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Software Studios LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (House Flipping Spreadsheet Real Estate Investors ,Fast Cash Coins ,ASL Dictionary American Sign Language ,ASL Fingerspell American Sign Language Dictionary ,Real Estate Flip - Investing Calculator ,House Flipping Real Estate Repair Calculator), brings ASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc95
It's easy to learn and I am retaining the information.
This ASL app is a great support for my class learning.
I use the quiz feature to randomly practice vocabulary daily.
It is my favorite app of all time.
thanks for your support.
It is wonderful to have so many signs right at my fingertips.
Absolutely essential.
Quiz feature is very helpful when it comes to keeping up skills.
Ease of Usec95
Comprehensive and convenient.
I've been using it learning simple signing for my newborn.
great and simple tool.
it is helpful and intuitive.

This ASL app is a great support for my class learning. found in 15 reviews
guaranteed to work. found in 1 reviews
They even answered my question on Christmas Day. found in 1 reviews
from a z the most complete interactive asl dictionary app. found in 8 reviews
I've learned several basic words from its vast video collection. found in 1 reviews
Fantastic learning tool. found in 2 reviews
Tech support is awesome too. found in 1 reviews
Omg I love this app. found in 1 reviews
The model is great with lip reading and facial expressions. found in 2 reviews
Quiz feature is very helpful when it comes to keeping up skills. found in 1 reviews
over 5000 words translated to asl video. found in 1 reviews
Includes a lot of vocab and irregular signs. found in 1 reviews
on sale limited time offer. found in 1 reviews
It's easy to learn and I am retaining the information. found in 1 reviews
Keep more updates coming. found in 1 reviews
Like the ones with the phony robots that really creep me out. found in 1 reviews
I've been using it learning simple signing for my newborn. found in 1 reviews
if we had the ability to make multiple lists to study from. found in 1 reviews
great tool to have when you're learning sign language. found in 13 reviews
Great but many basic words are different. found in 3 reviews
amazing app but missing many many words. found in 3 reviews
The one improvement I would like to see would be a dictionary of high frequency phrases. found in 1 reviews
which isn't that big of a deal. found in 1 reviews
I would like some finger spelling practice added please. found in 1 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download ASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language for $4.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 503 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-09.
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ASL Dictionary - Special Edition. This app has it all GUARANTEED TO WORK If you are experiencing a problem with the app please email us at ON SALE (LIMITED TIME OFFER) Over 5000 words translated to ASL ...
I love this app Love it I took a sign language class at the MS school for the deaf and this app really helped while I was practicing                     Awesome hamory0927
This is a amazing app it helps me so much with my learning process even though they don t have every word they have a lot of useful ones I usually can t find anywhere else                     Amazing app Dillno
This has helped me learn sign language and help to communicate with my little brother                 Asl sign language
Super userfriendly My 4 yearold son has been interested in learning sign language especially since visiting his deaf aunt recently This app has been perfect for helping us both learn some vocabulary                 Awesome app
I use it all the time to look up words when im out and dont have friends or an ASL dictionary on me                 Great
Video signs for useful words includes some variations                 Useful for on the spot signs and more
Please get this app If your learning asl this is the app for you Its worth the money I hope you get this app and enjoy it Ive been enjoying learning with this app                 Best ASL app
This is a great dictionary app for ASL students and learners I highly recommend it                 Awesome
Its ok but i donmt like that their signs dont match my teachers Bunny or Mrs Gallagher           Ok
It helps me so much I have nothing bad to say about it Definitely worth the money to buy this app if you truly want to learn ASL                 Love it
This ap is the best ASL there is and Ive tried many of them They also appreciate feedback and get back to you quickly                 Worth every penny and more
This is a great App to keep you going In the summer months I do not sign a lot I volunteer at a school and its hard to keep up with signing It helps you to say on top with your signing With this App its hard to get up to speed on my signing With a new year it takes me 2 to 3 weeks to get up to speed This App is good to stay on top of your game                 Great App
Love it Use it everyday                 ASL DICTIONARY
Been learning ask for 2 years now This has been my major help more than class Easy to see and understand Wish they added idioms But overall the best ASL aid                 Best app ever
