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Tweakersoft , the publisher behind many iOS app (AroundMe ,SearchIt), brings AroundMe with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AroundMe app has been update to version 5.3.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Excellent tool to find what I need when I need it..
  • Very helpful in unfamiliar places - A great travel companion..
  • Makes finding things easy when away from familiar surroundings..
  • Also the map feature helps to simplify the process..
  • I travel for work and it is awesome for unfamiliar areas..
Overall Satisfactionclick me79
Maps for india and other category need to be updated.
Places that have closed or changed locations need to be updated.
Love being able to find all the services I need when I'm traveling.
Much better than google maps alone for finding nearby places.
I have recommended it to all my friends who are iPhone users.
this app needs more categories such as attractions.
Best location app out very user friendly and fast.
Thanks around me for a very helpful free app.
I was introduced to this app and found it amazingly helpful.
Fun & Engagingclick me81
this app needs more categories such as attractions.
This Around Me is awesome.
I live in the Hampton Roads area and I use around me all the time.
I travel all the time and I just couldn't go anywhere without it.
Awesome App Very helpful.
Practical and fun.
Usefulnessclick me83
Great app especially when traveling in areas that are unfamiliar.
AroundMe will find everything around you in about 2 seconds.
Please include a feature that includes everything around me.
Very helpful in finding restaurants and just about anything else one would need.
Great app very helpful saves time everyone should have it.
Great app very useful and always accurate.
I use this app daily and find it very useful and accurate.
I find everything I need and it even helps me get there.
I use it almost every day whether I'm home or especially when I travel.
Ease of Useclick me87
is very easy to use and very helpful for different reasons.
Very helpful and convenient whether using around home or out of town.
This makes it easy to find most things in unfamiliar surroundings.
Use it once and you'll find this simple app indespensible.
seemingly up to date and super convenient.
Reliabilityclick me99
Updates & Supportclick me49
Fast and Friendly customer service.
Great App: great customer service.
" server not responding ".
Version 7 is really nice.
Version 7 is great.


AroundMe allows you to quickly find out information about your surroundings.


How many times have you found yourself in need of finding the closest Gas Station?

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AroundMe quickly identifies your position and allows you to choose the nearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Movie Theatre, Restaurant, Supermarket, Theatre and Taxi.
AroundMe shows you a complete list of all the businesses in the category you have tapped on along with the distance from where you are.


For every listing you can choose to see its location on a Map, view the route from where you are, add the information to your contact list or even
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
the information to a friend.
The Nearby listing allows you to find information using Wikipedia about what is around you.


Fast, easy and accurate. AroundMe is your ideal day to day companion.


PLEASE NOTE: If you own an iPod touch remember that it doesn't have a built in GPS and therefore it cannot locate your position accurately.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download AroundMe for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new AroundMe app version 5.3.1 has been updated on 2014-11-17. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about AroundMe in Tweakersoft`s Official Website :


