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RLJ Entertainment, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Urban Movie Channel ,Acorn TV), brings Acorn TV with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Acorn TV app has been update to version 1.01 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Acorn TV is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 12.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.01 has been released on 2014-07-30. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Acorn TV in RLJ Entertainment, Inc.`s Official Website :

The best of British TV streaming on demand, commercial free with over 1500 hours of the best British mystery, drama, comedy, and documentary content including Agatha Christie s Poirot and Marple, Doc Martin, Midsomer Murders, ...
I love this app Watch it all the time Excellent shows and plenty of them Finding new favorites all the time I have had no problems playing it from my iPad via AirPlay through Apple TV onto our TV set But wish it was an available app already on Apple TV It would just make my life simpler                 Wish this was on Apple TV
First off the app has closed captioning enabled by default which is okay if youre deaf If youre not deaf its a distraction Second it has difficulty playing whether you try to play it on the iPhone or the iPad or whether you try to use it with Airplay and beam it to the Apple TV Weve got a gen 2 Apple TV and tried to use Airplay with it The picture paused then skipped then started over and over again I havent tried it at length yet but I tried bringing up the web site on Safari and using that and the few minutes I tried were far better than the app in terms of skipping etc Save the hassle and just use the web site and Safari     Stutters pauses skips
I love Acorn TV and as a TV addict love having the iOs apps The iPad version works quite well remembering where you left off in a show and being quite stable However the iPhone version has some very annoying qualities Perhaps the most annoying is the fact that the playback does not stop when a call comes in The phone takes you to the screen to answer the call but the playback continues with audio in the background The only way to not have additional voices talking in your head is to then quit the AcornTV app The second major problem is that there is no memory on the iPhone regarding how far you have gone through a show In fact anything that interrupts the playing other than hitting the pause button and immediately restarting the show requires you to start from the beginning of the show and then manually advance using the slider until you are at approximately the right point And alarms going off on your phone is one thing that will stop playback and of course if you have to quit the program during the program You also cannot pause the show change to another app to do something and then hope to go back and simply hit play Thankfully SMS and iMessages do not interrupt things Finally the app does not like operating in landscape mode on the phone This is merely a minor annoyance but if you try going through the menus with the phone oriented horizontally it normally requires quitting and restarting the app to get it working again If the iPhone app could be made to work as reliably as the iPad app then it would be 5 stars           Good but Could Be Better
I can open the app and browse but as soon as I choose a program and tap the play arrow it throws me all the way out I have to watch on Safari or other browser It does not work at all on my iPod Touch 5G     Doesnt work
The app works fine on most part But it crashes every few episodes The app doesnt log in where I left an episode so if I leave the app and go back into the episode it would start from the beginning It also doesnt push through the subtitles on the Apple TV Please update the app        Could be better
Update Now crashes at opening splash screen Cant even get to program list Good programs IF you could watch them Stutters and crashes frequently making it very frustrating to try and watch a program     Stutters Crashes
The app stopped working with the last update When I go to the website it finally played but is using Flash which wont work on the iPad     Acorn is using Flash
My favorite for poirot and marple Easy to use and reliable have all apple devices and the only issue I ever encountered was that sometimes it would without reason not play an episode from the beginning after previously watching on the iPad only This did not last long and seemed rectified when I shut down the iPad and updated software And that was a year ago                 Excellent
Ive had this app on my iPhone and IPad since it came out but have had a number of issues lately It doesnt recognize my ID andor password It also doesnt seem to allow a password reset I love the Acorn content but the app and login issues make it almost impossible to use An email to customer service opened a case but its been a couple of months with no response        Not working well
I love the shows on Acorn but each time I have to pause and return the entire show show starts over from the beginning What a pain Why cant it just resume where I left off like other apps do           Wont resume where I left off
It loads lets me log in search add to watchlist but when I try to play something it crashes and exits     Wont play only crashes
Loving all the shows but please fix the close captioning On my iPhone and iPad the subtitles are on constantly even when off is selected No problem in Safari just the app Plus the CC is just a bit delayed which makes it even more distracting Thanks              Love but fix the close captioning
Id love to give this a 5 star review and it deserves it for its content I am thrilled with the choices But if I cant watch them without the app crashing or freezing up despite having a fast internet connection what good is it I bought a years subscription for myself but not for my parents until they get this working better I know how to deal with crashing apps but my family wouldnt You have a great product here All you need to do is fix it so it is consistently running when someone wants to watch a whole show Oh and forget about using AirPlay on Apple TV to watch it on the big screen That just seems to make it worse Luckily I have an Apple AV adapter to my tv but thats no guarantee I wont get the freezing and drop outs Concentrate on making this an accessible app like Netflix or Amazon and less on your website to sell things People will buy if they see the streaming app work great By the way the app is apparently available on Roku and some Samsung TVs Otherwise its problematic        Crashes too often buggy despite great content
