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Firezoo Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS app (AppFusion - 6 in 1! ,Angry Dude ,Sketch Plane ,Santa Dude ,Volt Lite - 3D Lightning Unleashed From Your Fingertips! ,Retrofit), brings AppFusion - 6 in 1! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AppFusion - 6 in 1! app has been update to version 1.06 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I trick people with this app by clicking the crack button..
  • Fun to pass time in waiting room..
  • This Is Freaking Awesome To Kill Zombies With..
  • I originally got this app to play pranks on my Husband..
  • Fun way for my toddler to pass time..
Overall Satisfactionclick me74
This is the best prank app ever so deffinetly five stars:.
8 year old loves this app.
Amazing fun.
Best thang ever.
my cousin love it.
Fun & Engagingclick me77
Pretty neat and fun to mess with.
Recommend it for pranks highly great laughs.
A clever way to fool your friends and very realistic.
Tons of fun.
awesome effects for for wallpapers and such.
Great for passing time.
Production Valuesclick me81
awesome effects for for wallpapers and such.
Pretty cool effects.
Amazing graphics.


New from the creator of Volt: AppFusion gives you 6 super-fun, classic, entertainment apps in one must have application! Screen Crack, Lightning Bolts, Tazer, Bubble Popping, Steamy Screen and Fire Drawing!


Download and you get:


● Shock: Set the background to a home screen screenshot or pick a pre-loaded wallpaper. When a friend or family touches your device they will think they have been shocked! Try it now!

AppFusion - 6 in 1!AppFusion - 6 in 1!
Tags :   screen ,   appfusion ,   device ,   steamy


● Stun: Protect yourself down those dark alleys with a realistic Tazer! Activate the weapon to emit simulated high voltage electricity - Why not zap a friend for a joke! (Warning: Not a real safety device!)
AppFusion - 6 in 1!


● Crack: Prank your friends - when they touch your screen they will think they have cracked the screen!


● Steam: Transform your device into a steamy mirror or window. Rub the screen to reveal your photos through the condensation or write `steamy` messages.


● Pop: Relieve stress or just pass the time with a sheet of plastic bubbles for your popping pleasure.


● Fire: Play with fire without getting burnt! Pick a background and burn pictures into it!


Extra tips - The apps in AppFusion come with customizable settings via the `Tools` button. Also, shaking hides/shows the menu!


(warning: some apps contain flashing images & strobe lighting)


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download AppFusion - 6 in 1! for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 5.5 MB to download. The new AppFusion - 6 in 1! app version 1.06 has been updated on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about AppFusion - 6 in 1! in Firezoo Ltd`s Official Website :