Been a lifesaver and time saver in while traveling. found in 75 reviews
Around me app is simply the best-- very useful. found in 265 reviews
but needs more categories to choose from. found in 26 reviews
found it frustrating at times with lack of " plan ahead " help. found in 10 reviews
Needed supper for tonight and was looking for a particular restaurant. found in 10 reviews
Useful but needs updating in some categories. found in 7 reviews
Good but needs more catagories -useful wherever I've been. found in 8 reviews
Not soo accurate but it is somewhat helpful. found in 8 reviews
Simple to use interface but gives outdated info. found in 20 reviews
It works great but a shopping option would be nice. found in 9 reviews
It's great but it needs to be updated more often. found in 83 reviews
Many businesses aren't there anymore. found in 11 reviews
Would rate this higher if there was a shopping category. found in 20 reviews
but just one more feature would be nice. found in 4 reviews
Several restaurants that have been closed over a year still listed. found in 16 reviews
Good but missing places in my own town. found in 8 reviews
I wish it had the ability to load more results. found in 14 reviews
but really needs to update to eliminate places that are no longer in business. found in 13 reviews
It would be nice to have categories to choose from under food. found in 51 reviews
-1 star for some outdated places that no longer exist. found in 36 reviews
Very useful tool but doesn't show everything available in area. found in 10 reviews
Terrible for supermarkets-only lists convenience stores and wholesalers like Cisco. found in 15 reviews
No retail stores. found in 42 reviews
Sends you to too many businesses that have closed. found in 11 reviews
Even tried downloading again but always gives answer "no search results ". found in 69 reviews
Nice app but frustrating to re -start it all the time. found in 27 reviews
Hopefully nobody actually drives into the middle of nowhere and gets lost. found in 20 reviews
Used it a bit and found the compass interference annoying. found in 11 reviews
This app does not show everything. found in 10 reviews
Crashes when Location Services are on. found in 23 reviews
99 for a add free version with outdated information is insulting. found in 20 reviews
and even an entire hospital that no longer exists. found in 36 reviews
Places that have closed or changed locations need to be updated. found in 83 reviews
Will not or can't find me with " current location ". found in 154 reviews
this app needs more categories such as attractions. found in 26 reviews
Map view is awful. found in 18 reviews
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Someone has always got to bring up RACE when they dont get their wayPrevious commentWe can tell which race you are when you type you BE                Someone has always got to bring up RACE
Used to love this After the latest update it crashes immediately             Crashes if you use iOS6
This app constantly puts weather updates on my home screen although notifications are turned completely off in settings Not acceptable I only want to see information from this app when I ask    Does not respect notifications settings
Please update app Dennys no longer on Congress    Dennys
The categories are too broad When I want to find a restaurant it will show lots of them most of which Im not interested in It would be nice to be able to narrow them down by category fast food or not American Mexican Italian etc Also Ive tried using it to find a bank nearby only to end up nowhere around a bank I usually give up and use Siri       Disappointing
You can be setting in the parking lot of a restaurant and this app wont show it disappointingYelp is much more accurate    No good
but iOS 511 is still listed in the apps info as the most basic required version this app will work under But no it does not work under 511 any longer so now I have to delete it Please update that requires iOS 511 language and save others some time and frustration    Update 824 is broken on iOS 511
This app far lies to me now It dont show a Starbucks that I go to a lot It says the other one is closer when its not Does the same about a bank I go as well Then theres a problem with the movie theaters as none show up Feel sorry for this app now A comment of a white girl says she likes coffee gets her comment approve Why o why mines didnt about the issues that the app has now from the so call upgrade Lots of people said what I said got their comments approve ad well mines still didnt get posted iTunes to be blame that they are the ones messing up the app people need to rethink who to really blame Yes some things from Starbucks was removed but its not their fault as its really iTunes trying new ideas and instead lead to becoming a bad app getting low stars with bad reviews Starbucks is a great coffee hangout with their drinks but not be asking for a tip as its not a fancy restaurant       White girl gets comment for Starbucks not me
So great to have when you need it                Awesome
I like this app and have found it help full It would be exceedingly helpful if the phone number were added to stores etc thanks          Add phone numbers
Quit telling us you support iOS 8 and iPhone 6 with every single change log Its annoying as all get out    Annoying
Have a Twitterlike but even less than 140 characters description under the restaurant name to give an indication of the type of place it is Theres not enough information available and you have to click through way too many things just to find out what kind of place it isdiner fast food fine diningetc Also having the ability to expand the distance of the radius you want to search more specifically          Descriptions
While this is a nice concept they need to update the database There are a number of restaurants and other businesses in our area that dont show up and theyve been here for nearly two years now Theres also businesses listed that are no longer here       Need to update database
8312015 just downloaded update Now around me wont load    update
