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Adobe , the publisher behind many iOS app (Adobe Photoshop Mix – Creative mobile image editing ,Adobe Brush CC – Creative brushes for Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch ,CMO Magazine ,Adobe Anywhere for iPad ,Adobe Kuler ,Adobe Fill & Sign – Easy PDF form filler), brings Adobe Creative Cloud with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Adobe Creative Cloud app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc51
Ease of Usec51
Great tool to have all your photos in one convenient space.
it's easy to sync a video and share this way.

I noticed some of my images look grainy. found in 1 reviews
Great way to visually share work files. found in 1 reviews
internet connection and free membership to adobe creative cloud are required. found in 1 reviews
One note is pretty cool. found in 1 reviews
99 us dollars per month. found in 1 reviews
mov and other video formats. found in 1 reviews
mov from time lapse and clips from my iPhone. found in 1 reviews
excel and word files …. found in 1 reviews
The extension to import and export is awesome. found in 2 reviews
it's easy to sync a video and share this way. found in 1 reviews
MS onenote. found in 1 reviews
even though they are full res. found in 1 reviews
It's cool and now finally increased usefulness. found in 1 reviews
Awesome app and I am looking forward to the updates. found in 1 reviews
I'd like to see video playback support of. found in 1 reviews
Please add Dropbox support. found in 1 reviews
however I was quickly disappointed. found in 1 reviews
Lacks some essential features. found in 1 reviews
Lacking simple features. found in 1 reviews
Neither are adobe illustrator files. found in 1 reviews
And there's no ability to create or manage folders. found in 1 reviews
Needs some additional features. found in 1 reviews
My biggest problem with this app currently is that when viewing a. found in 1 reviews
The other big missing feature is proper file management. found in 3 reviews
but doesn't consistently deliver a smooth user experience. found in 1 reviews
Missing key features. found in 1 reviews
No Landscape View. found in 1 reviews
Can't delete files Adobe. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Adobe Creative Cloud for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, French, German, Japanese. It weighs in at only 13.6 MB to download. The new Adobe Creative Cloud app version 1.0.1 has been updated on 2014-06-18. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Adobe Creative Cloud in Adobe`s Official Website :

Adobe Creative Cloud for iPhone and iPad: Your work, your inspiration, your creativity, with you wherever you go. Part of your free membership, this app connects your mobile devices to the Creative Cloud and unlocks new ...
Great app to see all my creative files on the go                 All my creative cloud files
I really want to be able to give this app a great review but I just cant do it It has potential but doesnt consistently deliver a smooth user experience Frequently the app fails to upload photos and it can take awhile for uploaded photos to show on each device iPhone 5S iPad Air and MacBook Pro Retina 2014 There are also some less common issues that happen such as random force closing odd display issues and failure to get subscription status When the apps reliability is improved I will update my ratingreview        Want To Give 5 Stars but
I downloaded this app in order to use Adobe Photoshop mix I downloaded it and tried signing up but it says there was no connection I clearly have connection on my iPhone and I deleted it and re downloaded it It still says the same thing Why does it keep saying there is no connection     No connection
This app gets better with each update                 A Major Improvement
Downloaded this app and main page has jammed my app homepage I cant update or search for anything I downloaded it and then deleted and homepage is still stuck on app page Very frustrating     Cant Get it Deleted
Great tool to have all your photos in one convenient space Photos load fast and the design of the app is clean and well put together Some things that are missing though is the ability to add folders edit folders and move images from folder to folder Also I noticed some of my images look grainy even though they are full res and you cannot view them in landscape mode But I am sure Adobe will update these things in time A shortcut button to directly open photos in Lightroom mobile or Photoshop Touch would be really helpful Awesome app and I am looking forward to the updates              Been waiting for this
I appreciate how this app gives me the ability to sync all my photos from my computer to my iPhone but Im becoming a little frustrated Every time I search through and view my photos through this app it crashes Please fix as everything else about this app is great        Nice layout but currently experiencing issues
This is a really nice app but currently InDesign CC2014 will not display here or on the web version        InDesign CC 2014 files not supported
Please add Dropbox support I need a way to get my iDraw PSD files into CC so I can open the in Photoshop Touch Its close but you will still find yourself going to your computer for some file management        Needs more work
You can only upload files that youve already made on your computer or are in your photo library regular photos This is not helpful to me at all I got all the other apps but when it comes time to open a psd I saved on my iPad I cant or even get to workedit it through any of them Really No basic Photoshop editing is available I guess Neither are adobe illustrator files Just call ALL of these viewer apps since thats all you can do is view files and even then you can only view ones you had saved on your computer and not your device because those ones will never open through the apps in the cloud I got a random thirdparty app that actually let me look at the psd I was talking about but the apps made by the people who created this file type cant do it Its extremely irritating especially since the entire reason I got all of these was to maybe work on them        No
