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OKKO , the publisher behind many iOS games (Code Désir ,L'office des Tentations 2 ,Rental Boyfriends ,Cœurs à louer ,Office Lover 2 ,Sweet Scandal Returns), brings Arabian Nights Love Story with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Arabian Nights Love Story games has been update to version 1.1.8 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
    Overall Satisfactionclick me90
    The characters are very enjoyable and the story line is great.
    Love the plot so far and it's well written.
    Love the game so far butu2026.
    to fullfil theirs wishes a new love story begins.
    It's better than paying outright for everything.


    The japanese famous love game "Arabian Nights Love Story" comes up !
    A dating simulation game for girls.
    A sweet arabian romance which will give you butterflies !


    Enjoy this visual novel game like a shojo manga or a romantic comic.
    Immersed in the world of the Arabian Nights, you`ll meet different characters as a Prince, a shy and wild thieve and a mysterious merchant.
    Who will you fall in love with ?!

    Arabian Nights Love StoryArabian Nights Love Story
    Tags :   arabian ,   story ,   nights ,   world


    Passionate about dating sims, love stories, shojo manga, dramas or japanese otome games, this game is for you !
    Let`s fall in love with all those charming boys !




    You`re working as a nurse in a hospital.
    One day, you come to say good bye to one of your patient, Fujishima, who`s about to leave the hospital.
    To thank you for all your good work, he offers you a lamp.
    Arabian Nights Love Story


    Back to home, you rub the lamp to burn it incense,
    but you`re sucked in it by force !


    When you open your eyes...
    A man you don`t even know is facing you.


    The genie of the lamp tells you that
    you have to fulfill the real wish each character made if you want to go back to your world !?
    What does it mean ?


    While you`re doing your best to find out how
    to fullfil theirs wishes, a new love story begins ?


    -You will receive for free 5 scenario tickets everyday, so enjoy a sweet story with him !
    -This game is enjoyable for free until the end.
    -This game is a love simulation taking place in the world of the Arabian nights, which looks like a visual novel.
    -There are some limited ranking event etc., so check it it out !
    -You don`t have to put your
    emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
    adress or personal information when you register.


    If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Arabian Nights Love Story for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Japanese. It weighs in at only 2.6 MB to download. The new Arabian Nights Love Story app version 1.1.8 has been updated on 2014-03-18. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
    More Info: Find more info about Arabian Nights Love Story in OKKO`s Official Website :


