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Max Secure Software India Private Limited , the publisher behind many iOS app (Adware Cleaner by Max Secure ,Privacy Guard For Facebook ,Safe Browsing for Safari ,Max Password Manager ,Memory Cleaner by Max Secure ,Password Manager by Max Secure), brings AntiVirus by Max Secure- Virus & Adware Scanner with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AntiVirus by Max Secure- Virus & Adware Scanner app has been update to version 7.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The AntiVirus by Max Secure- Virus & Adware Scanner is now available for 24.990 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 4975203, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new AntiVirus by Max Secure- Virus & Adware Scanner app version 7.5 has been updated on 2014-11-23.
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Top Paid Apps in the Mac App Store Limited Time 25% Off Antivirus by Max Secure is designed to protect Mac against viruses, spyware and all other types of malware. Clear out Adware from your Mac With ...
I started having all kinds of problems with my chrome web browser so I went back to Safari and had the same problem pop ups left and right every time I be working on one website and click on some thing another page would pop up on a subject that did not concern me it was getting so bad that even scrolling down the page would take me to another website so I bought this antivirus MaxSecure hoping it would find a virus or take care of my adware malware whetever and it found one threat so I got rid of it same problem existed so I ran that adware part of the program as soon as I clicked on it less than one second it came back and said I had no adware I have never seen a scan that quick so I paid geek squad to go to my computer and he found all kinds of malware adware he ran his antivirus cleaned up my computer and have not had a problem since so yes I am not happy with this product I feel it did the no good and it s a rip off for 25 This is the only thing that I was unhappy with I love my iMac I have had it for a little over four years and this is the first problem I ve ever had with it         Did not help me KEMO7203
Max Secure AntiVirus does exactly what I needed for my Mac Some of my work apps were not working properly from the past few weeks This app found some worms that had infected some of my work apps At the price it gives you complete virus protection though the scan take some time Nicest customer service I have gotten in a while too Really recommend running weekly scans with this tool to protect your Mac and give you a peace of mind The features provided are exactly what is written in the description The latest update has brought a really sleek user interface and new Real Time Protection feature This feature runs in the background and automatically scan your mac I am highly satisfied with this update looking forward for next updates                     Trusted Software With Excellent Support robert_6102
Cleaned out some adware problems that I was having Like the new user interface too I am going to be upgrading soon Thanks a lot for the great service The new UI is easy to access                     AntiVirus scans my machine completely AnnaMatthew7
i have had nothing but trouble with this product it scans and tells me i have 2 viruses or threats the trojen americana virus then it will not do anything about it i hit the clean button and nothing happens then my mouse pointer goes haywire and i can t control it when i tried to put it into the trash it refuses to go and a cloud apears around the application icon and it returns to the dock i take it out and it returns i take it out and it returns over andover with my mouse becoming more irratic with each attempt     antivirus by max secure petslug
I am very disappointed with this software It didn t detect the problem as promised and I am out 25     waste pbforney
I was the one having problems with recurrent pop up ads on my Mac I manually found and deleted a bunch of adware and still had the problem I used this app after finding it on the App Store and it cleared all my problems Had contacted the customer support a few days back to understand why the scans were taking longer they helped me out within a couple of hours The product is improving with regular updates on the App Store and live database updates I would recommed this for other Mac users as well It is definitely useful for additional security                     Good app with a simple interface Robinson_Cena
This new version of Max Secure Anti Virus works like a charm Removed all viruses on my Mac quickly and resolved all issues I was having Highly recommended                     Max Secure Anti Virus works great Shashank89nyc
THIS MAY BE A SCAM I wanted to know why you couldn t schedule a Full Scan They kept asking for my Registration Key which they did not give me and there was no place to enter it if they had Then they kept insisting that I give them remote access to my computer to tell me if you could schedule a Full Scan or not When I refused they stopped communicating with me     AntiVirus by Max Secure tdredge
Malware got on my computer and I downloaded Max Secure It was absolutely useless It did nothing It scanned my computer and said it did not find any viruses although malware was everywhere Total waste of money I saw a review of ClamXav which is free I downloaded that app instead and removed Max Secure ClamXav worked immediately     DO NOT BUY IT DOES NOT WORK ePhoenix
I bought this because my computer was swamped with viruses but when i did a scan it said my computer was clean don t get this     Does not work nehoc11
waste of money takes forever to scan doesn t help with anything     waste of money sha88an
won t even let me click the clean icon always saying clean failed     useless geymu
Took nearly 24 hours to scan my computer and still couldn t identify the issue Now its off to the tech guys which I should have done in the first place     Waste of 10 gavdog79
I have just tested this app against 189 different samples of Mac malware How many of them did it identify as malicious NONE That s correct not a single one The app is a complete fraud and I will be reporting this to Apple as such     Utterly worthless Thomasareed
AntiVirus by Max Secure- Virus & Adware Scanner BusinessAntiVirus by Max Secure- Virus & Adware Scanner BusinessAntiVirus by Max Secure- Virus & Adware Scanner BusinessAntiVirus by Max Secure- Virus & Adware Scanner BusinessAntiVirus by Max Secure- Virus & Adware Scanner Business

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