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The Associated Press , the publisher behind many iOS app (AP Stylebook 2012 ,AP`s Race Rundown 2010 ,AP Stylebook ,AP Stylebook 2014 ,AP News ,AP Mobile), brings AP Mobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AP Mobile app has been update to version 5.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great App and great way to stay informed up to the minute..
  • This app fives an excellent way to keep up with the news..
  • The app provides great news coverage..
  • This App is great for news coverage around the world..
  • it is a quality news app from a quality news source..
Overall Satisfactionclick me77
This free app is still the best news app out there.
This so called "upgrade" ruined the best news app out there.
My favorite news app and most accurate in breaking news.
This used to be my favorite news app until the October 2011 update.
Thanks AP for the App and continued service.
I find it to be one of the best free news apps.
The news is balanced and the app is way better than CNN.
is easy to navigate and ofcourse has the very best content.
This is one of the best iphone apps I have used so far.
app was by far the best iPhone app avail.
Fun & Engagingclick me82
Awesome news pushed to your phone as it happens.
Keeps me informed with all the news all the time.
is it your job to issue all the bad news all the time.
One of the cleanest interface and awesome speed.
Usefulnessclick me88
Well thought out well presented for up to date news coverage.
Great App and great way to stay informed up to the minute.
Up to date and useful news.
Social Aspectsclick me37
Why everybody thinks social media gimmicks are good for every app.
I can't stand the new social media type interface.
Production Valuesclick me76
AP mobile decked the other entire news applications in terms of speed and interface.
The old interface was becoming cumbersome andu2026old.
Ease of Useclick me76
This is the best news app and very easy to customize.
but the diminishing ability to customize my news feed is aggravating.
And much easier to read and navigate through the sections.
Too many visual eye candies but difficult to read and navigate.
Gives the news in a easy to read format.
The tapping of the refresh button is much easier and convenient u2026.
The app allows me to scan headlines and read articles anytime.
I can't find a way to scan the breaking news alerts.
Installation is easy for this app and It loads in quick time.
It loads quickly and easy to navigate.
Reliabilityclick me65
Ads not Intrusiveclick me20
I'm going to remove it.
Updates & Supportclick me61
the updated version is cool and keeps me updated with the latest news.
The updated version is working really well in terms of speed.
Thanks for the new updated version of this app.


"If you want your news comprehensive, you'll want the AP Mobile..." - The New York Times


Rated Top 10
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
Application in 2008 by Time Magazine

AP MobileAP Mobile
Tags :   mobile ,   iphone ,   local ,   comprehensive


BusinessWeek calls AP Mobile "one of the best new iPhone apps"


AP Mobile news helps you keep up-to-date with what's happening anywhere, in your hometown and across the globe.
AP Mobile


AP Mobile offers the world's news at your fingertips. Personalize your news to meet your needs. You can select local news from your trusted local newspapers and broadcasters and combine it with the best of the AP's videos, photos, and national and international coverage. AP Mobile -- the most comprehensive free news application available for the iPhone -- now offers rich media ads.


Even on the go, you won't miss a story. Read, share, search and save breaking news. It's local. It's comprehensive. It's perfect for your iPhone.



The AP Mobile is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, French, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.3 has been released on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about AP Mobile check developer The Associated Press`s website :


