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Rovio Mobile Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Angry Birds Rio HD Free ,Angry Birds Space Free ,Angry Birds Seasons ,Angry Birds Rio HD ,Angry Birds Space HD Free ,Angry Birds Free), brings Angry Birds Seasons with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Angry Birds Seasons games has been update to version 2.5.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This game is more addicting than doodle jump and probably better..
  • it's an excellent and funny game..
  • Thank you for many hours of mindless fun entertainment Angry Birds..
  • Seasons seems to bring more challenging levels than other versions..
  • The whole family loves all versions of this game..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Great idea to do a Christmas version and love the advent calendar idea.
I don't mind the advent calendar idea.
I love all the Angry Bird games some parts are very challenging.
Don't have that problem with other Angry Bird games.
Angry bird seasons is highly Addicting one of the best games out there.
Love the Halloween theme & look forward to other holiday themes.
It's the 12 days of Christmas all month long.
Been playing Angry Birds since it came out and still love it.
Amazing game for an amazing price I'm speechless.
Love the seasons version even though the original is better.
Fun & Engagingc92
Mastered the original Angry Birds now addicted to Angry Birds Seasons.
Awesome game addiction updates keep my habit going.
Awesome game but the update crashes.
Super fun and Halloween version is even kewler.
It's awfully hard to put down -even when I'm dead tired.
so why do you need to put advertisements in your game.
As always the birds are a hit with loads of fun.
Love the birds operating under water - fun fun fun.
Great game with tons of fun to help you burn time.
Really love this game and it's totally addictive.
One new level every day means a lack of instant gratification.
getting a new level every day until Christmas.
opening a new level everyday has really gotten me excited for Christmas.
It's a great game I play it every day I want 3.
I have 3 stars on everything.
Family Friendlyc97
The whole family loves all versions of this game.
This game is nonstop fun for kids and adults.
the whole family plays from 5 year old.
Replay Valuec86
Always looking forward to new updates for new levels to play.
I really hate having to wait for new levels in the latest update.
We need more levels added and keep them coming.
The game will not open any more levels.
This version is much more challenging than the original which is great IMO.
A little more challenging pretty complicated to get 3stars on all screens.
Hours and hours of entertainment when I could have been working.
The game keeps getting new levels and never gets old.
hard yet enjoyable and totally the replay value is a 10.
Production Valuesc95
Love the Birds and all their sound effects.
Awesome and Fun-LOVE the sound effects.
Anyone else having problems with the games sound effects.
the graphics are great and the fun never stops.
The graphics are great What a super idea.
Ease of Usec97
A challenging yet simple game that gives you hours of fun.
Highly addictive and simple game play.
Strikes that perfect balance of simple concept and challenging gameplay.
simple concept / tricky to max out.
The game keeps getting new levels and never gets old.
i just did the easter update and now the game keeps crashing.
Ads not Intrusivec10
Updates & Supportc84
Halloween version rocks just like the original version.
It erased all my scores from the Halloween version.
The Christmas version is even more fun and challenging.
Don't love that the Christmas version overwrote the Halloween version.
I'm always on the lookout for new updates.

Angry Birds seasons rocks I was instantly hooked. found in 2144 reviews
I keep getting connection error so I am unable to play it. found in 15 reviews
but also annoying as I don't always have access to wifi. found in 28 reviews
More difficult than the regular angry birds but still addicting. found in 8 reviews
but I didn't pay to play on your time. found in 16 reviews
This does not completely support Retina Display. found in 7 reviews
It says "cannot connect to iTunes ". found in 6 reviews
Love the game but latest update keeps crashing on load. found in 14 reviews
What happened to the laws of physics. found in 15 reviews
Love this game but it won't let me play anymore. found in 9 reviews
Good but i cant play another level for another 3 hours. found in 20 reviews
Sure wish I could play longer without needing charging. found in 7 reviews
Can't buy NBA pass and no Halloween episode. found in 12 reviews
blocks don't fall according to gravity and I lost interest. found in 17 reviews
Still no full Retina support 21 months after the iPhone 4. found in 5 reviews
Fun but also frustrating at times to move to next level. found in 17 reviews
5/1/15: Game crashes if you are connected to wifi. found in 33 reviews
Now it crashes while loading. found in 10 reviews
Every time i try to play this game it crashes. found in 16 reviews
Wifi issue is bummer but can live with the added hassle. found in 7 reviews
New update won't open. found in 7 reviews
And what's up with the 1 level per day kinda lame. found in 159 reviews
These levels are stupidly difficult right from Level 1. found in 30 reviews
It asks me to sign into Game Center before crashing :. found in 31 reviews
The Requirement description says nothing about wifi connection needed. found in 41 reviews
This app does not connect to wifi although everything else does. found in 28 reviews
The reason is because everytime I would try to play Angry Birds. found in 16 reviews
I will not be buying Star Wars Angry Birds. found in 24 reviews
and it's totally stupid that you require a connection to play. found in 19 reviews
Now requires purchases to unlock levels instead of game play. found in 55 reviews
I'm so disappointed that the game won't open. found in 27 reviews
Very very sad that you can only play one level a day. found in 237 reviews
This update won't let me play the new levels. found in 26 reviews
Please take out the wifi requirement. found in 18 reviews
new update crashes when home screen finishes loading. found in 22 reviews
cant play cuz we dont have a wifi connection really. found in 20 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Angry Birds Seasons for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.5.1 has been released on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Angry Birds Seasons in Rovio Mobile Ltd.`s Official Website :

Angry Birds Seasons: What Everybody Wants For Christmas From now on, every season is an Angry Birds season. After the special treats of Halloween, Angry Birds Seasons returns with another gift that keeps on giving: Season ...