There is no option to delete pictures uploaded           Lacks Delete Button
Public link to share on the Facebook                 Creative Cloud Mobile
It crashes every time I try to import something from my Photo Album           Nice app but
Please bring Adobe Camera Raw as an iOS app For free of course                 Need this from Adobe
if the images would rotate with your phone so you could show others what your working on           It would be great
No shareable links Entire file size is downloaded to preview Cant delete files Cant move files Adobe Whats the point Has the team that developed this ever worked out of the office on the road with teams or clients You guys astound me sometimes with the lack of attention to some products     Hello McFly
Viewing pictures only works in portrait mode And theres no ability to create or manage folders           Missing key features
The mobile piece is broken now Images are blank for Cc folders Sure would be nice to use and keep as my solution to image workflow Nice layout Please fix     Desk web to mobile
Version 210 11 is stable now Also updated my phones iOS so maybe that made a difference also So glad they fixed this Its a great start for an app that Im sure will only become more helpful and useful as new features are added Would like to hide the BridgeCache files but thats something Adobe needs to implement across the entire CC platform not just the app              Much Improvement
I constantly use creative cloud to share photoshop and illustrator designs with clients from my iPad and iPhone 6 Plus Id like to see video playback support of mov and other video formats Again its easy to sync a video and share this way Thanks              Great way to visually share work files
Can only view the first page of the PDF     Whats the Point
What I really need is video preview This is really no better than email        Without video only so helpful
I love this app WHEN I CAN OPEN IT I have to uninstall and reinstall it everyday to be able to get into it Sure I can use the online version but what is the point of downloading this app if it doesnt even open It is so aggravating to transfer things from one Adobe program to another Adobe app to save to the creative cloud especially because there are no help options or directions If I hadnt spent 6 year in an architecture program working with Adobe programs I would never understand how to use any of these apps        Bummer
My biggest problem with this app currently is that when viewing a pdf you cant see anything past the first page This is the same for other Adobe file types but I assume its harder to accomplish that on iOS but viewing pdfs I would think should be no problem        Lacking simple features
Lacking basic ability to view files in landscape format with phone reorientation        No Landscape View
Thank you keep it coming                 Great update
I want this app to work I really do There are a whole slew of issues with it however This goes for both the mobile and desktop versions for the first problem Creative Cloud will not sync properly on a consistent basis It constantly lists that files are either missing not syncing or otherwise unavailable It is extremely frustrating The iOS version has an entirely different and in my opinion worse set of problems It wont open many basic Adobe files to preview them A simple InDesign file is not viewable at all on my iPad It also tends to crash when loading my CC Library on a very consistent basis In fact it is the only thing I can count on this app to do on a regular schedule It also only works oneway with the Adobe apps on iOS When you have Slate for example and CC installed you can open Slate and choose a file from CC to open and work on But you cannot open a file in CC and be navigated to Slate This is a feature that should be implemented I wish that this application worked properly I hate to see something by Adobe fail so spectacularly As a graphic designer I depend on their products regularly and they make my job much easier because of it at least when I dont have to deal with this particular product Since this appears to be the core of the Creative Cloud platform as opposed to the older CS format which was a more independent style between the pieces of software it should function as well as the rest of its parts Sadly this is not the case        Frustration Abounds
Its nice that I can view my files and upload photos from my camera but it would be much better if they added extensions and the ability to load other file types to creative cloud from my mobile devices I frequently have pdfs and illustrator files that I get in emails that I would like to send straight to creative cloud If I find something online I want to save I want to be able to do that then and there so that I dont forget to do it later        Its a Start
Crashes all the time and sometimes your files dont look the same as when you saved them Smh Just awful Needs work ASAP     Crashes all the time
I was so excited to use the app but every time I go through my assets it crashes Hopefully it gets an update soon        Keeps crashing
Please add ability to archive and delete as well as rename files If it is already there then its not too obvious where it is           Lacks some essential features
