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Supersolid Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS games (Food Street ,Snake Rivals - Arena Games ,Super Penguins ,Pororo Penguin Run ,Home Street ,Adventure Town), brings Adventure Town with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Adventure Town games has been update to version 0.3.7 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This game looks childish based on the art design..
  • Such a funny game :-..
  • Great game and different from other farming games..
  • So many quests and customization options for your characters..
  • Excellent single player game..

Overall Satisfactionc90
This is an amazing game keep up the good work.
I would recommend this game to anyone who likes a little bit of battling.
Nice mix between town building and adventure game.
Awesome this is one of the best games I have on my I pod.
This is honestly my favorite game on the App Store.
This game is fun and different from any other game I've played.
Fun game runs smooth and keeps you entertained for hrs.
Fun & Engagingc87
Pretty fun game to play when you are killing time.
Very awesome game keep u playing for many hours.
This is a really fun and addicting game.
It's good for something to pass the time for sure.
Super fun and always keeps me coming back.
Fun little game like that you can customize the characters.
I recommend this 100% its really fun and entertaining.
This is a fun simple game with light pieces of different genres.
Everything costs a lot of gold.
I play it everyday.
Value for Moneyc51
Diamonds are hard to get without spending real money.
I'm trying to not waste real money on a fake town.
haven't felt too pressured to spend real money yet.
Replay Valuec83
very challenging fighting the monsters.
keeps u busy and very challenging.
Wish things didn't take several hours at such low levels.
Lots of things to do even at low levels.
It's a little challenging and that is cool.
Hours of enjoyment.
Production Valuesc87
This game has cute graphics and is fun to play.
amazing graphics and gameplay.
Cute animation and easy.
Solid polished version of Majesty.
Ease of Usec85
This is a fun simple game with light pieces of different genres.
Good simple game with a fair amount of entertainment.
This game is easy to learn & fun to play.
Fun for a kid and easy to learn.
Simple yet addicting.
Extremely fun and intuitive game.
Fun and intuitive.

Great mix of rpg and time management really enjoying this game. found in 12 reviews
A very nice game to play offline. found in 11 reviews
Very entertaining time waster game. found in 33 reviews
Fun game lots of character customization and gameplay. found in 6 reviews
endless entertainment and plenty of quests to keep you busy. found in 11 reviews
very entertaining and keeps you coming back. found in 5 reviews
Much play offline. found in 6 reviews
lyk animation
Fun game runs smooth and keeps you entertained for hrs. found in 3 reviews
This is a really fun and addicting game. found in 117 reviews
This game is easy to learn & fun to play. found in 15 reviews
been looking for something similar to Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. found in 5 reviews
It's an interesting mix of an rpg and simulation game. found in 8 reviews
Give this game a chance. found in 3 reviews
This is an amazing game keep up the good work. found in 46 reviews
A whimsical and outstanding game. found in 3 reviews
This is a very interesting game. found in 23 reviews
Very awesome game keep u playing for many hours. found in 186 reviews
A hybrid of The Sims/ Final Fantasy /Warcraft. found in 4 reviews
Really interesting and enough to keep you occupied and not bored. found in 2 reviews
OMG so great
Super fun and always keeps me coming back. found in 81 reviews
Fun to play but too gold base slow progress. found in 5 reviews
And this one doesn't get boring. found in 3 reviews
I don't like how it takes forever to earn money though. found in 55 reviews
It's fun if you don't mind waiting or paying real money. found in 38 reviews
a few more dark hair options would be perfect. found in 3 reviews
Love it but we need animals to give the plain source. found in 16 reviews
No wifi needed either. found in 5 reviews
There are some serious balance issues though. found in 5 reviews
Fun game but it takes forever to do anything unless you buy gems. found in 4 reviews
Addicting but gets to be tedious trying to get gold. found in 19 reviews
Fun little game but it needs balancing. found in 1 reviews
Overall it's not a bad game at all pretty fun. found in 12 reviews
if you're patient then you'll have fun. found in 2 reviews
Like that it isn't impossible to earn gems or experience points. found in 5 reviews
It's good if u want to waste time I like it. found in 12 reviews
but takes a lot of time. found in 2 reviews
Not a bad little town building game. found in 2 reviews
requires real money to progress far in this game. found in 3 reviews
I just wish there are faster ways to earn gold. found in 57 reviews
making them impossible to kill with your current under powered weapons. found in 6 reviews
Supersolid stated that they "addressed" the balance issue. found in 5 reviews
it is impossible to get enough money to level up your heroes. found in 66 reviews
I'm trying to not waste real money on a fake town. found in 38 reviews
The app will not start without an internet connection. found in 5 reviews
Fun at first until u need coin to upgrade and expand. found in 36 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download Adventure Town for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish. It weighs in at only 58.2 MB to download. The new Adventure Town app version 0.3.7 has been updated on 2014-11-20.
