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American Eagle Outfitters , the publisher behind many iOS app (AE BestShot ,AEO Stickers ,AE for iPad ,Aerie for iPad ,77Kids ,Aerie Stickers), brings AE with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AE app has been update to version 1.5.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • you can only apply 2 gift cards..
  • Makes online shopping extremely easy at American eagle and aerie..
  • This app is super cool and so user friendly..
  • Easy way to save money over the store..
  • By far this is my favorite shopping app..
Overall Satisfactionclick me54
I LOVE American Eagle so this app is just what I need.
I work for American eagle and I hate using the app.
I most have for those that love AE.
Love AE clothing but the app is horrible.
This is one of the best shopping apps I have used.
This app is great I love shopping on this app.
I can shop one of my favorite stores again.
but hope next update optimized for iPhone 5 and passbook integration.
Passbook support + working on stability = win.
bring back the option to see/add products to my favorites.
Fun & Engagingclick me49
Awesome Shopping App.
Soo awesome.
Usefulnessclick me35
Very very helpful.
Ease of Useclick me54
So easy to shop especially with my payment info saved.
App is convenient and saves time along with my reward points.
Very easy to find stuff.
easy to find what I'm looking for.
very functional and easy to check out.
It's a simple app with fast and easy payment steps.
It's super easy to navigate while shopping.
Reliabilityclick me29
Security & Privacyclick me19
Updates & Supportclick me23
Customer Service is a 10.
New version better than before.


Check Out The New AE App... Loaded with sweet stuff and exclusive content to keep you in the know on new trends while giving you the tools you need to shop anyway you want. Looking for some new looks to rock around campus? Want special savings you can’t find anywhere else? How about something that just makes shopping new styles easier? Seriously, this is the app to get.


Here are just a few features we love about this thing...


- Shop the latest looks & get exclusive deals right from your phone.
- Scan items in store to find more info on it and add it to your wishlist.
- Shake up the Style Mixer and check out the awesome and unique look it creates for you.
- Get updates on the latest trends and looks with Trends of the Week and Looks to Live In.
- Earn extra AEREWARD$ points for signing in, buying stuff, checking in to stores and scanning items.
- Locate stores, read reviews & share your favorite finds with friends.

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The AE is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.4 MB to download. The new AE app version 1.5.1 has been updated on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about AE check developer American Eagle Outfitters`s website :