It freezes and gives a lot of black screens Cant get rid of the closed caption which lags behind the talking by at least 2 sentences This is a really bad app     Horrible
So I have this and I love it The only problem is that I keep getting an error message that says I have exceeded the number of streams permissible I dont understand this I only use it on my one television or my Ipad and NEVER at the same time Acorn says that it does not limit the number of streams and that a user can watch a program over and over But it also says that it may limit the usage should it deem it necessary That seems to be happening to me though I do not watch excessively Certainly no more than I watch Netflix and they dont limit my usage So which is true Unlimited usage Or arbitrary limits Acorn we are an American public We expect you to keep your word Unlimited should mean unlimited It is not as though I am running a movie theater This is private usage Granted maybe a little binge watching But that is what streaming is made for right           Why Does Acorn Keep Interrupting My Stream
Acorn app does not allow sign in although Safari and Roku work as usual with usual e mail and password     Upgrade Wont Recognize Membership
Needs a reset every time you use it it doesnt retain your password Very annoying and an expensive subscription to stream per month     Unreliable
I like acorn TV and I want so much for this app to work but it is so frustratingly difficult to get it to complete a whole movie It hangs the sound disappears the close captioning is always out of sink Ive tried downloading a fresh copy several times cold booting my iPad air etc If you get this to run wonderful but by the end of the week you will be pulling your hair It is an awful app     Really Awful
I was very excited to learn about Acorn and the great content it carries But the shows are not accessible through iOS devices using this app I have tried using this app with iPad and iPhone via Apple TV and it just crashes I tried streaming off Safari and that doesnt work So I will end my trial month of Acorn As soon as Acorn becomes available as an app on Apple TV or my smart tv I will try it again     Not Compatible with iPad or iPhone
Seems like a lot of people with issues but pretty good I too cant get rid of captions but sometimes the accent is so thick I read some of the words And its free folks And what If thats the way you hade to watch TV Any way good selection of showseasy to use so me one said if they stopped show and came back show wouldnt resume But it may not open up to last show boy how spoiled we are But when you tap on the show and see the various episodes it does show the progress bar and said you know which one you were watching and tap on it and it does open right where you left off And not many apps resume episodes anyway some you cant even tell which episode youre watching little and where you were                 So far so good
Captioning is a bit annoying although if you go into settings in the app itself you can turn them off Would be nicer to do it from each episode              Works fine so far
093024 Update Dont know how but this app has gotten even worse Just doesnt even work anymore When I complain to Acorn they tell me that I should contact Apple and ask Apple to add them to AppleTV Original Review Was 95 through a show and Acorns servers must have crashed Cant log in on the app iPad or iPhone or via Safari Very annoying The app itself doesnt work very well when it does work Badly designed interface Hard to find your way around Plus closed captioning doesnt go from the iPad to AppleTV via AirPlay Whats up with that BTW why does Apple make it so difficult to write reviews from the iPad Shouldnt the page scroll up 083014 Acorn updates their app Still crashes and still no subtitles Acorn cust svc said Apple should add them to AppleTV 072815 Great content still a lousy app If you dont watch a show all of the way through it doesnt remember where you left off Should have a resume function These are British shows most actors have very heavy accents It is hard to understand them without CCing Cling does not stream via ATV I wont be renewing my subscription     Poorly Designed and Poorly Performing App
I want to love this app but I havent been able to watch an entire episode of anything Why Because there is no way to turn off subtitles Its too annoying to deal with Please I beg you fix this issue        Fix the subtitle issue please
I guess Im the lucky one use it daily to AirPlay shows to my Apple TV Running 83 on iPad and 84 on iPhone and no issues on either Hopefully that doesnt change                 No Issues for Me
The same password that works in browser not recognized     Cant even sign in
Wish I hadnt updated Can no longer get subtitles to work        Update broke subtitles
Just crashes or buffers forever What happened Now it says error message this video is not available at this time please try again later i have been trying since yesterday Wish i did not update to 83     Worked great before ios update to 83
Sign in screen is locked to 90deg clockwise orientation App does not display full Watch Later list Cant turn off closed captioning     Not as good as website
Was working fine until a couple of days ago and now the app just crashes on all my iOS devices Please fix        What happened
Really like the shows in this library The app is unbearable Its an F     This needs to be native AppleTV
Crappy updates have ruined a great service App is basically unuseable and customer service no help Worked without incident for many months but cant log in using either app or web after being forced to change password Really not happy and looking elsewhere to get entertainment Rating one star only because i have to Thanks for nothing     Really disgruntled soon to be former customer here