Bottom Line: For more information about Adventure Town check developer Supersolid Ltd`s website :

HEROES WANTED Our once magnificent town has been destroyed by terrifying monsters and bone-chilling beasts Please help us return our town to its former glory, and we will reward you handsomely. Place tempting new shops ...
It is super fun and I recommend this game to any body who has time on there hands                     It s super fun and addictive CWaZY panda
I love this game                     Good game Pongdao1234
It hasn t been updated in a long time and is purposely designed for you to fail and spend money The developer has been enjoying the cash that fools have been dropping for this game with no intention of fixing anything Please don t feed this troll developer     Don t play this Lillady84
Love the game but why is it that all the characters have no option to be any other race than white             Fun but racist Rascal3232
Li n Li n Ggggf                     Like Vippro1
Lkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkvkkkkkkkkkkkkkkvkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkjkkkkjkjkjkjjjjjkkjjkjkjkj j jj kknnjj ymtntjhtjtkthyu uihngvrtybrgbtesggnytnyn Cvrbgfbg K F5 66 5                     So amazing game I love it so much Kujlohy
Great way to pass time I like this game a lot and would definitely suggest it to friends                     Very Entertaining Liv000000000
I love this game But I gave it 3 stars because it constantly freezes on my iPhone I have been playing before and it will just close out and go back to my home screen I will then open it back up and everything I just did is gone I will have to replant everything I just planted rebuy equipment I just purchased and fused and rebuy land expansions It is really annoying and should be fixed I will still continue to play if it is fixed             Good game Bubbajoe1123
I love this game have been playing it since it first came out Introduce new weapons armor shields characters and quests I ve earned hundreds hundreds of diamonds and have bought almost everything Plus why not reduce the price of the epic ultimate items again after all this time so I can really upgrade my hero s I would change to 5 stars if some attention was given to the game i                 How about an update New items quests characters etc Jag XJS
Hope it get gems more and free cost every video and garden too More coins free too                     Love it Chaska277
Great                 Me Meow22222222223
Some of the quests are confusing I feel they should show u everything in the tutorial                 Not bad pikagirlsboy
What does fighting monsters cost money and why does it cost so much             Has potential Rockyrocks6
It s ok                 Meh ray sunbeam
This game has its ups and downs At the beginning you have a lot of fun consistently restocking your buildings to try to make investments But it comes to a point where you have to choose one of three options Make your heroes stronger upgrade your buildings or pay to win You will eventually have to pay to get gems so you can upgrade your heroes equipment AND get them top tier equipment And to supply it with EVERY SINGLE one of your heroes as well as keep up with your farm You re either paying to win or spending years worth of time into this game just so you can fight a simple monster Don t get this game I only continue to play it because of its clever jokes and it s connection to my childhood It s a waste of space But if they can lower those prices or make the ultimate equipment worth actual gold I think the game would improve exponentially             Listen up Wth his this?
