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Guthook`s Hiking Guides , the publisher behind many iOS app (Camden Hills Hiker ,Monadnock Hiker ,Guthook`s PCT: Northern California ,Guthook`s PCT: Southern California ,Guthook`s PCT: Washington ,Mt Whitney Guide), brings AT Hiker with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AT Hiker app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc100
Better than a GPS unit.
I've tried them all and this is the best all around.
Thank you for creating such a useful resource.
Fun & Engagingc69
Thank you for creating such a useful resource.
especially now that the bugs are getting fixed.

I did not try to continuously track my route. found in 1 reviews
It really helps in getting to trail parking on forest service roads. found in 1 reviews
but cheaper then buying the AT maps for every state. found in 1 reviews
I love having the topo maps and the elevation profiles. found in 8 reviews
It's full of information and has loads of pics. found in 1 reviews
Today's thru-hiker will be likely carrying a phone anyways. found in 2 reviews
Thank you for creating such a useful resource. found in 1 reviews
I just completed my first 3 day trip. found in 1 reviews
Saved my butt more than once. found in 1 reviews
This app provides this level of detail. found in 3 reviews
I had installed northern and southern VA. found in 1 reviews
Paid for itself many times over in peace of mind and knowledge. found in 1 reviews
Better than a GPS unit. found in 1 reviews
Works in airplane mode. found in 1 reviews
Best mobile AT guide on the market. found in 1 reviews
but the app helped me find the trail quickly and accurately. found in 1 reviews
this AT app would be unbeatable. found in 1 reviews
Now the app force closes on start. found in 1 reviews
I'm just glad I had my 2013 issue of The A. found in 1 reviews
I'm frustrated but know this is in process. found in 1 reviews
That way you don't have to subtract to plan your route. found in 1 reviews
but a couple small features would make it awesome. found in 1 reviews
but right now it's too buggy to use. found in 1 reviews
a waste for southbound. found in 1 reviews
Force closings and won't load the maps I paid for. found in 1 reviews
and the app itself force closed on many occasions. found in 1 reviews
Seemed like a great app until I paid for the Maryland / Pennsylvania section. found in 1 reviews
The app just keeps crashing every time I try to open it. found in 2 reviews
unfortunately that's not very often. found in 2 reviews
it still crashes every time I try to open it. found in 2 reviews
This app says its "loading" for 15 minutes. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download AT Hiker for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 12.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about AT Hiker check developer Guthook`s Hiking Guides`s website :

Take the trail with you in your pocket AT Hiker is a complete companion to hiking on the Appalachian Trail, with tons of information that will help you on day hikes, weekends, or thru-hikes. -Hundreds of ...
I have enjoyed the app Gets better as more info is added The trail data is spot on as well as the view and spur trail descriptions I use this app every time I am on the AT                 Great app
Since I do develop maps for a living I was impressed by the level of detail that this app has provided In reality you do not have to buy any paper maps that you would need as you can download everything and use them offline I really like the info on the unofficial campsites with the pictures This is really huge when you like to tent camp but really dont want to stay around a shelter And I really like the trail register function as you will be able to provide feedback on each waypoint location such as spring is dry etc for others behind you Every location has their quirks and sometimes when you are bone tired you really dont want to stumble around looking for the privy This app provides this level of detail But as with any detail it needs to be updated and I hope the users provide feedback to keep it up to date Happy trails                 Best map elevation unofficial campsite and trail register app
I go backpacking on the AT 56 times annually and Ive used this app for the past few years In short its an extremely handy resource for anyone who uses the trail Yes you do need to purchase maps for whatever region you plan to traverse but Ive happily paid for PA through VA and for me it was money very well spent Several of my friends have watched me using the app and they too have become ardent users                 Been using this app for years and I love it
I get a lot of use from the maps to the pictures of campsites and springs that are along the trail Still being somewhat of a novice Ive found a lot of comfort knowing where I am the terrain and the options for picking a place to spend the night              Best App for the AT
The app is superbe Ive used it for 1500 miles while thruhiking and its been great The maps profiles waypoints and info are so helpful                 High Marks for the AT Guide
Guthook has a created a great map system to be used on the AT trail I started collecting paper maps but quickly realized the cost and added weight wasnt worth it On the App Store found Guthook maps covering other trails and the AT Ill be using in March when I start my thru hike and all the new map updates are working on my iPhone 5s The thing I really like is if I have questions or problems they respond very quickly                 AT Trail
Great for pretrail planning Also works well on the trail                 Best At app
Just downloaded and opened app Totally mystified by initial lack of instructions I hope your website has better explanations on how to use the app The app description isnt much help While Im sure it probably does all its advertised to do you first have to figure out how to use it and to make correct choices when prompted to make selections Introductory explanations would be useful to rookies or a direct link from the app to the website upon opening the app for the first time Will revise review stars with further experience        Mystified