Just like the first Angry Birds Fun and tuff              Rick Sr
Someone cut and pasted the wrong update description and falsely promised new levels for a bug update Too busy focusing on AB2 Im sure     OOOOOOOOPS
Great fun              Angry Birds seasons
Many people seem to be having crashing problems My game seems to be running fine and Im having a lot of fun with it The latest update is a fantastic addition to the game and Im glad it has been added Keep doin whatcha doin rovio                 I dont see what the problem is
IOS APP is BEST APP                 IOS APP is BEST APP
I downloaded the update today 72815 and saw NO new levels Is anyone else having this issue With regard to the game love itone of my favorites in series with StarWars2 being my fav                 Love it
I like how its not a 100 cash grab like Angry Birds 2 which is a 1 star freemium bull crap of a game I redownloaded all the old games versus playing that freemium crap Seasons is frickin awesome i dont mind paying a little for more levels                 Awesome Game
I have not been able to play this game since the last couple of updates As soon as I select a season to play the game crashes     Angry Crashes
Downloaded the update went to open the new level and now cannot open the ap at all The rovio screen pops up for about 5 seconds then kicks it out completely Needs to be fixed        Hosed again
App runs smoothly one of the best versions of Angry Birds My only complaint are ads on a paid app Rovio advertises for their other games upon launch on the main menu and on a fixed screen inbetween        Running Smoothly
Honestly I used to love the changing seasons of this app and its icon Now its just basketball and its grown old and stale For instance seasons would have included a level pack centered on July 4th fireworks flags uncle Sammy pigs etc instead just more of the same tired we just called it in basketball theme If the next update has anything to do with basketball and in some way nothing to do with the actual season which made the game fun and fresh Im done with it Id rather waste my phone memory on another useless image editor app     Enough stupid basketball
Need more                 Enjoying
I didnt see any new level     New ham dunk
Ive been playing this game since the very first season Halloween 2010 and love how it has expanded The Finland facts within the levels are awesome and all the different season options ensure that Im never bored And this latest update fixed the lagginess on opening the game and loading levels Thank you                 Love it
I have all the Angry Birds games They are addictive Theyre the best                 The best
WHAT The HECK There is NO update That is either false advertising or someones sick idea for a Publicity stuntand or a result of someones incompetance Im Hoping thats not the case But Rovio is capable of doing better Im sure Rovio your Company is getting worse and worse Either pull it up and start giving us the priduct we PAY for or quit     Seasons
Enjoy every new update The Seasons series continues to be addictive Keep them coming                 Another fun update
Weeeeeeeeeeeee                 Brain is cooked
People say the powers ups are just a cash grab but why do you care about the power ups Dont use them Some of the levels are super hard and almost seem impossible but trust me when you get it you feel good With so many levels this game will make you entertained for a long time              Fun
5 years later and its still my favorite game that Ive ever downloaded                 Always good fun
A fun challenge                 Perfect
I love this game Ive been playing it ever since it came out in 2010 The only downside to this game is that lately in the past three years theyve been adding just random stuff in the game that really has nothing to do with a season I just want the Halloween and Christmas back rovio please bring them back              Angry birds not seasons
No new levels Bogus update        Nothing
This is a really really fun game and extremely addictive Can please keeping adding more DLC with some more seasons This is my favorite Angry Birds Game and definitely the best one                 Keep adding DLC
I like this game its fun and it helps me to kill some time                 Angry birds
When I load a level it loads and then freezes after a second and then crashes on my iPhone 5s running iOS 84 The game is completely unusable Uninstalling and reinstalling isnt an option since all stars and power ups would be lost     Constantly crashes
Love it Wish I didnt have to wait so long for some of them Oh well I enjoy them                 Angry birds seasons
I downloaded the update but it still crashes I hope that this is fixed soon              Game crashes
