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DataParadigm Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (ACN2GO ,Ignite Mobile), brings ACN2GO with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ACN2GO app has been update to version 2.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The ACN2GO is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 12.3 MB to download. The new ACN2GO app version 2.3 has been updated on 2014-11-12. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about ACN2GO in DataParadigm Inc.`s Official Website :

Hit the road to success literally With ACN`s iPad Application, ACN2GO, ACN Representatives can pique their prospects on the go Easily showcase ACN s products, services and home-based business with this application featuring video clips ...
Hello I have a iPad with software 511 on first2nd generation iPad I used the apple cord from iPad to TV to watch movies with no problem with audio video I recently tried to watch a video on the ACN to go app to do a presentation but i do not get video just audio Can this bug be fixed please Thanks           iPad 1 help needed
BUYSTEDT CHRIS L Business ID 03048417 Contact Me to find out how you can offer ACN services and earn residual income                 Stellar
Its not letting me log in please fix I would love to use this        Please fix
Its very hard to login and load the actual app which is frustrating not good app for iPhone     Acn2go doesnt load
The videos are perpetually downloading NONE of the features work on my app which is absolutely unacceptable for it to be a paid service It breaks my heart to write such a review but I expect nothing but the best from my company Resolve these issues ASAP our businesses hang in the balance     iPad Issues
I was having trouble with this app on my iPad then I downloaded the iPhone version on my iPad and it works great even without wifi connection                 App works great tips and tricks
App doesnt even log in to work     Wont log in
App just continues to say Loading but never actually launches Maybe its cuz im on an iphone Needs fixing        IBO
As a new ACN entrepreneur this app gets ridiculed by my prospects for being too slow and not being able to do what we can do on the actual website I brag about how the app can do our business but we cannot even sign up people and launch them via app They took away the 110 presentation slides and replaced it with the video instead Now with ACN CONTACT CENTER we should be able to do that in this app as well ACN developers please find a way to update this and make it better for your IBOs in the field Thanks     Update and improve the app ASAP
The reason for the OK rating is that all screens except My Websites work well The problem with My Websites is that when selected the wrong IBO information is loaded when entering and also happens with Storefront When choosing Piquing Website the correct IBO information is displayed and when choosing Visit My Online Store from this page the correct IBO information is displayed The company support has been contacted but after a week of almost daily calls for status on the trouble ticket there has been NO RESOLUTION An IBO CANNOT conduct business with a faulty app so GET IT FIXED ASAP           My Websites
This app sat on the first page with the clouds for 30 min its the page the comes up and says loading tried it twice and just decided to delete the app worth less     Does not even open
Please bring back offline mode it was nice when videos and slides were down loaded and able to present with out Internet     Mr
I was having a problem with no sound on the videos even though other apps played sound ok found this on the support website Imagine that This has to do with the orientation lockmute switch on the side of the iPad and iPhone especially if it is in orientation lock After changing the switch to orientation lock open up the multitasking tray by doubleclicking the home button Slide to the right meaning the icons to the left of the visible tray will come into view There should be a speaker mute icon brightness controls volume controls and an icon indicating a music app Make sure your speaker mute icon doesnt have a line through it or else toggle it In addition go to Settings General Sounds Ringers and Alerts There you should see a Ringer and Alert volume and the option to change with buttons                 No sounds on IPAD2 solution
Once I log in it gets stuck on the loading page Please fix soon        Fix
I used to be able to do the 110 slide presentation for PBRs on my 42 flat screen for via the iPhones airplaymirror feature really no 110 slide presentation     110 slide presentation gone
Ive tried this app in my iPhone and it gets stuck in the loading page most of the times I just got it for iPad and it does the same thing Please fix it This app is a must have for ppl trying to present anywhere     Stuck on loading
I like it much better but when I try to open my storefront someone elses info is there That needs to be fixed ASAP              ACN rep
Waste of time to download Waste of 499 also     Doesnt work only loading
Have yet to be able to see the app work Perpetually loadingabsolute crap     Terrible
