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Rovio Entertainment Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS app (Angry Birds Stella ,Angry Birds Match ,Love Rocks starring Shakira ,Angry Birds Go! ,Amazing Alex Free ,Amazing Alex HD), brings Angry Birds Friends with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Angry Birds Friends app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Killing time player..
  • I wish they'd offer them as permanent in STAR WARS II..
  • It's my favorite game to play and compete with family and friends..
  • A challenging means of wasting time..
  • Wish they would add aspects from the other angry birds games though..

Overall Satisfactionc65
I love Angry Birds in general and anticipate each new episode.
Very disappointed with an Angry Bird game.
I love being able to play against friends across the country.
Nothing like competing with your friends in your favorite game.
People this version of angry birds is originally from facebook.
I absolutly hate this version of angry birds for the tournament.
Thanks Rovio for a superior product.
so thanks but no thanks Rovio.
I highly recommend this game.
Fun & Engagingc79
It's fun to play against others & I like the weekly change ups.
Getting bored trying to beat my high score over and over again.
Awesome game needs easier add feature otherwise perfect.
I have had a blast competing with friends on Facebook.
Not good if you are competing with friends.
Fun and challenging because the levels change weekly.
Tons of fun and LOVE kicken the buts of my friends.
I love playing this game even though it is very addictive.
Super fun.
I play every day.
play every day.
Love it play it everyday.
I play it everyday.
Family Friendlyc53
compete weekly against family all over the USA.
I enjoy competing against family and friends.
I enjoy playing against friends and family.
Replay Valuec78
New levels every week and you compete against your friends.
Constant new levels and competition make for a lot of fun.
I just wish there were more levels.
Needs more levels n faster sessions.
Fun and challenging because the levels change weekly.
The levels are interesting and challenging as well.
Social Aspectsc57
I have had a blast competing with friends on Facebook.
Not good if you are competing with friends.
however I will love to play with friends outside face book.
It won't connect to fb to play with friends.
Fix this game.
Ads not Intrusivec16
Security & Privacyc17
Either get a FB account.
Updates & Supportc36

It's a great time waster. found in 2 reviews
I love being able to play against friends across the country. found in 45 reviews
Angry bird lover. found in 4 reviews
Fun and competitive challenges to play with others. found in 5 reviews
" It's a real cute game. found in 3 reviews
Love it play it everyday. found in 4 reviews
It's fun to play against others & I like the weekly change ups. found in 73 reviews
I just need to get more friends to play with me. found in 6 reviews
I have enjoyed all of the angry birds series including the toons. found in 4 reviews
You and your friends will spend hours trying to lead the challenges. found in 6 reviews
New boards every week keeps it fresh. found in 4 reviews
I love the anger birds. found in 4 reviews
But the game is SLOW as hell while trying to play it. found in 5 reviews
Many people don't have Facebook mostly by choice due to privacy issues. found in 18 reviews
Ever since the update the game will not even load. found in 24 reviews
Won't let me play or send gifts. found in 14 reviews
Fun game but the ads really need to be fixed. found in 3 reviews
It won't let me connect through Facebook and closes the program. found in 32 reviews
The game will not load completely. found in 6 reviews
Can't receive gifts from friends. found in 3 reviews
Cannot connect game keeps shutting down when trying to load. found in 15 reviews
And now we cannot send gifts to friends. found in 4 reviews
IT SAYS u must have internet connection and a facebook login. found in 15 reviews
but every time I try to play on my iPhone 4. found in 8 reviews
Video ads and automatic Facebook is not good. found in 8 reviews
the game CRASHES after playing each round. found in 14 reviews
I can FINALLY connect with Facebook to play tournaments on my IPad. found in 6 reviews
Deleted the game and reinstall but frankly I'm losing interest. found in 4 reviews
The connection issues need to be addressed. found in 7 reviews
I loved this game but it won't load anymore. found in 2 reviews
Love it but cant play anymore. found in 8 reviews
Won't let me connect to Facebook for no reason. found in 32 reviews
%&@$ Facebook use Game Center to connect or SMS like words with friends. found in 81 reviews
Game keeps crashing. found in 15 reviews
Its kind of sad that you need facebook for everything now. found in 47 reviews
Online with face book doesn't even work. found in 22 reviews
But the new new update won't let me play any more. found in 14 reviews
I tried to delete it and my i pad froze. found in 16 reviews
I'm deleting this app because It requires Facebook. found in 14 reviews
It won't connect to fb to play with friends. found in 22 reviews
I loved this game until recent updates made it impossible to play. found in 18 reviews
You can't even play without it freezing at the levels screen. found in 25 reviews
It's so cluttered with Facebook crap and power ups and whatnot. found in 132 reviews
Since the latest update the game crashes before it opens on ipad1. found in 24 reviews
Have to connect to Facebook in order to play this game. found in 33 reviews
Just wish they fix "no internet connection " bug. found in 25 reviews
I will not play a game that requires a Facebook login. found in 15 reviews
I deleted my FB account years ago. found in 14 reviews
you are trying to force my participation in Facebook to play. found in 24 reviews
Had to delete it because I don't have Facebook account. found in 18 reviews
I waste my bird coins and have no new high score. found in 21 reviews

