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Atoll Ordenadores , the publisher behind many iOS app (aSmartHUD NAVI AUSTRALIA MAP+ ,aSmartHUD NAVI USA MAP+ ,aImpressio Art for iPad ,a3DTrack HUD +SpeedCams ,aHUD 3D Radars South Africa ,1ST ToDo Map for iPad), brings aSmart HUD 3D +SpeedCams with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. aSmart HUD 3D +SpeedCams app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • maybe that depend on GPS signal somehow..
Overall Satisfactionclick me46
still great job.
thanks to everyone for your suggestions about additional functionality.


"aSmartHUD 3D +SpeedCams" is advanced vehicle digital dashboard combining all aSmartHUD applications line functionality and wrapping it in a nicely polished 3D user interface designed with application of OpenGL.


Key features:



aSmart HUD 3D +SpeedCamsaSmart HUD 3D +SpeedCams
Tags :   speed ,   cameras ,   altitude ,   database


aSmartHUD visualizes your
- current and average speed
- time
- elapsed trip time
- heading
- altitude
- distance/time to stored Home location
- distance to the trip starting point
- maximum reached speed, altitude and distance to starting point for the current trip and all the trips your ever did,
- current playing music track
- weather forecast for nearest 48 hours the with 3-hour time interval.


Also it shows
- positions of the nearest known speed
camerasA camera records and stores photographic images

- color coded distance to the nearest known speed camera and it's speed limit, if known;
aSmart HUD 3D +SpeedCams


The fixed cameras database includes an information about speed cameras in
- Europe (whole EU)
- Canada
- Australia
- New Zealand
- Brazil
- South Africa
- Singapore
- United Arab Emirates
- Taiwan
- HongKong
- Kuwait
- Russia
- Thailand


You can edit the database by adding or removing the speed cameras and set cameras speed limit.


NOTE: It's not guaranteed all speed cameras in your area are included into the database. However, we will release database updates right after the new information will become available.


- You can create and save the driving routes (Google Directions service is used - the same as for the standard Map application) to follow them later. Application will display your current position on the route and display the route on the map. 
Every route is saved in the application database, so you don't need to re-create it every time application starts up.
You can
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
the driving instructions for the saved route to any email address.


- Tapping the "HUD" icon mirrors all the text, so if you position the
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
horizontally under your car's windscreen you can see perfectly readable half-transparent reflection of the picture displayed. 
Note: this mode works pretty well at night time and twilight, but on direct sunlight the screen brightness can be insufficient.


- aSmartHUD can keep track on 4 speed limits, giving a warning each time you crossing it. Normally, it's legal speed limits within cities, local roads and high-speed motorways. "Never exceed speed" is the speed you should not exceed under any conditions. Like technical limit of your vehicle or the point where government can arrest your driving license.
- 3D Trip Log Graph - unique way to represent the speed, location and altitude data in a single 3D graph. Color coded speed and altitude chart is constantly adjusted according to your moving trajectory. In Track Preferences, you can adjust the transparency of all the components of the chart or switch them off completely.
- Google maps with monochrome and inverted mode supported.
- Landscape and portrait screen modes.
- "Records" screen, with maximum reached speed, altitude and distance from start.
- You can specify different measurement units, display color scheme (5 available), log type, sounds and more.
- You can select the music iPod Playlist, pause, play, skip or rewind it's items, set the player in Shuffle or Repeat mode.
- Location Info (longitude and latitude, GPS measurement precision) and more.


IMPORTANT: this features list in not complete. Please visit the product page for more info!


Limitations: The program is running only on GPS-enabled iPhones 3G/3GS/4 with iPhone OS 4.0 or higher.


Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about additional functionality! THE BEST AND FASTEST WAY TO CONTACT US IS SENDING YOUR REQUESTS AND BUG REPORTS to [email protected] WE ARE REALLY INTERESTED IN DIALOG, what is not possible when you leaving the bug-report as AppStore review.


The aSmart HUD 3D +SpeedCams is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about aSmart HUD 3D +SpeedCams check developer Atoll Ordenadores`s website :