The app is great for planning a trip and reviewing options for water camping and parking Information is accurate and helpful When using the app on the trail it would be helpful if the map would adjust to my current location Overall Ive been very satisfied                 Like it
Enjoying the app so far in prep for a May hike of JUST the Maryland section As such it would be awesome to choose to see trail mileage for ONLY the state youre doing if you want That way you dont have to subtract to plan your route It would also be cool if there was a feature that allowed you to set an estimated mile per day and then suggested likely stopping places with the ability to choose shelters or campsites With those additions this AT app would be unbeatable              Nice but a couple small features would make it awesome
This app has taken so much stress out of hiking the trail We know our elevation distance to the next shelter or water source We can even quickly update our family with our exact location Extremely helpful                 Love it
Between listing all the shelters and water sources I could be happier with this app It even tells you how far to the next watershelter The mapped trail and current location are highly accurate Dont leave home without it                 Excellent Content
Wonderful tool for planning Putting it into practice this weekend Just be aware you need to purchase map packs Totally worth it                 Great Tool
Being able to see how far ahead the next campsite or water is is particularly valuable Since youre carrying a phone anyway this app is a nobrainer Recommended                 Better than a GPS unit
I went allin with this app based on other positive reviews and after spending 60 am pretty disappointed I am attempting to use this app with GPS service only no internet while hiking the AT The only thing it is good for is giving me an accurate measurement between where I am an the next waypoint that they have programmed in which a free app would do just as well When using via WiFi I have found it nice to post some comments about certain waypoints and read useful ones others have posted although these are few in numbers Without a live internet connection these do not appear at all it would be nice if there were an offline cache of posted comments and a way to write comments to be synced up later on There are also some obvious wellestablished waypoints on the trail that are missing from the app and in addition to the small number of user comments which will hopefully grow over time it would be ideal if the application included more information for each one As others have suggested it would be nice to be able to submit our own waypoints again with the ability to record GPS coordinates and notes with ability to sync this later as I will never have internet access while hiking only when stopping in towns I hope to see this application improve because it has a lot of promise for developing into a good app At this point to me its just 60 wasted I sincerely hope it is improved significantly by the time I start my thruhike next year        Expensive and not useful without internet
Make sure you turn on and off GPS Uses a lot of precious battery That being said it works great and has is very accurate It would be nice if guidance on difficulty of trail was incorporated into this app such as Very rocky sub section or nice wide easy trial                 Great app
I used Guthooks PCT Guide for my Pacific Crest Trail thruhike in 2012 This was BEFORE the Guthook apps had the elevation profile feature and I still found it to be incredibly useful and accurate I recently hiked the New Jersey section of the Appalachian Trail using Guthooks AT Guide The elevation profile feature is amazing and the extensive info on water sources camping is excellent for planning Highly recommended                 Guthook does it again
This app is very good for planning a short hike my experience as a section hiker All the waypoints are accurate Elevation map is crucial In my view it can only be improved by the community of users To get the latest info you need people to chime in On my last section hike there was a nasty thunderstorm that downed several trees There was a part of the trail that was totally covered I made a comment as soon as I got within connectivity range to alert hikers of a small detour to get them back on the trail This app is well researched but cannot react to immediate conditions without input from the hikers Very good app I look forward to buying the next section as soon as I am done with PA Happy trails Michael              A worthwhile app
This has everything you can ever want for the Trail                 Loving this App
Everything you need for the AT                 Perfect
Guthook has done it perfectly Recently on hike from davenport gap to hot springs lost the trail in the snow turned on my app and figured out where I was Saved my day Love everything about it wouldnt change a thing                 AT Trail
Great for hiking the AT and trying to decide on the go where to get water or spend the night Doesnt replace paper maps but an extremely handy tool                 Awesome hiking companion
This app is incredible for hiking the AT tells you everything you need to know about trail                 Awesome
Start where you want hit airplane mode couple hours in turn airplane mode off and take a screen shot to send to your family I kept my wife updated the whole way through mass with minimal battery drain and just used the check points built into the map to keep me informed of how long until the next cool thing                 Love it
Great App has everything you need for the trail Easy to use                 AT ThruHikers App
Ive hiked the first 45 miles of the at in three sections with this ap as my primary locator Its awesome so far love the elevation and tracking feature So far its extremely accurate Good stuff                 So far so good
