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Smarty Ears , the publisher behind many iOS app (Smarty Speech ,iGreet You ,Custom Boards ,Smarty Speech - Spanish ,SLP Goal Bank ,Categories Learning Center), brings Articulate it! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Articulate it! app has been update to version 3.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I love the pictures and really LOVE the data collection feature..
  • This is a great tool for parents too..
  • Time is of the essence in a school speech therapy group..
Overall Satisfactionclick me90
Smarty Ears has done a great job with this update.
My students love using this app and not just for articulation.
My students love to record and hear their speech.
Love the pics.
Fun & Engagingclick me71
the addition of the matching game was fun.
Usefulnessclick me85
Overall a useful app.
An everyday tool.
I love this app and use it everyday.
Family Friendlyclick me87
and keep data for multiple kids - each with their own targets.
This is a great app for working with artic kids.


Articulate it! is an application designed to help children practice their pronunciation skills. Articulate it! is Smarty Ears` brand new app that allows speech therapists and parents work towards improving the speech of children with speech delays.


Articulate it! contains over 1 thousand images in all sounds of the English language! Let`s take a closer look at the main features of Articulate it:

Articulate it!Articulate it!
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1. Over 1 thousand pictures;


2. Audio recordings for every word present on this app! You child can practice saying their sounds on their own by repeating the voice on the app;


3. Contains ALL phonemes of the English language;


4. Ability to track multiple students at the same time with separate goals;
Articulate it!


5. Ability to group sounds by Manner of articulation or phonological processes;


6. Built in voice recording allows the children to compare their productions with the audio recording;


7. Extremely specific results screens- give you percentage based on phonemes/ position in the words/ which words were missed and more...


8. Note taking capability: allows SLPs and parents to take notes during practice.


9. Universal app! Looks great on
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
and on iPad.


10. Amazing images.


11. Allows you to skip images you don`t want to practice.


12. So many features and more. Watch our video for more information!


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Articulate it! for $19.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at a hefty 127 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.0 has been released on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about Articulate it! in Smarty Ears`s Official Website :


