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Aberdeen Proving Ground Federal Credit Union , the publisher behind many iOS app (Aberdeen Proving Ground FCU for iPad ,APG Federal Credit Union ,Aberdeen Proving Ground FCU), brings Aberdeen Proving Ground FCU with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Aberdeen Proving Ground FCU app has been update to version 4.3.198 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • deposit checks using your phone x2019..

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do more with apg federal credit union mobile banking. found in 1 reviews
check balances and search transaction by date amount or check number. found in 1 reviews
apgfcu mobile banking app is safe and secure. found in 1 reviews
send money virtually to friends with person to person p2p. found in 1 reviews
available to all members enrolled in online banking. found in 1 reviews
find nearby branches and atms using your device's built in gps. found in 1 reviews
transfer funds among your apgfcu accounts. found in 1 reviews
to enroll in mobile and text banking. found in 1 reviews
Compatibility issues. found in 1 reviews
Still can't deposit checks from my phone. found in 1 reviews
I don't care for the new look. found in 1 reviews
Unable to transfer to other bank accounts. found in 1 reviews
the app is not compatible with the iPod. found in 1 reviews
Why change what WASNT broken. found in 1 reviews
It asks 9 million random security questions over & over. found in 7 reviews
Poor Update to Successful App. found in 1 reviews
The absolutely WORST app. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone owner,you now can download Aberdeen Proving Ground FCU for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.0 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.3.198 has been released on 2014-01-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Aberdeen Proving Ground FCU in Aberdeen Proving Ground Federal Credit Union`s Official Website : http://www.mobileapps.fiserv.com/touchbanking/

