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AppRedeem, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Smug ,App Trailers ,Mini Slots ,Offer Rewards), brings App Trailers with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. App Trailers app has been update to version 2.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Legit way to get free gift cards and receive iTunes gift cards..
  • All I did was enter the code maxnow and watch trailers..
  • Fantastic way to earn gift cards and find out about great apps..
  • Free $20 iTunes gift card enter .
  • A very nice way to earn rewards two thumbs up..
Overall Satisfactionclick me84
Enter code "Specialpromo15" and instantly receive a 20$ gift code.
If you don"t have itunes gift code and paypal payout.
bonus code 1freebonus will give the maximum points from AppTrailers.
Watch trailers for points and redeem for giftcards - great app.
"App trailers" has stopped letting you watch trailers for apps.
My only complaint is they need to add more trailers.
This app needs more trailers & the ability to enter more bonus codes.
Thanks to app trailers for being such a cool app.
Needs more videos and needs to be worth more points.
As a special thank you to our AppTrailers users.
Fun & Engagingclick me63
My only complaint is they need to add more trailers.
Looking forward to the update & more trailers.
This app needs more trailers & the ability to enter more bonus codes.
Needs more videos and needs to be worth more points.
also it allows you to earn some change.
Repeat Valueclick me84
It's really stupid now.
Ease of Useclick me70
Easy to earn points great options for redemption.
Not working properly and not enough apps to earn points.
I suggest using that maxnow bonus code gave me SO MANY points.
Security & Privacyclick me62
I tried code BESTFRIEND and it gave me 0 points and suspended my account great.
No support at allThey Suspended my account without telling why.
31 this morning deposited straight into my Paypal account.
The problem is that my PayPal account is vertified.
Updates & Supportclick me40
Does everything it says it will and customer service is amazing.
Superior customer service from a talented team of developers.


As Featured in Apple`s "What`s Hot" Section!


Preview Apps and get points that you can redeem with PayPal, Amazon and many more with App Trailers!

App TrailersApp Trailers
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Watch the hottest high quality streaming videos of Apps in the App Store! The only place you can see a movie preview of an App and get rewarded for it!


Preview Apps that you have never seen before!


App Trailers is completely FREE to use and is a great way to quickly view and check out the best features of an App,
App Trailers


Get App Trailers Today!


The App Trailers is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 2.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.5 has been released on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about App Trailers in AppRedeem, Inc.`s Official Website :


