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Purple Cover, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (FaxFresh ,AnyList Grocery List), brings AnyList Grocery List with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AnyList Grocery List app has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • and believe me I tried many shopping list apps just for that feature..
  • I have purchased and discarded 2 grocery list apps..
  • We also use the recipe function to remember ingredients..
  • It's even great for getting gift ideas down..
  • Use this weekly for grocery shopping and meal planning..
Overall Satisfactionclick me94
The is by far the best shopping list app I have come across.
best shopping list app until premium subscription came out.
The best shopping app and the import recipe feature is perfect.
Love the Recipe section with all of the fabulous features.
Syncing works great and being able to add recipes is a great feature.
I love how it categorizes each item.
Amazingly Easy.
Fun & Engagingclick me94
Awesome List App with Meal Planning.
The most awesome list app ever.
Awesome support.
I love the list feature in this app and use it all the time.
I LOVE this app and use it all the time.
Usefulnessclick me95
we use it for everything from todo lists to groceries.
Everything in one place.
Most useful list app EVER.
One of my most used and most useful apps on my phone.
App has quickly become indispensable to me.
Top App Used Every Day.
Not counting essential apps.
Family Friendlyclick me99
My whole family uses this app.
Our family has been using AnyList for over a year without a hiccup.
Production Valuesclick me99
web interface for adding recipes.
though the web interface.
The look and user interface is very nice and intuitive.
Ease of Useclick me90
This makes it so easy to share lists with others in the household.
It is easy to move items from one list to another list.
Don't want to move everything from the Reminders app.
Make sure to read it well under Settings.
Easy to add recipes.
Just a simple list maker with a clean-looking interface.
Super convenient and very intuitive interface.
The look and user interface is very nice and intuitive.
Security & Privacyclick me73
I just want a list app without being forced to create an account.
Updates & Supportclick me72
Thanks for the great customer service and the fantastic app.
Also great customer service.


AnyList is the best way to create and share grocery shopping lists. Easily share a list with your spouse or roommate. List changes show up instantly on everyone`s
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
or iPod touch.


** Launch special: AnyList is free for a limited time to celebrate its release! **

AnyList Grocery ListAnyList Grocery List
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== Features ==


• AnyList is fast. Quickly add and check off items from your lists and get on about your business.
• AnyList is organized. List items are automatically categorized. Create as many lists as you wish.
• AnyList lets you share. Just enter the
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
address of your spouse or roommate and your list is shared. List changes instantly show up on everyone`s iPhone or iPod touch.
• AnyList helps you plan. Need a recipe idea? We have recipes from some of the web`s top recipe publishers. Browse by popularity or main ingredient. Easily add ingredients to your shopping list.


== Contact Us ==


We love to hear your feedback and ideas. Get in touch with us: [email protected]
AnyList Grocery List


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download AnyList Grocery List for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in Language: English language. It weighs in at only 4.7 MB to download. The new AnyList Grocery List app version 1.3 has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about AnyList Grocery List in Purple Cover, Inc.`s Official Website :