The Angry Birds Friends is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 43.5 MB to download. The new Angry Birds Friends app version 1.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Angry Birds Friends in Rovio Entertainment Ltd`s Official Website :

Play Angry Birds with your friends... wherever you go In this FREE new game, you can use your phone to challenge your Facebook friends for the title of ultimate pig popper and bird flinger Play in ...
Nice to have something fresh every week                 Fresh
So many things have changed More money points changes less freebies no new characters of any worth in a while Its getting lame and stale Who cares about the tournaments The average player cant enjoy those unless we spend hours every day on it        I used to like it but
Really fun Changes each week                 Angry Birds Friends
A good mix of challenging levels                 Angry Birds
I too LOVE this game but I have been having trouble getting it to load in the same way a previous player mentioned I look forward to the new rounds every week and I hope you are working on this as we speak Sooooo disappointed game wont complete loading 62015 I have an older version of Ipad cannot afford a newer one and I followed the directions to be able to continue with the older version Nothing worked and now I am unable to play the game and I really miss it Why must you folks do that to us                 Problem loading
Cant get enough of this game more more we want more pigs more birds like a cockatoo An umbrella would be great                 Angry birds friends
I love AB Friends Tournament but have lost 2 friends that were great competition due to the money spent on power ups They came to their senses as have I It gets outrageous There needs to be a more affordable way to play with power ups more ways to earn a substantial amount of them etc please fix this so we can continue this great game                 Pricey
I have been playing for a few years now are the same friends now Every Monday I look forward to checking in on how the friends have played Then I launch my guys and spend the rest pf the week trying to beat them or catch up I have to limit my play time but I enjoy the various options each week              Like it
Rewards stay the same but prices for powerups increase almost 50 Not pleased with that but do enjoy the game           Agree price hike not welcome
As always fun to play and a more difficult to obtain the 3rd star on most levels That along with new weekly levels keeps Friends interesting and challenging and should earn the game four stars Unfortunately it loses two because you almost need power ups to obtain the 3rd star and they come at an inflated price           Angry Birds Friends
Very fun and challenging game to play                 Angers birds rio
When I began playing the original Angry Birds two years ago it was fun and entertaining After the introduction of several themed birds I became a fan of Angry Birds Friends on Facebook Its just as addictive as most of the other varieties but Ive noticed the birds arent as powerful unless you use powerups to strengthen them Essentially the birds are not as angry as they once were You the user is the one that becomes angry I would agree with other reviewers that think the powerup tactic is motivated by greed because if you want to obtain high scores and advance to higher leagues bronze silver etc you need to use buy powerups I would much rather pay for the app up front        Powerless Birds
I use to love this game now the game is getting really hard to win I would love to see you make two versions one with power ups and one with out The only ones winning this game are the one with power ups           Angry birds friends
Addictive and fun                 Five stars
I love to play Angry Birds Its a blast Its amazing how they come up with all these different games Challenging                 So much fun
Fun to play but it doesnt matter if you turn the sound off The commercials still play at full volume        Fun but noisy
Raising the prices and changing the game play so that in order for you to score high in this competitive version you have to purchase power ups is a great way to tell your customers that you do not care about us Ive personally spent about 100 since Ive downloaded this game however I will not spend one more dime with you Making the birds weaker and not giving enough to complete the level without power ups is conniving Thank you for harassing me to rate this game Hopefully I can save someone else from wasting their time with this version of what used to be an awesome game     Ruined
This has been fun but the price is causing me to quit Ridiculous     Save your money
Agreeing with everyone else This has been a great game One of the only that Ive actually spent money on No more though The price increases are outrageous I wont pay that much to play Its disappointing because Ive loved this game until now     Too expensive
Its nice to have new levels to play on a weekly basis but the cost to buy coins for power ups is a major buzz kill Oh and they jacked up the coin cost on popular power ups Maybe I should change to one star        Fun But
