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Description - AfterFocus , the publisher behind many iOS app (FrameStyler ,SplitPlay ,LiveFace Lite - the photo animator ,PhotoShake! ,FOTOFLY 포토북 사진인화 ,PhotoShake! for iPad), brings AfterFocus with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AfterFocus app has been update to version 1.4.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • A Must Have for Photo Editors..

Overall Satisfactionc78
Big Lens was my go to shallow DOF app.
I'd prefer full res with all EXIF data maintained.
I love my Nikon DSLR because of high image quality.
Favorite new app.
Still the best and most realistic bokeh effect on the App Store.
Fun & Engagingc85
This app is really cool and fun.
This is super fun and impressive at what it does.
Really makes photos look awesome.
The app does everything it advertises and more.
I am using this app everyday.
something that would make the results of this app much more useful.
pc world 5 essential ios apps for photographers.
An essential iPhone app.
Production Valuesc87
using a very specialized app to add DOF effects to my pictures.
Ease of Usec80
Simple yet Comprehensive.
To those who have problems with the precision of the masking process.
Updates & Supportc79
I would have liked to try a demo version before buying.

the ability to turn off the flash. found in 2 reviews
The app does everything it advertises and more. found in 1 reviews
This app is the shiznit. found in 1 reviews
Simple yet Comprehensive. found in 1 reviews
One of the best tools for aperture I have seen. found in 1 reviews
This app will easily make your pictures look of a higher quality. found in 2 reviews
Take iPhone Pics to the next Level. found in 1 reviews
Better Than Photoshop. found in 1 reviews
Big Lens was my go to shallow DOF app. found in 3 reviews
I love my Nikon DSLR because of high image quality. found in 1 reviews
Well worth the small price tag. found in 1 reviews
Still the best and most realistic bokeh effect on the App Store. found in 1 reviews
A touch of class. found in 1 reviews
You can pan and zoom to adjust. found in 1 reviews
This app makes photos look so cool. found in 1 reviews
Clean and slick UI. found in 1 reviews
I know this app provides a lot more features than that. found in 1 reviews
I'm a convert. found in 1 reviews
Solo or even a regular rubber tipped stylus. found in 1 reviews
and the ability to import the two photos from the camera roll. found in 2 reviews
Needs iphone 5 support. found in 1 reviews
would be a more precise selection method. found in 6 reviews
Would be nice to edit my photos on a larger screen. found in 5 reviews
My biggest request is that the developer would add native iPad support. found in 1 reviews
Needs Higher Resolution Canvas. found in 2 reviews
If you apply this app to a larger image. found in 1 reviews
The currently icon design is very poor. found in 1 reviews
Will change my rating to 5 stars as soon as the res issue is fixed. found in 1 reviews
Please have a filter strength slider in the next update. found in 1 reviews
Missing option to cancel flash. found in 1 reviews
but it keeps closing every time I go to save my final image. found in 1 reviews
Freezes when saving. found in 1 reviews
But please make a new icon. found in 1 reviews
I am disappointed it doesn't support the iPad resolution. found in 1 reviews
AfterFocus isn't iPhone 5 optimized. found in 1 reviews
but it freezes whenever I try to save. found in 1 reviews
wth a little practice. found in 1 reviews
I dont even know how to use it. found in 1 reviews
I don't know how anyone could give this good reviews. found in 1 reviews

The AfterFocus is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 6.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.4.0 has been released on 2014-11-27. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about AfterFocus check developer`s website :

With AfterFocus, you can create DSLR-style background blurred photo by simply selecting focus area. Also, various filter effects offer you to create the most natural and realistic photo. Selecting a focus area more precisely, you can ...
