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AT&T Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (AT&T Connect Audio Conference Monitor ,AT&T U-verse Troubleshoot & Resolve Mobile ,AT&T VL5 ,AT&T U-verse Live TV: monthly subscription fee applies ,Mobile Locate ,AT&T Navigator: GPS navigation subscription fee appears on AT&T bill), brings AT&T Navigator: GPS navigation subscription fee appears on AT&T bill with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AT&T Navigator: GPS navigation subscription fee appears on AT&T bill app has been update to version 1.9.5i.19 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The traffic alerts and traffic camera alerts are awesome..
  • Makes it so easy to find a place..
  • 5 stars once the app can go into landscape view..
  • would love to see you incorporate " lane assist " into this application..
  • Useful for the business traveler like me who travels every week..
Overall Satisfactionclick me52
Best GPS app on the iPhone for a reasonable price.
Not a bad GPS app but ridiculously too expensive.
AT&T; Navigator is the best navigation app available.
Don't waste you time or money on this worthless navigation app.
Much better than google maps.
Better than my Garmin and has good interface.
Fun & Engagingclick me58
Awesome navigation.
Usefulnessclick me54
99/mo fee because the maps are always up to date.
worth every penny to have up to date maps.
It is horribly slow and is never up to date.
Ease of Useclick me37
reliable and easy UI to navigate.
Very reliable and easy to use.
Reliabilityclick me15
Updates & Supportclick me23
call tech support or customer service.
there customer service.
I think my BlackBerry version was more accurate.
Started years ago on the BlackBerry version.
Batteryclick me36
GPS in the iPhone is a real battery drainer.
eats battery power quickly.


AT&T Navigator transforms your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4 into a voice-guided navigation system with turn-by-turn driving directions. (AT&T Navigator is currently not supported on the iPad.) A subscription charge will appear on your AT&T
wirelessWireless is a term used to describe telecommunications in which electromagnetic waves
bill. You can choose between monthly or annual subscription options. Details below.


Named “Consumer Navigation Application of the Year” by Frost & Sullivan.

AT&T Navigator: GPS navigation subscription fee appears on AT&T billAT&T Navigator: GPS navigation subscription fee appears on AT&T bill
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New, improved AT&T Navigator version 1.5i is here. Now with Shake-to-Goâ„¢ you can get instant, turn by turn directions to your home by just shaking your iPhone! Plus speed limit display and alerts. And new special screen enhancements make AT&T Navigator easier to read day or night.


Choose from two subscription options:
1. Monthly Subscription: Pay $9.99 each month for AT&T’s voice-guided turn by turn GPS navigation application. Monthly charge will appear on your AT&T wireless bill. Cancel at any time*
2. Annual Subscription: Pay $69.99 each year for AT&T’s voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation application. The charge will appear on your AT&T wireless bill. Cancel within 30 days of subscription.**
AT&T Navigator: GPS navigation subscription fee appears on AT&T bill


Select your subscription plan during the initial AT&T Navigator setup.


Existing AT&T Navigator customers: If you would like to sign up for the Annual Subscription, please cancel your monthly subscription and then choose the Annual Subscription option during application setup. See below for instructions on how to cancel your service.


Existing Features:


• Voice-guided turn-by-turn GPS directions on 3D maps with spoken street names.


• Automatic re-routing if you miss a turn.


• Real-time traffic updates and one click rerouting to avoid congestion.


• Automatic map updates included with the application.


• No new devices or upgrades needed at purchase.


• Simple address entry either by selecting a contact in your address book directly from your iPhone, or from your computer before leaving home on


• Gas stations searchable by price to help save money at the pump.


• Comprehensive POI directory of over 10 million business listings: Find the closest coffee house, ATM,
Wi-FiWireless local area network
hotspot and more.


• iPod controls within the application while your music plays in the background.


• One of the smallest application sizes of any Navigation app to save you space for your music, videos, and other apps.


$9.99/month or $69.99/year subscription charge. Charges for this application will appear on your AT&T wireless bill. AT&T Navigator is a GPS navigation tool for iPhone 3G with 3.0 OS & iPhone 3GS. Not for original iPhone.


*Note: Monthly subscribers, deleting this app from your iPhone will not stop the monthly subscription charge. To cancel the subscription and monthly fee from within the application go to Tools & Extras > About, and select Billing and Subscriptions. You can also cancel your subscription at or call (800) 331-0500.


