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Description - Amazon Mobile , the publisher behind many iOS app (Kindle ,Windowshop ,Price Check by Amazon ,Amazon Mobile), brings Amazon Mobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Amazon Mobile app has been update to version 2.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • does essentially everything else available on desktop version..
  • save money everyday with 1 click..
  • Search history..
  • This is a great initial release from my favorite online store..
  • Very well designed app and great bar code scanner add on..

Overall Satisfactionc50
This is by far the best shopping App on the market.
Horrible shopping app FOR THE IPAD.
Love the scan feature for quickly pulling up items on Amazon.
Finally Thank you Amazon Definitely I like that update.
Better than eBay definitely.
Works better than the website on my phone.
Fun & Engagingc43
I love this app and use it all the time.
I love the app and use it all the time.
I use Amazon all the time.
I can buy everything that I want.
I buy everything through Amazon.
Production Valuesc51
I use this more than the web interface.
Ease of Usec84
Makes it very easy to shop love it.
Might make it too easy to shop :.
So easy to use and super convenient.
Makes shopping super convenient.
Great app simple fast and easy 2 used i recomend it.
Security & Privacyc41
If this application added access to the seller account.
Searches quickly and connects to your Amazon account quickly.
Updates & Supportc28
Awesome and great customer service from app team.

I love having a universal shopping tool on my phone. found in 13 reviews
Love the scan feature for quickly pulling up items on Amazon. found in 12 reviews
Better than eBay definitely. found in 10 reviews
compare prices and make my purchases without any problems. found in 24 reviews
Why can't download kindle books to read on kindle app. found in 190 reviews
Please integrate kindle purchases and managing your kindle. found in 24 reviews
except purchase Kindle books or Amazon Instant Videos. found in 19 reviews
I would love push notification on the lightning deals. found in 41 reviews
Please add Touch ID to iPad and Apple Pay. found in 89 reviews
but it needs to have subscribe and save management. found in 16 reviews
However lacks the ability to filter or sort search results. found in 14 reviews
Being unable to purchase digital content is a massive FAIL. found in 24 reviews
Mostly useless if it doesn't support digital downloads. found in 31 reviews
I hate that I can't write reviews within the app. found in 16 reviews
there is no way to determine track listings on albums. found in 7 reviews
Great for shopping but you can't access the seller account. found in 58 reviews
Can't write reviews or read comments. found in 21 reviews
Wish it could manage my baby registry but great over all. found in 24 reviews
Why can't I sort my orders to just see open orders. found in 8 reviews
If you know what you want this is a great app. found in 15 reviews
I really like the ability to browse & this app doesn't let you. found in 62 reviews
Still not able to purchase kindle books though the app. found in 199 reviews
I took off 2 stars because the app doesn't support Kindle downloads. found in 37 reviews
The app needs kindle then it would be perfect. found in 9 reviews
This app does not allow you to download kindle books at all. found in 190 reviews
No selling capabilities
today's deals and the Lightning deals sections do not work properly. found in 41 reviews
App begins to open and comes back to device home screen. found in 36 reviews
I absolutely hate the redesign of the amazon app. found in 149 reviews
but when I tried to WRITE the following review. found in 54 reviews
the downfall is you can't download/purchase books for Kindle. found in 36 reviews
Cannot add gift cards. found in 42 reviews
No way to access seller account. found in 58 reviews
one-click ordering and checkout through shopping cart won't work. found in 45 reviews
Please add functionality for writing product reviews. found in 39 reviews
No easy way to browse products or categories. found in 62 reviews
Was working now I can't add anything to my wish list or cart. found in 64 reviews
can't add to wish list and can't view pictures of items. found in 45 reviews
Can't add to cart or wish list on the iPod touch. found in 51 reviews
Keep having to sign in every time I open App. found in 53 reviews
doesn't recognize my prime membership so im always charged for shipping. found in 59 reviews
It would be truely convenient to purchase kindle books with this app. found in 199 reviews
No Touch ID no return center function. found in 89 reviews
Completely worthless for me because it does not support Kindle downloads. found in 37 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Amazon Mobile for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.0 has been released on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Amazon Mobile in`s Official Website :