Now I get national and international news at my fingertips. found in 22 reviews
This free app is still the best news app out there. found in 2778 reviews
Nice & sleek design from reliable news source. found in 41 reviews
AP mobile decked the other entire news applications in terms of speed and interface. found in 167 reviews
Perfect app to get your daily dose of national and international news. found in 129 reviews
Most comprehensive and unbiased news on the web. found in 78 reviews
I strongly recommend this app to all news readers. found in 154 reviews
This app provides up to the minute news from a variety of genres. found in 78 reviews
Comprehensive news and customizable to fit your needs. found in 26 reviews
This app is possibly the best app avalaible in app store. found in 20 reviews
It’s a great news reading app with excellent interface and loads quickly. found in 46 reviews
Well thought out well presented for up to date news coverage. found in 447 reviews
but takes FOREVER to load and crashes half the time. found in 10 reviews
The push notifications don't seem to work for me anymore. found in 12 reviews
Deleting and reinstalling has made this my favorite news app once again. found in 18 reviews
The constant pop-up gambling ads ruin the reading experience. found in 11 reviews
Would pay to remove ads - 5 stars then. found in 59 reviews
AP needs to work on this one to make it usable. found in 14 reviews
Deleting and reinstalling solved the crashing problem. found in 7 reviews
Also please provide in app purchase to remove ads. found in 59 reviews
They ruined a great app and format with the changes. found in 8 reviews
The ads at the bottom of the screen make it almost unbearable to read articles. found in 10 reviews
The Photos and Video icons waste WAY too much real estate. found in 22 reviews
Fed up with the annoying ads. found in 38 reviews
Minus one star because when you click on the breaking news banner. found in 8 reviews
UPDATE: I completely uninstalled the app and reinstalled from scratch. found in 9 reviews
The local news for me is pretty weak -- mostly sports scores. found in 11 reviews
The app takes way too long to load stories. found in 10 reviews
Obviously good content but man are the ads annoying. found in 5 reviews
These auto-play video ads have got to go. found in 13 reviews
This app takes forever to load news. found in 18 reviews
Doesn't update the news often - stuck with the same stories for days. found in 30 reviews
It used to be the case that the nytimes app sucked. found in 45 reviews
Push notifications are annoying and no way to turn them off. found in 167 reviews
Try to read an article while the banner ads change. found in 37 reviews
Breaking News notifications don't come thru until long after I've already heard. found in 32 reviews
I cannot read the news because they are incredibly distracting. found in 133 reviews
AP offers no support to report problems such as this. found in 35 reviews
Continuously says poor Internet connection and can not load tiles. found in 33 reviews
When trying to open local news stories the app crashes. found in 183 reviews
This app suffers a similar problem where it doesn't update the news. found in 30 reviews
News update take long time to load. found in 36 reviews
Crashes back to home screen or locks the whole phone up. found in 41 reviews
Cannot recieve local news since upgrade to site. found in 509 reviews
Newest review: the annoying ads didn't take long to reappear. found in 38 reviews
Loading individual news articles results in another long wait time. found in 64 reviews
Instead have to go through each category to load new stories. found in 30 reviews
but the new AP seems to have pulled off the impossible:. found in 27 reviews
Writing again please bring back the old app or update the new app. found in 38 reviews
No way to remove ads which are very distracting. found in 59 reviews
The last update suddenly inserted advertisements in every news story. found in 60 reviews
When I need to know the latest developments in any kind of news this is my go to app                Great source for breaking and up to date news
I was looking for a free offline news app and AP News is so far the most reliable and yet speedy app in that regardDownloading new content takes very little time it seems to work in sections though And content will already display even if images didnt download yet which really is the issue with most online news websites over a slow connection they take forever to displayThe toplevel interface in particular could be improvedI didnt find a way to hide or rearrange categories which takes extra time to skip sections I dont care about And additional settings fontsize in the headlines list view would be awesome given that many headlines are too long to fully displayAnother nice feature would be to replace very common phrases Latest Update with icons or acronyms to save some space for the actual headlineBut besides minor issues this has within days become my favorite news reading app Good job             Overall great functionality with just a few issues
Love the new tiles                Great news app
App new story alert counter never clearsNo provision to clear it in settings    Bug fix added a bug
Drives me nuts Typical The icon on my cell phone says that there are four alerts I click on the icon go to the ap and there are no alerts to be found There used to be an exclamation point to click on but it seems to have disappeared Im about ready to delete the ap    Disappearing alerts
The best news app                The best
Great app Gives me all the news I need in a quick and handy format Much quick quicker and easier to use than of systems I have used on my phone and less annoying                Great app definitely a must have
Yep you get the AP news FREE with ads Yep you can arrange the categories of news you wish to see and shut off the categories youre not interested in BUT AP likes to throw in new categories that post ABOVE your selected ones so you have to frequently go back into your settings and rearrange or shut off the new categories       I use it but
This is where I start finish my day For first looks at what is happening this app delivers mostly unbiased facts to my screen                Start to finish
This is a goto app for my in depth news fix But it often hangs Must delete and reinstall from the cloud almost weekly       Love the app but hangs too often