** Note: Annual subscribers, to cancel your Navigator subscription and receive a refund, you must cancel within 30 days from the application activation date. To cancel your subscription, call (800) 331-0500.


The AT&T Navigator: GPS navigation subscription fee appears on AT&T bill is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new AT&T Navigator: GPS navigation subscription fee appears on AT&T bill app version 1.9.5i.19 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about AT&T Navigator: GPS navigation subscription fee appears on AT&T bill check developer AT&T Inc.`s website :


Please can we have a choice of male or female voices. found in 3 reviews
Very clear and concise. found in 4 reviews
I have not purchased any of the other navigation applications. found in 5 reviews
voice guided. found in 11 reviews
Thank you for finaly coming out with a turn by turn direction app. found in 113 reviews
doing the math comes out to 33-34 cents a day. found in 3 reviews
I'm in the middle of nowhere right now and need the directions. found in 7 reviews
it refuses to accept my home address. found in 10 reviews
Pro: • Good for short term use - Subscribe for one month or two. found in 2 reviews
ok app but 10 bux to expensive. found in 7 reviews
If the gps freezes. found in 2 reviews
I don't get incorrect directions at all. found in 4 reviews
I am constantly receiving the " Weak GPS " message. found in 9 reviews
Not because it doesnt warn you of red light camera installations. found in 3 reviews
Don't fix what isn't broken. found in 4 reviews
And the update definitely needs iPhone contacts integration. found in 6 reviews
maps / routes will not update if you lose cell signal. found in 12 reviews
add an annual subscription to live voice guidance. found in 9 reviews
I wish that there were voice commands included. found in 11 reviews
A subscription fee has always been necessary for telenav. found in 30 reviews
It is constantly rerouting. found in 7 reviews
Lexington to Louisville poor GPS signal strength. found in 1 reviews
Navigator does not download maps to your phone. found in 15 reviews
I like that it is a subscription service. found in 8 reviews
ATT is the worst thing to happen to the iPhone. found in 20 reviews
Shake to drive is also useless. found in 22 reviews
I used it daily and didn't mind the subscription fee. found in 30 reviews
but it is not loud enough to hear through the speaker phone. found in 25 reviews
I'll cancel and just wait for the Tomtom app. found in 30 reviews
Cannot provide shorter/faster alternate routes as can other mapping apps. found in 18 reviews
May also keep finding new route repeatedly and unnecessarily. found in 17 reviews
Like other reviewers noted you can't add stops or current location. found in 31 reviews
Gas stations outdated etc. found in 18 reviews
it decides to recalculate the route or gets completely lost. found in 24 reviews
The at&t; NAV app was pretty worthless to begin with. found in 42 reviews
Isn't my monthly service and data enough. found in 21 reviews
AT&T; does not care about good customer service. found in 16 reviews
I had a weak GPS signal in a well populated area. found in 64 reviews
The iPhone does not have GPS signal receivers in it. found in 60 reviews
difficult to hear GPS solution. found in 25 reviews
Can't always remember all the street names from the route map. found in 47 reviews
If you don't use the voice prompts. found in 20 reviews
will not access my address book. found in 20 reviews
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My company was tricked into buying this app for all their company phones The maps were so terrible that employees were constantly getting lost and wasting gas My company quickly cancelled the ATT app and simply uses the Apple maps without issue Please dont waste time and money testing or trying this app It is the worst navigation app on the market    DO NOT BUY TERRIBLE APP
Ok so I use to be able to report when there was accidents and now I am unable too What happen to that feature it allow me to see accidents or road work ahead Reports need to be put back on this app          Stop changing the things that work
Greatest navigation app by far Gets me to every place on time                Fantastic
Does everything I need plus more being over the road with my husband this is our go to app However if your app had more info for cdl drivers that would be worth so much more something I would most definitely spend money for other than those few thing best navigation hands down                Great
Free is too expensive    Jim
I liked it when you could tell the average speed    New Update
This used to be a great app Now it doesnt sync with the online site and frequently takes me to the wrong place Its been as much as 4 miles off in some instances Totally unreliable    Nonfunctional
I have been very satisfied with this product since I began using it BEFORE it was an App Well worth the 995monthly Maps are current up to date I have a built in GPS system in my other vehicle and use this one with a Bluetooth speaker in my truck VERY SATISFIEDCUSTOMER                Excellent App
Navigator no longer searches device contacts by default instead searching the web by default making it effectively useless for me EXAMPLE Im traveling to a specific city have reservations at the Doubletree Hotel and have entered that hotel information into my contacts I start Navigator and type DOUBLETREE into the search field Navigator shows me more than a dozen Doubletree locations none of which are in my contact listThe only circumstance where Navigator searchs contacts is when the contact is unique enough that a web search immediately failsNavigator is now useless addware    Formerly excellent rendered useless by updates