Installed latest update and now the app tries to load but crashes Closed all other apps plus reboot Same CRASH     Latest update crashes app
I love this app Angry Birds rock                 Love AB
Another game made by Rovio designed to pull money out of your pockets     Greedy Rovio
Great game                 Terrible game
I have yet to find a better game than Angry Birds What a fantastic work of art skill and fun I love how each bird type has its own personality and skill set My personal favorite are the Blues                 The BEST
Support iPhone 6     Please
Its bad enough youve gone full freemium a bit of a sellout move Didnt you have enough money but now your game is CONSTANTLY crashing which is especially frustrating when it happens during a round after just purchasing a powerup or spending gems You get our money and we get screwed Patch and update And while youre at it tone down the obnoxious freemium crap     The only crashing should be birds into pigs
Great addition to the franchise Have to think some things thru differently on the basketball game All are very enjoyable              Angry Birds Seasons
Love the birdslove the different seasons and holidays                 Great game
I have enjoyed numerous hours playing many if the different Angry Birds apps There have been a couple that Ive had to erase because of crashing Have loved the many levels of Seasons Didnt mind playing the NBA Last week I down loaded the new addition of NBA Now my device is crashing Not only in the AB NBA app but entirely even when offline like when I am in private folders I am thoroughly frustrated about this Please fix ASAP I will be making some direct contact with tech asst in a couple days if this isnt fixed An update I tried the newest up date which is NBA THE CRASH IS WORSE THAN EVER It wont open at all now        My muse
I only wrote this review because I was tired of the splash screen popping up What the flip am I supposed to say If you like Angry Birds youll like Seasons too If not Who cares The Angry Bird people already have a bazillion dollars Is my review going to change the tide Will people say well if Maxwyfe doesnt like it Im not going to play this That chick knows her Apps No So I could write anything Heck you probably arent even reading anymore So I could say I murdered a guy and chopped him up and served him as barbecue at the First Baptist Summer Picnic and no one would know he was delicious with a smokey BBQ sauce and fresh coleslaw The irony of course is the guy loved cabbage So I think he would be happy ending up a tasty sandwich covered in cabbage slaw Could have been worse right Anyway this is a great game for when you are bored              So fun
Sorry to read about the layoffs Rovio Thanks to the current and past employees for their creative design work                 Still my favorite
Crashes cant open since update Crap     Crashes
NBA NBA is not one of the 4 seasons Just make an Angry Birds NBA game Whats next Angry Birds NFL thug vs thug At least the original Angry Birds was entertaining and WORKED The new version just crashes Last AB product I will buy since creators have lost the focus of a simple enjoyable game     Angry Birds Seasons
It doesnt load I refuse to uninstall and reinstall and lose all my progress I had hoped there would be a fix by now but there isnt This is ridiculous for as big a company as Rovio has gotten I would have expected better UPDATE after 3 updates it has yet to be corrected So disappointed Yes I tried in airplane mode turned notifications on etc     Update crash burn
I think that says it all Totally absolutely HATE it They want me to pay for more levels NOT going to happen Did I mention I loathe this Give us some real game updates     Hate the NBA crap
Still a fun appbut it takes sometime to loadplease fix                 Loading takes awhile
Super                 Angry birds
Id rather pay several dollars for a game I can play completely at any time over a nickelanddime you to death freemium game Plus the visuals while engaging were clearly designed with tablet users in mind The action is difficult to see on an iPhone much less enjoy Im out     Freemium pollutes a classic
Most levels are very hard to get enough points to get 3 stars These games should be fun not frustrating I like to get 3 stars to move on to the bonus levels but I just give up and play something else I love the pig day games Having the new games spread out is helpful                 Frustrating
Using latest iOS and new update wont load just closes the app     New update wont load
Uhwhat Didnt see anything new Or was it just bug fixes and someone made mistake        Crashing here too

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