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iHandySoft Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Coin Flip Euro ,Virtual Lighter Seasons ,iHandy Flashlight Free ,Battery Master Free ,Alarm Clock HD Free ,iHandy Tip Calculator), brings Alarm Clock Pro with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Alarm Clock Pro app has been update to version 1.7.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I use it all the time especially when I travel for work..
  • I like the virtual old school alarm clock display and sound..
  • It completely replaces my clunky nightstand digital alarm clock..
  • Worth it use it everyday and especially as a road warrior..
  • The slide sim switch and the shake night light are awesome..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Best alarm clock app out there love waking up to my own playlist.
I love waking up to music rather than normal alarm clock noises.
Please fix this so I can wake up to music again.
really good app becuase I love waking up to my favorite songs in the morning.
Awesome app I get to wake up to my favorite music every morning before school.
I love this app use it every night and love the shake to snooze.
The "fix" is still not workingu2026 shake to snooze works.
Great graphics and options and I love being able to choose the music.
I love the flashlight feature which has come in handy in power faliures.
Im a truck driver and I love the weather feature.
Weather feature doesn't work when traveling internationally.
Fun & Engagingc94
Awesome Alarm clock I also like the weather and the time.
This is a great app use it all the time.
Alarm clock pro is awesome.
Really good app love it use it everyday to wake up before school.
This app wakes me up every day I need to wake up.
Otherwise does most everything I need in an alarm clock.
Something you don't need in an alarm clock.
I use this all the time works well and helps me get up in the morning :.
One of the more useful alarm clock apps out there.
and wakes me up on time every day.
Ease of Usec84
Easy to program several different alarms on different days of the week.
This simple app is everything you need in an alarm clock.
Best and most simple alarm clock and wearthe plain and simple.
Everything is very easy to use and simple to configure.
-- but recently it has failed to wake me up on numerous occasions.
Easy to read and easy to reset the alarm.
Updates & Supportc93
The lite version contains most of the useful features you need.
Tried the lite version and then bought the pro.
uses too much battery power during night.
Too much battery consumption.
Wastes to much battery leaving it open for it to work.
For eveybody being mean about how it " drains your battery ".
It drains your battery like crazy.

Best alarm clock app out there love waking up to my own playlist. found in 1873 reviews
If charging phone with a cradle the alarm doesn't work. found in 117 reviews
Plus snooze doesn't work right if you lock the phone. found in 13 reviews
As for those talking about issue with auto lock. found in 40 reviews
Good alarm feature but needs a sleep timer. found in 8 reviews
Will only vibrate one time in silent mode nothing else. found in 33 reviews
wish I didn't have to remember to open the app for it to function. found in 111 reviews
I love waking up to music instead of some annoying alarm. found in 29 reviews
I wish that the app didn't have to be open for the alarm to work. found in 226 reviews
but recently it has failed to wake me up on numerous occasions. found in 24 reviews
I wish they make apps that can work in the background. found in 21 reviews
About 1/3 of the time the alarm does not work. found in 15 reviews
especially since it needs to be running to work. found in 75 reviews
but now it won't play my songs as an alarm anymore. found in 14 reviews
Needs more colors and more features. found in 18 reviews
s when it doesn't need to run in the background for the music wake. found in 88 reviews
I just wish I didn't have to keep it open for it to work. found in 19 reviews
The alarm needs to be the only app on. found in 16 reviews
Don't like how the app HAS to be running but love thw configurable snooze. found in 75 reviews
Please fix the dimmer feature like it was in the previous version. found in 10 reviews
Sometimes the background alarm will activate despite it being open. found in 36 reviews
The music wake alarm does not work anymore. found in 15 reviews
The snooze option seems to not work anymore. found in 16 reviews
Basically however it is worthless since it drains your battery. found in 17 reviews
It doesn't work with iOS 4. found in 19 reviews
Bought pro version but FAILS to play music. found in 126 reviews
Even if you leave the app running in the foreground. found in 37 reviews
Now the snooze function simply doesn't work. found in 15 reviews
It registers the snooze time but the alarm never goes off. found in 27 reviews
the app needs to be running for music to be used as alarm. found in 75 reviews
The music alarm doesn't work and the alarm doesn't always go off. found in 117 reviews
only works if iphone auto lock is off. found in 40 reviews
The app has to be open and running to work. found in 17 reviews
You need to leave the app running and open for it to work. found in 19 reviews
This app has caused me to wake up late numerous times. found in 17 reviews
The app needs to be running. found in 75 reviews
Failed to work 20 out of 25 times I've programmed it. found in 14 reviews

The Alarm Clock Pro is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Alarm Clock Pro app version 1.7.2 has been updated on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Alarm Clock Pro in iHandySoft Inc.`s Official Website :

Alarm Clock Pro turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a beautiful digital clock with gorgeous themes and an alarm clock that sings your favorite tunes. There is even a built-in flashlight to light up ...