The App can discern a 2 MPH excess of posted highway speed but instructs me to always turn away from a destination in a Mall In Tucson Hartford Philadelphia or Knoxville Problematic in dense traffic Would like to see more lane separation upon entering multilane toll booth for cash pay Again cars stacked up is stressful Finally more early warning notices in general would be helpful          A bit confused
I still hope to find Im simply confused about the favorites function but it seems to me I can no longer mark any destination I wish as a fave I can only add as a fave the following1 my current destinationOr 2 I can choose from a list of commercial locations near my current location Pretty pointless Someone please tell me Im an idiot and missed a methodI want to add IN ADVANCE of traveling certain addresses into a folder When Im planning a trip to an unfamiliar city sayI want to do as I used to Make a folder for that city then preenter the places I know Ill need to find Maybe a hotel the nearest Starbucks a friends home The best I can do now is load all the places into the app let it find the routes so these places are in my Recents file or add them to my contacts A pain For those who think the contacts are gone theyre not exactly but you have to type them into the search bar on the main screen It doesnt pull up your contact list anymore Ive adjusted ok to thisI dont think it takes any more time to type the first couple letters of a name on the app vs doing the same or scrolling thru contacts          Adding Favorites Now Useless
Unreliable Turn instructions are given early enough Expensive Voice recognition unreliable    Unreliable
This app is for people who are stupid beyond conceivable By far the worst navigator in the world    App for Stupid ppl
This app has been a Godsend It has always sent me in the direction that theres least traffic The times that I havent listened to the directions in this app its made the trip a lot longer due to the traffic Ive encountered                I love this app
Upgraded to iPhone 6 this week and installed the software update Cant open ATT Navigator Input my phone number and hit continue and it crashes Tried rebooting the phone Then tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still crashing Fix this fast    Crashes on iPhone 6 iOS 83
Has not mastered The Woodlands Texas area keeps telling me Im somewhere Im not On my way to Michigan app very often did not know where we were and showed us suspended in the air Also should add rest areas and city andor county youre driving through as you drive through it NEEDS SERIOUS UPDATING IN MONTGOMERY HARRIS CO TEXAS          Kat
Crashes on verbal addressI would like to edit the names of favorites    Crashes on verbal address
Always great to have and better nav service than most others                Lia
Use it for the mileage calculator             Okay
It does better than other nav options I have found for iphone but I think I must be missing something Its crazy expensive 999 a month The information pertaining restaurants and other points of interest on route is 58 years behind MAJOR NIGHTMARE visiting an unknown city running low on gas and you get reroute to a gas station that has been closed since the beginning of the Clinton administration Updating seems to be a major problem The second huge problem is the app is operating with 0 thats ZERO traffic information nor traffic avoidance options My guess is it must be functioning with NO real time satellite information which is 50 why you use a navigational device right If you know the way to work for example you just want to get there in a timely manner what good is an app that tells you the route to work and not that an accident has shut down the expressway and traffic is backed up for 2 hours Its just lame and quite frankly dangerous    Expensive No LIVE TRAFFIC INFO NO TRAFFIC AVOIDANCE Completely horrible
Gets me there every time             Good gps app
Downloaded but cant activate Supposed to send a text after entering your ATT phone number repeated several times no text should have read the reviews first Very disappointed ATT    So far its worthless
Many of the business identified have either closed or no longer exit for the varies destinations in my area I wouldnt use    Terribly Out of Date
By far the best at navigation app that Ive ever used                Great App
You took a good working user friendly program and ruined it I will show my appreciation next time I am up for renewal       Terrible
This navigation ap went from great to pathetic Who thought this would be better Its awful Ive had tATT Nav for years I tried hanging in there hoping it would changeI am canceling my subscription today What an unnecessary loss of loyal customers    From Great to PATHETIC
This used to be great but every time they update it gets worse It used to be spot on accurate but now it takes me in the opposite direction of where I need to go Plus they took away nice features like one touch for contacts and the IPod control if this doesnt improve by the time my subscription expires I will not renew it       Used to be great
Really good app Could use more features not sure what happened to the icons on previous version             Reviee
The Recently updated APP can not recalculate route when the driver is not following the planned route It keeps letting you go back to the scheduled route instead of recalculating one    Terrible Customer Service
Last two times I have used this I have had incorrect directions       Misdirection