Love angry birds and I wish Pig days came a little faster More for 2015 please                 Just wish
Love the diverse exciting games every week Cant wait till Monday to start playing new games                 New game every week
Love this game its so much fun and takes up all my time              Love it
Such an amazing and addictive but fun competing game                 Love it
Much better than regular Angry Birds this has you playing against your friends with six new levels each week You also pay against the world with scores resetting each week Plus its 100 free I dont know why someone complained about a price hike This game is FREE to download and play                 Incredible fun
This is part of my morning routine Im a bit obsessed with getting the high score Needs to be longer more per week              Love this game
I used to play this game and enjoy it not really minding paying a few cents to waste a little time Now however I am one of the millions of people whose enjoyment has been destroyed by your greed Since you screwed up and changed it the game doesnt work the same on all of my devices My phone gets no and I mean no power power ups at all the others do When you increase the prices without warning You guys are dix and decrease the effectiveness of the play you screw it up for everyone Shame on you It wasnt broke and you idiots fixed it Change it back     Rovio MASSIVE FAIL
Love playing it is addictive though Sad that prices are going up on power ups I dont win enough times to build an arsenal against my opponents therefore I dont get power But I love the game              Angry Birds Friends
I love this game and I love that there is new challenge every week                 Angry Birds Friend
The motion stops in mid flight Have had scores lost because they are not recorded after play stops Dont appreciate having to pay for the power ups           Review
Angry Birds devotee going back several years Very sane way to destress after the arbors of long days mental overload Very chill but challenging way to recharge my batteries                 Angry Birds Zen Mama
Ive had this game from Day 1 I loved it couldnt wait for Mondays Recently had to have my phone swiped and the new version with all the advertising is a pain Will be deleting game this week     Angry Birds Friends
But the POWER UPS ARE much WEAKER There is only so much I am willing to pay for diminishing fun or rewards FIX IT     Paying WAY MORE
Too expensive No longer rewarding with coins so must buy them to stay competitive        Rovio Friends
It be freezing and restarting sometimes when I make my highest score its really annoying But other than that its really fun And compared to other games where you have to buy lives and wait for ever for free lives the angry birds model worked and other games should take note thats why Rovio has been so successful              Fun game but
I love playing the game and enjoy the new tournaments weekly but it went from I dont mind paying a buck or two to 50100 dollars what happened to the fun all about the money I guess        Cost too much
I have always been a big fan Unfortunately instead of having fun Im more frustrated with the HUGE PRICE of powerups AGB with friends use to be the first app I would open Have a heart Rovio Please lower your prices           Pushed too far
Awesome game Love the different level of difficulty to make you think                 Yay
This used to be my favorite gamebut price hikes make it impossible to keep Uninstallingbad move Rovio     Time to Bail
Its okay I dont really understand what all the different birds do but every so often I pass a level thats okay I dont buy any extra stuff and wont but Ill keep playing the game I have                 angry birds
Great way to stay competitive with your buddies              Competitive mind
Niiiiicccccceeeee                 Angry birds friends
Love the game                 Great game
Take a stand Stop buying stop playing and stop feeding into this bullship company     TAKE A STAND
Good game but if you pass all mission on one day you have to wait till the following week to play it again              Not bad
This last update has me ready to call it quits with Rovio Price hikes all around Stupid Brag overlay after each level that wont allow you to click no thanks most of the time A daily bonus wheel that spins for days before it ever stops on anything Not a fan anymore        You broke one of my favorite games
You will enjoy plYing this game              Like this awesome game
I enjoy the games but I dont like having to wait a week for new games if you are satisfied with your scores before the end of the week              Tournament is ok but
Somewhat addictive           Fun
Ive been playing angry birds for years Only recently did I start playing angry birds with friends and I do enjoy the game However like some other players I agree that the cost of power ups which you usually need to get the highest possible score are too expensive The rewards are not normally enough to fund you through the next week But I do really enjoy the game Perhaps the company will consider putting a 50 power up discount on the wheel At any rate the game does exactly what it should and that is entertains           LoveHate

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