AE for finally launching an app. found in 2 reviews
And love the 20% off code for downloading the app :D. found in 2 reviews
And the whole address import thing is cool. found in 2 reviews
OMG THE BEST. found in 1 reviews
especially the shake for random outfits. found in 2 reviews
Its like having the store in the palm of my hand. found in 1 reviews
So easy to shop especially with my payment info saved. found in 82 reviews
Love the simplicity of this app. found in 1 reviews
I absolutley loooove this app. found in 2 reviews
and I love using this app for my purchases. found in 1 reviews
Super duper easy. found in 1 reviews
I was able to easily: browse through products. found in 2 reviews
Perfect shopping companion. found in 1 reviews
New version better than before. found in 1 reviews
Best online ordering site I have ever used. found in 1 reviews
Shopr here for my bf. found in 1 reviews
High quality pictures. found in 1 reviews
The app can be glitchy sometimes but overall a great shopping tool. found in 2 reviews
It's extremely aggravating. found in 2 reviews
the app locks up and says server response error. found in 5 reviews
but every time I go to login. found in 48 reviews
Sometimes my things don't make it in the shopping bag. found in 21 reviews
Takes forever to load and sometimes doesn't accept coupons. found in 76 reviews
Would be an awesome app if it actually worked. found in 2 reviews
Why don't we have passbook integration for AE Rewards yet. found in 14 reviews
I'm a loyal customer and the app has definite benefits. found in 6 reviews
Every time I try to add my rewards card to Passbook it crashes. found in 53 reviews
app crash while loading AE rewards card to passbook. found in 37 reviews
App crashes when trying to add AERewards card to Passbook. found in 34 reviews
Great except it crashes when i try to open womens accessories. found in 18 reviews
But now I can't add anything to my favorites or my bag. found in 26 reviews
Would love if you added passbook support. found in 14 reviews
But what the hell happened to the wish list. found in 16 reviews
a " stay signed in" feature would be really nice. found in 4 reviews
I love this app so much but I cant add items to my favorites. found in 9 reviews
It's so annoying and inconvenient. found in 3 reviews
but i have always had problems with the shopping cart. found in 17 reviews
It takes me about 3 tries to add anything to my cart. found in 21 reviews
The ap now force closes when I try to checkout. found in 37 reviews
Please fix the credit card access. found in 38 reviews
Constantly closes out and doesn't save my shopping cart info. found in 17 reviews
Trying hard to shop with your store but I can't add anything to my cart. found in 26 reviews
and wouldn't let me sign into my AE rewards account. found in 37 reviews
App still crashes after clicking "Add to Passbook ". found in 34 reviews
This is the worst shopping app I have ever used. found in 24 reviews
I've deleted app and reinstalled and it still won't add to passbook. found in 34 reviews
The app wont even load it crashes when i try to open it. found in 18 reviews
This app was awesome until every time I would try to check out. found in 30 reviews
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iPhone 334x480 2
iPhone 334x480 3
iPhone 334x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
this app does not work and has trouble in signing in Ive tried signing in a million times and have yet to succeed I would rate this app zero stars if I could    Its slow and doesnt work
I used this app to order boots waited a week after getting my order confirmation and NOTHING happened so I had to email customer support only to find out my order was cancelled due to technical difficulties Um when were they planning on telling me My shoes shouldve been here by now    Not Worth It
I dont understand the point of a 25 off offer when the app doesnt work Cant add items to the cart cant log in cant check out it just keeps loading and loading Terrible Giant waste of time    25 off but it doesnt work
App is terrible if you want to order anything Ive tried it several times and each time wont let me complete an order will only let me save items to cart It cant link my rewards number and it gives nonexistent errors about missing credit card security codes or inaccurate zip codes I never have these challenges with other apps    App only good for browsing
I wanted to purchase a lot of items so I was glad to purchase the app and save 25 however this app is a disaster Theres no place to enter an apartment number for your address it kept saying I needed to enter my credit card security code but there is no place to enter it and I kept getting error messages when checking out Way too much work so you lost a 200 sale    Terrible
Been trying to purchase for 2 days And my cart and signing is all wrong So much for 25 off 200 of stuff I cant buy To bad    LoveD it But then it doesnt work
An app of this poor quality shouldnt have ever made it to the App Store Did AE do any testing at all I was never able to checkout in the app due to numerous bugs When trying to pay w PayPal I got server not found several times When it worked then it said my zip code and state didnt match which is wrong When I tried entering a credit card it said I was missing the security code even though there was no field to enter it Luckily the discount stayed with my cart and I was able to pay from the web If you want to get the discount I recommend filling your cart from the app and then paying on the web    Inexcusably horrible
Tried several attempts to get the 25 discount by using this app Needed to call customer service which applied the discount however I did not get the full 25 discount as promised when using app Paid regular price for an item discount was supposed to be applied and only got 15 on one Waited 3 days to get credited back to my cc appfail    Functions Poorly
I have tried the reserve try and buy feature Its amazing A great job done by AEO this time                Great app
EVERY NEGATIVE COMMENT CONCERNING THIS APP IS TRUE Dont waste your time on it the discount only seemed to work sporadically when the promo was introduced just to lure people in This is my opinion Cause now its worthless and frustrating to say the leastIm uninstalling right now    HORRIBLE
I was hesitant to download the app after reading all the problems others were experiencing and almost didnt bother with the hassle just to save 25 Im so glad I did it anyway It couldnt have been easier for me to shop and automatically save 25 on my purchases Every time I hit a button while shopping and checking out etc I cringed thinking it was going to crash or freeze or something but nope I shopped to my hearts content with not one problem I even came back for more and still no problem and saved another 25 on my purchase So quick and easy just the way I like it                QuickEasy
