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AMZN Mobile LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (AWS IoT Button ,PN Seller ,Amazon QuickSight ,Amazon Instant Video ,Selling Services on Amazon ,Kindle), brings Amazon Echo with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Amazon Echo app has been update to version 1.3.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc67
Best Technology of Current Day and Age.
Ease of Usec34
Very easy to use and quick interface.
This makes it very easy to share a shopping list.
and the Echo device makes it very easy to add items to the list.

I especially like the integrated volume control for streaming music. found in 1 reviews
when I want to play music softly in the background. found in 1 reviews
its better than using the web app. found in 1 reviews
I’m not sure I would pay $199 for a killer shopping list system. found in 1 reviews
Best Technology of Current Day and Age. found in 1 reviews
Echo’s voice recognition is about as good as Siri. found in 1 reviews
This makes it very easy to share a shopping list. found in 1 reviews
Works well for the first release. found in 1 reviews
Cannot type on left side of the screen. found in 1 reviews
I don't get why the app can't stay signed in. found in 1 reviews
But it's not a replacement for actually having an Echo. found in 1 reviews
but I’m having no problem with $99. found in 1 reviews
Every few days the app asks me to re-sign in. found in 1 reviews
Sometimes have trouble setting an alarm because menu doesn't display correctly. found in 1 reviews
Please fix this amazon. found in 1 reviews
it looks outdated and needs some polishing to look good in iOS. found in 1 reviews
App needs a little more integration. found in 1 reviews
Issues with iPhone 6. found in 1 reviews
Not sure what all the complaints on this site are about. found in 1 reviews
but you don’t have to find your phone. found in 1 reviews
If the device had an audio out port or AirPlay. found in 1 reviews
It does not display well on my iPhone 6. found in 3 reviews
Can't wait for updates. found in 1 reviews
and increasing in volume if failure to wake up. found in 1 reviews
But the app is pretty terrible and sloppy. found in 1 reviews
The bigger Amazon gets the worse the customer service. found in 1 reviews
Currently useless. found in 1 reviews
Can't get app to connect. found in 1 reviews
It isn't optimized for the iPhone 6 and has several glitches. found in 3 reviews

The Amazon Echo is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 0.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.3.5 has been released on 2014-12-10. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Amazon Echo in AMZN Mobile LLC`s Official Website :

To request an invitation to purchase an Amazon Echo, visit ALWAYS READY, CONNECTED, AND FAST. Just ask. Amazon Echo is always ready to play your favorite music, provide weather and news updates, answer questions, create lists, ...
The scrolling is unbearably slow iPhone 6 Please fix the fluidity Also it wont allow me to play music How annoying     Slow Scrolling
Horrible app just displays Alexa app is offline     Worthless
Another review please asking for Echo to be a wake word I have friends named Alexa and it gets annoying     Another name other than Alexa please
Power cycling the Echo clears up this problem for a few minutes After every music audible and radio selection says Cannot play The app displays whats playing and can pauseplay but that is about it Note that I am on IOS 9 and didnt have this problem on IOS 84     Selections dont play
Absolutely love the hardware but recently the ipad app doesnt actually about 6070 of the time It starts and then shuts down Not a big fan of the interface either Scrolling through the artists is terribly slow since theres no spring action and forget trying to search through the artists on Prime since you cant search by artist name           Does the job most of the time
Echoing the statements of many others here A recent update broke the app and it freezes on login now No idea why     Cant Log In App is Broken
Wooot This is the stuff of Science Fiction I had to make several attempts to get it logged in to my wifi network Unplugged the Echo unit moved it let it time out oopsthe ring turned purple prayed but I suspect it was entering the wrong wifi password intentionally that let the correct one work I just wanted to see a different error message by then but the next try worked Since then Ive used the app to report issues and tell the unit when it did what I wanted it to do Alexa could not understand Jess and with the very next update It stopped trying to find Jazz and handled Jess properly The customer support team is AMAZING They forward feature requests to the development team and are incredibly friendly polite and professional with great tips Team Amazon is living up to the ideal of the most customercentric company and they implement suggestions I love playing with the Echo with my son He cant talk so we recorded a weather request then he played the video to activate the unit and we heard it in stereo I had to download other apps to work with the Echo and Alexa app but it integrates well If you have problems call them at 8773759365 and they will help trouble shoot your issue I havent NEEDED to call yet because the email replies are spot on The app IS very useful when you want to take your shopping list to the store especially if multiple people have voiceadded to your list I occasionally lose net connectivity inside stores which only blocks the ability to add new items I can still check off what Ive added to my cart My next request will be to manually sort the list They are probably already working on that though Ive had the Echo for three weeks and shes already had an update that expanded her usefulness Was not an Amazon fan beforebut WOW Im blown away Siri has a better sense of humor but Alexa knows the meaning of life Ask her bah hah hah hah If you are puzzled wiki Douglas Adams Cheers                 Buggy setup but otherwise quite useful