Had it on my 5s loved it Just got iPhone 6 wont load from iCloud It keeps saying verification code sent to my phone but I receive no text Tried restarting phone deleting app and reinstalling nothing Cant download it to see if its any good or not Like I said less than useless    Less than useless
This new version is TERRIBLE I have to go to Google maps often to get the right route and street names This version often tells me the wrong way to go and has unknown street listed on top that I am traveling on The old version was NEVER like this version It knew the correct way go and ALWAYS had the street name that I am on pasted on top I think I will stop using ATT Navigator and go to using Navagon    Att navigator
Unnecessary turns slightly delayed w directions I will get a real GPS soon Doesnt give two options for directions anymore       Ok
Doesnt know right from left       Directionally challenged
Its just an average gps which sometimes gets lost or takes me the round about way despite itself and the settings Also Miles remaining in the trip was removed years ago and that was my fave feature and why I use google maps more and more and google maps is free a little more accurate and this app costs me 10 a month Not exactly worth it anymore          Average
Ive had my app for years but about a year ago with an update I lost the voice Ive tried everything even changing phones but no vocal direction It pretty much makes this program unusable Sorry    ATT Navigator no longer works
Its the best one                ATT navigation GPS
Im not sure what has happened since the update But since then it has been very very slow to connect The few times it does get passed the logging on I am asked to enter my information again but the code isnt texted to me so that I can move forward Im paying 999 a month and not able to consistently use it as I once was In addition the few times I have been able to use it the voice command doesnt work    Slow
Love love love this app Always gets me to where I need to go Im a soccer mom that has to travel and some fields are in the middle of nowhere so I am grateful for this app                Mrs Bad at direction
In general this app works but I never know when the voice will stop working or it wont let me stop or whatever It seems to have less features now than before especially regarding the ability to see traffic issues I used to think it was worth paying for this but dont think so anymore          No GPS is perfect but Im tired of all the glitches
I use this often I am digging the mileage feature I would like toSee the address numbers get bigger when I approach my destination Currently the font gets smaller and makes it hard to read the address as I approach the address I think like google you need to get traffic from wazeI am thinking about ditching this service because waze does the same thing but for FREE          Needs work
App tries to force you into the sub app for 999 month Then go through a maze to take it off Warning deleting it wont work you still get billed until you work through the maze of instructions          Watch out for navagatot button
I appreciate the features and reliability of the app It continues to improve and it would be helpful if Nav could make the favorites and save features more intuitive          Very reliable and features are improving
I cant really say to much in a negative way about it Its just would be much easier if we could get back our contacts back Please bring back our CONTACTS Thank you             Contacts
Ive written three complaints to them directly about my own address They cant seem to get the spelling of the street right The only people they can find me or people who cant spell three single syllable words Pitiful GPS locator isnt much better It should be able to find your own house Right now they are about 1000 yards off and it just keeps getting worse Sending in corrections and updates are pointless because they either ignoring you or make it worse    Location location location
The app works just fine the way it is Now they are going to discontinue Mileage Tracker on 8312015 Why mess with what keeps the app working People use mileage tracker and there is no need to discontinue it Keep the app intact and quit trying to make it useless          Decent App
Cant believe ATT removed the ability to access Contacts Will be canceling my subscription If I could give it less than one star I would What were you thinking    Where Are Contacts
Here ATT is the review you so desperately want 2 days after I subscribe at 999 a month 12000 a year when there are many FREE gps map alternatives out there It asks for a review every time and wont even let me drive Ive almost wrecked twice while a message comes up blocking the screen from directions and required me to select to leave a review You would think such a feature would only come up maybe after 30 days of use and not 2 days after I subscribed Also if I choose to not leave a review why does it bombard me over and over again Im trying to drive with my eyes on the road ATT spends to tell people to not text and drive so why do they take my and make me pay to require me to text them a review or make a screen selection while I drive Here is a 1 star review hope it will stop asking me to review it over and over now    Wont stop asking for a REVIEW
Take you the long way and spots location on wrong side of the street    Not accurate


AT&T Inc.
Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.9.5i.19
iPhone iPad

iOS AT&T Navigator: GPS navigation subscription fee appears on AT&T bill 1.9.5i.19 Mobile

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AT&T Navigator: GPS navigation subscription fee appears on AT&T bill

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