The Amazon Mobile app allows iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users to quickly search, shop, compare prices, read reviews, and make purchases on using a simple, yet elegant, interface. Amazon customers have full access ...
I use the app quite often and ever since the update it is very slow to load and seems to lock up Amazon you really need to fix this ASAP     Slow since update
Best program for shopping in internet                 The best
Amazon app is the best app i ever downloaded and it works everytime i use it The app never freeze or malfunction Also the processing speed never slows down any other apps in work This is a very userfriendly app                 Wonderful app
Love it cheap reliable and for a fan girl thats everything I need to get merchandise and CDs for 5sos                 Sweet
Shame on Amazon for selling such a shirt that says Fk the police with blood on it This is disgraceful Our police as a whole are servants of the public and do a great job protecting the ungrateful people in this country I will NEVER shop Amazon again     Fk police shirt
I added an item to my wishlist using the app and it showed that it had added to that specific wishlist Then several minutes later I received an email stating it processes my order and charged me I never ordered anything using the app     It charged for items I didnt order
It works well buying but falls down when trying to deal with problems I have had a few issues lately and I have to break out the laptop to interact with Amazon Still needs work           Not up to web standard
Nice App              Nice App
I put a series of items in my wish list using my desktop before leaving on vacation When it got to the point that I knew I would be home before delivery I used the iPhone app to move the items from my wish list to the cart and check out When I got the shipping notice I realized that my order had been doubled Im not sure if I fat fingered it or theres a bug in the app so be sure to double check the quantity in the cart           Easy to double your order
Could not buy a book from my wish list Why have a wish list I cant use        Disappointed
Amazon is my go to online shopping If there is ever an issue with an order which rarely if ever happens Amazon will work through it and do everything they can to make you satisfied                 Daily Use with Great Customer Service
1is there a way to change payment options from the app 2is there a simple way to see what books are available in the lending library Im not on a Kindle yet but am trying to see if the optionsthere are a lotare what my wife would want Otherwise app rocks especially the tracking aspect AWW HELL IM DOWN WITH FOUR STARS              Two items away from a five star review
Cant buy Kindle content and I havent found a way to review purchases Opens fast and is responsive              A few missing pieces
This app is so addicting I bought like 1 million things so far love it                 Love love it
The app works perfectly This is by far the easiest and best way to shop on Amazon Everything is intuitive and easy to use Love that its all right there available with Touch ID The camera scan for barcodes works great in stores allowing me to purchase on Amazon right from the scan                 Best way to shop with Amazon
App is ok but cant see my orders How on earth do i check back on my iphone and review past orders Nothing shows This app needs some work        App is ok but cant see my orders
One could pay one bill or even check ones balance through the app Sigh           I really wish
I use this app everyday Its reliable fast and easy to use Plus Amazon is great                 Great app
Lo mejor gracias                 Fabuloso
I use this app on my iPhone and my iPad all the time Love love love                 Love Amazon and its app
amazon its a great wep site in the world                 thanks
Ive been trying to see my credit card info and its not there Like I want to see all the numbers and everything        Wont let me see my credit card information
The Amazon app is so useful to quickly view the items Ive got my eye on however I wish I could purchase Amazon MP3 music and kindle books on it as well              Love it
Great app Very easy to use                 Very Convenient
The best app Id recommend it to anyone because it is so helpful                 Perfect
How can you support anything that promotes any disrespect to law enforcement or any other law abiding groups I will take my business elsewhere     Disappointed
I Love Amazon My time is valuable so when I need something I go to Amazon first Saves me time Thank You Amazon                 Amazon
What can be done to integrate the charitable giving feature in the mobile APP I love the APP but it is inconvenient to be restricted to a computer or webpage to support notforprofit agencies           Charity Amazon Smile
For a while now Ive had the hardest time review products I do 99 of my shopping off my iPad Why is it so hard for me to be able to review products I just recently brought something that was damaged But I cant put my 2 cents anywhere     Happy but
I use this app on a daily basis Super easy and dependable                 Easy and reliable app
Love this app and use it often No problems and have been using it for months                 Great App
This app has totally changed how we shop Couple years back we decided to go all out and buy everyone presents that were high quality but would be unexpected Instead of running to stores all over we decided to try to find EVERYTHING on the amazon app All of the items arrived within the span of one week and it was a breeze I get anxiety being in a crowded mallstore after an hour so this was a great alternative I was so impressed with the experience that I became an Amazon Prime member As an avid reader I was ecstatic to find out the overdrive app which I use to rent ebooks from the library works with the kindle my husband recently purchased for my birthday Now I use the Amazon app almost every day cant say enough good things about it I love surfing the net through my phone so the app version is utterly convenient I would recommend to ALWAYS read reviews and research anything before purchasing online I have not had any bad experiences but its a good idea to read where products are made good and bad reviews and return policies in case you receive a defectivedamaged item knock on wood hasnt happened to us yet Happy shopping                 You wont regret it
Easy simple and fun Very neat and organized I cant figure out how to get prime from the app but other than that its perfect Im sure I can do it in browser Love it so far                 Very easy clean
When u order more items dont expect to get all of ur items Big scam dot be the sucker like I was     Amazon is crap
App has lots of capabilities Manage subscriptions etc works well                 High functioning
I dont really have a problem with the app other than the problem of not being able to purchase content for my Kindle within the app itself I have to add something to my wish list and then purchase on the Amazon website It would be nice if Amazon would add this feature in future updates              Good but could be better
Please come out with an app or extension for mobile users for the wishlist add on from any page like there is on desktop                 Please add
I like the app but the only thing I dont like about it I dont if it just me but I cant view my order but when I go on my internet browser I see everything So fix it please           Good
This app isnt anything different than going into the site itself with your phone or computer Its a waste of storage on our phones     Pointless
Love Amazon and the moble app is wonderful                 Amazon moble app
I have never ever had a problem with this app But suddenly It is crashing constantly and taking forever to load products Please fix this           Needs an update
I just love this                 Awesome awesome
its ok           thikai ho
User not friendly interface        Terrible user experience
When I download it the language is french Idk why but it is And its hella annoying Over all I love it When I had it on my other gadget it was awesome              Is this a joke
I like being able to shop and save to wish list for later review Easy to use and intuitive                 Easy to Shop
Wanted to find a mini Segway and I found one in less than 10 minutes                 Amazing
I got this app to load books onto my phone This app does not support the purchase of digital books This boggles my mind I am severely disappointed           No digital downloads Are you kidding me
really awesome app that works so well and never crashes its as easy as using on a desktop love Amazon so much                 Awesome

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