When hiking or when planning a hike I tend to use a few types of books maps and online resources This app brings them all together and integrates them perfectly while adding significant value in ways booksmaps cant Being able to hop from a point on a profile to the same point on an overhead map to the detail of that point is incredibly valuable Filtering way points to specific items such as parking or campsites makes planning your route significantly easier and more interesting The pictures make the whole experience better It very well may be the sole item I use for planning my hikes going forward                 Seamless Valuable Perfect
All maps are inapp purchased and most of those maps are 899 The UI functionality leave a lot to be desired           Maps are 899
Awesome app great detail                 Great app
This app is nothing more than a platform for trying to sell you map packs Delete     No thanks
Saved my butt more than once Nice to have when blazes are sparse or weathered Also nice to have a heads up of water shortages or breakouts of sickness or on the good side awesome restaurants and places for cookies                 Must have
Wow I cant say enough about this app I just got back from a section hike on the AT and it was such a wonderful resource to have I liked knowing exactly where I was and what the elevation change was going to be Another awesome feature is the mileage to the next feature on the map whether its a water source shelter or roadway Thank you for creating such a useful resource                 Awesome
I bought the whole set of maps I looks terrific except that the mileage from shelter to shelter is totally messed up if you are headed south For instance when it is set to normal direction it reports the distance from Upper Goose Pond Cabin to the next shelter October Mountain shelter as 89 miles When it is set to reverse direction and you look at October Mountain Shelter it says the next shelter is Tom Leonard Shelter which it says is 299 miles away Some of the southbound distances are reported as over a hundred miles between shelters                 Good for northbound a waste for southbound
Guthooks app got me through the CDT and now Im using it for my SOBO AT thru Tons of information and very easy to use                 Essential equipment
Loved this for hiking the 100 Mile Wilderness and finding stealth camping Works in airplane mode not the GPS but the mapping As long as you know where you are you can find some great stuff                 Awesome App
I really like this app and hope they continue to improve upon it                 Helpful app
This app is a good as or better than a few that I have paid for I encourage others to use and add your updates Keep the AT and the apps free Great free app                 Great app
I have been using this app over a year now and each update just gets better I have found it to be accurate Knowing where the water sources are and what the tent sites will hold really helps in planning The feature to see a location in Apple maps is a winner It really helps in getting to trail parking on forest service roads                 Best Ap for the AT by far
This is an excellent app and I will definitely use it on my thru hike                 Excellent
Great app Love what Guthookhikes is doing The app is fast and easy to use Some room for improvement but that all comes with time Keep it up Ryan              Great app
Great APP Dont use it constantly to save battery on iPhone But never fails when I reference itesp end of day when your ready to be there It has helped us so much when markings are scarce To me a must have                 Must have companion
The only app you need on the AT I no longer refer to AWOLs Guide except for town maps which you can get on Google Maps if you have mobile service                 Guthook AT App Rules
overall a great tool for hiking the AT Could use more info about towns           not much town info
This app is great Just used it this weekend from the approach trail to woody gap It was great being able to switch between the map and elevation chart It kept us informed and aware                 AT Awesome
GPS works in airplane mode very accurate great pics and info I liked the elevator view the best                 Awesome Just get it
I just finished a section from PenMar County Park to Hwy 309 in PA This app was a big help in locating and navigating to places where we could park near the trail There were also a couple of times where I thought I might have passed a shelter One quick check with the app told me what I needed to know Another time where there were two intersecting roads I wasnt able to see exactly where to go but the app helped me find the trail quickly and accurately                 Great for Section Hikers
This has prooven to be an invaluable tool for planning and hiking the AT It has prooven to be more accurate than anything else our group has at the moment Im the one everyone asks about the elevation of the next climb or the distance from the next water source This app rocks One thing the developers could do to make it even better is provide the ability to set our own waypoints and the ability to define start and end points in the map that could be used for planning Id like to be able to genetate a summary of all the trail waypoints and elevation changes between my starting point and ending point on the trail                 Love this app
I just spent a couple weeks on the AT and this was an invaluable resource as long as you have service you can see exactly where you are and just as important where the resources are Think of it as the AWOL guide but with GPS and the ability to report and read reports about anything important like water supply etc I was really happy to have it I could locate myself at pretty much any time and be able to tell how far I was from my next goal It was frustrating though when I lost service but of course that is not Guthooks fault Paid for itself many times over in peace of mind and knowledge                 Spendy but worth it
A total piece of junk How does one download mapssections Who knows Does not autolocate your position on the map This is counterintuitive a UIUX mess And yes I burned precious charge time on my phone posting this review from the AT Paper maps still trump digital in the year 2015     Junk
This is the allinone app for the AT Maps are available offline so you dont smash your battery Great app                 MUST HAVE for AT Hike

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