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Chillingo Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS games (Fiona`s Flowers HD ,Assault Squadron LITE ,Monster Mayhem ,Piyo Blocks 2 HD ,iBomber Defense ,Lamp of Aladdin), brings Angry Birds HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Angry Birds HD games has been update to version 2.2.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs’ fortified castles. Angry Birds features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 180 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy.


Features 180 levels, leaderboards, achievements, Facebook and Twitter integration, and lots and lots of Angry Birds!

Angry Birds HD
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Protect wildlife or play Angry Birds!


#1 IPHONE PAID APP in US, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, Poland, France, Netherlands, Malta, Greece, Austria, Australia, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Belgium, Norway, Hungary, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Czech Republic, Spain, Ireland, Romania, New Zealand, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Nicaragua, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Mauritius, Chile, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Taiwan, Colombia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Kenya, Macedonia, Croatia, Macau, Paraguay, Peru, Armenia, Philippines, Vietnam, Jordan, Kuwait and Malta.


#1 IPHONE PAID GAME in more countries than we can count!


AVERAGE REVIEW SCORE for version 1.4.0 = 4.78 / 5.


“Lemme tell ya, these ain’t no ordinary finches we’re talkin’ about. These here are the Angry Birds, the ones that’s gonna kick you in the ‘nads. And they’re the ones on your side. They must be from Galapadapados, or sumptin’.” – Col. Angus, Bird Expert.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Angry Birds HD for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.2.0 has been released on 2014-11-19. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Angry Birds HD in Chillingo Ltd`s Official Website :