I use this often on my iPad But videos need updating              Great tool
This app will not launch It keeps loading and wont move passed this screen I cant view anything     Launching app
Once I set it up it wont load Please fix soon I bought this iPad specifically for this app to support my business Thank you     Wont load
Once I log in it gets stuck on the loading page Please fix soon     Please fix
No matter what Ive tried I cant seem to get this app to move beyond the loading page Id love to use the app please fix     Never loads past start screen
Needs bugs fixed Deleted and reloaded numerous times Does not work as well as the first version     ETT
since the update this app has been a mess most of the contents doesnt work properly please fix it asap     fixed the app please
I love the concept but this app needs a lot of bugs worked out of it Images dont display quite often Videos download but then wont play or ask you to download again Slow to load initially and needs option for friendly username Work out the issues and the app will be terrific UPDATE App is still glitchy and basically unusable Have had to delete and reinstall numerous times This platform needs a serious overhaul     Great Premise Glitchy Operation
I had great difficult logging in to the website linked from the New User Registration link on the app splash screen I finally discovered that the email address on the website is case sensitive which in my case was all caps I am not sure about the app as I just got logged in but wanted to make this issue known     Problem with initial login
and just keeps loading and loading This has been happening for almost a week now     Keeps loading
Trying to update app and its videos are not running correctly since the update Please correct ASAP     App not working
Would love to be able to provide a review but I can NEVER get the app to open up so I cant Very disappointed with this app Grade Fail     IBO
This is the best app ever                 Wonderful AC2go
This application would be an amazing tool if it worked properly 2013 is the year for creating amazing possibilities We need an unmessablewith APP        What an opportunity
I have to delete and reinstall the app every time I want to use it It works fine for the first time I used to be be to download the videos and use the app whenever and that is not the case wi the new version There is a HUGE bug that NEEDS to be fixed promptly I cant do business if this persists     New Update
Please fix the iPad appit started out goodnow just downloadingplease FIX              Crap
I absolutely love it        Love it
Awesome tools                 ACN2GO
This app never actually opens Just keeps saying loading     Waste
The videos are not downloading and playing on the IPad version     Needs improvement
I would be lost without this app It has been such a strong contributor to our personal and teams success Thank you to the CoFounders for always thinking of the little things and doing them with excellence                 Amazing App
For those of you that say it wont load you shouldnt be in any business if you cant read It clearly states that it takes 57mins to load Seriously if your going to just browse over or skip information then just get out of the business                 Learn to read
I was able to download the videos fine but they do no play any sound I am very unhappy that I paid for this app that I cannot even use to present my business     IPad Problems
It doesnt show the images and its not working smoothly     New version
The app works for a short time and then it freezes in a downloading mode I love it when it works but I continuously have to delete the app reload and then re download the videos Very frustrating     Freezes
Love It                 Great
I got it to load so I am going to raise the star on this one It is a 7 min load for me using my wifi So once downloaded I made my calls to set up appointments and came back it was done              got it to work
I love this app on my iPad The only issue I have with it is that every few days I have to delete and reinstall the app to get any of the content to be displayed I love the fact that you can access any of the videos offline that you have already downloaded to the iPad Its an awesome way to be able to show off in a very professional manner the ACN opportunity I will rate it as 5 stars when the app no longer requires to be downloaded and reinstalled every few days Otherwise thank you ACN for yet again for another awesome tool              Great App
YES Finally this app is now working how it supposed to work All the videos work I love how the website is remade Awesome interface More appealing This is just another Superb Tool to use on 2 on 1s and just great to get a better understanding of this awesome company                 Yes
Such an incredible app This gives us so much help without having to go into the back office or our full site Love it and this company                 TC
Im defenitely deleting this app Doesnt work at all     It NEVER loads

ACN2GO Business Home Based Based BusinessACN2GO Business Home Based Based BusinessACN2GO Business Home Based Based BusinessACN2GO Business Home Based Based Business

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