Is great app but wish could use music from different sources for alarm but US Good app                 Review
Itd be nice if when you set an alarm it could tell you how many hours and minutes and maybe even seconds until the alarm will go off ie alarm will sound in 7 hrs and 21 mins 15 secs                 ADD THIS FEATURE PLEASE
This app is awesome Works well Have used it for years now                 Great App
from time to time the alarm will simply not produce any sound As if it was muted For no apparent reason Especially if you use the fadedin music option        Almost reliable
This is my favorite clock app I love the color options but my FAVORITE features are the music sleeptimer and the ease of dimming and brightening the clock by slowly swiping up or down I open this app every night and use it as my bedside clock I cant speak to the alarm issues others have mentioned I use an alarm for tons of reminders and have a different app that Im already in the habit of using including one that wakes me up The minimal cost for the app is worth it to me to have the features I utilize                 Works for me
Works well for me been using it for years                 Good alarm
It does what I need it to do reliably and with no fuss or complications The sleep timer is particularly convenient and easy to set No installation problems Nicely legible display and color choices                 Very useful app
I used this app for 2 years on my iPhone 5 without problems I upgraded to iPhone 6 The app will no longer access my music Communicated with ihandy support They told me to uninstall and reinstall the app which I already tried several times Support asked me to send them screen shots which I did There has been no response since I sent the screenshots and they no longer respond to emails Fair warning that there may be a bug that involves upgrading to iPhone 6        No longer accesses music on iPhone 6
I love this app and it is my main alarm clock                 Fantastic
Still good but please add a feature to let us skip a day without having to go in and turn off a recurring alarm with the associated fear that well forget to turn it back on again afterwards It would also be nice if the alarm time could be more easily adjusted eg by tapping it on the main clock screen and maybe those changes could only last one night so you dont have to remember to set it back to normal in the morning Original review Its splendid to wake to my own choice of songs For me its a slowly building song 2 rather calm songs then a loud one to make sure Im up I hate loud music in the early morning The only improvement I can think of would be to let you edit a playlist once its set rather than have to recreate it if you want to change 1 song              Stellar Alarm App Wish for Features
I used to use I handy alarm clock Pro all the time Lately however when I set my phone down the screen goes totally white It is bright in the room and it does not give me confidence that the app is working I have started to use another alarm clock app           Glitchy
This is one of my best apps I have on my phone with out it I wold of been late for work every day                 beat apps Ever
Ugh I have been late to work because this app has not gone off Or it says it is and theres no sound that is playing I test it before I go to bed Im not happy        I have been late to work because of this alarm
Wakes me every weekday for last couple years Also great nightlight                 Jeff
I Love To Wakeup With Alarm Clock Love Mary Beth Melia                 Alarm Clock pro
Ive been using this for several years It is my go to alarm clock etc when traveling Great app                 Great product
I was finding when my husband and I set out alarms for the same time and snoozed his snooze and mine were different lengths very irritating This app among many other things allows us to snooze for the same amount of time I love waking up to my music and the shake to snooze is great                 Choose your own Snooze
I love it                 Fantastic Alam Clock
Ive been using this app for years without a problem But lately it is no longer dependable I use it with with a playlist that fades in and it randomly will work fine one day then not at all in another day and then on another will only play the first song on a playlist and mute itself for any remaining songs Appears to be a problem that has started with the latest Apple Music update     No longer dependable
This alarm used to be great I dont know what happen but now it will go off the first time and it seems like it freezes up and does not go off again I am deleting this app because whats the point of having it if it doesnt work Very disappointed     Used to work
Love this app This is the only alarm I use                 YC
If you buy this dont expect it to work on all your apple Devices They want you to buy it again for your pad Its only a dollar but eff you devs     No pad support
I love that I can play any collection of songs from Apple Music for my alarm I just had to download them to my phone and they were available when creating an alarm playlist                 Perfect alarm clock
The display of this app is beautiful Attention to detail is evident I dont feel comfortable though in using this every night as I dont see anything that would minimize screen burn in Not sure if the new screens are susceptible to burn in but why take the chance The display could shift slightly or blank out periodically anything that OUPD minimize the chance of burn in              Love app but worried about screen burn in
I used to depend on this app but it has recently gotten glitchy My biggest gripe and dealbreaker is that no longer allows Audible or Podcasts to run in the background The integrated Alarm Click Pro sleep timer is too barebones and I depend on Audibles sleep timer to help me drop off Id run it in the background alarm clock in the foreground and have the absolute best of all worlds This functionality now appears to be lost Then the last two mornings the clock stopped 2 seconds literally before the alarm went off Im gutted Im going to have to find a new alarm that isnt so fussy           Used to be a 5 star app
Been using it for a while My only gripeit does not run in the back ground Seriously How many ppl recurve txt calls emails etc in the middle of the nightwell if you responded to anything you just shut your alarm off Oh and it does function in sleepvibrate mode Can you see the catch22 Could be better        Could be better
I just got this today and I already love it                 I love it
