadcast. found in 255 reviews
I really enjoyed using this app to watch shows until recently. found in 530 reviews
They're not even that many tv providers that are supported. found in 698 reviews
When I select the cable company nothing happens. found in 277 reviews
Please remove requirement for cable tv provider info. found in 725 reviews
Worthless to people who don't pay for cable or satellite tv. found in 237 reviews
It needs to add time warner cable as a tv provider. found in 242 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 334x480 4
iPad 480x351 1
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Icon 175x175 1
This is weak BS from a dinosaur that should just go awayCant stream content in LA SD Really    Cant Stream
WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME In the middle of the news right as it gets to the story Ive been waiting for it cuts to a silent screen with sports scores WHYGet with it already FIX THIS Its been like this for a year or longer    Sports scores
Service is unreliable must log in every 10 mins constantly get error retrieving data wish I could give negative stars    Unreliable crap
Another ploy I live in a major metro area and after you download it you are required to accept their location services to watch it Then is says it is unavailable in your area    Not available in you area
So I used to use this app pretty frequentlybut now recently in the past week or so it asks if I want to use cellular data since Im not connected to wifieven when I AM connected to wifiand I say yes then the app randomly closes out of nowhere And it does the SAME thing over over and now the app is literally useless PLEASE FIX THIS ABC       App suddenly keeps closing
I use this app to watch live ABC in my office where I dont have a TV The app continually requires me to select my cable provider and log in Why cant it remember for more than one day StarzPlay HBOGo Amazon Netflix Hulu all remember for days or weeks but this app doesnt Oftentimes when I do try to login to my cable account it wont even bring up the keyboard to let me type in my password Closing and restarting the app doesnt help This is a random but consistent and consistently frustrating occurrence Please fix this app    Frustrating and disappointing app
The app would be great other then the fact it always errors out or restarts with commercials this is also the case with Apple TV Can make the app experience very frustrating    Always stops at commercials
Feels a lot like the ABCcom site Why not take advantage of users being mobile and have the content relate to them in that context This is 2015          Could be more compelling
Love this app I watch my shows that I have missed The commercials are not very short Love it ABC Wish this show was around 30 years ago                SweetTee
I used to love being able to watch the videos right out of the NBC website now they make us download this crappy app that needs to be connected to a wifi and even though it might still crash and make you watch tons of commercials    Dont waste your time just watch out of on demand
Good app gives you ability to cast with google chrome Occasional crash still works out             Abc
The most god awful app and website As a business how can you let this go on with so many unhappy clients You obviously dont care about us and you dont care about your business failing because I will most definitely NEVER be using your app or website to watch shows ever again AWFUL    HORRIBLE
When the App is working its great Getting it going can take a lot of time Very difficult to get it going on the Apple TV          Not so great
Sadly our only option for our morning news shows The ads are repeated a million times in an hour are pure torture Same ad over and over and over and over Plus these ads constantly interrupt live tv in the middle of content Terrible       Not thrilled
I started using this app when it first came out and it was fun I could see shows I missed but I especially loved to see GMA In the past 2 monthsmaybe longer this app has gone down hill It doesnt log on without giving me a bunch of errors It freezes and doesnt come back I really hate it because its always in the middle of a good story And the app support is HORRIBLE They send you back these stupid emails claiming they have fixed the problem I just hope they can fix it I really loved it when it plays the way it should    This use to be a good app Now it terrible
I like this app but it has too many commercials too often It would be better if there were less             Good But too many commercials
App is buggy Sometimes it cant seem to get started Sometimes inexplicably shuts down and closes Nice when it is working 92015    App is buggy
How many times must one sign in just watch live TV Actually I just gave up and went back to using my good old antenna to watch my local ABC channel       Nightmare
Many apps now require verification of your TV provider but what I cannot tolerate is constant crashing hanging and restarting of shows This is a major interface with your consumers and a rating enhancement Other major networks are able to provide a quality app       Stability issues
Ive had this app for at least a cpl yrs have really enjoyed it My only use for this app was to watch my local news in the morning at bedtime I was able to turn my Laptop or Tablet on instead of the Big bright TV watch the News Cary it with me if needed Most importantly Did not Wake my grandson up that lives wMe while I was watching the news But last night I went to turn it on at bedtime and its now saying we have to basically Upgrade our Cable package to be able to WATCH AN APP This is just GREEDY We pay as well as so many other people Pay Well Enough For our Cable Should be able to use this app This is the final straw We always have issues with our Cable Provider Im always hearing others say the same thing and worse Whoever is in charge of These new changes to this app How about YOU TRY FIXING SOME OF THE OTHER ISSUES THAT OTHERS ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT THAT IVE READ IN THESE COMMENTS BEFORE YOU DO SOMETHING SO GREEDY MY God Whats wrong with ppl A lot of ppl will be getting rid of this app now          From love to Very disappointed