Look at what Dropbox and Google drive do and just copy their features Its not that hard When I export a pdf to an external app it just gives me a jpg Not okay Give me my actual files     Incomplete
The main reason I wanted this app was for quick access to Libraries I was disappointed to find they were left outsurprised too considering all the hoopla about creating assets in Adobes new fleet of mobile apps The other big missing feature is proper file management Add those features to the mix and this could be useful        Eh its a start
So excited this is now available on mobile Would be even better if views could be expanded to show more than just the first art board for design projects This is my only negative so far              Great
Crashes each and every time     Crashes
I can seem to upload mov from time lapse and clips from my iPhone I am highly interested in creating a film solely from the iPhone and creative cloud Other processes have failed me due to the remote locations I film If creative cloud app could resolve this I would gladly buy more storage for future projects and this one                 Movie files mov
I thought this was going to give me access to all my adobe pdfs on my mobile but it only gives you the first page if your file is larger than one page It is nice if you have documents that are only one page but pretty worth less after that           Disappointed
Adobe made a huge mistake same as Dropbox did Of course its cool you can see your files but you are on you mobile device Therefore if I want to share a file with someone I cannot just do that By selecting a file with intention to send a link for it Adobe is automatically opening it and causing huge data download for no reason Dear Adobe we are using mobile devices to send links of our files when we are away from our computers Make it possible that we can simply select folderfile and share it without opening it I just clicked on 200Mb file and it is trying to open on my mobile device Thats crazy All I wanted is to send a link so someone can download it Thank you        Adobe missed the point
Just awful design by a clearly fragmented design team The Adobe Cloud apps have got to figure out a way to get around torturing users with repetitive login requests     Do you like logging in every time you start an app Then this is for you
Every time I try to browse my pictures the app shuts down Frustrating I also cant seem to open that gallery in my CC apps Its basically a less reliable iCloud or Dropbox for me I love the other adobe apps though Just wish youd fix this one as it is intended to be the heart of the CC     Crash issue
Share public link neat feature Can share public link on Facebook                 CCMobile
I suppose this app is great if all you want to do is view the first page of documents In my case I would like to view the entire document so its rather worthless I cant even really see the point of it I could probably just memorize the first page     Useless
Its a great app but whenever I try to load my files it crashes Nice layout and design              Needs Work
Please let us share the files that we store on the cloud We pay for this service we should be able to share zip files and videos           Cant share zip files
Two main functions this app should have is the ability to add collaborators to folders like the in the collaborators icon suggests and to be able to share files Downloading a bitmap of an Illustrator or Photoshop file to email is great and all but sometimes we really need to create a public link to send to clients so they can download the original file Having to log in on the website and share from there is a major slowdown Can we get that same functionality in the app        Lacking many basic functions
This app is a great idea And I have been waiting for the ability to be able to quickly view AI files when Im away from my desk Unfortunately that isnt super easy to do from this app because you have to have those files already uploaded We need Open In support so I can take a file attached in an email and say open in Creative Cloud           Needs some additional features
This is actually pretty decent for a version 1 app Two features that Id love to see are 1 Better file management move delete etc 2 Offline syncing           Decent for a v1 app
Love the new multipage support in 120 Its so smooth Did I say I love the new multipage The last and first file jumps into the hierarchy It remembers the last page you were on when paging between pdfs in design files excel and word files The extension to import and export is awesome But you have to log into this app to get access Its not single sign on MS onenote One note is pretty cool import is cool using the extension Export to creative cloud is awesome too You can pick your folder VIDEOS I can now watch the last American Ninja Warrior video I have on this Did I tell you they finally solved multipage Its cool and now finally increased usefulness Wait you get notifications too and you can collaborate I just got a notification badge Wow those guys must have been working overtime to get this out Install it and see Does it deserver to exist I think so this time around I guess they are listening to the complaints Way to go I cant wait for whats next                 This update is amazing and it addresses multipage finally
I like the idea of having my assetsgraphics on my phone for onthego small projects but the mobile app library is not syncing so its pretty much pointless With the addition of Adobe Stock Id really love my newly licensed graphics to show up without reinstalling the app each time Would also love to see an Adobe Stock search interface added        Nice Idea but Libraries Not Syncing
New version breaks Facebook image sharing     Breaks existing functionality

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