Perfect for grocery list as well as keeping organized with other lists. found in 118 reviews
Love the Recipe section with all of the fabulous features. found in 30 reviews
It's completely customizable and the sharing feature is fantastic. found in 23 reviews
Design wise it's superb and its user friendly and seamless. found in 29 reviews
I even did our Christmas list this way with the family. found in 13 reviews
This makes it so easy to share lists with others in the household. found in 161 reviews
List sharing is fairly seamless even while simultaneously revising. found in 26 reviews
The best shopping app and the import recipe feature is perfect. found in 51 reviews
You can creat multiple lists for different stores or even recipes. found in 15 reviews
but need IPad version. found in 2 reviews
Too bad the improvements are only for paid version. found in 3 reviews
Only gripe is there is no iPad or web version. found in 3 reviews
Please add landscape view. found in 1 reviews
No more forgetting the grocery list at home. found in 7 reviews
but I agree with the other reviewers about the subscription model. found in 14 reviews
Would love to import specific lists automatically. found in 12 reviews
I can't get on board with that pricing model. found in 4 reviews
but a yearly fee. found in 2 reviews
but there is no way I will pay for a yearly subscription. found in 2 reviews
A subscription fee doesn't make sense for this type of app. found in 13 reviews
Please consider changing it to a one time purchase. found in 7 reviews
but having a YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION to unlock one time feature improvements. found in 16 reviews
but it's useless now if I can't paste recipes. found in 3 reviews
Great app but its a pain typing without landscape view. found in 1 reviews
but PLEASE add an undo button. found in 1 reviews
No more forgetting my list on the fridge. found in 2 reviews
99 annual subscription is a deal breaker. found in 8 reviews
but a yearly subscription of $10 is just crazy. found in 16 reviews
but the subscription model kills this app. found in 14 reviews
annoying nag screen to upgrade to paid service. found in 5 reviews
I might purchase them if it were a one time fee. found in 10 reviews
I wasted a lot of time setting up faves. found in 3 reviews
and certainly don't ask people to pay a yearly "subscription" fee. found in 23 reviews
No barcode scanning. found in 5 reviews
Use your delete button to vote NO to subscription based apps. found in 3 reviews
Don't need an account but it doesn't like that. found in 3 reviews
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I have tried many shopping list recipe organizer apps and the AnyList app surpasses all of them Its easy to learn and use and Im glad I decided to spend the extra and use the web recipe and other features I have used this app to replace all my other meal planning lists and shopping apps The quality and ease is amazing My husband even tells me that Ive never been so thrilled about any app                Best Ever App
I have tried many shopping list apps and I finally found one that I can use I would be lost without it                Great app for lists and recipes
I love the fact that I can share a list with my husband It also has amazing recipe storage Importing recipes from websites is simple and then youre able to add the ingredients right to your Any List LOVE IT                Best grocery app ever
Absolutely great app and it keeps getting better                My Favorite
I have lots of lists and this keeps me organized I love how I can copy a block of ingredients for a recipe and when I paste them into AnyList Complete each ingredient is imported into its own field and the units of measure is in another field in front of the ingredient                One of my all time favorite Aps of any kind
Will change to 5 stars once theres support for Apple Watch             Awesome but needs to support Apple Watch
This is one of those apps thats simple and performs its function perfectly Make a list and its instantly shared so whether you or say your wife is at the grocery store its always up to date Heading home from work say you need to stop and get something have them add anything to the list before you arrive and your list is updated when you need it No need for manually syncing it just works and is simple and easy Add small notes to things to make sure you get the right thing and the right amount Check them off as you get them It remembers things too so adding frequent items is a snap We love this app                Simply Perfect
We have been using AnyList for several months love it and use it all the time My favorite feature is that my husband can add items and it updates both our lists We have lists for grocery store home improvement store and big box storesSuper easy to use can be personalized to your needs I rarely write an app review but this one deserves it and 5 stars                Time Saver Great App
Works well but needs to work with Apple Watch             Needs watch link
This app is the greatest We use it to create camping lists for food shopping and creating meal planning No more making lists on paperonly to loose them I really like the fact that you can add items to your list in real time as well as cross them off when completed This makes our planning so much better Help and support are the best                Endless Possibilities
The AnyList app is awesome I recommend it to others every chance I get I think Ive tried every list app out there but AnyList is by far the best Its worth the 12 upgrade for AnyList complete imho but the free version is feature packed as well We also have our AnyList synched up wour Amazon Echo shopping list so the whole family adds items to the grocery list by just telling Alexa to do so Great app that just keeps getting better These developers are the best They keep improving the app they respond promptly to questions The recipe import feature on the Complete version is especially good Love the ability to add photos for those unique shopping items And now we are loving the latest store filter feature                My most valuable app
I was so excited to see the meal planning feature finally here I was so not excited about the price I would have been still excited if it was only say 299 period Not only is it not that it is 799 per year The person buying the app has to put in countless hours of work to use the app and make it functional for them It is plain offensive to be charged money repeatedly for the rest of time to do that Maybe charge for new features but not that It is insulting    Bitter Sweet