This game is MLB try it out it is dpe                     Legit Angelo # $wag
It s a very fun and easy game                     Adventure Towm Katelyn0124
                    lovely Ran hendra
Must play                     Great Rioda9
Fun to play slow moving                     Fun and enjoyable Desertwolf11
I love this game you should play it so fun                     Thug life vanos gaming
I love this game My sister and I play it all the time                     Super fun 🌟_Sally_🌙
Pretty good game                 Adventure town Awsomenesseeses
Seems fun so far and I am excited to play I imagine at some point you will have to be patient and wait for items and money but that s no big deal Variety of actions and hopefully a keeper update insane lack of balance to truly just enjoy the game I don t mind needing to build up funds but the way levels and mobs are is ridiculous the only way to avoid that is to wait on houses which takes a LOT of time I can t tell if it s meant to be causal or not but regardless this game needs some work             Enjoyable ChibiLuna07
Amazing game keep it up                     Love this Hubbertjpc
So far it s fun                     Awesome Thebyr8
I hope they give something for doing this             Just started Gizgone
Very fun                     Excellent Toner423456
Fun                 Good game Sunka666
Fun for all ages                     Fun Jdherly
Yep                 It s ok C-rome
Fun to play and I dont have to worry about being raided all the time              Adventure town
I love games that are not too complex and have simple objectives This game is the complete opposite of that                 The best game ever
Fun                 Fun
it is good              so cute
El juego me divierte te mantiene activo ya que cada ves tienes nuevos retos                 Muy divertido
Really good game                 Love it
This is game is fun to play                 This game
Awesome rpg                 Adventure town
Very fun                 Nice
As long as it doesnt crash on me                 Cool
It needs a little more customization maybe instead of the hairstyles and eyes already having a designated color you could chose from a variety of colors              Good Game
You can only play for a short time before you run out of goods and money Things cost too much           Takes too much money to do anything
A very fun game                 Very fun
Awesome game                 Cool Game
I love checking in on my town every day I look forward to leveling up my heroes and completing the fun constant flow of missions I only wish I could customize my heroes more Specifically it would nice to get some new hairstyles faces and the option for skin color I got hats for days but no way to make a convincing Sacagawea or Assata Shakur Please consider this in addition to the great work youre doing              Some requests
I like it              Good game
Lol                 Fun town game
Great game                 Love it
Its a nice game but needs more land and weird dungeons and bosses but I might be wrong there might be I have not been so far but just started and it was very fun              Very good game
Where is the wizard shop Its not in market shops This has happened before on other quests too Ive tried restarting it and other things but it wont appear in the shops Fix this     Great but
I love this game it just freezes a lot                 I love this game
Game hay quá                 Game hay
Great game                 Nice
Seems fun so far just downloaded it              Ok
I like the seasonal quests I wish I could store the buildings or items I dont want to use instead of having to sell them I wish the max upgrade of a weapon was available to read when looking at it instead of just when you select upgrade I wish The game instructions said I could interchange the clothes and weapons Instead of learning by dumb chance Not able to load old game through Game Center Lost my game                 Playability long lasting
You can edit the layout customize heros restock stuff its really cool              This game is awesome
Just started playing but it seems fun so far                 I like it
So far I like it I need more time to play to know for sure           My review
Its good game but should have more update but still good game                 Cool Game
Thanks                 LOVING IT
Where exactly am I supposed to find this wizard shop in the latest quest Im fully updated and it doesnt exist     Wizard shop
Title says it all I love this game Its simple almost like a FarmVille game but with all the greatness of kicking monster butt I would definitely recommend this game 910 rating                 Wonderful game
I just got this game and I love it                 I love this game
This game is great because it like mixture of all my favorite apps It contains stuff like building a village fighting monsters exploring dungeons and much more So I give this game 5 stars because it is adventure                 Adventure Town Review
Fun little time waster Worth your time to check it out                 Adventure town
Just started but its pretty cool                 Fun little game so far
Great game                 Game
Very great and addicting game Hope for more updates                 Addicting
This game is really good I love this game                 Awesome
Niceeeeeeeeee                 Nice
Good game so far              Fun
Then it got frustrating Enemies were getting tough so I wanted to boost my weapons and armor To do that I need gold To get gold I need to stimulate my towns economy To boost the economy I grow crops Simple right The problem is doing all this increases my level and the enemies I feel as though Im always almost there I bet an IAP would help Aha Thats the real goal of the devs Im fine supporting game developers but this is a constant money grab           Liked at first but
It seems fun at first but after a whilekinda pointless Leveling up the statue for some meager coin doesnt seem that useful anymore Also it seems like upgrading weapons and armor by fusing away other armor is getting tough to keep up with especially when u get like 8 heroes to upgrade              Funthen
Its fun not to easy and makes you have to think I enjoy it and it passes time                 Its a fun game
Addictive                 Great game
Fun fun fun                 Fun
I love this game                 Awesome sauce
This game is awesome you can expand your kingdom and destroy evil while doing it Also you can level up and make your heros stronger and look better                 The best
Pretty cool game              Cool
I love this game I really do but its just becoming far too difficult to play Ill get in and start doing things and the game will crash undoing everything Ive done I used to be able to play quite well Now I find myself playing my mothers Kindle version because I cant play mine Its very frustrating and I love how this game works     Game crashes a lot

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