I just finished my first semester of ASL and this app is a great vocab builder while I wait for the class to start again I dont like that she mouths the words rather than teaching the proper mouth morphemes that would be much more helpful And more category lists would also be helpful But the meat and potatoes of this app is much better than most of the ones Ive tried              Pretty great ASL tool
I love the ASL dictionary it has really enhanced my study in sign language I use every aspect of it from finder spelling to numbers I wish you had an area where it had the signs and gave me the meanings as well That would help those learning the language also However if you have a app for that please let us know Thankfully alfreda4                 ASL Dictionary
I use this app all the time to communicate with friends and family as I get up to speed on ASL Well worth the purchase price Im impressed by how comprehensive the dictionary is                 So helpful and well done
The price is fair for what the app offers You can get about 85 of the words you need by a general search It is set up like a sign language dictionary Not course style It does not offer enough variations for instance showing more than one way to sign a word or updates on new words I would be in love with the app if they added those 2 things              Great needs to be updated
I took ASL I couple semesters ago and I am taking ASL II this upcoming semester and needed a refresher course and this app is perfect This app has categories quizzes and the dictionary You can pick favorite words and quiz yourself on them I just go through picking random words out of every category to quiz myself on Great investment                 Great study guide
My wife and I have been using this app for about a year now The test feature is excellent We also like that new words can be looked up quickly then we add these to our favorites                 Very useful app
Really enjoying this app I wish there were more words in the fingerspelling portion but I understand that the dictionary is the main meal Thank you for such a helpful tool              Great dictionary
Easy to use and fun                 Great App
I love this app Her hands movement are so beautiful                 Asesine
This app has been very helpful in my process of learning ASL I notice that there arent some signs on there when Im looking for a specific word but for the most part they have a lot of vocab on here I would highly recommend it                 Love this app
I play with this app as much as I do my games but Im learning I am hardofhearing and teaching myself ASL Thank you for your help I wish you had full sentences in your quizzes though                 Awesome App
The app is great except that the interpreter mouths the word she is signing and you can very easily read her lips           Asl dictionary app
This app is wonderfully comprehensive and easy to search Ive been using it learning simple signing for my newborn and just keep adding to my vocabulary because its so fascinating great and simple tool                 wonderful way to learn signing basics
Im taking ASL classes and this app is a great help Not only are the demonstrations clear but you can favorite words you learn and then quiz yourself Awesome                 Great app for class
While many of the signs are repetitive its very beneficial because it causes you to think of more than just one English word for some ASL conceptssigns The video clips are crisp and clear Only complaint is that the girl mouths the words most of the time so on the quizzes it takes away a little of the difficulty But on the whole a really great app I have it on my phone and my iPad Its a great utility for help in my classes as an interpreter                 Love it
Love this APP Easy to use and fun                 Best APP
I go to this app many times a week to help me communicate with someone who works for me and is a good friend The videos are very clear and helpful I do wish they would provide more info when there is more than one version of how to sign a particular word especially in context Like when would one use version 1 vs version 2 or 3 This could easily be added to the dictionary I think just include an example of a usage in a sentence Otherwise I find this app to be a huge help and recommend it to anyone trying to learn how to sign              Very helpful
Enjoying this app Utilizing it as I refresh learn new signs to share with my baby I like that I can make a favorites list I would like to be able to make more of my own listsanimalsfoodsemotionsetcetera Easy to use Great variety of signs              Very helpful
This app is great Every time I want to look for a sign its there                 Amazing
I have spent hours using this app the past few semesters Great tool to learn from for a serious beginner Worth the money however for the more serious student the quiz portion needs lots of help Way too many repetitions Please update the quiz because I dont need to see the same words soooo frequently I dont need to keep seeing the same super easy signs such as A and the same few silly fingerspells during each quiz I tried the favorites option but still see the same words and I long to see an even mix of ALL the words not the same ones I really need the other words as well that NEVER seem to come up Plus it is too bad the signer was filmed saying nearly each word This defeats the purpose entirely I have to cover her face with my thumb so I cant lip read We are not supposed to mouth words in my ASL class SO WHY IS SHE DOING THAT Please change the frequency for quizzes it is very frustrating           Tempted to rate higher but