    Scenarios are longer than most otome games. found in 4 reviews
    For new people who want/should play. found in 1 reviews
    hot guys. found in 1 reviews
    the japanese famous love game arabian nights love story comes up. found in 2 reviews
    it pulls you in right from the beginning. found in 1 reviews
    Message to anyone who's reading this--- its a game worth to try. found in 1 reviews
    The only thing that bothers me is the limitation of scenarios. found in 1 reviews
    Perfect for ladies. found in 1 reviews
    This game is addicting. found in 1 reviews
    wonderful dating sim that really catches your heart. found in 2 reviews
    This looks like fun. found in 1 reviews
    I’m still working my way through the first route I chose. found in 1 reviews
    cute story. found in 1 reviews
    I'm looking forward to playing each character. found in 2 reviews
    The characters are very enjoyable and the story line is great. found in 5 reviews
    Love the game so far but…. found in 2 reviews
    Love the plot so far and it's well written. found in 3 reviews
    It stops and talks about an " Invalid URL ". found in 1 reviews
    I don't mind paying for a good story but not 11. found in 1 reviews
    but then I'm a sucker for otomes. found in 1 reviews
    Has errors more frequently than I'd prefer. found in 1 reviews
    Please register with my fode inviteeee. found in 1 reviews
    But there's no music and the wait time is ridiculously long. found in 1 reviews
    The story is interesting but platinum is way to expensive. found in 1 reviews
    Invite ID : ew5HCe
    Love the game. found in 2 reviews
    I love this game so far I just wish there was more characters to choose from                ID gBuAQq Use this and get points
    I loved it It was great For new people who wantshould play heres my code VdHgEz It will get you 100 platinum             Great Game
    I see that this storyline has potential better than Love ScandalUSE MY CODE D xJudyn                xJudyn
    Invite code YgfimrIt is quite a nice game with potential story line I also like how the heroine isnt weak and whiny like in the other games well at least not in Sinbads routeI do not like how you have to wait everyday for new scenario tickets if you dont want spend your money             Quite good
    Great art cute story and feisty protagonist Loving this one so far Hope more routes get released soon                One of the better otome games
    Enter this code VndbFp for 100 platinum                Awesome
    Invite ID ew5HCeLove the game but dislike the long wait for more scenario tickets             Amazing
    When will it come I finished the whole thing with happy endings plz or you could consider doing sequels plz read this             Kajs or sequels PLZ READ
    The story is interesting but platinum is way to expensive I dont mind paying for a good story but not 1100 for a few chapters when other apps are 399 for full story The whole waiting for energy to restart for whatever amount of hours is just too long loose interest in the game by the time it does re charge Meh          Like it
    Use my friend code please                zwXwft
    I love this game and you can get 100 platinum if you enter my ID eXE7pq trust me you will need it in the future             Awesome
    ID ptrxE8 plz use my id and we both will get great gift I luv dating games and this is one of them I somehow sth even blush or giggle by myself Perfect for ladies but actually kaiz was the one who took my attention when I saw this game and was pretty disappointed when he was not out yet but I tried the other character and they were great too Message to anyone whos reading this its a game worth to try             Love game
    I really like it                Great game
    I reaaaaallly love this game I have already finished all of the 3 characters and its sooooo goood especially the ending I love the ending soo much that I cried Its so moved Now Im really looking forward to Kais route XD please add more characters and please release Kais route I have been waiting for a long time now                Please add more characters Kais
    I want to do Kais route but it needs to be added please add it             I need
    Here is my Invite CodeeEZVtd                Great
    I just started playing Assads route and I love the way the game plays I cant wait to see what happens                Arabian Nights Love Story
    Iove it It so hot                Great
    I love this app I recommend it Get it now 0                Nice
    Love the plot so far and its well written Scenarios are longer than most otome games as well                Great
    Pretty cool game I really like and will be playing it for a while also use this code to start game with 100 extra platinum bSJ82J             Pretty cool
    I love the plot and the guys are so hot Use my invite 7etiZ6 plz use u get 100 platinum Sinbad is actually a story after u register go to switch routs and its there                BEST GAME EVER
    OMG This game is like one of the best Please use my ID NMBHK5                Awesome
    Im still working my way through the first route I chose but this game is quite addicting I enjoy reading the novel parts as well as the dress up part the outfit pieces are kinda cute Its a bit difficult to go through the game without love and platinum thobut you can gain some platinum when you first start by a code and gain love by dressing up your friendsAdd me as a friend and enter my code im8F6M             ノヮノ゚
    Good way to pass time       Kind of cool
    I Love the story line but I dont understand the platnium thing It stinks that u cant just enjoy the story like the other dating sim games and now ur stuck wondering what happens next Waiting how many hours till u get only 5 cards I lost intrest          Really
    7ELBdz                7ELBdz
    Awesome it pulls you in right from the beginning PLEASE Use my invitation code in the title to get a free prize from the start                Invite Code 8qq2At