Easy way to progress monitor and keep data for multiple students. found in 13 reviews
My students love using this app and not just for articulation. found in 13 reviews
I am a school based /private SLP. found in 8 reviews
I highly recommend this app for all Speech Therapists. found in 6 reviews
I've used it with preschool through middle schoolers. found in 2 reviews
I will say that this is my "go to" artic app. found in 11 reviews
This app has replaced my cans and cans for articulation cards. found in 2 reviews
This app is fully loaded with data tracking capabilities. found in 7 reviews
like the voice recording and production of words. found in 6 reviews
A wonderful tool to add to therapy tool box. found in 5 reviews
designed by a certified speech language pathologist articulate it. found in 3 reviews
I have been using this application with my articulation kids on my caseload. found in 1 reviews
The matching game section and the avatars are the students favorite. found in 5 reviews
please add more data options. found in 1 reviews
so you don't have to spend time inputting that data each session. found in 3 reviews
Great but would love to see a few changes. found in 1 reviews
This is something that is missing in this app. found in 2 reviews
I don't want to deal with multi- syllable words. found in 2 reviews
This app is a great concept but it needs several improvements. found in 1 reviews
money would be spent better elsewhere. found in 1 reviews
once you select correct/ incorrect/approx it changes the picture. found in 1 reviews
If they are working at the sentence level. found in 8 reviews
My younger kids cannot keep up with repeating them. found in 2 reviews
that is until I discovered it doesn't save these choices. found in 1 reviews
Some crashes when the most recent apple update came out. found in 1 reviews
but very pricey. found in 1 reviews
Good app one small problem. found in 1 reviews
Checked again this morning and problem is not resolved. found in 1 reviews
Please consider adding this feature. found in 2 reviews
this app needs more work. found in 1 reviews
just wish there were more cards for each phoneme. found in 2 reviews
Suddenly not working. found in 1 reviews
This app just stopped working. found in 1 reviews
Sorely Lacking. found in 1 reviews
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I use my Articulate it app with all my articulation children at our clinic I love the diversity of the pictures and that most of them are real pictures not just cartoon drawings I also like the data tracking feature and that I can personalize each students account with their picture They love this app                Articulate It Great app
Ive used this app for over a year now and Ive always been fairly happy with it The previous version was fine but I had a few issues with it that bugged me Some images were photos some were clip are and some were just line drawings so it was kind of hard for some of my kiddos to handle the inconsistency Another issue I had was the fact that multiple people provided the auditory model and some were definitely better than others Last it was kind of a pain to do any reports so I rarely even messed with it After this update Im really excited that all of these issues have been fixed The images are all photographs the preference for almost all of my kiddos and the voice is one solid person They even made it crazy easy to build a report calling it a report card which is adorable Thank you so much for this fantastic update                So many little issues fixed
My students LOVE this game because they think its fun and not work I love this game because I am able to get a ton of productions in a session and because of all of the options Multiple students can work on different sounds there are different targets phonemes phonological processes manner of articulation number of syllables measure correctincorrect approximation and so on Thanks for such a great app Smarty Ears                Great app
I use this app almost daily but there are two ways it could be improved I generally have my students say at least 5 different words before moving on to able another student If they are working at the sentence level they must say at least 3 sentences This app automatically moves on to the next student after just one word or sentence I would like to be able to set the number of words per turn for each student in the group The other thing is that some of the voices are very difficult to hear My hearing impaired students very often cannot hear some of the quieter voices There needs to be more consistency with the volume level of the speakers for this app to be used with HI students I also noticed today that the word gown is pronounced a little oddly like gyown Ill be skipping that word from now on             Great but
I think this app is fantastic and I use it in therapy on a daily basis One of the best features is that when doing group therapy you can have the same client do multiple words in a row by swiping the pictures until you get back to their name My only suggestion would be to reliable the phrases section as sentences and offer an option to collect data for 23 word phrases                Great app for artic
My preschoolers love searching for the matching picture and they havent yet figured out that they are practicing their target sound each time they name a picture Even my two year old population thinks it is fun Great for children with apraxia                Clients really love it
I love this app My kids get a kick out of the themes Fantastic articulation app                Love it
I really like using this app and find myself pulling out often for multiple kids at a time with different sounds The pictures are good The reports are great It would be nice in the report to see the attempts It gives you the number of words attempted but not the number of attempts It also provides you with the overall Pictures of kids to help with quick access Overall a great app I use it often and am glad I purchased it                Great app overall
I had previously been able to use this app However now when I plug in the phonological process and then the placement I am sent out to the application to a mail set up Help    Suddenly not working
Articulate it This app provides flash cards for each consonant sound and blend in each word position at the word phrase and sentence leve and a matching game at the word level I love that you can choose to practice by phoneme phonological process manner of articulation or number of syllables choose among 14 syllables I have several students working on multisyllabic words so this is a big plus for me Data is saved per session per student and the percentage accuracy for each level word phrase sentence and word position is recorded The specific words practiced and whether they were produced correctly or incorrectly are also saved The app includes homework pages for each sound in each position in words phrases and sentences The homework pages can be printed or emailed These have been a huge timesaver for me                A must have app for speech therapists
I use this app all the time for articulation skills I also use it to target vocabulary goals and more                Versatile