Great for night driving a more accurate than my motorcycle's speedometer. found in 1 reviews
short time weather forecast. found in 1 reviews
even in the city. found in 1 reviews
Overall I like it and enjoy all of the information on one screen. found in 2 reviews
united arab emirates. found in 1 reviews
advanced location info longitude and latitude gps measurement precision and more. found in 1 reviews
the HUD system is iffy at times. found in 1 reviews
Really nice looking app. found in 1 reviews
You gotta fix the compass pointing in the wrong direction issue though. found in 1 reviews
who don't have iPhones. found in 1 reviews
except the route list provides distances in km. found in 1 reviews
Never had any problems with the 3D one tho. found in 2 reviews
I don't have speed camera's in my area. found in 1 reviews
Would be nice if this can be smoothed out. found in 1 reviews
As it lacks turn by turn navigation. found in 1 reviews
Needs the internet. found in 1 reviews
Compass freezes on due north in camera view. found in 1 reviews
but it's not really all that useful. found in 1 reviews
but it's nice to have the speed camera warnings. found in 1 reviews
Or does this version seem really "off" and buggy. found in 1 reviews
My map doesn't work all the time even with a good GPS signal. found in 1 reviews
Why doesn't this app sync up
With the 3Gs compass. found in 1 reviews
Deleted this one but still use the old one. found in 1 reviews
Map does not work. found in 2 reviews
Maps still do not work - refund pleez. found in 1 reviews
Compass doesn't move. found in 1 reviews
a bug or an IOS problem. found in 1 reviews
iPhone 480x320 1
iPhone 480x320 2
iPhone 320x480 3
iPhone 320x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
How to you switch to mph and ft          Mark
Even with the new update Maps still do not work refund pleez    Map does not work
kevdog38 it is you Go to Preferences and then More and you should find it My map doesnt work all the time even with a good GPS signal I believe it is not updated to iOS 4 as of yet so I am sure there has to be an update I know the other 99 offering is ver 53 or something while this one I believe is ver 38 cant remember exact ver sThe other issue I have is Weather I am not sure where they get their info but it is not correct I would recommend manual input of a zipcode or something Overall I like it and enjoy all of the information on one screen             Needs some work
I used fasteners onto my dash and the fuzzy strips are layered out perfect on my Mophie Juice Pack PLUS Im just sayingI pretty much speed every where and that iish aint ever slide not once APP could use something elseoh well still great job Only 99 worth it                Perfect
Or does this version seem really off and buggy The compass doesnt seem to work at all       Is it me
Great app             Great app
i like it                its good program
I preveiously gave this app a three start based on no USA messurments I was mistakeing I emailed the support email address they were quick to reply and inform me that it was USA compliant ad explainded how to change messurments I now give this a five start mased on gret app plus customer service thanx                Firefighter8125
very nice nice on iPad                Love it
I like the update except the route list provides distances in km even though I have verified ml is selected Still a GREAT app             41
it comes back to the home screen in a second after i run this app ios 433    Crashes
Cool looking app full of features Dont understand why some reviewers complain the map does not work On iPhone4 it works like a charm both Google and Open Street modes                works as promised
Great for night driving a more accurate than my motorcycles speedometer                Night driving
Well worth the money Ive tried a few including some free ones and this one is all I need                Great app
Beautiful application Thanks for this congratulation Nice features good presentation and functionality You must to have                Very nice
I own a lot of apps and I have to say that this one ices the cake Come on people I am so sick of people complaining in reviews I have an iPhone 3GS and this works great I dont have speed cameras in my area but if they get installed someday Im glad to have this available No app is perfect if you want perfect spend a grand and get perfect you shmucks This app does what it says it does and its just plain cool Out of a hundred some apps this is my new fave And there are a bunch of colors to change it to in settings My faves are purple and blue for at night Nice and calmingGet this app if you want a cool techy app that transforms your windshield into a new dashboard that rocks Dont get it if you are a shmuck and think everything in life should be freakin perfect Tipp go through settings for awhile before you freak out and complain Yes it CAN be changed to read mph not km Yes it can be calibrated 5 stars for the cool super awesome app for my car Thank you designers for this invention I am the talk of my friends now who dont have iPhones       This app rocks
3D map used to work whats wrongCould it be the new iOS4          Worked for about a week
The best HUD app It works like you all said it look cool you know             It works great for Me
I own all of Atolls HUD apps Love them I do have one suggestion for improving this one Provide an option for turning off some of the features such as the speed cam box I would like to declutter the display a bit and I dont pay attention to the speed cam info Otherwise another perfect app             Great app
Is it me or is this thing buggy as heck Cant change the metric scale to work in the US Get this thing fixed Waste of money    Is it me
Its a great app I give it up but you really have to fix some bugs like the map lags a lot and it shows you ur driving on the sidewalk lol please update but still a great app          Great app but
After the update maps does not work Please fix this asap    Update please Maps not work