look at the second icon underneath 'Invite Friends' and you will see 'Enter Referral Code'
you will see Enter Referral Code. found in 605 reviews
4. found in 230 reviews
bestoffer is the BESTEST CODE. found in 66 reviews
As a special thank you to our AppTrailers users. found in 48 reviews
said congratulations you received 500 bonus points on Black Friday only. found in 15 reviews
Great way to learn about new apps and get points doing it. found in 45 reviews
create an account first
bonus code 1freebonus will give the maximum points from AppTrailers. found in 374 reviews
we would like to give all new members a free $10 iTunes Gift Code. found in 124 reviews
Great App plus new bonus for the holidays. found in 68 reviews
NEW USER CODE bestoffer GIVES MAX POINTS. found in 227 reviews
Takes a long time to get lotsa points though. found in 140 reviews
ACT FAST because the promotion might be ending at any time. found in 303 reviews
I don't know how to enter my second bonus code. found in 20 reviews
Amazing just needs more ways to get points or just gives you daily bonous. found in 55 reviews
Don't fall for bonus codes. found in 30 reviews
It keeps suspending my account and I can't redeem my points. found in 80 reviews
Pretty cool app just needs more ways of earning points. found in 24 reviews
Paypal is no longer available when I try to redeem it. found in 60 reviews
Good but needs to get new videos daily. found in 91 reviews
Good but needs more trailers and type mongobongo for 25 points. found in 162 reviews
and I can't believe more people DON'T have there account suspended. found in 83 reviews
Great app but needs optimization for iOS 7. found in 28 reviews
Earning less than $1 is not suspicious activity. found in 26 reviews
Its a good app but it's hard to get points. found in 77 reviews
Would be great if i could get more trailers to watch. found in 49 reviews
The app is great but I was banned for no reason. found in 19 reviews
I can't watch the normal videos for points anymore though. found in 60 reviews
It's alrite at first but it takes too long to get points. found in 63 reviews
Needs more videos and needs to be worth more points. found in 56 reviews
I can't seem to upload videos off the internet anymore. found in 35 reviews
It's good but it takes forever to get points. found in 54 reviews
some people get suspended for no reason and customer support doesn't respond to. found in 59 reviews
I got suspended for no reason when I emailed them they didn't answer. found in 59 reviews
It's not letting me redeem my points -_- very poor service. found in 80 reviews
I am glad you don't need a Facebook to upload videos. found in 35 reviews
Don't update to iOS 7 or lose all points. found in 28 reviews
But now its just too hard to get points. found in 77 reviews
I tried redeem my points to PayPal and I got crap. found in 158 reviews
App trailers suspends your account for no reason and doesn't reply back. found in 29 reviews
horrible crashes and wen it works it takes forever to get points. found in 54 reviews
they will suspect you of illegal activity and will suspend your account. found in 47 reviews
The customer service isn't helpful at all nor professional. found in 113 reviews
Then there's no more new videos maybe one each week. found in 91 reviews
hardly any trailers to watch anymore after you've seen all of them. found in 49 reviews
We don't even get that many points for watching videos. found in 173 reviews
Does not have new trailers to watch everyday. found in 59 reviews
Doesnt give new videos to watch very often. found in 649 reviews
I can't get PayPal anymore and it takes too long to get points. found in 63 reviews
I can't even earn points for downloading apps. found in 42 reviews
Also it always keeps on loading every time I watch a video. found in 75 reviews
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Few bugs but unlike other apps apptrailers actually pays             Great app
FIX THE APP It only shows ads and gives points for part of the dayI could run videos all day But without ads NO POINTS Plus no money for you all Somebody in charge PLEASE FIX THE APP       Tips
Are your servers down today This App quit working sometime in the middle of the night do you not have people there to monitor things such as this Sent you two messages still no response Guess you guys need to fix your app since it hasnt worked at all since last night HELLO Anyone out there FIX APP TRAILERS it wont open or load or anything    Robyn
This app has changed a little since I first started Theyve added small survey questions on top of watching an ad which is ridiculous Lately though there havent been many ads to watch On some days Ill get just four ads and barely accumulate any points I have received payments via PayPal So at least theyve paid me fast But accumulating points takes longer now          Just ok
Nice                Nice
Liked this app Easy way to earn points Now I cant even log in    Unable to login
A while ago it was the best app now they make it worts because they made different things however they deleted the PAYPAL to redeem points which I used to redeem    Seems to be the best app before
I loved this app until recently I have a job that allows me to just sit play videos on this app all day should I choose too which is cool I earned enough to redeem about 250 to my paypal over the course of a few weeks because I didnt use it every day I redeemed my 250 to paypal they paid now all of a sudden my account is suspended under review There was no notification about it or anything I kept trying to watch videos getting no points so I decided to redeem the 500 points I had saved up for 50 to paypal thats when I got a pop up message saying that I was suspended I emailed them just now so Ill update this review if they reply back    Horrible Business Model
Great app but its very hard to get points please can u lower the price of the gifts cards                
For me I go to the rewards section and it doesnt even give me a PayPal option             Help
Works great for me             I love it
Dont bother they wait till you have enough points then suspend your account Glad they make money and waste your time    Waste of time
I love the idea And I like the rewards But this all takes forever to do without spending the equivalent amount of money of buying it yourself This will probably take me half a year to do Other than that I like it          Ehh
App trailers is not what it used to be    Bonus code
It is a good pay app             Apptrailer