Works pretty well especially if you take your time to carefully mask the areas you want to blur I ve used it a long time and will continue to until I find a similar app that leaves my metadata intact As a photographer it s pretty important to have that info for photos in my catalog and galleries So only 3 stars from me However it s great for quick social media posts if you don t care about preserving metadata             It strips out metadata in2photos
Me encant la recomiendo totalmente                     Of73r
This app does one thing and does it very well This is a very easy to use and is very stable I ve never had it crash iPhone 5 6Plus Some apps have too many things going on most of which I never use This is a go to app for me to make a good image look awesome Thanks and keep up the good work                     Great effect so simple and easy to use w4shep
Great app                     Great app and easy to use 567789655
I am blown away with this APP I got it did the auto blur AMAZING Easy to use lotsa FXs If there issues I don t think it s the user It could be the processor of the device My equipment are 9 7 iPAD pro and iPhone 7 not the plus Both with the latest OS update Can t wait to see if MotionOne Ltd comes out with a more Deluxe Version                     OUTSTANDING Joonjah de Cumbia
Totally stinks paid for app for my IPhone 6 Does horrible job poor instructions no save button Bad money spent     After focus tasapio
This app has been worth every penny and more Everyone that I ve sent my pictures to has been impressed with the look of the pictures I am just an average photo taker but with this app pictures can look like a professional It was extremely easy to use and navigate At first I was just looking for an app to blur the background in some of my pictures but this app can do that and so much more I ve now find myself just looking through my photo album to look for other pictures I like that I can modify as well Definitely one of the best photo apps out there                     One of the best GarzaD
From Android to IOS                     It s working great Ath12345
This app gives you fantastic EASY access to the pop out focus blur style of adjustments to your photos Very smart app that has all the little tools and features you ll need to quickly achieve great effects The default setting of overwriting your original photo should be changed before you use if it s your wish to keep your original photo FYI Great app                     Smart USF-Galaxy1
1st review decent and well thought out Give 4 stars so far Against the other app this one seems to be slightly better Although other app crashed and developer does not know why it s crashing will need more head2head testing on same photo before giving a second rating 2nd review against head2head photo Have to downgrade this apps rating to 3 stars against other app at 4 stars even with other app crashing Why This app does NOT have a macro masking pop up viewer so you can actually trace outline of what you want to keep in focus Using your fat finger user cannot see the mask Sad This app does have far more tools filters effects than other app Yet cannot find the undo button when I made a background blur mistake Developer give user a macro mask viewer window and an undo button and this app easy 4 5 stars             App review against its competitors Mauijoe
This app has the potential for great photo editing but no matter what setting I put it on it uploads the photos already slightly blurred Basically running the quality of any photo uploaded into it So waste of time and money         Ruins quality of photos LoveMy2KBs
You should give the user the ability to draw on the subject and lift the pen or fingertip off without highlighting the entire subject The addition of a NEXT button to do just that would be much more convenient It allows us to see better when doing detailed works on the subject such as drawing on areas of the subject that aren t meant to be blurred                 Tweak app Bayside Studios
Can t believe I disovered it only recently                     Amazing app GLaDOS_Portal2
This app is too crude The option to adjust the feathering is lame The transitions from blur to focus are so harsh that regardless of the effort the final product looks like a cutout pasted onto an overly blurred background It s a cheap attempt to create a DSLR effect but it is ultimately an exercise in frustration Not even worth a dollar I am a photographer and I enjoy taking photos with a variety of prime lenses This in no way resembles the effect of a real camera     Wasted potential ArtistdocNY
It isn t Photoshop but for 99 it does what it s supposed to do quickly and easily I am delighted                     For 99 it s great bluesloverinNPB
I use this app to make my photos more lively It is very easy to select people or objects in a photo using the smart selection tool and its UX is great You will instantly know how to use it very intuitive Facing out background adds way better effect than I expected Two thumbs up                     Do one thing but do very well Boyoon
I can t express how much I love this app I ve been using AfterFocus for awhile now It s my go to app for full control of the depth of feel I m looking for Smart blur is so cool                     Still the best By far BMoreGoHard_
Easy to use and blurs out the selected background So it does what it supposed to do                 Does what it suppose to do Big Alp
This app has the unique focus area selection method and it is easier to use than other touch based focus blur apps Edge of selected area is clearly separated from blurred background This app will be a my favorite after camera app                     Best focus app iphone forever!