CRASHES every time lately When it is working it is beautifully designed and has long been the easiest network TV app Please fix the bug that crashes it when you say yes to enabling cellular data          When works its great
I love this app                Best app ever
It irritates me that you need a cable provider to watch shows that are free wout cable I want to cut my cable off and just use wifi but my antennae only picks up 3 of the 4 local channels and you have to rework the antennae with each channel CBS has an all access app and although it cost like 6 a month I can watch live tv on my Roku player Can yall not do that atleast       Why do you need a cable provider
Too much ads i would be happy to pay 99 cents but I see no option for itdid I mention too much ads    Ads
When I click Dish on the login screen it just takes me to the please wait window and never loads    Cant even log in
So i think im about to get to watch this live stream of miss USA and BONK You have to be a subscriber of a tv network Like seriously Insane Mood killer    TERRIBLE
App is slow or force closes Cant remember one time that I finished a show from start to finish    Awful
Please fix this problem asap    Keeps on crashing
Streaming is a joke no matter your download speeds Commercials get stuck all the time and no option to pick your advertising content    Absolutely terrible
Its could be better if watch abc app you cloud watch live programming on any of the TV providers its said in description below in the app store before you download                Good
The app is just okay It seems to crash the days I want to watch GMA the most Happy the caption issue was fixed but I would love if it was more consistent HBO Go doesnt ever fail me but I dont provide the weather          Its just okay
The app keeps crashing Especially when I try to view using data    App keeps crashing
Great to be able to watch a favorite show that you had missed                Great Opportunity
I was hoping this app had some time to improve before the new Fall line up started again but it seems to be worse than ever It crashes every time Im forced to watch commercials ThenOpen it back up have to re watch commercials and again crashes before all are finishedrepeat process over and over and decide I may not watch ABC this season    Needs lots of work
If you have Time Warner Cable as your TV provider this app doesnt support it Cant write a review really if I cant access the app Get on it ABC          Time Warner Cable
Love it                Wonderful
Updating m review below this app has progressively gotten worst It worked great when I initially used it but now it just kept freezing up in between commercials Windows website is just as badThis app was working great before until this past week When trying to cast I get an error 5032    5032 Error
Its like they threw this thing together just to have an app out there but it errors out constantly and they show the same 2 or 3 commercials over and over and over again Nice going ABC You really figured out how to alienate your viewers effectively    No regard for the viewers
I have used this app several times and have never had an issue I like having this app available when I have missed episodes                Great App
Can not start streaming even after a confirm from APP that local provider is signed in Wont allow settings privacy location to be accepted This app is a fail    TOTAL FAILURE
Great app BUT THE CAPTIONS ARE GLITCHING SO BAD Other than that amazing app that allows me to watch my favorite shows          Good except captions
I dont have to have cable to watch ABC programming on my TV at home but I have to log in with a cable subscription to use the ABC app on my iPad How does this make any sense All PBS requires is my zip code    Seriously
Good luck getting anything to play And the number of commercial breaks from sponsors is out of control    Terrible
But I live in Denver As in the Capitol of Colorado How are we not on your service area for live TV Your annoying ads are sure making on to my phone    Not available
Way too many commercials Have to start over again cant stop and pick up where you left offwould rather watch a taped recording able to zip thru commercials I rarely use this app due to so many commercials    Very Frustrating
I hope someone from corporate reads these reviews This is the worst app out of all the different networks First if all we have cable and it frequently says error message Secondly can I get some TV Shows with the commercials I watch more commercials then I do actual show With modern day technology you would think that one of the largest networks would have a working App that is functional    Abc needs to revamp
Pure garbage the commercials are longer than the actual shows If you have comcast I would recommend you download Xfinity TV GO you can watch the exact shows episodes but without ANY commercials    Smh
Can you please fix I cant sign in with comcast account to watch live TV I keep getting this Server Error 404 File or directory not foundthe resource you are looking for might have been removed had its name changed or is temporarily unavailable    Cant sign in to live feed
Got this so I could watch live tv on the go but its only available in certain locations and from my experience that location is nowhere    Worst app of all time
The app give me a pop up asking if I want to use it in my cellular data network I accept and it crashes every time Great job ABC    This app is terrible


ABC Digital
Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.4.2
iPhone iPad

iOS ABC Player 1.4.2 Mobile

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