Do more with APG Federal Credit Union Mobile Banking. Start banking wherever you are with APGFCU Mobile Banking App Available to all members enrolled in Online Banking. APGFCU Mobile Banking app allows you to check balances, ...
I downloaded the app and it is never available for use After a year I finally deleted it thought maybe if I reloaded it would work It asks 9 million random security questions over over same Qs I just gave up Since I live out of state it makes it extremely difficult to access my account so Im thinking of taking my money out of the bank and putting it elsewhere     Irritating
The absolutely WORST app I have reloaded it 3 or 4 times I have called them at least six times It tells me my answers to the security questions are wrong It tells me my password is wrong Obviously the people at APGFCU dont care     The worst
This App does NOT work Ever it seems     Doesnt Work
I was able to use this app a handful of times if that It tells me my password is wrong and to contact customer service I know my pw is correct I get on my laptop and go to the website and what do you know it accepts the same pw the app is saying is incorrect I have deleted and redownloaded the app several times Im done Get it together and make this work I would give negative stars if I could     Crapfix it
The app is great when it works but it only works 1 of the time Im never able to accurately check my balance when it does work because they dont update there systems enough They either need to fix it or just have someone else create an app that actually works right Im one seriously unsatisfied customer     Worst app ever
Its takes days for this bank to update its systems so the info you get is always a day or two old I get no notifications of whats going on with my acct when I finally get this to work there are several transactions Ive made days ago that dont even show up Moving to freedom fcu     I feel like 1999 with this bank and app
After this crap update I find myself driving to the ATM to check my balance now because the app is so unreliable I want the old version back     Complete garbage
Because of whatever type of authentication they are using or not using joint account access is a major pain Whoever sets up the mobile app first has to answer a bunch of authentication questions like favorite author and favorite quote But then anyone else whos joint on the account has to answer one of these questions EVERY TIME they log in Its annoying enough to have to answer your own questions every time you want to check your balance but when your joint account holder has to call you up to get the last name of your favorite author in order to use the app on their phone its just ridiculous Please handle multifactor authentication some other way     Please improve authentication
It asked my security questions Ive never answered and when I answered them it said unable to confirm identity     Cant even get past login
The app does not work properly Users get stuck in a loop of security questions I have used enough apps to know that getting stuck in a loop when properly answering security questions is neither desirable nor user error This app needs rewrite     App does not work properlyFIX IT
You cant even log in to activate the app using existing login datayoure apparently forced to regenerate all your security answers before you can use it for the first time NOT user friendly     Authentication miserable
Agree with other reviewers Sorely miss seeing pending transactions Seems like APGFCU is trying to collect more overdraft fees Hate security questions Pick things that dont change for security questions Favorites change regularly Honestly Im considering switching banks because this app and the new website are such a step backward for APGFCU     Worst update ever EVER
Why even bother having this app For every 1 successful log in theres 5 more failures Either you cant even get to the log in screen or when you do you get some obscure question that doesnt match what was designated on the web page site Either admit this app is a failure and fix it or pull it Am tired of needing to check a transaction status or balance and having to go to an ATM or wait until Im on a computer Need to take some lessons from USAA     Whats the Point
I wish I could rate this app with a half star I sorely miss being able to see what charges are pending It was also nice having the customer service number right there and have not been able to transfer money to my wifes account nor deposit a check with photo It was better the way it was before     Terrible
There is an iPhone and iPad version only the app is not compatible with the iPod Now I dropped my cell phone provider and just use an iPod with a mifi device as my phone and I cannot check my account on the go The mobile web version of the site is a pain to access on the iPod as the zoom keeps resetting to microscopic        Compatibility issues
I have to agree with the other reviews I used to do everything through this app before the update I can not stand the new format and security questions bc theyre things I would NEVER remember bc they change weekly I used to love the pending transactions as a small business owner bc this is linked to my Paypal account Now it just seems worthless and pointless     Why change what WASNT broken
What the person under me said Sheesh     Please
1 had to change security questions through online banking in order to use app otherwise will not allow you to login even if you had old questions you are forced to change your previous password and questions horrible design The phone support was nasty to me and condescending torward my concerns torwards this not so well thought out app 2 states on overview of app and in terms and conditions that you can deposit checks via photos not true no button or ability which means its false rep Of the apps usefulness 3 You can not add a company to bill pay with out doing it through the online banking so yeah no mobile 4 no ability to transfer money from my account to my wifes such with the online banking So if your out and your wife or kids or anyone needing money in a pinch is stuck till you find a random computer go homeor able to just login on through your phones web browser which at this point is seeming more useful then this prelaunched partially completed app This was a fail and seems to only have been a ploy to force members to change there passwords to a format they wants and force members the change there security questions all while the only changes to mobile and online banking seem to be cosmetic which is plain and Steele looking by design        Several faults
It just asks security questions over and over again which I never answered in the first place Couldnt even log on     Terrible
I hated this app like the rest of the reviews but after some trial and error I figured it out First if you are sent into an endless loop of security questions you probably entered in your user name wrong Took me a while to figure this out Second if it says you entered your password wrong then you may have messed up a security question password andor user name After thoroughly testing this for 2 months it seems to work 100 of the time Its using security through obscurity by not telling you exactly what you did wrong or endlessly asking security questions Think if you have this much trouble logging in with the correct info how much trouble someone would have thats not you                 Works fine
It would never let me log into my account It asked me the same questions over and over again I finally gave up Useless and very frustrating app     Frustrating
APGFCU why did you change your online mobile banking its slow horrible and buggy there was nothing wrong with the format before dont fix what isnt broke people rely on this app and your web site for daily balance checking and half the time you cant even log in due to server maintenence or server is unresponsive you guys Fed up     change is bad
This app is terrible the endless loop of security questions never end and the bank website leaves you constantly helpless Ive uninstalled and installed 5 times and tried EVERYTHING Im done with this bank     SO DONE
I dont care for the new look Checking and regular shares are switches and transactions are not color coded any more        Not happy
The app worked fine for me before the new update but now it wont let me log in     WONT LET ME LOG IN
Still cant deposit checks from my phone Unable to transfer to other bank accounts Please just make it easy and give us access to what you advertise           Where is the check deposit feature
This app was never anything great compared to other financial institutions but they have actually succeeded in making it worse You used to at least be able to see the pending transactions but that option has now been removed Also the security questions are ridiculous No other financial institutions app I use requires this much of a headache to use     Major step backward
The new app looks great but I believe it could use a few things that would really make it shine 1 it said there was an option for transferring money to friends but I have yet to find that That would make sending money very convenient especially my rent which I usually withdrawal from my account 2 the original app would show pending transactions along with available balance This new one does not show pending transactions As a daily user I rely heavily on the pending charges showing If that could be added back on to reflect realtime that would be great Other than that the app does what its supposed to Im sure its still a work in progressjust food for thought from a member who uses the app a minimum of 10 times a day every day           Good reboot but could use improvements
A very poor glitchy and irritating update to an app which was great before APGFCU has made it very difficult for members to get this app up and running properly Thats the kind of thing that makes people go to more customer friendly Credit Unions or Banks     Poor Update to Successful App

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