1 stars for the double photo feature which is at least interesting But basically this app represents one of the worse wastes of a dollar I ve ever known The feather effect needs massive improvement in order to create a smooth transition between zones of focus The finger swiping option is far superior to the automatic one for blocking out areas and that in of itself is still terrible For a specific image this can work really well But not for most and a headshot of a person with even a strand of hair not greased down on their scalp forget it     Pretty Bad chani1106
Works well and is easy to use                     Fantastic Chvck123
Can t disable flash     Must enable flash disable Anti anti-contrarian
I use this quite often to blur backgrounds in my photos                     Excellent mperson007
It s totally tubular                     LOVE THIS APP LETI VALADEZ
This is the best blurring app I ve used Most of my photos don t have things at the same distance across the frame so using just a band to set focus and blur areas doesn t work Same with just using a circle This app lets you choose the objects to be sharp mid or all out of focus Take the time to view the tutorial video on using the smart method It pays off And you can adjust the blur amount I usually tone it down a bit I don t mind the stronger setting as it lets me clearly see what the app is doing Only 4 stars due to not supporting high resolution images from my other cameras Need this and maybe make the app universal so I don t have to use it 2X on my iPad                 Awesome Just Wish gobeatty
The majority of reviews on this were right I don t know why I didn t pay attention to them This app is complete crap There isn t an auto smart focus you have to manually draw lines like in old school Paint and then it blurs everything outside of the crooked line you draw So that your image looks like a kindergartener blurred it They stole my money and I d like it back     Don t waste your money Cassy12164865424578
I ve been using this app for years now from my old Samsung phone to my iPhone 6S and it works like it should One thing please fix the camera it just shows black screen when i try to use the feature Editing existing pictures are just flawless though                     I just love it Rdizzle85
I wanted to fix my blurry photo Didn t do anything Wasted my money I want refund     Total useless crap infinitenious
Dont waste your money This app is a scam and doesn t work     Doesn t work Rachellyd
Doesn t work     Bad Cc8864
It should be harder to make pictures look as good as this does                     Should not be this easy Jayzen528
best                     989379696711 mohamad ab farahani
This is a great app to add polish to iPhone photography and make your shots look more like they came from an SLR camera The developer builds pretty great apps with a lot of attention to the detail of their work Interface is great and quality is great                     Outstanding TheMacDaddy
I absolutely love this app it s perfect I do not have one of those nice expensive dslr cameras so I don t get that nice blurry background when I take pictures but now I can with this app I ve been using it a lot and it s worked perfectly I cannot believe it was only 99 Great deal                     Love it Mayrarita
Need an update     Update Faisssal
I love the app and it works great for images that need a defined cut out blur If I need a soft transition blur it will not do it The edge feather only is a few pixels wide If they added a way to adjust the feather size this app would totally rule The mid and background areas you make don t blend at all The harsh lines between the focus and background are too strong Without being able to feather or blend that blur you have to basically use it for cut outs if that makes sense They do have an option to do a straight line blur that does feather or fade nice but not when selecting an area to cutout             Sharp edges JustinOring
The blur is too harsh and doesn t resemble the blue of shallow focus at all         Don t buy Uh-Kay-luh
I love it it works very well and is very very easy and intuitive Please update for the larger phones and also add Photos app integration It would be awesome to open my photos app and just hit more and access the functions like I can photoshop express and such                 Great for focus Michael James Urwin
App crashes upon selecting a photo Deleted than reinstalled the app but still will not load a photo to edit It works when I take a photo but not with the photos in my camera roll which renders this app USELESS     Crashes volatex
Best Focus Edit App                     Focus Manvir Singh Gill
This app is so easy to use Beginners friendly and expert friendly You can truly make some amazing adjustments if you take your time and even if you rush I have a combination of settings that are my go to settings now for most images The filters are really nice Can use some IG style filters without having to go into IG and making a post Love this app Suggestion Like reviewers below mentioned more precision would be great it would also be nice to have other blur options maybe some fun patterned blur designs thats a little funky but why not Any improvements and editing additions to the app will make it only more and more perfect but its already pretty amazing Wonderful app                 A Must Have for Photo Editors Wonderful
