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Google, Inc.
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Requires iOS 8.2 or la

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Google, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Photo Sphere Camera ,Google Drive ,Google Maps ,Google Offers for Business ,Zagat ,Helpouts), brings Android Wear with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Android Wear app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Android Wear for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. It weighs in at only 44.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2015-08-31. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 8.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
More Info: Find more info about Android Wear in Google, Inc.`s Official Website :

The Android Wear app connects your iPhone to your Android Wear watch. Once connected you ll receive notifications from all your iPhone apps, right on your wrist, as well as timely information from Google Now ...
It is a skeleton of an app Has a few watch faces No apps What is the point of a smart watch without the apps Come on people get it together if youre going to have people shell out hundreds of dollars I will probably return my watch           Needs more almost pointless
Cant load apps or watch faces It only lets me get notifications What a waste     Garbage
The wifi setting on the watch is not there I dont know if its because on iOS iPhone does not work or it a bug or what Needs to fix it Works great Notification phone calls everything all the apps Watch faces Its a good start on the app The only thing I dont like that the app has to be running in the background on your iPhone in order to be sync with your watch 360 2 gen Need more watch faces and Ill be looking forward for whats next to come in this app              Moto 360 2 generation
Somehow the battery dies to quick watch overheats unbearable to wear I would not recommend this app if you own a Motorola 360 watch do not DOWNLOAD I formatted the watch and the iPhone still no luck        Motorola 360 Battery problem
The first iteration of this app was abysmal I would get 2 hours batter life out of my Moto360 The update definitely fixed it Im sitting on 12 or so hours now Media controls were added and notifications were fixed up as well Its giving my Pebble a strong run for its money                 Getting better
Tried using this with my Moto 360 but it killed the watch battery within an hour Tested the watch without it connected to the iPhone and it worked normally     Battery Killer
Only once did the phone momentarily pair with the watch via Bluetooth only to instantly disconnect The app never connected to the watch I tried resetting both the watch and iPhone several times and that still didnt work So close yet so far     Does not pair with G watch
Always discount from my phone once I close the app I have LG urbane        Always disconnecting
Please more                 Ill pay for more features
Great job Google team Been waiting to get Moto 360 for awhile Work great not for what it allowed              Love it
This app works great with my Moto 360 I get my text email and other app notifications quickly This app has been great so far except recently the option to browsechoose watch faces through the app is gone It just randomly disappeared I wish 3rd party watch faces were available but thats it              Works great with my Moto 360
Works really well Easy to pair Needs a little more functionality to replace my Watch Needs more watch faces and the ability to customize watch faces more My Moto 360 is a beautiful watch           Good start
This app once installed properly and paired give the user the ability to receive notifications The apple watch style is a blast from the past recently purchased Lg Urbane beautiful The app gives me google notifications Im assured that eventually they will increase apps ability Love it more choices now                 Style over function
This app wont even let me connect to my new watch Everything is updated perfectly and it still wont connect     ASUS zen watch connection
For a first version this is outstanding Its understandable why some features are missing All my notifications poured onto my watch which was reassuring My only gripe is that some third party apps such as flipboard and groupme do show notifications but they have a black background This feelsseems odd to me              Works great but
My app continues to crash when opening and does not allow my Moto360 to connect        Fine when worksbut crashes
Working great Trouble reconnecting sometimes I really want apps But went ahead and got the 1st gen Moto 360 and paired to my iPhone First smart watch and its really not bad Definitely wishing I had some apps on this thing beyond what it comes with Navigation would be great              Not bad
Finally its here but needs more function Cant wait for the update              Great but where is the rest
Had to factory reset my Moto 360 to pair and then the battery died within 3 hours from a full charge     Drains Moto 360 in a few hours
When the app stays connected it works very well Unfortunately the connection frequently drops between my iPhone 6S Plus and watch Once there is more consistency Ill go back to relying on the watch and keeping my phone on silent           Keeps disconnecting from Moto360
Ive noticed that more than 50 of the time notifications dont wake the watch youll only see them once you manually wake it Other than that just needs minor improvements like ability to text or call contacts with Google Now           Eh its ok
It paired perfectly with my Moto 360 after I factory reset it Its sending the notifications correctly Sometimes theres a delay to get to the watch after receiving on the phone Also its causing a huge incompatibility with the WiFi connection Every time its connected to the watch the WiFi either loses connection or becomes very slow Only when I disconnect the app from the watch it begins to work normally again Please fix that The last problem is that it needs more watch faces and apps to download           Paired perfectly with Moto 360 but is causing wifi problems