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Download and Enjoy                Pleasantly Addicting
This used to be a fun game to pass the time Now every AngryBirds game is a constant barrage of advertisements for other games Since I paid for this app it angers me that I have to keep seeing the ads Ive stopped playing because all the AngryBirds games are just too annoying now They killed their own games    Too many adverts in a paid game
Been hooked on this for several years now and my only complaint is they dont come fast enough More pleaseand not just Star Wars or the other one Just good ole angry birds Ya gotta love it                Da best
This was one of my kids favorite games but Ive had to delete it because of the barrage of advertisements and cartoons Completely lame    Deleted Ad server
Great game I love it However advertising on Toons TV makes no sense on the full version of Angry Birds Please fix and I swear I will give Angry Birds five stars             Ads are an issue
My first game was the original Angry Birds Even an old lady could figure it out AND be constantly challenged So far I cannot quite figure out the newer version better directions might help for nonnative usersthanks for many hours of relaxation                Hypnotic
Love it Challenging and great fun                Angry birds HD
Thanks for this update More levels more fun                Awesome update
This is with no doubt one of my Favorite Games It is a master piece So fun challenging and freeBut I can never beat my Sons score You guys have done an excellent job with all Angry Bird gamesKEEP UP THE GOOD WORK                Can never get a higher score than my Son
I do not play as frequently as I want to but still love this game About the advertising They give free stuff it is fine Keep the journey against those nasty pigs and the feathers be with you                I still love it
This is one of the best games ever It is always a challenge and just when you think your done they add another delightful level The newest is in the mines and was a creative genius Seasons is the perfect companion to angry birds which also has new additions to it that keep it fresh and challenging It has definitely made an addict out of me Need more of the seasons that are with the holidays                Angry birds
This game is awesome The toons are awesome It is awesome awesome and very awesome HOWEVER I can see where Rovio is going It started out as more of a boys game you know Pretty decent for all ages Then they decided Hey lets let girls play this game too And you added Stella Ever since then Rovio has created games that would be suitable for anyone under 10 bad Piggies Angry Birds Friends Angry Birds Go They are all for 5 year olds You thought that you were expanding your audience but you were really just making it a little kids game Keep Stella away from the original while you still have our preferenceThanks for 1 most helpful review as of February 2015             READ THIS WHILE THERES STILL 4 STARS by DecentReviews
I love angry birds and I love when new levels are added Im an adult and I thoroughly enjoy this game                My favorite game since the creation
This is a great game I like that you added features like Reds mighty feathers and short fusion to the game I would like to see more features like this                Great game
Great fun game Its addicting                Fun
good                nice
The highly addictive game with highly questionable physics                Fun Game
My favorite game                Angry Birds
I have enjoyed this game for a long time It is fun to figure out how to score high with the fewest move                Fun on the wings of Angry Birds
I love all the versions but I have not been able to get angry birds 2 to play on my iPad what am I doing wrong Im so disappointed                Angry birds any game
Still loving it                Great game
Would have had 5 stars exceptThis game was installed on my 7 year olds iPad and he loves it That is until it updated and now does nothing except for crash When you try and play a level it will not load and just takes you to your home screen So we deleted the app so we could reinstall it to see if it would fix the crashing problem It has helped with other apps in the past Doing this did not fix the problem and it also deleted all of his progress So good by level 67 hello level 1 Oh wait cant even play level 1 because it will not load Also it is just not the iPadthe app is also crashing on my iPhone and on my iPod    Great but
Been a fan since the first egg GO BIRDS                Dauphine
Love em love em love m Miss em miss em miss em                All angry birds games
This thing puts me to sleep faster than a sleeping pill Lol There is something soooo soothing about tearing things up OrDOWN I love the ABsinside joke w me and my grandson                Most RELAXING game on Earth
Great game perfectly integrated within the iPodiPhoneiPad touch interfaceTerrific fun for all ages                Great addicting game for all ages
Only downside is once you clear all levels it takes a long time to get new ones but could play for hours Constant challenges Once you clear the level try to get 3 stars Addicting fun                As good as it gets
I try not to write reviews when or because Im angry Breaking my own rule today I can live with ads because I get free power ups for watching them I have the choice if I want to Today I got fooled by an inapp purchase though that has me fuming You will recall that we had a chance to buy an extra bird per level when fighting for the cure for breast cancer You let it fly then touch were you want it to hit One of the best things they ever did for us and for contributing to research for a cure Was happy to payor it Today I saw what I thought was a similar offer minus the fight for the cure I thought I was buying a permanent shockwave bird per level but apparently I was only getting 7 of them for my 99 Now why would I pay 99 for 7 when I can get 25 for 199 And I have 371 already but it looks like a permanent character offer so I bought it only to find it isnt Im mad about that and I hope you dont make the same easy mistake as it isnt clearUPDATE still the best game and quit asking for reviews Fe                Reviewing while angry
I play at the most of any game on the computer Thanks             Fun with Angry Birds
Just Kidding This game is great I can play for hours every day I lose track of time You can purchase power ups but its much more challenging to figure out how to clear out those piggies without them although it can take a while I think this version of angry birds is better than the freebies A lot more content and levels to choose from I really Love this game                Im Angry
Initially thought this angry birdsas I found in others was rigged to force purchases in appI found most all very fair and enjoyable             Good and fair game
Awesome game Confused as to why it is 3 bucks now but still worth it                Gr8
It is a great game so far good job guys D                Super fun game
Great game I always play this game its fun and keeps me entretained                Angry Birds
Awesome job with this and hope it continues to be awesome                Awesome game
I find the game incredibly relaxing The only thing I dont like of those things with the egg and the flying gadgets Too much action for me                Consistently inventive
Great game but add more birds                This review is late
So in this game there is a world called reds mighty feathers and after you beat it you unlock this new world I think it would be an awesome idea to make a game based completely on the idea of egg defense that would be awesome and I would totally rate 5 Your games rock keep up the good work and please make this game D                New game suggestion pls read
When I updated this app on August 17 2015 I noticed that the Powerup daily spin was gone This makes some levels nearly impossible to complete unless you watch videos to get Shockwaves Did you forget the customers who paid for this game I hope you add the power up daily spin back soon or else my rating will go down even lower          What gives
Addictive If there is already an ABA Angry Birds Anonymous let me know             Angry Birds
Not to be a whiner but if you complete a level on your first try you OUGHT to get 3 stars                Just sayin
Totally agreeable I could be cool                Birds served
This original Angry Birds has given at minimum thousands of hours of fun to me Challenging to my rabidly competitive nature without those idiotic IA purchases AB PLEASE REdo your AB 2 and modify the IAPs I would purchase your games Still reeling from the sticker shock of AB 2 I quit AB GO for the same reason                Great fun Glad this version not costly
Love the game                Entertaining
Such an addictive game I LOVE it                Much Fun
Updated and now app wont go beyond title screen Loading then app closes Not good    June 22 update fails
Its a great game to fill idle hours or when trying to avoid work                Fun Game Wastes Time
This game is amazing I love it and I recommend this will be worth the dollar or whatever but this game is one of my favorite games Thanks Rovio                Awesomely angry
Thanks for making this available                Great fun
I play every chance I get I like the sound so I wear my headphones in public                Love it


Chillingo Ltd
Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.2.0
iPhone iPad

iOS Angry Birds HD 2.2.0 Mobile

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