Not sure why all the low stars I really like this product and app Setup was a breeze and fast I was up and running within minutes When I opened the package I was surprised there was no remote Please make the changes I also got this for the connected home that works with Wemo This all works really nice and this app should act as a voice remote eliminating the need for a remote This would truly be a good app              Very useful and fun
I had never had a problem with my Echos or the app until it went public What The Heck Now problems seem nonstop Music used to be called up and played without a hitch Not only am I NOT able to play from iHeart or Tunein but now I cannot even access MY prime library or audible zip zilch nada Get it together Amazon        What The Heck
I had issues with the the new Alexa app and after deleting and reinstalling the latest version I cant log back into my account So my Echo is in limbo not connected to the Internet This is a terrible oversight Super fail     Cant login
The echo wont automatically start playing Bluetooth when it connects to my phone and there doesnt seem to be a voice command that will start playing either So I still have to pull my phone out of my pocket to start some audio     Bluetooth doesnt start playing when connected
If you ever get bored of calling her Alexa call her poeta in a latin accent and she will respond              For all you Latin speakers out there
Change back to what it was before Please please please please please please please     Terrible update
Compete with the contenders but keep it original Thats what we like about Amazon The Amazon wake word was meant to compete with Ok Google and Alexa to compete with Siri who is an acronym anyway Echo is the name of your product Its great catchy and is both applicable and original Keep the name of the app the product and the wake word Echo Dont dilute yourself or confuse your customers by taking a step down to be like the others Dont buy the internal reviews saying Echo is the hardware and Alexa is the software Its name could just as easily be the same and used in standalone products and its not creepy Great product and there is great potential for additional content features and compatibility My only complaint is the to do list calendar etc does not utilize the one on my OS Im using at the time but I know that is very likely beyond control with competitors Keep up the good work Amazon and dont fall victim to assimilation              Echo was its name
Dont update The other reviews cover the issues This is just bizarre     Worthless update
App used to work fine but now is stuck at Please login which keeps cycling with a spinning circle My echo is now worthless Thanks Amazon     Cant even log in
I love my Echo I can control my lights TV get weather news music But the app stinks Keeps crashing says my device is off line while Im using it Please fix soon        Love echo hate app
This app upgrade is stuck on the main screen and is in an endless loop that will not accept any user input     Amazon Echo
Wow this all is terrible     Terrible app would expect better from Amazon
Blank screen I already had a flashlight app     Broken
Neither Echo nor the app are functionial after this update     Broken
Its too buggy cant connect must of the time There should be a web based option to bypass the app when is down        Too many bugs
Please fix the app I am stuck on alarm page Echo is smart on its own The app is supposed to compliment it but it ended up bringing down Echos IQ     Update killed it
The app forces you to update Alexa and resync each time you either dont use the app for a period of time has been less than 30 min in some cases or if the Echo loses power at any point Very annoying and will hopefully be addressed     Makes you reset each time
My ipad cant even get past the login screen anymore What the heck happened to this app that used to work     Alexa App
We had the Echo and app working fine since its release a few months back Never had any problems until a week or so agoDid all the trouble shooting reloaded setup etc etc and it works for a few minutes and then shows offline This is on 2 tables and an iphone Sad since we were about to purchase a 2nd unit but without the app isnt really doing me much good I sure hope this is fixed soon expensive timer sitting on my counter     App suddenly not workingever
I wanted to take the time to say man this stinks Amazon whiffed on this one     What a turd of an app
The app is STILL a DUD Do they even test the app before they foist it on their customers Like most other reviewers I cant login now The login page is frozen What an amateur app Amazon is supposed to be better than this     Now app wont even open
I tried and tried to set up the device using the instructions found using this app and while the device said it was ready to proceed with setup after I connected it to the Internet the app remained in an infinite loop and never setup I called Amazon support who tried to transfer me to the support team for Echo They were unavailable The rep then made a note on whatever system they have to contact me within 12 hours We will see     Setup was continually unsuccessful
