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Al Jazeera Network , the publisher behind many iOS app (الجزيرة مباشر ,Al Jazeera Turk Dergi ,Al Jazeera Sport Live Global and News ,Al Jazeera Balkans Magazine ,الجزيرة مباشر مصر ,The Stream - Al Jazeera America), brings AJE Magazine with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AJE Magazine app has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc90
    Best news source best app live for free and magazine awesome too.
    Al jazeera English is my other favorite news app.
    Beautiful layout and quality content.
    Gorgeous photography and quality journalism.
    Thanks for this fantastic app.
    Just lots better than CNN.
    Seriously the best news.
    Fun & Engagingc100
    awesome layout.
    Production Valuesc100
    Visually stunning.
    interactive graphics.
    good iPad interface.
    Ease of Usec100
    The app is configured well and it's easy to use.
    Great articles and easy navigation gives it five-stars.
    Make sure to add an easy to find list of shortwave.
    The layout is very intuitive and looks great.
    The magazine is easy to navigate.
    Simple excellent quality of news.

    a breath of fresh air. found in 2 reviews
    Great news coverage. found in 3 reviews
    one part investigative reporting in regions I'm very unfamiliar with. found in 2 reviews
    Al jazeera English is my other favorite news app. found in 2 reviews
    This is what a digital magazine should be. found in 3 reviews
    This is not only top notch journalism. found in 3 reviews
    Bringing journalism back with a vengeance. found in 2 reviews
    Beautiful application filled with a lot of solid journalism. found in 1 reviews
    Beautiful magazine for a wonderful news corp. found in 2 reviews
    It is a change in news when a magazine provides information. found in 2 reviews
    Just lots better than CNN. found in 1 reviews
    For those seeking a broader worldview. found in 2 reviews
    as I have come to expect from Al Jazeera. found in 2 reviews
    I love how it looks and handles. found in 1 reviews
    Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in unbiased world news. found in 7 reviews
    which has a wide variety of in- depth stories. found in 2 reviews
    Very rarely bias from anyone's view point. found in 2 reviews
    Great app please update for iphone 5 screen. found in 3 reviews
    but at a much higher cost. found in 1 reviews
    Also needs to be updated for iPhone 5. found in 1 reviews
    5 stars if fix screen for iphone 5. found in 1 reviews
    civilian government can't make a single decision without military's consent. found in 1 reviews
    the app stopped giving me new issues. found in 1 reviews
    horrible support. found in 1 reviews

    If you are iPad owner,you now can download AJE Magazine for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 5.1 MB to download. The new AJE Magazine app version 1.2 has been updated on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
    More Info: Find more info about AJE Magazine in Al Jazeera Network`s Official Website : http://aljazeera.com