I had the old version of this I loved it so much I thought I would lay out 99 for the 3D versionWas it a mistake a bug or an IOS problem Because when I installed it the app went strait to the startup screen just like it was supposed toBut when it loaded the main screen it opened long enough you could see what it looks like with an audio type beep for the flash of a second and back to my home screenI tried reinstalling and not opening it until I had rebooted my phone to no avail I went so far as to even try a hard boot before opening and again the same problemMy question is this why is it with some apps like this one that some people have no problems with the app while others it becomes a crappy rating and harsh reviews because they lost 99 on an app that works for some but not othersYou would figure the developers would target this issue of why out of multiple iPhone users running the same IOS that purchased this or any other app that has this issue that they could pinpoint what is causing some users to experience problems while the others are notSome body out there has to know what is causing this so why dont they fix it    Bug or IOS problem
Map doesnt appear and says there is a weak gps signal no matter what All other apps dont have a problem with the gps Pretty disappointed    Compass doesnt move
Does not work at all has not worked through 3 updates How can you keep updating without fixing this Fix it already how many reviewers need to tell you it dont work I would give 0 stars if i could until its fixed    Map
وين البرنامج هذا من زمن                ورائع جدا
I love having so much useful information on one screen Very nice for road trips                map fixed upgrading rating
It is kinda cool looking but its not really all that useful The map is so small that its hard to use while driving Cool idea not a great implementation          while its kinda cool its also not that useful
It does what it says it does no less no more As it lacks turn by turn navigation this is not my app of choice to have open when I drive          Reasonable
Pretty good HUD app I dont think I would be using it while I drive unless it had turn by turn gps but for what it is its pretty good maybe it would be good for riding mounting bikes if you can get signals          Ok
I like the old HUD better This one is too busy without being able to customize the screen there is too much data and its hard to see on the small screen when on the dash Deleted this one but still use the old one Never had any problems with the 3D one tho             Okay
I cant figure out how to get directions If this is under navigation apps shouldnt it be able to navigate me places If this app DOES do this its hard to find So hard I cant find it If it did easily have a place to enter an address or search for one i would LOVE it       How do I get directions
I like this app alot As the developer said the HUD system is iffy at times and please attach your device dont lay it on your dashboard I like the layout of the HUD and it does work at night very well However I personally think the menus and settings system could use some work ex Landscape buttons should point up and down not left and right Ive turned the speed system sounds off on mine because I find it annoying and useless as I dont know of any static speed zones             Menus could use a little work
Got an iPod so not really aimed at me but it is a good app Will work with MiFi          Needs the internet
This is a peculiar app that doesnt seem well suited to the iPhone at all There is way too much on the screen to be useful It should probably have each piece of data on its own screen and an easy way to cycle through them Also I dont much see the point of the 3D road display it is just really hard to decipher Im also finding that a lot of the time the map is blank so I just have a triangle navigating its way through a blank gray screen Not so helpful       display too busy
So far like it Would be 4 or 5 as it will not let you turn iPhone to orientate it so the camera is on the left and home button on right Restricted to having camera on right and low depending on position of device in vehicle dash which could cause videos to be upside down if playing back on another source FIX N FIX other commented issues          Like
Crash    Not working at all
Annoying alarm sound3D Map never shows up except for gridToo completed layoutNeed option to hide unnecessary things UI is not straightforward just complicatedA lot more problems waste of money    Very bad App
This is a bug should have been noticed and fixed before releaseFeature compass set to use magnetometerDescription first launch aSmart HUD Youll see that the heading on the compass is off by 90 degrees It is taking the reading as if the device is oriented in portrait mode when in reality it is in landscape modePress the home button once to put the app in the backgroundDouble click the home button Select the app from the background appsNow the compass heading will fix itself and do the 90 degree correction neededAlso compass movement is jerky I bounces 3 5 degrees clockwise and counter clockwise Would be nice if this can be smoothed out          Embarrassing bug
Cool app You gotta fix the compass pointing in the wrong direction issue though          Fix compass
Cool BUT1 Compass freezes on due north in camera view2 Landscape view has camera at bottom right instead of top left Not optimal for maximizing view of the road too much dashboard3 Map in 3D view main screen doesnt seem to allow for fixing north at top making it harder to read       CompassCamera
I have tried a few other paid apps of this type from the App Store This is the best one for any price Very user friendly                Accurate speedometer
I wouldve given it 5 stars GPS is pretty accurate even in the city Manhattan The iPod control screen is a great update especially when driving which was a pain to change songs since the nextprevious buttons were all the all way in the bottom left of screen and can lead to accidentally going back a track when you really meant to go forward Also saves the hassle of exiting the app to go to the ipod to change playlistsMy only gripe is when its in portrait mode text messages still pop up as if it were in horizontal mode so it comes up sideways Very annoying not to mention dangerous Theres always going to be that one person whos not the sharpest tool in the shed and will attempt to read a text tilting hisher head sideways while trying to drive which can lead to a serious accident             Sideways Text Messages
Why doesnt this app sync upWith the 3Gs compass Ill give it 5 stars if it does             Awesome
Decent app Cool HUD Lacking a lot of needed features though          Good app
Really nice looking app real eye candy Despite other reviewers say 3D map works for me maybe that depend on GPS signal somehow                very good


Atoll Ordenadores
Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS /
iPhone iPad

iOS aSmart HUD 3D +SpeedCams Mobile

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