I love that its not only broken up by the phoneme but phonological process manner and of syllables Love the notes and record sections kids love to hear themselves And great for discrimination of correct sounds Great app Thank u                Well thought out Easy to use
I love this artic app I did want to mention on the word river under initial r phrases the auction sentence does not match the picture                Love it
I purchased this app hoping it would offer my artic students lots of trials and fun Unfortunately the app wont download Its been weeks Ive come to the conclusion that Ive wasted my money So disappointed    Still downloading
I use this app as a schoolbased SLP The pics are nice and data can be kept on the app The kids like to use the recording feature so they can listen to themselves and judge accuracy Overall a useful app                Love the pics recordings data tracking
I love Articulate It This app is great because it can be used with multiple students multiple sound choices and in word phrases and sentence I also like using the record button so that the student can hear themselves say the sound The rotate button is great when you have a large group This app is very essential and a MUST for any SLP Thanks for another great App Smarty Ears                The best articulation App
This app works so well with my artic groups I liked how they could each be working on a different sound They loved recording their speech and listening to it We each rated how they did I like the feature for keeping data too This is a must have app There are only a few errors and misspellings on the app and the students point them out each time I thought they would have been fixed with the new update                Articulate it Great app
Good app My students enjoy it although I dont like many of the pictures                Great articulation app
I use this app constantly It is so versatile Ive used it with preschool through middle schoolers The best part is that they keep adding new features and making it better             Must have for SLPs
This is my go to articulation app and I own quite a few I love that you have the option of scoring close but not quite right productions The new update for seasonal backgrounds and accompanying scoring sounds is fantastic My students request this one over and over                Fantastic Updates
Articulate It is my go to app for Artic therapy It has everything I need for working with one student or a group of students The new update made this great app into an awesome app This is the app every speech pathologist should have on their iPad                Love this app
I work with older students 612 I like that I can choose a variety of sounds or phonological patternsall word positions and words thru sentences Its my goto for articulation therapy                Great for all ages
This app is everything I could have asked for in an articulationphonology app It covers phonemes and blends in all word positions It also allows you to work on phonological processes and multisyllabic words Everything is done at the word level phrase level and sentence level You can make groups and each student can work on different goals The kids love seeing their name and picture show up and really want a turn practicing their sounds At the end it gives you a summary of overall accuracy Its an expensive app but its worth it if you can spend the money                Great Artic and Phonology app
LOVE the recent update I have 3 different articulation apps for three different app developers This is the first one I bought over a year ago and it continues to be my go to articulation app I especially appreciate the ease of this app when working with a group of students I also like the data collection aspect of the app and the ability to take notes on the session My students love to record their voices and I use it to help promote selfmonitoring This app has replaced my cans and cans for articulation cards It is so much easier to transport this app from school to school vs a bag full of articulation cards                Best articulation app
Definitely one of my most used go to apps for every level of articulation practice Very user friendly Some crashes when the most recent apple update came out app updated and it works great Highly recommended to any SLP             SpeechLanguage Pathologist
I love Articulate It especially the new homework sheets I use it with my students almost every day Keep up the great work                Love it
I like this app and use it regularly in my speech sessions but I have a suggestionYou need to add button for approximations A students productions are not always correct or incorrect This is something that is missing in this app Please consider adding this feature             Nice app
This is my favorite articulation app I really like the following features phrase level stimuli built in great images excellent for data collection I can address skills by sound or phonological process and the portability of millions of flash cards right on my IPad My students dont groan when they see were drilling with this App                Great for School SLPs
I love this app I have been using for years with my students It is a great onthego resource The kids love the mirror and recording feature to self monitor and I love how easy it makes tracking data for groups Would recommend again and again             SLP Must Have
This is my top choice articulation app I love that I can use it for students working on individual sounds or on phonological processes and I love the different levels The new PRO version is great because it allows for the progression from words to phrases rather than just words to sentences and stories This is perfect feature for my younger students I also enjoy using my front camera on my iPad to help my students with placement My students request this app and like to play the games and matching on it too                GREAT UPDATE
My one group cant leave it alone             Kids love it
I like that I can assign different phonemes and positions to different students I find that this app is helpful in group situations when the children are targeting different sounds I do wish there was a true phrase option as the phrases now are actually sentences A true hierarchy of word to phrase to sentence would be great Particularly if they were read slower My kids have a hard time hearing and recalling the whole sentence as it is read somewhat quickly Overall I like the app and find myself using it frequently I will say that this is my go to artic app Particularly when I have a large group or am just meeting a new student Well done overall             Good for multiple students
Of the 3 comparablypriced apps we purchased this is the only one that crashes Its tough to stomach paying so much and the app hasnt worked in 2 weeks Stop blogging and fix it    Inconsistent function
I love the pictures and the ability to choose individual phonemes or phonological processes I would like to see the ability to switch kids because one preschool kids turn can take forever having to go through all the cards to find a match when they dont understand the concept of going through systematically and not just picking random pictures          Great app
