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Description - AliExpress Hong Kong Limited, the publisher behind many iOS app (来往 ,Alibaba Expo ,AliSuppliers ,Alibaba for iPhone ,AliExpress ,外贸圈论坛), brings AliExpress with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AliExpress app has been update to version 2.2.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • a user friendly app and free shipping on almost all items..
  • Your cards are safe and overall great customer service..
  • I love online shopping and ali express fits in my budget..
  • Has almost everything you are looking for and for great deals..
  • Aside this - it's an excellent app for a great shop..

Overall Satisfactionc55
Love the site and the new update.
I absolutely love this website.
Great for easy shopping on quality items online.
chances are its a cheap quality.
I love the prices I love the products.
This app is much much much more better than eBay.
Fun & Engagingc86
It's an awesome app and an awesome site.
I began my online boutique thanks to this app alone.
I love this app it's awesome thanks for great update.
I'm able to find everything I need at a reasonable price.
I always find everything I need here.
Ease of Usec88
Items are easy to navigate and search function is very advanced.
It's easy to navigate and the hair I bought is really nice.
the app is difficult to navigate.
It's great and convenient market for online shopping.
Simple to use and simple to save money with too.
Security & Privacyc31
and access my account.
Updates & Supportc24
Your cards are safe and overall great customer service.

After 15 transactions I have never had a bad experience. found in 4 reviews
They have such great toys to play with. found in 1 reviews
It's fairly easy and simple to browse and use. found in 2 reviews
I bought a hello kitty purse on eBay for $10. found in 2 reviews
pay for the upgrade in shipping. found in 2 reviews
I just like to use the app on the landscape way. found in 3 reviews
I love the prices I love the products. found in 4 reviews
Enjoy shopping and finding great buys. found in 2 reviews
Just after the update I can't copy tracking numbers. found in 17 reviews
Recent update closes itself when you go to view an item. found in 24 reviews
Great otherwise. found in 1 reviews
Needs message center back
I can't pay for anything. found in 2 reviews
Won't let you remove items from cart. found in 1 reviews
It's getting ridiculous to where I'm about to cancel my order. found in 4 reviews
this app keeps crashing today whenever I try to add something to my wish list. found in 22 reviews
Needs lots of improvements. found in 3 reviews
The Buyer protection is not as described. found in 12 reviews
The prices are okay but it takes forever to receive an order. found in 10 reviews
Keep getting " Internal server error". found in 4 reviews
Photos don't load at least 50% of the time. found in 2 reviews
Good but shopping cart is buggy. found in 13 reviews
Crashing on Ali Express app. found in 2 reviews
Keep getting " Internal server error ". found in 4 reviews
This new version needs some more work done to it. found in 2 reviews
Needs message center back Great otherwise. found in 2 reviews
It says "unable to add item " the overall design is complicated. found in 22 reviews
Great shopping experience but the app needs alot of work. found in 1 reviews
No longer able to add items to my wish list. found in 14 reviews
They say they have buyer protection but it's a lie. found in 12 reviews
Keeps freezing and is so frustrating to try to place an order. found in 9 reviews
App crashes when you try to view an item from your order list. found in 24 reviews
App crashes when added to wish list. found in 11 reviews
Also cannot see the shopping cart on the app. found in 13 reviews
but the shipping time kills you. found in 10 reviews
they post invalid tracking numbers for buyers. found in 17 reviews
Please optimize resolution for iPhone 6 Plus. found in 10 reviews
System crashes when pressing store list in wish list. found in 49 reviews
Try to track the package but nowhere you can check. found in 16 reviews
Can't delete item from cart. found in 7 reviews
it's been crashing when I try to add items to my wish list. found in 14 reviews
Everytime I click on an item it automatically gets shut down and closes. found in 9 reviews

The AliExpress is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 2.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.2.3 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about AliExpress check developer Hong Kong Limited`s website :