Super clock              Alarm clock
Update to my initial review The recent update 18MAY15 has caused the app to take double the time to start I have used this app since 2010 and on every iPhone platform from 4 to my current 6 Plus The sleep mode is great for time to task management Set it for 30 minutes and when the music stops start your next task Now the start up to operation time is so lagging that I can no longer wait on it for this intuitive alternate purpose ORIGINAL POST I am a cranky morning person and I cant stand being startled awake especially by an alarm clock But thats what their for right This app allows for a gradual volume increase over a time period that you can set 2 minutes to 30 volume MAX It plays my favorite songs from my iTunes library It includes the standard absurdly loud IMHO alarm sounds Im a light sleeper and when I set a new time it had sent me flailing out of bed and on to the floor not my choice LOL I personally appreciate the color choices for the display I prefer the classic red LED not to mention its easy on the eyes in complete darkness for us who need to see our way to the toilet in the dark I am very content with this app and I would buy it again given the choice I highly recommend it                 Super Alarm
I noticed that if my internet goes down this app will not open It keeps crashing until you turn off wifi and use cellular data        Crash issue
Screen goes dead and user cannot turn off alarm     Screen sometimes locks and alarm will not turn off
Worked fine for years but has not been reliable lately Like others have noted it seems to have to changed after the latest Apple Music update So while I cant blame the app fully the devs need to try and figure out whats wrong        No Longer Reliable
Ive had and used this app for at least two years I sometimes have to travel for my job and end up in an office with no clock And this app functions perfectly for an office clock I use this app often and find it helpful                 Really like this app
Ive been using this app for 4 years now and have had a great experience The builtin alarm optionssounds are better than a lot of alarm apps or you can create your own playlist from iTunes A userfriendly tip If you prefer to have your phone in silent mode make sure you always have the app running in the foreground It can be set to never shut down while charging or it can be put into sleep mode by tapping your sleepwake button The alarm will still go off if the app is running                 Favorite Alarm App
Works great on my iPhone 6 plus I wake up to a nature music track I set it to fade up 5 minutes so it starts out soft and gradually gets louder This last update fixed any issues with iOS 8 This app has been very reliable and I have used it for years I found that I had to buy the HD iPad version of his app for it to work on my iPad Dont try to use he iPhone version on your iPad It wont work It does work great if you get the iPad version By the way make sure vibrate switch on left side of the iPhone is not turned on as that may prevent the alarm from going off Also if you want the music to play leave the app open but you can hit the sleep wake button in the phone to turn off the screen so its black and no light will show Thats what I do I didnt know they had a shake to snooze Great feature I use this to wake up to birds and a running stream which is a track that I bought an iTunes and its very relaxing I like to use the fadein so it wakes me up gently within five minutes with the advanced settings Make sure you put it on the charger Also double check that you set the time AM instead of pm This app is great                 Great
Just as it says on the tin                 Emulates a real alarm clock perfectly
I travel for a living airline Captain This app has been awesome for giving me a reliable clock and wake up call all over the world Until I recently upgraded to the iPhone 6 Since then it crashes and will not run It works fine on my iPad both have iOS 83 Until a better version comes out I guess I will have to find a reliable go to app     My former Go To App
I have used this app for years now Very dependable Being able to set different alarms for every day of the week combination is awesome Love being able to set different music to each alarm I also use it as a pill reminder since I can set up different music and also name each alarm                 Great App Dependable
UPDATE PLEASE I Have been using this app for a few years and really like it However it has recently gotten a bug and no longer plays my music to wake me Actually it only plays the default alarm sound no matter what I set It also shows a little red circle with a 1 in it on my screen Like theres a message waiting but I cant find it        BigDiesel
It does what I want to do Love it                 Love it
This app used to be simple and reliable With every update they stuff in more ads for their other apps and more nag screens for you to rate the app And ad banners Not cool And now on ios8 the alarm the whole point of the app doesnt work It beeps twice then stops     Doesnt work well on iOS8 paid version has ads
This is usually a 5star app but with the latest update they took away the fadeout of the add song sign so you cant tell if the songalbum has been chosen or not unless you go back to the previous screen Please return this function              Last update messed up a function
Ive loved this app for a long time but snooze stopped working after event iOS update Please fix           Snooze doesnt work anymore
Tried about 20 different alarm clock apps Paid and free This is by far the easiest most reliable and simplest one to use No ads clean interface and you can set multiple alarms Dont look any further Just download                 Best alarm clock app
Hands down this is the best alarm app for iOS Keep up the good work                 Needs ios8 update
Another one who has been using this app for years I depend on it and it comes through Kudos to the developers for not ditching it after all these years                 Absolutely love it
Easy to see easy to use                 Love it
I have tried many alarm clocks on iPhone and I really do thing this is the best one by far                 Totally Amazing
This app was great until the most recent update I had to delete this app three times reinstall it to get it to open     Great until latest update
I really hate paying for apps that dont work and this app doesnt work No sound when alarm should be sounding     No sound

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