This is a great app to work on articulation Its easy to use and it just gets better and better with every update I love that you can quickly repeat previous sounds from the last session choose multiple soundspostions to use at a time and use it with multiple clients in a sessionThe kids love to record their voices and play it back to hear if they said the word correctly                Great app
I have started using this app more and more since the latest update My students can move around the apps with ease and enjoy the time working on the articulation and fluency The matching game section and the avatars are the students favorite Love the report section                Articulate It review
I love this app and so do my students The pictures are pretty good the addition of the matching game was fun Includes words phrase and sentence levels and you can switch between these levels in one session and you can use this with groups working on different sounds It takes data too and you can email the results I also love that the scoring is correctincorrectalmost as sometimes students do a close approximation or do it correctly on A second try so this helps reflect that Also the monthly themes with sound effects have been a bighit with my students Overall I thought it was worth the money I use it daily                Great app for articulation
I use this app every It is a quick easy way to chart progress It lets me work on the word or sentence level My students love the pictures It is a valuable tool that every SLP should have                Great for Data collection
I really love Articulate It Pro and have been using it for quite a while I love that I can use it with multiple students and it contains all of the sounds we need to work on along with plenty of stimuli The new update is great with the varying themes One of my most frequently requested apps Highly recommended                Fantastic app for Articulation
I use this app with all of my clients It does a great job of keeping all data I love that I can look at the word lists before starting with each client and I can remove any words that I dont want shown multisyllable clusters etc                Great Articulation app
The most engaging part of this app is the ability to change and customise background themes spring Halloween etc My kids seem to think this is a new app every time I use it which is great for motivation Lots of great data collection tools such as voice record and notes that make it easy to collate information especially when they are tricky Love the photos                Great customisation
My students love this app they love choosing their avatars It records plays back and keeps data Great to have in your toolbox          Great new look
Easy way to progress monitor and keep data for multiple students Pictures are great                Awesome
This app is terrific It has so many uses My speech students love it I have demonstrated it to other SLPs and graduate interns They all want it for their students                My most used app
Update This app has clearly established itself as my goto artic app over time it is probably my most used app overall too My earlier review stands though I realize now that not all artic apps let you set separate targets for different clients Thats become key for meI have several other articulation specific apps and there are many things I like about Articulate It Of course I like that you can put multiple children into the app and keep data for multiple kids each with their own targets of course That seems fairly standard Pictures are decent reward sounds are cute and varied which is nice And you can pick your target by manner process or phoneme But what I LOVE that it remembers your most recent setting for each kiddo eg initial f for kiddo A and final sh for kiddo B so you dont have to spend time inputting that data each session Oh another pro is that if you want to practice at the sentence level it stays on sentences versus switching to words for every target The only con is that target sentences often contain multiple instances of the target sound and often in more difficult contexts I find this to be a problem in all artic apps though not just this one             Very nice comprehensive app
I enjoy using this app working with many of my students It is easy to use and also modify Ie I can delete words from a phoneme list if I wanted data collection only monosyllabic words I enjoy the easily identifiable stimulus pictures although lung might be a little too lifelike for the little ones The best part of this app for my purposes is being able to email results recent or all to myself or my students parents for data on the spot Great app and definitely use it every week                Love this at work
I have been using Articulate It for about two years now Last year I worked in the schools and my kids would always request the ducky game Now I am working in a private practice and I have been able to use this app with clients of all ages My adult clients with dysarthria enjoy the phrase option and playing back their voice recordings My fluency clients also benefit from the recording and play back options Keep the great apps coming                Great artic app for all ages
I really appreciate the phrase option It is such an important level and usually left out of apps The sentences are also good not too long Nice to be able to switch between levels at any time I have a couple of suggestions that would make it even better in my opinion In addition to the Right and Wrong buttons we need an Approximation button It is so important that we not crush their little spirits by constantly having to be wrong especially if they are trying hard Next the selection of words in each area is very nice and long It would be really nice to be able to save word lists for individual students to avoid having to do it each time If that option is there I cant find it Overall a great app with nice features             Barbara SLP
I recently downloaded articulate it to use in my therapy sessions I love it and its so much easier than fumbling between 34 different decks of cards depending on what sounds the kids are all working on Plus I also do therapy at a clinic after school and I can just take my IPad with me and dont have to haul all sorts of cards and supplies with me I also like that you can choose to work on phonemes or phonological processes This is a winner in my book                Articulate it
I actually like the app The updated version is more useful that the previous version due to having the phrase level I havent use the homework pages yet but plan to in the future Its easy to use and follow the progress of the students I do wish that it had more words to add variety and include categories for the vocalist rs if the vocalist rs could be separated into their specific categories ex er or it could get more use for a longer period of time             SLP


Smarty Ears
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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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