I would rate it higher however its very tricky to use Its not difficult everything on the app resembles the website its more like it works only when it wants to It loads slow which isnt that much of a problem but it constantly exits me out of the app and Im always faced with server failures If these problems are fixed I would gladly rate this a 45 star I just want my 25 coupon for using the app       If only it worked
Apps are usually usedcreated for some type of convenience This one was probably created to make shopping with the app impossible I frequently use aecom to shop since there isnt one nearby The 25 off brought me to the app The app only worked about for five minutes over the past two days and the rest were all errors These included could not addremove items from bag ALL of the items in the bag disappeared several times and links would not load Oops Preceded the error messages and since there were so many of them it just felt like its a joke Perhaps its Skynet testing the waters of technological evil    DOES NOT WORK
Love this app but when its not working I just wanna throw my phone against the wall I go to look at my cart sometimes my clothes are in there sometimes theyre not I go on there to shop cause thats what I do in my free time then when I go to my cart theres no clothes in there this is important to know cause I like to buy my things instore One time I was in the store ready to buy but then I couldnt get my clothes from my cart viewable so u didnt know what I wanted Anyways I like this app cause its easy to shop but then u dont know what you shopped for They need to update this app ASAP          Needs update
This app is so frustratingly glitchy and the tech support is nonexistent Its okay when youre browsing and adding stuff to your cart but once you try to checkout the glitches start happening It either wont let me add my card because its already been added when it hasnt or the connection times out The payment works with PayPal but then it says my country isnt valid I live in the US and my zip code and state dont match up etc I battled with the app for an HOUR to just check out before I gave up and called AE to order Ive already tried redownloading the app and exiting out but nothing has resolved it I even called customer service to see if they have some solution and the answer I got was basically I really dont know how to help you with that This app really needs some serious debugging before its ready for consumer use    Needs a lot of work
I downloaded the app for the 25 off deal I went to checkout and put in all of my info and when I hit place order it would either tell me my ZIP code didnt match my state or that I need to enter a security code while there was no place to enter it The app ended up charging me for my purchase without placing my order I had to spend almost an hour talking to customer support to get a refund    DO NOT purchase on the app
Flawless Not sure what others are facingI had a flawless experience shoppingkudos                Great app well done
I really liked this app until I actually tried to purchase something I chose to pay via PayPal Somehow I paid for the items but the order did not place I contacted customer service and they were wonderful about it After giving them all of the information they were able to cancel the PayPal transaction I got the refund very quickly but I am not planning on using the app again       Beware of using PayPal
I have been trying to order jeans for 2 days now The first time I would go to check out and the price would go down change my mind on a few things go back to check and the price would continue to drop I had 4 jeans and 2 rings and the total said 18 Not right of course Now every time I shop on the app it loses my cart and I have to go back and do it again I just found things on my computer got onto to the app where it automatically updated my cart but there was no difference in the price One time it gave it to me then immediately took it away    Ugghhhgagagagaga
This app is so frustrating it keeps crashing and not working as everyone stated below I dont know if its something with the app or aeriecom in general because thats not working for me as well it doesnt let me click add to bag this is so frustrating    Crash crash crash
Not happy with this app When I go to check out and I add in my discount and everything instead of the price going down it goes up I waited the next day and it still was incorrect This needs to change       Needs Help
Browsing items is fine However when trying to check out the total changes multiple times even though you do nothing to the items in the cart Very often a server failed error pops up When logging into the account it says Im already logged in when Im not It asks for Touch ID and then does nothing not even an error They really need to work the kinks out    Needs A LOT of work
Easy app                Great App
This app makes me want to cry It is a massive failure of technological advances and should be cast into hell and let to burn there for eternity with other things that dont work at all I used this app to take advantage of some sweet sale prices but it turns out ae just charged my paypal and never created the order so by the time I realized their error and tried to fix it the sale was over Customer service did not allow me to still order the items for the sale price which is absurd and disappointing considering the technical error that led to the problem I give up on the internet    This app is terrible
I like most people downloaded the app to get the 25 discount but got incredibly frustrated while checking out Once I input my shippingbilling information my price would change in my cart It would say my discount was 12 instead of 33 but I didnt change anything It kept going to different numbers every time I input new data like my phone number Finally I went back in forth until it went to my original price It took about thirty minutes to check out If I was iffy about buying which I usually am then it would have made me abandon my cart which I do all the time when its difficult to check out Should fix soon          Definitely need to work out the kinks
Thats all I see anymore when trying to buy things off the app I cant stand how frustrating it is to find the right stuff to get and then not being able to get it because the app cant function properly Please fix this or find out why it NEVER works    Server response failed
Its awesome to get notifications about the dealsbut trying to checkout is a nightmare It makes me sign in which is fine and then sign in to PayPal which is also fine but then Im met with a million errors and basically I never get to place my order Id rather just use the website    Doesnt work for ordering
If you actually plan on making an electronic purchase save yourself the time and hassle and go to the website I thought it was just a temporary glitch the first time I had troublebut naw Every order has prompted a call to customer service Sometimes they are helpful The last one referred me to the site instead of offering to process it over the phone    Inconsistent unreliable time waster