This app is so glitchy and messed up it signs me right out of the app to the home screen And most of the time it doesnt even give me any points It was a VERY BIG DISAPPOINTMENT when you took of Amazon for redeeming points It was the easiest and most simple thing on the app Now its ruined This app needs fixed    App Trailers
Wont give me any points because app wont show ad video    
Great app my older brother used it for a while and got a 10 iTunes card                Awsome app
Works fine keep it up             Good App
Seriously All the app does is error and not give you the points after watching the trailers Only about 30 of the time do you get your actual points with the accurate amount when you do receive your points after a while the points reduce from 5 to 2 then to 0 On here you must have at least 500 points to receive 50 cents to your PayPal but when I tried to cash out it told me I didnt have enough points Though I had way over and then once you get to 1000 points the PayPal point disappeared so it wasnt even like I could try Its not worth the time    DONT WASTE YOUR TIME
Ive been using this app for a while and its still great Not what it used to be however money is being made either way USE REFERRAL CODE PROTECTEDWEED1You wont be disappointed download use my code to get a jump start to free cash and gift cards                Still great
They wiped out my freaking points when I had 5 more till 10000    
There are no ways to make a decent amount of points unless a video does well and that never happens    Use to be way better
I claimed a 10 iTunes card before The code was sent right there in a notification on the app Now I tried for the 1Amazon its reads I will be emailed this redemption code win 2448hrs Guess we will see then I dont know why this is different or if they work on jail broken devices Maybe using an iPhone 6 with a newer iOS version Seems anything could effect it Anyways Im iffy about it allUPDATE iTunes Amazon are redeemable So far its going smooth Points seem to reset to 5 per video at 7am again at 7pm but 32 points shortly after consecutively viewing             Worked before second attempt to redeem
I love this app I made already over 200And it would be great if we could download apps again and get points for that             AWESOME
App was working fine until I accidentally opened it when I was not in WiFi range Now will not connect to WiFi ever and I have lots of points that I cannot redeem because this app is totally unstable Active element needs to stop adding features and fix it so its a stable app    Dont ever open without wifi
Aishahc123 Aishahc123Aishahc123Aishahc123Put mine for iTunes gift card when sign up          Bring back amazon gift card
Poor performance Is there a rating for less than one star    Poor performance
Way too cheap n boring    Worse app I ever been on this is horrible dnt deserve a half a star
Look its a great app to get stuff like iTunes cards that I want for songs and stuff but whenever I watch a video over and over and over it says I earned the 5 points but it doesnt count so I watched countless minutes of ads for no reason cause they never counted Fix that and youll get 5 stars guaranteed             Good but The point system
This app is great but I hate the fact that you have to have another app to redeem your points for stuff Could you please fix the redeem option in the app Right now the Amazon gift card option is missing to if that could be fixed soon that would be nice Otherwise a good app          Fixing some issues would make this app great
I think this app is amazing yeah of course theres some bugs they need to fix like it doesnt work in all phones and sometimes the app suddenly shut down when Im using it but in general works very well and its very easy to use Love it             I love this app
I like it Fun and make moneygood app             Good app
One of the best rewards apps                Awesome app
Considering I use the app when Im watching a show or movie too make a extra buck or so all and all a good app Stinks the points do lower a bit after time but the app is free and your just tapping a screen so no big complaints here             Not bad could be better
This app is so bad It was good a couple of years ago Use feature points it better Use the code L5XZZB for extra points It a lot better It featurepointscom    Bad app
Why is the amazon reward gone Thats not fair out it back I love apptrailers but idk why they took out the amazon reward its unfair             Amazon
How do you get approvel    How to
They went from 5 points to 3 Even harder to make money now Dont waste your time    Cheap
This app isnt good you only get money if u watch the adds but half the time the adds dont even play          Not very good
This app dosent work at all anymore I havent been able to Points in this app for a over a week now And half the time it just gets stuck forever loading nothing when I try to play a video    App is broken
This app doesnt even give me points None I had a feeling it was a scam but now Im sure it is Dont download    Terrible
For some reason this app is not giving me credit for videos anymore Ive also won scratch offs and points are no longer credited I did not receive an email saying there was anything wrong with my account I am starting to wonder if this is a scam I will change my review once this gets resolved    Was good
Its so fake I took 2 12 weeks of watching video after video and I finally went to cash out 8 dollars and it says ur account is flagged for fraudulent activity thats bull sorry but it is and it seems like they do that to everyone who claims a reward such a fake app dont download it    Horrible worst app ever
This app is really helpful and easy I got a ps4 from just using this app                App traler
It is a nice app to earn some per month                Nice app
I got this app to try an earn towards a gift card to target I know itll take awhile But this app cheats you out of points I have done so many offers and the points never showed up Ive been stuck at 560 points because I will watch new videos or other things and it wont give me points even though it says I earned them And the music videos Wth is up with those It says watch for 5pts then you sit through it and afterwards it says you get 0pts    Very unsatisfactory
Why took out the amazon gift card          Where the amazon gift card
I really like this app                Great App
Amazon is currently not even in the rewards section       Rewards not showing


AppRedeem, Inc.
2.7 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.5
iPhone iPad

iOS App Trailers 2.5 Mobile

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