This app has the unique focus area selection method and it is easier to use than other touchbased focusblur apps Edge of selected area is clearly separated from blurred background This app will be a my favorite aftercamera app                 Best focus app
tried all similar app but this one stand out more really great for a 099 apps thank dev for this fine app                 recommended
This app will easily make your pictures look of a higher quality One of the best tools for aperture I have seen                 Excellent
I used other DSLR DoF adding apps until I found one that worked well I used Big Lens for some time until a recent update just made them look shadyIMO So the hunt was on for a better app and I found After Focus I read reviews and watched a tutorial and decided to commit the 1 Glad I did Best DoF simulator Ive used I love the zoom capability to get the small details right and the fact that you can do a natural blur fade is awesome Keep up the good work You deserve these 5 stars                 Im a convert
Instagram image size change very good                 Instagram Upload good
it did not work at all very frustrating when they rip you off     terrible does not work at all waste of money
The quality of the images is diminished Looks terrible I dont know how anyone could give this good reviews I want my money back Not what I wanted Its all pixelated where the focused image meets the blurred background Dont purchase unless you want to waste your money and get pixelated images     UNHAPPY
Ive been using AfterFocus for a couple of years Its one of my favorite photo apps because it works and its quick It adds the depth of field effect to iPhone pics so well you may find yourself importing photos taken with a regular camera into your iPhone so you can get the same effect Highly recommended                 Take iPhone Pics to the next Level
The erase button doesnt work anymore Please fix Thx                 Flawed after update
Love this app but Would be cool of you can change the color in the background to all black or any other color where you change the focus where its not highlighted in red in the pic Great app Follow me TalentDisplay                 Love this app but
Dont waste your money on this instead buy Tadaa SLR They even didnt pay me back I hate fake apps I hate hyped descriptions So I hate this app Ffffck     DONT buy THIS crap
I love this app I can now go back and edit pics of my 13 month old They look so much better I could not find some of the more basic functions such as cropping I currently use another app for that                 Best 1 Ive Spent
When manually coloring to highlight the focal area could we get an update where it includes a magnify feature              update please
For the most part photos turn out amazing I can hardly believe they were taken on an iPhone What keeps it from being 5 stars is that you cant zoom in more while drawing on the areas you want inout of focus Also the bokeh feature is nice but sometimes doesnt show on the finished photo like it does in the preview Otherwise great app              Incredible
I request to develop a iPad version I bought this apps but in my iPad its not visually great expect much from the developer I also bought in my Samsung Galaxy Note3 Thumbs up              Request
If you are gonna buy this app for the Stickit Like effect dont purchase I did and it looks terrible On the other hand the motion effect its mostly made for looks amazing           Not For Stickers
Was hoping it would sharpen a picture after a site claimed it could fix the focus target but it didnt Wasted a buck It just blurs the area and makes you see the target Doesnt fix the blurry mess of your digital     Mislead
This app makes photos look so cool And its so easy to do i highly HIGHLY recommend this app wow i love it                 AMAZING APP ONE OF MY FAVORITES
I tried a lot of photo editing app but this one does what I wanted                 DSLR like finish on iPhone
Works great easy to use Would recommend if you are looking for a quick way to blur out the background or whatever area you want              Easy to use
I love this app Its fantastic It makes my pictures look like I took them with a professional camera Its definitely worth the money Love it                 Awesome
Great app bottom buttons are cut off on ios7                 Not iOS7 friendly
This app doesnt work with my iPhone 6 plus I am stuck in the help screen Nothing changes once all the slides run     Not good
I use the app to set the focus and out of focus areas It is very easy to use The results are excellent This is one of the most useful apps I own out of the hundreds that Ive bought                 Excellent App
This app is generally a great tool for me I second the request someone else made regarding more precise masking and that would be changing the preset brush sizes to a variable slide controlled brush size controller so one can get into tight areas Another thing would help greatly the ability to lock zoom so that one can paint the mask without the image constantly zooming in and out Being able to pan while in zoom would help a lot For those who have difficulties using fingers to mask I would suggest trying a brush stylus such as the Sensū Solo or even a regular rubber tipped stylus It is much easier to paint with than a finger                 Suggestions