Stress reliever A little silliness never hurt anyone. found in 3 reviews
Great when your bored to fool your friends with the cracked screen. found in 3 reviews
Great for passing time. found in 3 reviews
It's a good game and I think u should get it. found in 3 reviews
Awesome app tried it on my family and they freaked out. found in 3 reviews
Oh my gosh this is the best game hahaha. found in 3 reviews
App fusion combines all your favorite stuff in one app. found in 97 reviews
It's a fun time waster. found in 4 reviews
This is the best prank app ever so deffinetly five stars:. found in 3 reviews
Pointless but awesome. found in 1 reviews
It's a shocking app. found in 2 reviews
It would be AWESOME if it set the background on fire. found in 2 reviews
Cool but useless. found in 1 reviews
No wallpaper function. found in 1 reviews
This app is cool but you can't use it outside the app. found in 3 reviews
Please re add crack option I downloaded this for that reason. found in 2 reviews
Vibration problem …. found in 1 reviews
Cool but could be better. found in 1 reviews
It's ok but gets boring quick IMO. found in 2 reviews
Needs sounds for the crack and bubble popping. found in 4 reviews
The app only reacts in a diagonal line and nowhere else. found in 5 reviews
It's only fun when your bored it needs WORK. found in 4 reviews
After recent update-led from camera no longer works. found in 3 reviews
I like it but I don't know how to put it as a wallpaper. found in 11 reviews
Needs more sound. found in 1 reviews
Awesome app but needs more real graphics like the crack. found in 2 reviews
Its a good app it just needs more things you can do. found in 6 reviews
but bubble rap will not make a popping sound. found in 3 reviews
Dumb idea. found in 1 reviews
It's cool but I don't know how to put it in your home screen. found in 11 reviews
You can't put it on your home screen or enything. found in 6 reviews
you cant set it as a wallpaper like it looks like you can. found in 4 reviews
Please bring back the cracked glass screen. found in 2 reviews
The only fun part is deleting the app. found in 2 reviews
i dont like it u cant set it as a background. found in 3 reviews
Given two stars until fixed. found in 3 reviews
You can't set this to work outside the app. found in 7 reviews
I don't know how to put it on my home screen. found in 11 reviews
but it's only fun for maybe 2 seconds. found in 4 reviews
1 star for removing crack & led flash. found in 4 reviews
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Battery waster with all the vibrations battery went from 72 to 69 in 5 seconds of using stun    
gets boring quickly          An okay app but
This app is dead for sure    No good
I really like this app I think that its very fun and I think you should get it                Well app
This app is a must getn                COOL
Lol I thought it was pretty fun mostly because I was super bored though xD             Nice
This App is AWSOME every person in the world should GET IT                AWSOME
Give us cracked screen plz    Cracked Screen
This isnt a good app because there isnt many options but the few options that it has is good A decent app          Not good but cool
Made the American flag on my iPod                Cool
I wish i could touch my home screen and the effects would happen          Its k m8
2 stars just because you can save the wall papers but theres only about three you can download Also I was hoping that the wallpapers would move but they dont I wouldnt recommend getting this app       Not very good
It doesnt at all shock I mean I wanted it to shock people but it didnt Thats pretty suckish But its okay with the cool flashing lights Peace out          Its an okay game
Not badly made but not fun or useful Meh          Meh
Great                Good
I love this app I even tricked my friend into thinking my phone shocked me But u think you should add more stuff                Awesome app
This app is the best app                Awesome
Its five stars and meh you stink you little nut job                Wowie wow wow wow wow wow
It wont even let me on the menu screen so I cant change the type of scanner    No no no
Some games dont even show upDont wast your MB on this app          Not that fun
Have you ever felt like downloading 6 useless apps but dont want to burry them all in that 78th folder you created Have no fear this app has all the crappy content bundled into one icon 11 out of 1 would something else again                Timespace saver
I used to have to carry a bulky stun gun on my self because I was afraid of getting attacked at night but now that I have the few stun gun app I can walk around late at night knowing that I now have a fully functional one on my phone I r8 this 88 D D D D but seriously I see no real use for this app                Now I feel safe at night with this around
You guys are awesome just put more on this app it is an awesome app you guys are the best you just need to have some more I dont really care about the wallpaper its really fun just play with it Its an awesome game you guys did but you should put more I want more and there should be more                MORE MORE
Why did you get rid of the cracked screen That was the best part of this app Also the flashlight doesnt flash on the shock any more Whats up wit dat          Wud up wif dat
So I thought they would have apps that u ACUTALLY need but most of the apps on this application only has dumb things                Not all I expected
When on silent mode the dire sounds work It woke my parents up    Amit
Great app just what I was looking for                Yay
Great app for touch motion                Great
I thought this app might be cool so I downloaded it It was really cool and I think you should buy it Its a fun little app and Im excited to see more of it on the App Store                This is Kool
Love this app but recently whenever I take a picture with my phone then select it it just makes the picture white and doesnt show the effects any help             Weird problem
This app IS SO cool you need to make a bunch more                I love you
I love this app I just wish you would re add the cracked screen             Great app
This app is really cool whenever u want to pretend that ur getting electrocuted D                Awesomeness
John                John is awesome
Bring back the crack your stern option I really miss it the I will rate 5 stars    Cracked screen
i dont care about the app its just the dude has 378 messages on his mail account on the example wOah Oo                woah
NiceMan or woman beast this app is beast                F
Idk about this app its cool but I wish it was like a live wallpaper    Idk123456
How to you save it to your wallpaper                Good
I found this app to be one of the worst I have ever seen I apologize for the harsh opinion but I have found absolutely no use for this app whatsoever All it allows me to do is tap my screen and add unhelpful effects to my photos Am I doing something wrong Personally I found this app EXTREMELY boring and advise that you do not waste your time with it HOWEVER I have given this app TWO stars because it works smoothly and serves its purpose correctly       I Must Be Doing Something Wrong
Its free and I still feel ripped off    Lame
What I just said                Freaking awsome
How do I set the things to be my background Help pls    Confused
This app is good but I used everything on it in about 5 minutes it would be AWESOME if there were more stuff             Nice
This app is extremely entertaining Youd think with six apps in one the quality of each app must be very poor but each app is unique and fun to use I rarely write reviews but this app is too good not to                Exceeds expectations
The apps on here are pointless Sure they can be kinda fun but 36 are just drawing apps with different gimmicks I did like the wallpapers though       Pretty much pointless
Very fun and good app                Good app
I love this app My favorite are the shock and splatmy sister likes pop very much She loves bubble wrap                Must have
Notice in 2 weeks you only have like 5 reviews Hmmmmm Bring back CRACK The good reviews are from people who never had the CRACK version YOU MISSED OUT It was 1 of the 2 best things on this app OR JUST ADD IT BACK ONTO THE APP    CRACK
Its ok its not the best though       It ok


Firezoo Ltd
5.5 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.06
iPhone iPad

iOS AppFusion - 6 in 1! 1.06 Mobile

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