The AliExpress iPhone App allows you to access China s leading online wholesale marketplace wherever you are. Search products, find promotions, contact suppliers and check your orders all from the palm of your handNote: Current ...
It is a great app low prices and more AliExpress has everything              Awesome app
Since the update rating and reviewsfeedback do not show           New issues since recent update
Aliexpress is great my favorite place to shop online                 Amazing
Good easy to use app a lot of products and good price However your product issues might not get resolve We ordered a smart balanced wheels it comes missing the remote control and never get resolved           Good apps fair product
Flash deals doesnt work        Do you ever read this
Great really              Great wow
Perfect apps                 Inkostar
I was buying a item and the seller took 335 from my card and never sent the item and I still never got my money back     Stole my money
will you guys please have an option were when you search up an item you can click highest wish list item basically the item that has the most wish lists other than that im in love with this app              PLEASE FIX THIS ONE THING
Very low prices and great items to purchase                 Great App
This app doesnt allow me to view feedback Thats how Im never disappointed with my purchases Fix the bug please     I love aliexpress but
Alliexpress is a great place to shop but it wont install for me on my ios 712 I dont understand why Please fix this issue              Good place to shop but wont install
Aliexpress team work only protect the sellers Even the sellers doesnt respond to the claims but they still get the money from the buyers Thats not fair Be careful to the sellers No one can protect you except yourself     Very bad Aliexpress team work dont protect buyers
I wish I had more hands but for now just two thumbs up                
New version is really terrible oh god images load very slowly     New version
Love this app                 Momma bear
I order something and they state that my order was canceled which I have a confirmation I never got an email really disappointed     Seller hermes cheng
With the new update I cant view the feedback on anything But I like the app              No feedback
If you read the reviews and read all the information you can buy really good stuff                 I Love this app
La recomiendo                 Buena app
I loveeeeee AliExpress                 My experience
Good prices most of the time free shipping quick shipping and great products Will shop here again                 Great place to shop
I love Love the hair I bought from aliexpress and will continue doing business with this company              Hair purchase
So good                 Omg so good
It crashes all the time ESPECIALLY in the wish list section     Much Better sarcasm
Crashes cant filter out results to remove certain keywords which is necessary because nothing is categorized properly Shipping takes forever before it leaves their warehouses everything you buy will break or fall apart after two weeks Cant get in touch with anyone at aliexpress for customer support     Bad app
When you go on grouping sale you cant listing the product because its stoked you most go back and again launch group sale This problem fixed thanksAdd opportunity to send link message via smswhatsupviberFacebook messengertelegramAdd group of product for seller storePlease add Touch ID support              Great works now
There is basically no buyer protection If you purchase an item and its not shipped and the seller doesnt respond you basically lose your money     Buy at your own risk
This app are awesome the only thing is the delivers take forever like 30 to 60 days no meter if is only a ring Out of that the prices are awesome And many fakes most of them are similar but not the same and now Im a retailer I star my OWN BUSINESS ITS AWESOME THANK U                 Awesome the best APP EVER
So far so good Check feedback before you order                 Nice
It wont let me see the item reviews and I cant buy anything without reading the reviewsWorst app update     Recent update is horrible
Tried to submit a payment and got msg saying payment not allowed in Washington if your shipping address is in WA you wont be able to buy from this app     Payment method not allowed in WA
I buy stuff from them because it is cheaper than most places but you buy at your own risk I ordered 24 items with different quantities From all of that 1 I never received and two were shipped short I dont mind to wait long and I dont order items I need right away But when they short ship you they expect you to go to the post office to chase after it And when they short ship you need to spent hours of valuable time to prove they short shipped you They rely on the fact that a person like me doesnt do all their ask go 2 item so you get screwed and you pay almost what it costs here in US Ali Express doesnt provide you any means for them to take ownership They should have a rating for their supplier to show the frequent offender of short ships etc so people know who to order from But Ali Express only takes the money and really dont care about customer service After I gave a bad rating to one supplier of reusable KCup since it wasnt fitting the machine I was being Harassed by supplier for giving them the bad rating     Buying from AliExpress is like a lottery
as soon as I download the app it didnt work it doesnt open the app it freezes my phone bad app     poor
It is great stuff most of the time and they give you a bunch of different prices for most things                 So cheap and cute
Cool you get discounts                 Good
If you dont want to waste your money and time do not use this app i paid for items that never received and the ones I receivedtook over 50 days were the wrong color never got my money back and this app NEVER cared to help me out even though I was ripped off I received 5 out of 10 items I orderedBE AWARE     Horrible app
Thanks                 Good app Good service
Great app with great deals                 Ali Express
The app is amazing minus a few bugs I just wish you could rewrite your reviews to give it another update on the maintenance of the product Over all its a great app Love it Shocked more people havent download it              Umm
Great service                 Happy
Overall app is pretty good Worked fine and provide a lot of options Excellent way for small business from China to sell to The rest of the world However it is obvious to see that many vendors were selling the same stuff at a wide range of price Must make sure you compare Most importantly buyers need to understand that vendor sells from China and return can be costly and in many case return shipping costs more than the product itself I am trying to return crappy stuff for a while and vendors solution was just unacceptable Still battling with themSpeak from my experience You may also find pretty looking product but with poor quality if you give a closer look You will realize you are buying 99 cents store stuff online at a higher cost to cover vendors free shipping and you cant even look at the product and retuning is nearly impossible because of return shipping cost           Good app but buyer be aware of unethical vendor and traps
The app is great i order a few things l hope everything goes smooth                 Alie
Very good application for market                 Mr
Amazing deals with decent delivery I bought a whole outfit including shoes and jewelry                 Amazing
This is a very guyfriendly app I often get on to buy random and cute things for my wife I have never had an issue with anything or anyone while using this website its great I always recommend to friends looking for presents or ideas and they usually thank me for itKeep up the GREAT work                 Even dudes can like this app
Good stuff                 Great app

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