Always bringing it in                Timely event tracker
These updates are helpful in staying abreast of the news             Helpful
The alerts are good too                Good concise quick review of the news
Great layout and easy to use Great for updating on worldly and local news                Good app
Good                Good
I appreciate AP news however this last version frequently doesnt load and the tiles are not efficient       Tiles and Load fail
This is my go to app for news AP is objective non partisan news Great interface and easy to navigate                Great App
Terrible when breaking news alerts show up theres nothing when you open the app    Breaking News Alerts
Adds are not too intrusive             I like it
No complaints on this app Keeps me informed                Great news app
Despite several emails and other attempts to seek help from the support team Im still unable to share anything from this app on my Facebook account I have to go to a completely different news app to find the same story in order to share it on my FB page Such a waste of time So Im deleting this app altogether    Cant share on Facebook
Updates continue to make the app more stable and load more quickly AP app is my go to source for up to the minute news                My go to source for news
The latest update has introduced a number of bugs including numerous alerts sometimes in the teens in the course of an hour or two and the alerts do not link or otherwise indicate what stories resulted in the alerts the back button foes not work on the iPad version when you read a story and want to return to the list the program hangs indefinitely       Latest Update Very Buggy
I own three iPads the original a mini and iPad Air 2 This app works great on my new one but will not update on older ones I have reloaded the app countless times The only way it will update is to remove and reinstall the app Very frustrating Otherwise I like the app       Refuses to update on older iPads
The app is easy to navigate and the content is robust                Excellent layout and content
News categories do not update consistently on iPad Just checked Sports section its 15 days old Top News and Recent News have similar problems but only 23 days oldCome AP get on the ball and fix this app    Buggy news app
Excellent app                AP
Im always reading the news and this is my go to news app but since I got a new iPad its been freezing up every time I use it Its very frustratingit never happened on my old iPad          Often Freezes
I love getting the AP notifications I find out about news stories I never see on the TV                AP is the best
This is a great news app but recent update is buggy doesnt update top news and ads cover photo captions You can send a notice that they do but it doesnt change a thing I have had to reinstall the app twice to update stories Please fix Your excellent writers deserve better          Ads cover photo captions
Prompt info                Great app
By far the AP has beaten the competition for news gathering and fast reporting                The best news app of them all
A great app for a blinde user                Very accessible
The app pushes random international articles as TOP NEWS So you end up being required to wade through stories covering African and SubAsian conflicts and topics The app should be looking at my location and providing relevant AP stories and the have an International section Instead the focus is squarely on foreign news Additionally the app continually has articles with links that dont open on an iPad or stall during download Sad this app is so poorly managed          Focus is on nonUSA news
Ive used the AP news app for years I love the layout and concise stories HOWEVER this last update has introduced bugs rather than fixing them After reading a story the back arrow hangs the app This happens everyday and sometimes multiple times a day I dont want to lose this app but its getting to point I may have to replace it       Buggy Update
The most comprehensive news app Always up to date Great photos and videos                Use app 23 times a day
Clean crisp navigation Good content                Solid news app
Thanks for all you bring AP and thanks for how you bring it all                Perfect Form Perfect Format
My main news source                Great
I have used many apps food news and I have found this the best one in the structure and ease of domestic what I am looking for                My favorite news app
In my opinion the best news app out there So good in fact I deleted 3 other news apps                Lil earl
Definitely the best source and news contents but wrong business model Other serious press agencies are doing news apps free of commercials and I can listen very good news radio stations without downloading your app You need to rethink your business model    Just installed and just deleted
I have to continually delete and reload Very awkward and clunky No other news source app is so unstable I enjoy the service but would appreciate bug fix to settle the app down       Unstable
Just the news no opinions either liberal or conservative Like the format and the plethoraOf news topic                No bias
A great app but gets hung up on loading tiles I need to remove and reinstall almost every day       Most recent version is buggy
Good update                Good update
It does not update I have to delete and reinstall Many times Ready for a new news App I wrote about this before but did not publish or improve Wish I could give 0 star    Horrible
Enjoying the interface                Great App
Fast professionally structured spit on with clear concise information I check it 4 5 times daily                Like It
I want to love this Its clean well designed and doesnt take a great deal of space But I cant The notifications dont take me to the article when I tap them The home screen is a little bit annoying to navigate when it comes to finding most recently posted articles There is no option to rearrange section headings in a fashion that makes senseThis app makes me basically need to go to the website Frustrating       Useless notifications no real menu


The Associated Press
English, French, Spanish
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 5.3
iPhone iPad

iOS AP Mobile 5.3 Mobile

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