I used Amazon Alexa app to set up my new Echo WiFi setup was straight forward with video that says to use the Companion App which apparently does not exist by that name I want back to Amazon Alexa app in a different iPhone with same results Alexa app would only allow wifi set up and video that says to use the Companion App When I uninstalled the Alexa app and reopened it I then got a usable app In short ignore the poor Amazon setup instructions about a nonexistent Companion App and use the Amazon Alexa app closing and reopening if necessary     Horrible setup instructions but good app
I just ordered the Amazon echo which is a potentially amazing device and if hired I would download the iPhone app so I could get acquainted with the system After successfully downloading the app into my iPhone 6 I have yet been able to use the app due to frequent crashes stalls etc I would think that Amazon would have upgraded this app or not released this crap before unleashing it on unsuspecting masses who would want a potentially game changing product To the folks at Amazon please read the rest of the reviews on this page and fix the myriad issues plaguing this app I sincerely hope you do that soon     Not ready for prime time
As superb as it gets                 Superb
Great system love it but with new Apple software once you go to alarms you have to close program you cant go back Still love it           Great system but there is a problem
Echo is hardware Alexa is software Dont listen to the reviewers that dont like the change It is clear that Alexa will someday be standalone on your phone or in other products not just in Echo                 New name makes complete sense
The app doesnt open doesnt allow login at all Whats the use of adding new features to the Echo if we cant even login to use them Theres really no excuse for a company like Amazon to have such a crappy app     Completely broken
I switched internet providers and have a new wifi password I need the app to update my wifi settings The app wont let me login So its worthless I deleted and reinstalled the app Now I just get a white screen of nothingness Great No pre release testing at all Amazon Seems Im not the only one with this problem     My Echo Makes a Good Paperweight at Least
For a couple of months the app worked perfectly with my Echo now it is just a shopping list No matter what I try it tells me it is offline Even after uninstalling app and going through the setup process again I cant get anything besides a message stating it is offline App worked fine before the update now its worthless     Used to be great
Turned on my Echo OOB and its the loudest thing I have ever heard UI of the app is horrible hope the product is better then my first run Boo        Really loud and terrible UI
Crashes when creating connected lights groups     Crashes when creating connected lights groups
it was completely useless Thanks I got a new internet network and now I cant use Alexa at all because I cant connect it to the internet I have an expensive paperweight     why would you do this
App wont launch just spins its wheels flashes and spins again No feedback on what went wrong Bluetooth connects but wont play back No way to control through multiple amazon accts Things like shopping list should be shareable with family App cannot handle any change in network no recovery from error have to remove the app and install again to connect if wifi changes Common do some real world test App is making Echo less desirable     Buggy
First change the name back to Echo the product is called Echo and it is inevitable that the wake up name will be selectable at some point so youll have to change it then anyway Second how can an almost first class product be linked to such a third world app Its so clunky looking and lazily designed Put some effort into it     Ugggg
The best part of this app is access to my shopping lists however as of late thats all I can access It constantly says the app is offline despite going thru the setup AND my Echo is actually connected to Wifi Please fix this        Love Echo App Stinks
This app literally no longer works     Dont update
I just received my second Echo in the mail but ironically right before I opened the package my first Echo went down The app keeps telling me that The Alexa app is offline what I cant even access Help within the app I tried setting up the second Echo but no go it wouldnt connect to my networknever had that problem before Then I logged out of the app and tried to log back in but it just keeps timing out and going back to the login screen with no explanation I went from excited as all get out that is to be expanding my Echo system to extremely extremely disappointed and frustrated     Was great now junk
Great                 Love the name change
Why cant the Alarms show the correct time I used to set alarms in the app but unless I set them 6 hours later than I want its wrong           Alarms show as 6 hours later in App
Often says the app is offline When I am at the grocery store for example when I want to use the Shopping List Tapping on the Shopping List shows to dos instead Nice paperweight Amazon     Vastly inferior to original Echo app
Thankfully I havent had any problems The app isnt overly impressive but it does what its supposed to so Im happy I figure future updates will have a naming option and although it doesnt yet Im not going to reduce the app rating for that                 I havent had a problem
Loved my echo and the app Today I got error message app is offline so I logged out and now I cant log into my app anymore What is going on Help     Stopped working

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