Dont know where to eat Dont know who delivers Not sure where the closest branch of your bank is Looking for a bar in walking distance as well as directions This app places you in the middle of all businesses in whatever area you happen to be in Download it now                Around You
This app is incredible I love this application Thanks                Fantastic
Far too many closed businesses are still shown by the app I have reported restaurants that have been closed for years yet they never eliminate them 299 for a add free version with outdated information is insulting Under pharmacies they have a Golds Gym listed Nearest gas station is listed as 6 miles away when there are several just down the road    Closed businesses
Good app I like that I can view reviews of movies from the movie theater section             Dude
Very helpful                Grate app
After buying the adfree upgrade Im happy with this app Compared to similar apps It seems to do the best job of finding what Im actually looking for             Best of the Bunch
Around me is very useful I use it to find restaurants drug stores and coffee shops every where I travel in the US                I love this app
It works ok          Works
Sent me to nail salon Asked for hardware store Sent me to a walmart    Asked for barber shop
Maybe the app favors the businesses that pay them complete ignoring others    Poor
Love love love this app Best app out there and great for travel You can map or by walking or driving HIGHLY recommend this app over any app out there                Shops
The app has a lot of utility in the road and I use it frequently                Good app
Ive been using this app for years and I still love it Great for finding movies as it shows all local at any location Also use for restaurants when in a new place 1010 would recommend                Amazing Used for years
Honestly the app around me I think is so helpful it helps me a lot when I dont know where places are exactly at so I give this app 5 rating                My rating
Medical facilities are NOT hospitals On a recent trip out of town my wife was suffering abdominal pains at 100 am and used AroundMe to locate the nearest hospitalwe were led to a medical facility that was CLOSED A HOSPITAL is a 24 hour 7 day a week facility NOT a doctors office drug store or dental officeAs many others have seen it also seems to be very limited in locating anything else It is more just another app to sell advertising like I dont have enough of that in my life    UNRELIABLE Information
I really like this app Ive found it extremely helpful more times than not The concept is great so dont give up Great for traveling One review said their local Starbucks doesnt show up why do you need directions to it anyway I grew up without all of this technology so I think its amazing to think that you can carry something in your pocket or purse that can do all the things that Smartphones do Expectations for perfection are ridiculous                May not be perfect but what is
Good             Good
When Im traveling to a new area this is the app I rely on I noticed it even finds places that other apps dont show                Most used app
Why do they show businesses that are closed after being sent many notices of places that are no longer there and how come they do not show any Dunkin donuts    Whats up with this
Since the update around me wont load It just crashes    Wont load now
One of my favorite Apps Distances need to be more accurate and the arrows are a bit confusing Overall its helped me out several times Keep up the good work             Around Me
In the latest updates a blocking ad always pops up whenever you try to read details about a movie even if you open it a second time immediately Worse sometimes this can be a video ad that you cannot skip This is totally nonsensical compared with other adsupported apps I dont mind occasional pop ups But every timeI initially rated this 4 stars because I liked AroundMes simpler navigation even though it developed some of the more fun ways to use location later than other similar apps Too bad I have to drop it to 1 star I would go 0 star if App Store allows    Blocking ad pops every time
Thank you for fixing the crashes on iOS 6 Back to 5 stars                Around Me Fixed
Moops                Oops
Great concept however very outdated really needs to include updated restaurants change your database at churches and make sure that things are closed          Its good but
I find this app very helpful It is quick and easy to use access to places with the websites and phone numbers I use it frequently             Helpful
I can finally use it for finding different locations it actually gives you the closest locations and all of the locations I can finally use the app for what i need                Good App
Winner I appreciate the weather addition                Good App
Great app I love it I use it all the the and almost never get a closed business location like most of u are posting                Love it
App is great when you need to find restaurants gas stations etc Only downside is that it needs to be improved so that it can provide accurate distances to the desired choice Overall good app                Like it
Add a category Recreation and include golf courses swimming pools tennis clubs etc             President
Ive installed this and was disgusted with missing restaurants quite a few in my area Uninstalled the program Then there an update I reinstalled Still missing a lot of well known restaurants I count on the program to give complete data          Missing info
Excellent especially when you are out of town                Around me
Whenever I travel around the country I use this app to find my way around to things I need and want                Great for travel
I like being able to find the cheapest gas             Gas prices


English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 5.3.1
iPhone iPad

iOS AroundMe 5.3.1 Mobile

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