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Arizona Federal Credit Union , the publisher behind many iOS app (Arizona Federal CardPower ,Arizona Federal Mobile Banking ,Arizona Federal Business), brings Arizona Federal CardPower with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Arizona Federal CardPower app has been update to version 1.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Arizona Federal CardPower is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 8671232, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.2 has been released on 2015-06-02.
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Be among the first to reduce your fraud risk with CardPower As a benefit of membership, Arizona Federal Credit Union members can use CardPower to: - Turn debit or credit cards on and off - Receive real-time ...
Replaced my debit card but the app won t let me add it Asks for my account number first then says account number is already being used Duh I have the same account just a new card number Now this app is pointless cause it doesn t give me any type of cardpower         Can t Add New Card @Jay_Mari
It s cool                     Card power Darthvadersucks89
Awesome                     Biljannaa Biljannaa
When trying to setup an account I kept getting a message along the lines of Our system is not available Try again later As it turns out the app doesn t allow you to use special characters in the user name or password and then issues a misleading error message Disappointing due to 1 Misleading error message 2 Not allowing users to choose special characters for password this makes the password be very weak opening the door for hacking If this app is hacked it completely defeats its purpose of protecting my bank cards     Disappointing right off wagill
It s a big problem when I can t login sometimes I get a pop up that says the financial institution cannot be reached at this time So if I ve stopped for gas and go into the app to turn my card on it won t access the server That s a problem I can t get gas and carry on my way Otherwise I love that I can turn my card on off but at other times it s very inconvenient if I need to turn it on and can t                 I would give it 5 stars but PDW1966
Wanted this to work but couldn t finish the registration process after putting in my information This seems to be another way for the CU to have computers to the work of a customer service representative but they aren t paying good programmers     Was hopeful Too many bugs uaslc
I love that I can turn it off and on whenever I want my husband doesn t like this feature                     I hold the Power Nessy2186
This app is great at alerting me when my cards are used I love being able to turn my cards off and on too                     Great app That_Guy52
This app provides so much flexibility and control over my account I feel confident knowing that I can immediately keep someone from getting into my account if an unknown transaction posts I love that I can set a limit to make sure no large transactions can ever post                     Great App Hpump23
I love seeing my alert notifications pop up on my phone when I use my AzFed debit card I sometimes will use my card over cash just to get the notifications I recently had fraud transactions occur in the Philippines while I was in Az I was able to turn off my card in bed at 3am Didn t have to call or dig for phone numbers and went back to sleep I not had card power I wouldn t have been notified until after 9am fraudsaver Love this App                     Addicting GrayC90
Not only can I control what kind of transactions clear my debit and credit cards but this app already helped prevent fraudsters from emptying my account My wallet was stolen from my locker at the gym While listening to music on my phone the CardPower app sent me a push notification for a transaction I didn t do It s tough to buy something at the grocery store while lifting weights at the same time Through the app I was able to freeze my cards to prevent further unauthorized transactions I disputed the fraud online then got a new card from my branch the next day Well worth the download for the additional control and awareness of what s going on in my account                     Saved me from fraud within the first month AzGuy58
I love having the Instant notifications of when my credit or debit card is ran I feel safe and secured with the capability of turning off my cards at any time                     I Feel Protected Lillay0000
This app is so amazing The other day I got a notification of a transaction that wasn t mine and I was able to kill the card instantly This app literally saved me loads of money Good job AZFED                     For the win Nidia6190
This is the best app ever I love love love it                     Card Power Fulgstyle
                    Great Security Dkoto
Best App Ever                     Awesome App R2D22002
Notifies me helped me quickly turn off my card when it was lost winning                     Love it Jenluvzwill
Outstandingly useful                     Great App Ththe an
Thanks AZ Fed                     Works Great ShanaBanan33
Way cool                     Awesome App rla030405
Love being able to turn off on my cards here with AZFCU and being alerted after every single transaction                     Great app zeidaa02
I love the fact that I get instant notifications any time my card is used I can also turn my card on and off Woo hoo                     Awesome App Tapatia35
Asks to you to enter last 4 numbers of your SSN When you submit the info a window opens that simply says ok and you can no longer continue registering If you can t register your account you can t log in and the app is simply worthless Interesting because it s been around a while and considering the amount in fees I pay annually AZFCU should be able to hire a competent programmer     Bugs even in registration terrible Dwp138
Love this app                     Awesome Arizonafederalmember
Great app to control your debit card security                     Great app Snarb13
The software people for this app definitely need to add fingerprint logon as a feature             Good app Mopu1
I have had this app for months LOVE IT It gives me peace of mind that every time my card s swipes a notification comes across my phone                     ONE OF THE BEST APPS hockey12azmom
This is such a fantastic app for controlling my credit cards and this new version fixes the minor bugs Registration is a breeze as long as you follow directions Love that I get alerted for each transaction and I can control where and how my cards are used This is a must app for your phone                     Fantastic app Goldwings
Great app I love the notifications and the ability to turn off my card when not using it                     Awesome Bailacondios
I keep getting this message when I click login Unable to do anything with this app     Server not available jdg142001
Allows a PIN that never works It changes to log in screen before I can enter whole PIN no matter how fast I try or I enter whole pin and then get the log in screen anyway Take away the PIN screen if you can t get it to actually function             Didn t Work audgeaz
I press login and get Server not reachable Your financial institution server could not be reached Please check your network connection and try again On iPhone 6 iOS 8 3 tried LTE 5 different wifi spots I have perfectly fine internet connection This update didn t fix it Can t use app     Worthless ImpetuousRacer
I love it                     Great app AZ Fed
I like being able to keep my card turned off until I need to use it And I like getting an alert every time my wife spends money She may feel differently                     Cool Protection Hotspur2012
All my cards are easily accessible I was able to immediately set limits and monitor activity                     Great protection Lefteye Lopez
It crashes every time I try to register iOS 8 3 iPhone 5     Crash Icarus-x
I love this app It s awesome to be able to turn my card on and off No longer do I need to worry about someone stealing money from my account without me knowing since I get alerts any time my cards are used Highly recommend if you re a member of Arizona Federal                     I HAVE THE POWERRRRRR Propain111
Nice tool for catching and preventing fraud                     Protects my account ziggy787
Arizona Federal CardPower Finance Arizona FederalArizona Federal CardPower Finance Arizona FederalArizona Federal CardPower Finance Arizona FederalArizona Federal CardPower Finance Arizona FederalArizona Federal CardPower Finance Arizona Federal

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