Full of bugs Every few IOS updates the service does not function in the app OR Safari if you use an iPhone or iPad If you fall asleep in the middle of a show and want to finish the next day you probably will not be able to start the episode again        Wonderful programing poor compatibility with iPadPhone
Ok I have a problem I cannot get enough British murder mysteries ever But this addiction has caused me to do some things Im not proud of Mostly keeping this app on my phone and continually throwing money at them with subscription fees There is absolutely nothing for which Id put up with such buggy garbage as this app It crashes constantly Both the app and freezes my phone iPhone 6 in perfect order For the last 24 hours both the app and the entire site have been completely down This is not uncommon The user interface of this app is hands down the worst Ive ever seen anywhere It is so hard to navigate the site Grr It has some good mysteries And a ton of really dated mediocre stuff If they fixed the bugs improved the UI and added new shows with a bit more regularity Id happily pay 6month for my fix Please do better     British murder mystery addict at rock bottom
Great content I wish that they would make it possible to pick up where I left off in a program having to scroll through the program every time is tedious Other apps such as Netflix and Hulu have these capabilities I would be happy to pay the going rate of 999 to have the typical benefits of streaming        Needs a work
I like what I getwhen I get it Unfortunately the Acorntv app does not appear to support Keychain so if the password doesnt get autofilled you have to reset the password That defeats the purpose of Keychain which is bad enough To add insult to injury the Password Reset mail with the needed link never arrived so I was out of luck Acorn doesnt help with troubleshooting and they actively discourage direct contact by phone Heres what I was able to do 1 Find the password on the iPad via Settings Safari Passwords Autofill Saved Passwords 2 Enter passcode if prompted 3 Click httpssignupacorntv 4 Hopefully you will see your username and password 5 Use these to log into the Acorn app Hopefully you can access your account and all will be well I dont get why Apple would accept a secure app that does not support Keychain especially since Apple encourages the use of Keychain        Keychain and Password Reset Issues
This is the Netflix of Britain You will like everything but one thing THAT DESPERATELY NEEDS TO BE FIXED please make it easy to pick up where we leave off on a show Acorn does not remember where you left off You will have to go through 6 maneuvers to get to where you need to be including fast forwarding to where you left off Other than that very irritating issue great app with great shows              Great except for one thing
I have just downloaded the App on my iPad no problems setting up the account and running the programs Also there was mention that this should be on something similar to Apple TV Well I found it on my Samsung smart TV and its also on Roku Running it perfectly on Samsung The content is second to none with much later episodes than are available on Netflix                 Why all the moans
This app no longer works on iPad updated to 803 When signing in it says No such account with this email address Yet at that same email I get their spam every day and I keep getting billed monthly Zero response from their socalled customer service The email address does work on the iMacbut I have an older one so I can only stream from the iPad Acorn fix this     No longer works
Something is wrong with the buffering or the streaming because halfway through the video the picture cuts out leaving the audio I have to shut everything down and bring it back on in order to finish my selection This is getting frustrating so I hope Acorn gets this fixed        Interrupted Stream
Seems to be no way of turning off closed captions all the options including off do still show them Video stalls while audio continues on wifi where computer on acorntv works fine        Not good
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS APP Something went awry after the 83 update the app crashes 100 of the time its opened when its fixed Ill rereview with 5 stars again Thanks     WAS a great appuntil ios 83 update
Works fine on my RokuTV and on my PC but not on iPad 83 Tried everything to get it to work consistently Works about 20 of time If you enjoy frustration or need a test to see how successful your anger management classes are working than this is the app for you     Do not purchase for an iPad
When I attempt to login I get a message that tells me my password is incorrect even though it isnt I can login and use AirPlay with Safari but not with the app     Cant log in
Im now having all the same problems mentioned and contacted them wo any response Im paying for this and cant use it Who do I see about this Is there anyone in a customer service position for these issues Acorn     Yuck and double yuck
Love it If you like British TV shows this is for you                 Great
Hands down the worst app ever Cant get rid of subtitles and doesnt stream in HD widescreenstarts stops and skips Stream Acorn through the websitebetter quality less hassle The app is a good idea but has a long way to go     Use the website
I cant use the app or view anything because it simply wont load anything It usually displays a message that this video isnt available at this time I pay for this normally love it Please fix ASAP        Crash since IOS 83 update
I am paying for something that I cannot access when you call the helpline they dont answer theres nobody there to help you did tell you to leave a voicemail and they never get back to you is horrible and I want my money back It wasnt bad when it was streamed through YouTube     Horrible
I keep following the simple instructions they give online Keep getting an error message saying try again Contacted them twice The response was to follow the simple steps on the website Right     good luck trying to cancel membership
Worked great on iPad 2 before last update     Cant Sign In

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