My favorite pictures look even better almost as if they were taken with an expensive camera or lens                 Makes my favorite pics pop
I use this app to make stickers I useful however it always blurs right outside of the sticker Its very annoying Is there a way to turn it off If not please make it so you can Also I would have liked a trial version for free But I like it in general           Useful BUT
Im trying to post the photo on Facebook and I have tried all upload sizes and once I post the picture it becomes unblurry Whats the problem     Problems
I thought it sucked at first but I just had to learn how to use it and tweak it Worth every penny if you like to edit photos                 Awesome
Still the best and most realistic bokeh effect on the App Store The new icon is much more attractive Only complaint is render time for full res takes a while but on the new 5s its noticeably faster                 The best and most realistic
Beautifully donedoes exactly what I was looking for in app                 Favorite new app
Awesome app                 Simply Great
I purchased this app and been playing around with it and I am pretty impressed The outcome of my pictures are just very nice you guys made a GREAT product I am glad I bought it I am a very happy customer              Pretty NICE app
This app is really cool and funIt makes my photos come out really professional I would recommend it to anyone looking to edit and produce quality looking photos                 Fantastic
This really is a great app Very focused pardon the pun but good at what it does While I have many very sophisticated photo editing apps that in principle can do this effect this is still the easiest way to accomplish it My biggest request is that the developer would add native iPad support To those who have problems with the precision of the masking process I find that I can get as detailed as I wish if I magnify the image sufficiently One other nit is I wish it was more clear what resolution the app is working at or saving the photo too Allinall a really great little app that I keep coming back to but please add an iPad version              Great app
This app is wonderful I love editing my photos making them look unique stand out against the rest                 Great
The app was updated after a long break almost an year and it was totally worth waiting Functionalitywise the old version was already complete but now the UI got whole lot better I would say the old UI was classic and artistic and the new UI is more modern and slick which is well aligned with trend Great functionality with nicelooking UI Cant ask more                 Clean and slick UI Love it
Really nice app You can really make people or whatever really stand out using this app Its very quick and does its job Like any of these type apps its hard to get every part of something in focus but its better and faster than most other apps              Nice app
more filters needed                 great focus app
Its not that great should be free     Cheap app cheap results
It make my photo for so beautiful i love it so                 I like it
This is a VERY helpful app One of the best Maybe even the best Focus app there is                 So Great
This is a good app for what it is trying to accomplish My only gripe something that would make the results of this app much more useful would be a more precise selection method It is very hard to paint with a finger on a touchscreen when trying to achieve nice looking images Touch ReTouch for example has a very nice zoom while painting feature that if something similar were implemented here would make this app hard to beat              Nice App missing one very useful feature
It does what you pay for Nd Im content with it Honestly it depends i how much work you put into a photo The lines can either be crappy or excellent Either way I love it so do all my friends Get it 5 stars                
I consider this to be among the few apps that can be deemed essential for all iPhone owners The app does everything it advertises and more and does so with absolute refinement Wonderful 5 stars and highly recommended                 An essential iPhone app
Afterfocus is brilliant at helping you create wonderful unique pics I really wish they had an iPad version I would pay extra for it My favorite photo App in years                 I love this App
Very smart app Good job but with full resolution it will be the best and i will change my review              One of my favorite
The app is nice but it freezes whenever I try to save Size is set to the highest        Freezes when saving
I think its easy to use and works good no glitches yet and definately adds dimension to photos                 I like it

AfterFocus Photo & Video Focus Area Blur EffectAfterFocus Photo & Video Focus Area Blur EffectAfterFocus Photo & Video Focus Area Blur EffectAfterFocus Photo & Video Focus Area Blur EffectAfterFocus Photo & Video Focus Area Blur EffectAfterFocus Photo & Video Focus Area Blur EffectAfterFocus Photo & Video Focus Area Blur EffectAfterFocus Photo & Video Focus Area Blur Effect

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