I will give a better review when the app can pair with the lg g watch        Lg g watch
I tried everything resetting my iPhone 5s and the Moto 360 Every time I pair it doesnt show the code when I try to connect Please fix ASAP     Wont work with the Moto 360
Just had my moto 360 paired with my iphone Awesome stuff google                 Working with my moto360 like a charm
I love it                 Greate app
The most excited moment Got moto360 7 months ago and been using these workarounds got so tired of loosing connection and more This app is amazing finally they got it on iOS Love this app great work as a first version Awesome job                 Finally its here
Need app to apply custom faces on the watch That would make this app 1000x better           Watch faces
جهازي الايفون لم يعثر على ساعة LG W100     مشكلة
It is really amazing and works well                 Really works well
Notifications work like a charm The one thing I wish worked with my Moto 360iPhone 5S was Google Fit My steps are never uploaded to the Google servers        Does 1 thing well
The app is not able to detect anything     Cant detect my watch
Im hoping we can access more of the watch faces in the next update Im happy that I can finally use my watch with my iPhone but Ill be really happy when I can change my watch face to something a lot more fun              LG G watch
Wow Kudos to the code writers who made this happen I have a year old Moto 360 and Im amazed its working with my iPhone 5S Working Great Thanks                 Impressive
After a long period of waiting this app look like third party app not googles I have many purchased watch faces that i can not use with my iPhone no google fit nor apple helthcare integration Lack of contacts in my watch and many others I should reconnect my watch again with my tablet and wait google to solve that     Lack of fuctions
This App isn support iOS9 Please update              Please Update
It would be nice to have apps If Google cant do this I am going to have to move on to Another platform        Apps
Paired up right away with my G Watch R Everything works fine as implemented besides for the occasional disconnect that doesnt want to reconnect without a watch reboot Pros 1 Works well with what is implemented Cons 1 Has few custom watch faces unsure if any are user created 2 Has no extra apps to download to watch 3 No voice message replying 4 Cannot change vibration strength Overall is good for now Googles speak searching makes up for the lack of apps but cant be used in public unless you wanna be that guy speaking to his watch                 Great for 10
I have tried everything resetting the device uninstalling and reinstalling this app and nothing     Not pairing to my moto 360
Internet slows down when connected to WiFi on phone Also Google Keep shouldnt be that hard to add        GOOGLE KEEP AND MAPS SHOULDNT BE THAT HARD
Was waiting for an official app since i got my LG Wath Urbane couple of months ago so happy to see it work with my iPhone needs to support more apps especially the mail app for Exchange and i am sure all that is on the roadmap Good Job Google              Great Start Keep improving
It is sad This really is A good idea but unfortunately some people are feeling discouraged Please please please fix this I am expecting some big improvements Update this     Update this
The moto360 will try to update the firmware which will kill the battery life and over heat the watch So people with moto360 you should keep checking the update in the settings area After the update your moto360 will function normally        Overhearing because updating firmware
Whatever I tried I couldnt pair my Moto360     Cant pair device
Although functionality is limited for now I can at least get notifications Heart rate and physical activity tracking works well Voice commands work as they should Im hopeful of what can be offered in future updates                 Works great for what it offers so far on 2nd gen Moto 360
I recently switched to iPhone for a few months while I wait for the Moto X and Nexus to come out I missed using my G Watch but I tried this and it seems to work alright For some reason it disconnects my watch when I swipe away the app in multitasking iPhone 5 iOS 84 LG G Watch 511 It also doesnt have the swipe down menu on the watch understandably because iOS doesnt have the same ringer profiles but I cant put the watch in theatre mode brightness boost or go into settings              Nice job for first version
Devices found each otherbut when i tried to pair them iPhone says device not supportedwhy do you even release and app when your most sold watch is not supported on it Thats is just lame o lame Update Working with my moto360 nowthanks for the updatehow do i get whatsapp to send notificationsi do not seem to be getting whatsapp notification on my moto360           What does not work with my moto360
I was quite excited to use this app and really didnt have too much expectations The app works great on my Moto 360 notifications can be a little delays but better than nothing If only I can load apps on here like google maps and such but other than that I would recommended              Gr at for Moto 360
I own a LG G watch R and it simply does not pair with my iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 84 it paired fine with my dads galaxy note 4 Please fix this issue Google     DOESNT WORK
Para ser la primera versión esta bien solo que eh notado que si cierro del mutitarea la aplicación se desconecta y hay un delay en las notificaciones Espero que pongan aplicaciones para poder instalar y mas faces para comprar tiene muy pocas           Final mente en iOS

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