OriginalThis is an absolutely fabulous app I used it this week and it worked fabulously My family members are able to add things as they notice them needed or as they use the last of something If someone purchases something on one of our shared lists they cross it off so duplicates dont occur On another point I responded with suggestions and the developer got back to me so promptly Im very excited about enhancements they may be working on developingIm also looking forward to using this app for a parts list in the future It certainly improves communication in this householdUPDATEI have purchased the annual family subscription and I have to say its so much better than I anticipated Up until this Ive been making lists work for my needs other than grocery The paid version takes care of all my lists with one list Its so much easier to manage assigning items to stores as I create themI absolutely love the recipe portion of the paid version I can easily enter almost any recipe I open the recipe to select which items to add to my list I even put it on a menu calendar that exists in the app To finish up I use the app as Im cooking Everything in one placeI am still discovering new features with the paid version When I first subscribed the developer sent me an email asking if I had any questions He thoughtfully sent over a help sheet and summary of things I could do with the paid version This developer truly stands behind the app and willingly takes in suggestions and feedback I HIGHLY recommend the paid version for the family It saves me all kinds of time and helps with organization                Best List Maker Ever Update
My whole family uses it Makes shopping easy No more refrigerator lists no more forgetting items at the store Love it                Love This App
The free version you have to upgrade to do anything    Oops have to upgrade to do anything
I love this App I used it for lists But then I got the upgrade and its fantastic Im now able to import recipes from My Fitness Pal Paleo secrets etc love it                LOVE AnyList
Our household uses this app almost daily to create shopping lists In addition I make other kinds lists like to dosWe really like this app a LOTHowever I do have 1 big issue about this app Would be nice to add in a feature that prevents you from automatically adding or removing items to the list When grocery shopping about 85 of the time I accidentally delete items off my list or accidentally add items on my list This is very annoyingOther than that I highly recommend             Great app but editing accidentally is an issue
I dont give 5 stars but this one hit the mark The developers are listening to user needs and tackling them fast I was looking for a recipe app that makes my shopping list and this one blew me away with features I didnt even know I needed                Awesome developers
I just love this appI never lets me down                Awesome
My husband and I use this shared grocery list to keep from doubling up on what we buy It works well and is very very handy Use it all the time                Very very handy
Any app that requires creation of an account gets deleted immediately No way am I going to give my buying choices to whoever can access my account    Wont use this 1 big drawback
My wife and I use this app all the time No longer do we have to worry about forgetting something we needed at the store Its so easy to just type it into anylist and she will see it update as well                One of the most useful apps I have
The only reason I downloaded this app is because it said it had a meal planning calendar I created an account and everything clicked on the meal calendar and got a popup that said only if I upgrade to the full version can I use this calendar part of the app Useless    Frustrating
I love the ability to have multiple shopping lists for different store types groceries drugstore etc Extremely simple and easy Best recipe app ever love the ability to import recipes from various sites using the IOS integration They also have a web app that does the same thing if you happen to be on the web From a recipe you can just select an ingredient and it gets added to the shopping list with the quantity needed for the recipe so you can buy that amount at a minimum I use this app ALL the time Its so easy and useful One of my most frequently used apps The only suggestion for improvement is to allow the iPad to remain on longer when viewing a recipe I have a long password and its no fun to have to reenter that password when cooking Keep up the good work and these updates coming                Best shoppingrecipe ever one of my most used apps
I love this app so much After a horrible update from the app I had been using for 3 years for my grocery list I was searching for something new with a very specific thought in mind of what I wanted This app is absolutely it And I cant believe its free I will probably upgrade to the subscription soon although I wish it was a one time purchase instead of a yearly thing If youre looking for an app for your grocery list that you can customize look no further Its ingenious that you can set your own zones in the store eg Produce Aisles Health etc and organize them based on how your store is laid out I mean wow This is THE perfect app for shopping Another thing I love is how you can share it across devices I can add things to the list and my husband gets it on his app on his own phone The design is simple and very user friendly I love how it doesnt have a lot of clutter I seriously cant believe Im just now discovering this app It has made my life so much easier when grocery shopping time comes up in the week                LOVE
The app no longer works with iOS 9 I tried reinstalling and it wont even load now Please fix    Doesnt work with ios9
Very easy to use and adding favorites to my list is always a plus I have not used the advanced version but I am looking forward to purchasing it soon                Awesome App
By far the best App for any task oriented person Very intuitive and simple to use It syncs and shares easily with other users My fiancé can add items to our groceryshopping list for me to pick up after work The basic version is adequate for most users but better advanced features are offered in the complete version I realize it is not specifically a grocery app but I wish it had an option to input prices for comparison shopping This option would make the function of assigning and filtering items to specific stores for purchases more relevant                Convenient useful practical app
I love this app Its so so so easy to upload recipes straight from the browser I love having grocery lists made for me complete with items separated by category even when you throw in a few things of your own Love that you can easily check off items with a big red line as well as having a reference to what recipe the item is there for Im hoping this app helps me to start cooking for one instead of relying on prepackaged stuff This could change the whole way I eat Thank you                Super Cool
We live in a remote area and have several persons driving to and from town a day This app has made a huge change for our family Were now able to coordinate our shopping much more accurately This app is more more than a another listnote app It is intelligently thought out and categorizes grocery items automatically For instance just today I added salt for our water softener as a list item thinking for sure that it would not know what I was talking about It nailed identifying the item and put it in the correct category Its fast and effortless to use                Essential App