    Al Jazeera Engslish Magazine for iPad brings you all the best of the latest English articles on news and current affairs from Al Jazeera English, free of charge. Al Jazeera English is an international news channel ...
    I downloaded the app eager to read the latest issue after being teased with what appears to be a great article It showed up in the Newstand but there are no 2014 articles even visible outside of the title childhood in November There is not an indication one must complete a task to access them I subscribed and nothing changed Its very frustrating to have to use an app to read content doubly so when the app doesnt provide the content     Crapptastic
    Best digital magazine implementation Ive seen so far and the content is very informative                 Great magazine app
    Beautifuljust gorgeous The way I ought to view the news on my iPad The level of journalism is top notch although as a consumer Im aware of and take into account the bias A friend recommended this app to me and Im in love I just hope that they dont change the experience too much as they continue to grow                 A Joy
    Al Jazeera is as good as it gets in terms of distribution to filter ratio              As good as it gets
    Well done                 Excellent
    Library never updates Running latest version 112014 on iPhone 4 new issues end in 112013 with Nelson Mandela special edition Great app and magazine layout but wheres the new content Or all of 2014s content           Where are new issues
    Great magazine but I cannot subscribe successfully keeps saying server error If I dont subscribe I can download issues but after I close the app they are gone I have to delete app and reinstall app and the cycle repeats itself Been this way for some time        Downloads keep disappearing
    Not what I hoped it would be Just a downloadable collection of 20 or so previous articles going back a few years Just as an FYI I watch AJ on our cable TV on a regular basis     Disappointing
    This app is not updating after Last issue that I could see is that of November 2013 Have tried refreshing library and even uninstalling and then reinstalling the app but still in vain Dont know whats wrong with it     Help Needed
    Best photo journalism to be had on stories of human importance accompanied by concise compelling narrative              The Magazine
    Very well organized                 Great magazine
    Access to new releases cant be done and no fixes either Its just old content now even if it was excellent at the time     Really
    There are only old articles from 2013     What a joke
    Good                 Saudi
    Im so proud of aljazeera                 Great
    Im very big on reading magazines and novels in a digital format and the layout of this magazine is spectacular This magazine is obviously tailored to an iPhone or at least an iPhone 5 Personally I enjoy Aljazeera reporterswriter Theyre topics and styles align with news junkies Due to many preconceptions their work must prove itself twice and this magazine is a great example of that work                 Absolutely beautiful
    Brilliant content dazzling design And all for free                 Outstanding
    Great timely and informative articles that are not matched in depth and breadth in Mainstream media                 Al Jazeera English
    Having lived in America since 1965 growing up in domestic isolation with familial watch dogs that taught only the basics of ethics with no application versus psychopathy after having watched this news agency I found their ethicsonly effective for like minded groups of similar ideology racial or class identity Then after having left those relationships of seeming normalcy and watching and listening to this news agency I became painfully aware of my lack of vocabulary relevant to the ideology of the rest of the world at large The confidence of content gained from wonderful brave intrepid field correspondents and those in the studio saved my life from ignorance and lack of meaning It inspired me to learn of the rule of law the spirit of the laws of Montesquieu and the social contract of Rousseau enabled me to be aware of the Malthusian traps that encompass the framework of society everywhere whether it be the life of individuals family community or State bureaucracies Thank you KAC                 The Best Content World Wide
    App fails to load properly all I see is a grey screen     Does Not Work on iPhone 6 Plus
    This is a great magazine with fantastic journalism and a much needed international perspective However the last time I opened the app it wouldnt update and ultimately I had to delete the entire app and reload it Please fix this problem              great magazine but problems updating
    OK so far Im loving the long specials Rwanda especially So far I havent been able to get just plain news stories though           OK so far but
    Very good magazine excellent articles images and the platform is very friendly                 Cgreat App great content
    Sus noticias son bien presentadas y sin sesgo                 Noticias como deben ser
    Love it                 News from around the world
    Always good to see what the rest of the world thinks is important                 Good Journalism
    I just love it                 Beautiful
    Great app coz we can easily download the magazine for offline study and its also free although new Magazines isnt published but i am happy with the old                 Great
    This is one great integration of pictures and text to send interesting and informative details in the most graphic sense                 Nice read
    They are supporting the extremists and biased toward Muslimbrotherhood     Very bad
    It was very helpful and let people understand large variety of knowledge              Good news
    Wouldnt mind if this format replaced print magazines when they inevitably die out                 Awesome
    Wonderful source of news from around the globe              Great journalism
    Its a fantastic app and I am a strong supporter of Al Jazeera unfortunately the app fails to update the magazine on my iPod It may just be an iOS problem because I am not using iOS 7 but I find it quite irritating since I really want to read the next issue of the magazine It would be of great pleasure if this bug could be fixed thank you Yusuf              Fantastic with issues no pun intended
    A great news organization with quality reporting and rigorous investigations Great app a pleasure to read on good integration of stories and pictures                 Great news slick app
    The magazines load considerably fast the cover animation are really cool and the editorial is well planned very creative with gorgeous pictures and designs                 The best newstand experience Ive had
    The stories from the AJE magazine are interesting varied and well written Each issue is an amazing example of legitimate and dedicated reporting Also you can download any of the previous issues so there is so much to choose from The photo essays are also quite striking If you want to read some thought provoking and fascinating stories from around the worlddownload this app now                 Amazing Excellent Journalism
    The indepth research and mostly impartial presentation are refreshing I highly recommend this publication                 Excellent Journalism
    Yep                 Beautiful substance
    Lies     Lies
    So far so good              Great app Very informational
    Wonderful app Excellent content Works good too                 AlJezera
    I really like finding a fresh perspective on subjects of interest This source is not following the flock trying to report the same stuff everyone else is Rather finding and investigating the world we live in and show it thru a fresh lense On my iPad 1 Need to fix dropped characters in the text of articles Some areas have all text characters and other screen areas have many dropped characters                 Review A first impression
    Was fine till newest issue Now a problem on 6 A shame as this is great content and photo journalism     Does not work on iPhone 6
    Great App magazine The reports and stories are very informative                 Mr
    Amazing stories powerful images                 Beautiful
    Both adjectives make Al Jazeera publications impactful on the lives of us who want to remain abreast of new complex and seldom explored issues                 Pertinent and informative
    The content is first rate and the programming quite elegant                 An excellent experience in internet journalism
    Al Jazeera magazine does and features some wonderful journalism The problem is that I havent been able to download any of the magazines since the Nelson Mandela issue I have an iPhone 4s fully updated My boyfriend who has an iPhone 5 has the same issue Could this get fixed Im dying to read the latest issues              Great journalism but cannot access new stories
    This magazine does an amazing job of laying out the history of the tragedy that was Rwanda It cuts through a lot of the political noise and avoids laying it at the feet of the Belgians Rwanda had many fathers but it is now a story of renewal                 Rwanda decoded

    AJE Magazine News Jazeera English News ChannelAJE Magazine News Jazeera English News ChannelAJE Magazine News Jazeera English News ChannelAJE Magazine News Jazeera English News Channel

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