    I love this app it is so very cool                I like this app it cool
    I want hardy to be one of the boys in the game so bad please add him                Please add him
    Heres my code for 100 platinum fDYa5K Im so glad I used one omgIts free And being the trash I am I cant think of Alibaba without thinking of magi I went with the sass prince xD While I love seeing more color I burst out laughing when they said brownmanNext time say tall glass of cinnamon Ill actually pay youAnyways Not really too many complaints Has errors more frequently than Id prefer Just close app and go back to it should work And ahhhh that grammar manBut I cant wait to unlock the others And gl waiting for ten years if youre too cheap likes             Id say get it
    I didnt think I would enjoy it but I do Interesting stories nice images and it works very well Highly recommend itInvitation code qXXUHS                Good game
    I love this game it amazing but i cant play cais storybut i still love itit fun i whant cais                Love it
    This is so flipping good I cant handle it I just wish I could pay like 5 for it so I could play all of it in 1 day instead of having to wait forever to play it each day             Great story good art
    I played Assad and the game was pretty good a little expensive if you dont want to wait but most games like this are The only thing that confused me was the rating 17 it wasnt graphic like bidding for love not that I was hoping it was or anything like if my little sister 14 played this I dont think me or my parents would suspect it wasnt meant for someone her age off topic as far as this sort of game gos this was rely good and I loved it             Good but
    Love this game great app                Love
    The game is great I love it more than my other ones It has great graphics everything Its just I believe that this game should be more interactive with more of the characters Either way Ill still live this game                Game
    When I try to go on it exits out on it own I deleted it and downloaded it again and now it stuck on waiting and I cant delete itbut other than that its a great game       The app has a glitch
    Its a good game but can you please the glitch that happens while youre playing It stops and talks about an Invalid URL If you could fix that thanks             Love the game so far but
    I am completely in love with ali baba That story is amazing and i cried Im going to read it again I totally love ali baba Ugh Sooo gooood Also I havent reached the full endingbut if there is no season 2 to ali babacan you PLEASE make one I would read it in a heartbeat                Im in love
    Ive started playing games like this one and I love them all Its hard to gain enough platinum for this one to progress fast through the game without spending money Heres my invitation ID EvQHCW This will start you off with 100 of them The storylines are so cute and you start to fall for the characters yourself Definitely recommend it                Addicting
    The game seems fun But theres no music and the wait time is ridiculously long I could go on you tube and watch someone play the game quicker than to wait for my scenarios       Just started
    Absolutely LOVE this game best game but I think that Sinbad should be an option because he is with the others when first play but rather than that no other complaints it really is a great game                Arabain nights love story
    Ive already finished Ali Babas story and I must say it was a pretty awesome story I totally fell for him the only downsides were I didnt have the option to choose Sinbad or Cais and I was a bit surprised that this game was rated 17 Yeah theres violence but no gore and the only scene that could be considered even remotely sexual wasnt really all that detailed nor lengthy It was about as adultish as the honeymoon scene in Breaking Dawn So unless Assad turns out to be a really horny prince frequentintense sexual content seems like a bit of an exaggeration to me          Good game
    It seems pretty cool so far but then Im a sucker for otomesAlso it seems to only let you do Ali baba and Assad for nowIts glitched a little for me every now and then and within the first ten minutes too and gets stuck but you can fix it by clicking the not at all visible buttons at the bottom over the title thingyMake sure to put someones code in so you can have any platinum at all cause you dont start with anyMine is Sh2JkQ           for now
    Its such an amazing wonderful dating sim that really catches your heart You learn to love all the characters no matter who they are It also was a nice surprise that Aladdin showed up XD                Dem Feels Doe
    Really cool game The characters are very enjoyable and the story line is great                Interesting
    I luv this game but dont get me wrong This game needs to improve on the time to get the tickets to read the story quicker and make the money price go down please                Good but needs to improve
    Heres my code if youre interested Putting the code in gives yourself 100 platinum if youre wondering about the incentiveIm glad to have finally found a dating simulator where I dont have to pay to read Even though its a long wait for 5 scenario tickets Its better than paying outright for everything Its a great way to test your patience if you think about it                GN3mqw
    I love this game Just wish there was some other way to get tickets than wait a day Anyway heres my invitation code 7vkRkq if you enter it both of us get 100 platinum                Yesss


    English, Japanese
    2.6 MB
    Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
    Last Updated:
    OS / Version:
    iOS / 1.1.8
    iPhone iPad

    iOS Arabian Nights Love Story 1.1.8 Mobile

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