I am no expert on sign and I found this app when looking for work materials I have some students on my caseload this year who use some basic sign I love the option to look up a sign and the app typically has what I am searching for I am very happy with this resource                 Very pleased
Thats the only problem with it              Can turn body facing forward a little
Excellent app I downloaded this app for my ASL classes and it has helped me a lot Its really hard to study when you dont have access to the Internet to check if you are doing your signs the right way This app doesnt need Internet Whenever you need to review a sign it is right there on the spot I highly recommend this app Keep in mind that not all ASL signs are signed the same way Just like different accents exist throughout the US different ways of signing exist as well Also the signs used in this app are very modern Some of the old signs might not be singed the same way as the new ones                 Excelente Im a linguistic major
I use this app all the time to build my vocabulary It has the features I need to drill when I need help in a specific area such as dates time numbers or just signs that Ive recently learned The images are clear enough to be able to read the finger spelling and see signs that are strongly dependent on hand shape The signer wears clothing that contrasts with her hands so they dont blend together when shes signing at full speed For those of us that do lip reading she mouths the words just like my deaf friends do much of the time As always I wish it had more signs but the developers seem to listen to suggestions and have been adding signs that receive a lot of requests All in all I highly recommend it                 I use this app all the time
Everything I was expected and wanted and more                 1010
I love this app Especially how quick you can look up words and the fact you can have the signs slowly so you really get it down I like the favorites to store my new words in and can then be tested I emailed questions and they were quickly answered kindly politely and with much patience Thank you very deserving of 5 stars                 ASL DICTIONARY
Great useful app                 Use it all the time
I love app It has been great to help with my vocabulary                 Great app
This app saved me many times It also has helped me at events in the deaf community but some of the signs arent updated ASL and Ive had people correct signs that Ive learned from here It would also be nice if more signs were frequently added because its very limited on here           Used through ASL class
I use it almost everyday My fiancé is deaf and he also learns from this handy app Cant get better then that                 Love it
I am new to signing and this has been awesome so far Love this app Paul B                 New to sign
This app makes it a lot easier to learn ASL You can quiz yourself on the specific words that your learning I am so happy that Ive found this app Thank u developers                 I really LOVE this app
I really wanted to start learning sign language and I went through so many other apps trying to find a genuine one This one doesnt disappoint its worth the money I love how it doesnt need Internet to access so I can pull it up and start practicing my vocab and fingerspelling any time                 LOVE this app
But its not true to ASL The model is mouthing the words in English whereas ASL has a very specific set of grammar rules with mouth morphemes And many common words are missing Needs a category for holidays and more hand exercise options Either way its still quite helpful to get started in ASL              Great Sign Language App
Quiz section needs a little work but otherwise great app              Great learning tool
Love love this App My deaf daughter and I use this all of the time                 Heaven sent
So far so good I got this app to assist me with my ASL class So I can practice at home throughout my day Easier to carry around in my iPhone than a clumsy book I can just whip it out for a quick practice session any time I especially like the quiz feature After also using your other version I still like this one better but I wish this one had phrases and idioms too                 ASL Dictionary
Dictionary is great awesome to be able to star favorite words for quiz study later I suggested an app change and developers coded it 5 stars                 Awesomeness

ASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language EducationASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language EducationASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language EducationASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language EducationASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language EducationASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language EducationASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language EducationASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language EducationASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language EducationASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language EducationASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language EducationASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language Education

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