I like this app Very easy to use Id like to see a search function within the lists Also maybe a place to put in price for items as comparison shopping is such a big deal these days             I dig it One or two suggestions
This app fits my need perfectly I no longer feel distressed that I left my shopping list at home especially when the weather is bad and I really dont like to drive in bad weather Also this is so handy after setting up your favorite recipes and you can select the groceries items you need to make the dish LOVE IT                Love love love this app
This is pretty much the only app that I use on my iPhone and its amazing I was using the free version up until a few months ago and I like it so much I bought the pro because the developers definitely deserve it It has everything you would want in a list making app And also just has a really great style which to me is very important since I will be looking at it all the time                Most Used App
I simply love this app Its so simple and fun to use I am finally organized in my kitchen and in my forays to the grocery store I love how the app synchs between iOS the MacOS and the website Easily this is some of the best money Ive spent on a piece of software I might add that customer service support is excellent the software is continually being updated and the authors sincerely listen to user feedback                Muffin maker
I got this App when I was looking for something to replace Ziplist which was adequate but has been discontinued I found AnyList as a suggestion in another apps low reviewI have only had it for a few days so far and have only used it for shopping lists but it seems perfect I love the sync feature and the ability to mark favorites and also categorize them by store so you only need one list You can still have a list for every store though if that is your preference I went ahead and paid for the family sharing annual subscription because I think it will save time and prevent unnecessary purchases The ability to have other kinds of lists will be great for a travel list so I dont forget to take something and then dont forget to bring it home againGreat customer support too I had a question over the weekend and had an answer from a real person first thing this morning                Best shopping list app
Spotlight search for recipes is a fantastic addition for iOS 9 that makes AnyList tangibly easier for me to jump into when Im ready to cook or shop for ingredients Thanks for always looking for ways to improve                Great update to an app I use multiple times a day
Our family has used this app for six months and it suits our use perfectly We only wished it had a desktop version and that has just been published August 2015 Now it is REALLY everything we need to make any kind of list we want share it and execute it to the end Wed give this one ten stars if possible                We couldnt have designed a better list app
This app is not only easy to use but my family has at least 5 separate lists going on at the same time Some geared toward specific stores Home Depot and Walmart for example and others set up as different grocery listsfor us my mother in law and our neighbor whom we shop for It groups food items by categories to make it speedier to shop When an item is touched on the list it immediately drops off everyones list so multiple people can shop at the same time with no fear of duplication in their carts The converse is true also When an item is typed in it immediately populates to everyone sharing that list Highly recommended                Fantastic for busy families
I would rate this a 5 star if they would come out with a watch app             Great
Any list is great Simple to use and you can share the list with others My husband and I use it all the time to share grocery items that we think of If one of us goes to the grocery we can see what was already bought It organizes the grocery lists into categories too Its also great for packing or Christmas gift lists             Great app
As my wife and I are often going different directions and dont have time to communicate to each other what we need around the house we use this app to stay in sync with our needs not only in the pantry but all around the house I use it almost daily When I notice something that we need I add it Syncing is fast and reliable so even when one of us is in the store and the other suddenly remembers something we need it gets added and the shopper just sees it appear on the list It works great I recommend it to anyone looking for a grocery list organizer                Use daily
I love having a shared grocery list                Shared Lists
I love this app Use it all the time Especially love that I can import recipes right to the app Just one click and it adds everything right to my shopping list I would definitely recommend it                Great features
This is one of the most useful and most of the used apps on my phone So handy to have a simple shared grocery list If I happen to stop by the store I know what we need to get                Really useful
handsdown the goto app for easy shopping list sharing Our family loves it                The very best shopping list sharing app
Will recommend to anyone it is a great app to make lists and user friendly Very easy to share between couples for grocery shopping and house chores                Amazing app
My husband and I use this app all the time and we absolutely love it We use it so much we upgraded to complete and we rarely buy apps I have recommended it to several people and it has yet to disappoint                Love this App
This is a decent app Clean straightforward not gimmicky or made to look like a grade schoolers notebook The major issue I have with it is the lack of a barcode scanner An enormous data entry timesaver it helps you remember to get specific brands sizes etc A barcode scanner would make this app stellar Until then it will never realize its full potential and Ill have to keep looking          Decent App With One Major Omission
Love this app Love that I can separate lists by store share my lists with my family and favorite items                So helpful
Awesome app I love it Makes my life so much easier Especially love that you can download recipes and ingredients you find on the web Super and fast help if you need it from the developers They are greatI have been enjoying this app about 1 12 yrs now One thing that may be cool is if there was a place we could rate our recipes we try type a quick comment about that recipe Cause I forget next time I make it if I needed to extra cheese salt etc                Awesome


Purple Cover, Inc.
Language: English
4.7 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.3
iPhone iPad

iOS AnyList Grocery List 1.3 Mobile

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AnyList Grocery List

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