This app needs some serious work Its useless in its current state    The worst
Love AEO and love this app Its simple and gets the job done                Love
Cant even log into the server Error just says Oops Server Response Failed No further explanation Useless    Wont even log in
I regularly shop through retail app s and i must admit this is by far the best app i have come across Its really simple and easy to navigate around which really makes my shopping experience smooth and quick To top it all their app deals are sweet and irresistible and i always end up buying more for less All in all its definitely a keeper The only thing i really miss in this app is to have something like a store to favorites option It would really help shopaholics like meHope they update it soon                Love this quick and simple app
Tried to place 4 orders using PayPal Only 1 went through but it still pulled money from my account for each order even though there was an error Kept erasing what I had added to my bag took the apartment number off my order so now the package wont get here wont open the Orders tab frequent connection timeouts and errors I thought the app was awful before they redesigned itthis is much worse    Awful
This app is garbage All kind of errors Shopping cart just disappears Id like to take advantage of the discount but how much time should I invest in the magical disappearing shopping cart    Garbage
Went through the burden of downloading the app download crashed 3 times and didnt get the 25 coupon Disappointing and deceptive       Deceptive advertising
Took me 2 ours and several error messages before it finally let me check out with the 25 discount This app is trash American Eagle    Took 2 hours to check out
Why waste my time on the mobile app when it CONSTANTLY crashes Just go on your browser instead With the app you spend time browsing and adding 5 items or more to your cart CRASH reopen app and all is lost Spend time trying to remember what you previously added readd them CRASH reopen app Cart empty repeat repeat repeat Dont waste your time The app is garbage If you LIKE wasting time in an endless Groundhog Day shopping experience well then this app is perfect for you    Crashes constantly
I downloaded the app and even with the technical issues fought through it to save the 25 I paid with PayPal and got a confirmation number and everything Didnt write it down because I always get the follow up email Well now I havent received anything and as of this morning theres no record of my order anywhere and the 25 offer is over This app is terrible    Lost out on 25
Please fix the app so it actually works before you lure a bunch of people in with an app required discount The updates have not made this any better It is the WORST shopping app Ive ever seen Discounts dont apply correctly total price sometimes includes items that Ive taken out of the cart seriously and the cart will not load two times in a row without having to kill the app get back in Apps should make shopping easier not make you mad enough to drop it and skip your purchase altogether    Still horrible
I placed an order on this app was charged and got a detailed transaction report from PP but AE has no record and hasnt shipped it When I complained about the app they were like yeah we know there are some issues Still havent had any response to my order inquiry much less had a email confirmation or God forbid actually see an portion of the order No record of the order in my history but PP sure has a record of it Save yourself the headaches and the heartaches and just avoid this app and the company who put it out and wont fix it or remediate the issues with it    RIP OFFAVOID
I tried to place an order for over an hour I got multiple error messages one asking me to enter a security code not sure if that is a code for my card or not but there is not a place to enter the cvv unless you scan the card to add it I entered it there and I still got the same message I kept trying and finally got an order confirmation but the order is not showing up in my recent orders I called customer service and was asked to check my bank to see if I was charged and there were 2 pending charges but they show no order for me Very frustrated because he advised me to not try and place the order again and to call back tomorrow now I will probably not receive my order by the day I needed it Fix your app    Terrible
Couldnt fulfill my order due to not entering security code after i entered the code a thousand times Ugh very irritated with this pos app    Pos
Spent hours shopping 400 merch only to have my shopping cart empty unexpectedly Twice    DO NOT SHOP WITH THIS APP
Keeps crashing everytime i try to order new clothes    Great when it works
While ordering it said that I had failed to enter the date and security code over and over I still ordered but it took much longer than necessary Please fix    Please fix
Keeps telling me my zip code is wrong but charges me anyway I used PayPal and was charged twice but none of the orders went through    Wont submit order but still charges
The app is pretty clean in design and I found everything on there easy to find The only problem was that the app didnt function well on my iPad After trying to make a purchase for a really long time on my iPad I got frustrated and decided to switch over to my iPhone where everything worked very smoothly My advice is to be aware of what device youre using and to make sure that all of your software is up to date Overall I think I still prefer the website version but the app is well worth it if you want that 25 discount while its still here             Not bad
Tried to order on and off for hours yesterday for the 25 discount and the app wouldnt work It let me add to the cart but wouldnt let me check out Now I can finally login and the promo is over Ill be taking my business elsewhere    Extremely Dissapointing
I have tried off and on for 2 days to place an order in the app I have even uninstalled and reinstalled the app Everything the previously reviewer said is happening for me also Log in youre already logged in cant checkout Touch ID attempts then freezes my phone Also when all that finishes and I get back in it tell me its having a problem adding things to me cart Things I could order from the website without error at the same time Generally I do love the app and I purchase often when it works but lately its just a waste AE please fix the app or at least extend the 25 off to web shoppers also until you get the app fixed       There is a problem adding to your cart
Was trying to get 25 off for using the app but every time I went to checkout the price would raise I also kept getting a server failure and losing connection Wish they would fix the app and extend the sale or something for all the trouble       Raises prices at checkout


American Eagle Outfitters
4.4 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.5.1
iPhone iPad

iOS AE 1.5.1 Mobile

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