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BGCI , the publisher behind many iOS app (aTimeLogger 2 ,Race Tracker), brings aTimeLogger 2 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. aTimeLogger 2 app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I can even keep multiple timers running at the same time..
  • the customer service was excellent..
  • tasks are customizable to fit many tracking styles..
  • Life changing app..
  • This is exactly the time tracking app I was looking for..

Overall Satisfactionc98
A true and interactive time tracker and personal/daily activity logger.
Seriously the best and amazing.
The Best iOS Time Tracker.
Highest recommendation for anyone looking to improve their productivity.
I love how customizable it is.
Fun & Engagingc91
This app makes it really easy and fun to do so.
I've found it immensely useful.
then I go home and track everything else too.
Everything I need and more.
I use it every day now.
Production Valuesc100
and customizable interface.
customizable interface.
This app presents the user with an extremely simple and intuitive interface.
simple and intuitive interface.
they've updated the graphics to match with the iOS 7 look.
Ease of Usec96
Easy to learn and easy to use.
This app presents the user with an extremely simple and intuitive interface.
It is EXTREMELY customizable and simple to configure.
This app makes it really easy and fun to do so.
Updates & Supportc79
and the development team is very quick to respond to emails.
the customer service was excellent.
I used the first version of this app for well over a year.
The developers respond quickly to questions and feature requests.

I love that I can set goals on the fly. found in 10 reviews
The developers respond quickly to questions and feature requests. found in 2 reviews
I can now track and improve my time management habits. found in 16 reviews
A handy and useful tool to track time. found in 4 reviews
Great app help you keep track your time. found in 1 reviews
Best data export and easy to use widget. found in 1 reviews
many statistics available in form of graphs and pie charts. found in 15 reviews
Make custom icons with a HUGE variety of colors. found in 6 reviews
It is EXTREMELY customizable and simple to configure. found in 2 reviews
I use it for class and recording hours and notes for work. found in 1 reviews
Simple-strait forward- great productivity app. found in 2 reviews
Situational awareness enables me to use my time more wisely. found in 2 reviews
Have been waiting for this update. found in 2 reviews
and the development team is very quick to respond to emails. found in 3 reviews
Precisely what I was looking for UPDATED. found in 3 reviews
A true and interactive time tracker and personal/daily activity logger. found in 24 reviews
This app makes it really easy and fun to do so. found in 2 reviews
Developer is very responsive to user input. found in 2 reviews
but I really love this application. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't like first Pic in app. found in 1 reviews
It would be nice if you could time multiple activities simultaneously. found in 4 reviews
Second version better and worse. found in 4 reviews
Money well spent if you need to track behaviors. found in 4 reviews
Very useful for personal but with more usage of it. found in 1 reviews
Needs one more feature. found in 1 reviews
The only missing for me is a way to display weekly totals. found in 4 reviews
but why does data export exclude Groups. found in 2 reviews
but please fix bug. found in 1 reviews
Can't have two task running at once. found in 2 reviews
Latest Version Buggy. found in 1 reviews
New version crashed :. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download aTimeLogger 2 for $1.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Japanese, Russian. It weighs in at only 5.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-03. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about aTimeLogger 2 in BGCI`s Official Website :

Great discount for limited time only Application for tracking your everyday activities. Spending only a few minutes a day on this app you will get daily, weekly and monthly statistics in the form of diagrams and ...
This time tracking app is what I use every day to keep billable hours straight I ve looked at many different apps and this one is special for it s simplicity and ease of use Highly recommended                     My go to daily app Lil pinterland
I used aTimeLogger 2 a couple years back and switched to Hours for a while for their syncing and online reporting they ve had issues sold off and it s not so great Well I m back and it s like talking to an old friend again aTimeLogger has a smoother more responsive interface and it just works like I think                     Returning Hours user funtongue
This is absolutely by far the only one I would recommend                     Tried Nearly All Time Tracking Apps Dougjr17
I ve been through dozens of time loggers none of them giving me all the features I wanted I stumbled across this app and have been more than satisfied Also Apple Watch integration Also also you can make historical entries and edits For the one review that said you cannot                     Exactly what I needed TheShrewKing
Need a way to see how you re spending your days that doesn t involve spreadsheets This app does it It displays data in both logbook and pie charts and has a surprisingly generous amour of customization with only few persnickety not quite intuitive hoops to jump through The app focuses on starting timers to track your habits rather than after the fact record keeping which requires a few more menus to jump through And if you re not careful or if it bothers you you ll end up with overlapping activities Is it worth 5 Fortunately the older version is available for free and I had no trouble importing the data The old app is rough around the edges but you ll quickly understand if it s what you re looking for As far as things to improve I strongly recommend the devs to create show off a couple of Groups for the newely installed app That way a new user can immediately see how some Activities are suited for grouping Breaking Entertainment into a group consisting of nested activities Videogames Reading Internet the subgroup Hobbies etc would have been very helpful when I started                     No Frills and pretty good at its job slickelbows
Kudos to the designers This app has many features and it takes a while and a little patience to learn them Once you get the hang of it you understand how well crafted the app is and how necessary each feature is to a complete flexible timekeeping system The designers have invested lots of brainpower into making each creature user friendly Helpful support team as well If you want to keep track of time spent on your activities each day this app is easily worth many times the price                     A timekeeping marvel Cliftonev
Great                     Been using for 3 years Rumi aus
Trabaja bien                     Me gusta el app Tipo_1.50
I have used a lot of time loggers but this is the one that does everything I want to do                     Best and most flexible time logger TheGarnetAtGmail
I couldn t be happier with this app Been using it for years It s very customizable and perfect for tracking your time whatever that may be Very easy to use and super easy to create reports you can then email I use it to track hours for my job I can record everything I did that day and if I forget to start or stop my time it s simple to go in and correct it I just create the report and email it to myself and my boss Works perfectly In addition to a great app the customer service is beyond outstanding I ran in to a serious problem that could have spelled disaster for me I emailed them not expecting a response and received an email back in less than a hour He proceeded to walk me through several steps until the problem was solved They genuinely care about the customer and I can t thank them enough                     HIGHLY RECOMMEND Foxyroxie94
This app does exactly what I expect it to do Doesn t get much better than that                     Pretty much awesome omihek
I continue to have this problem I wrote the review below some time ago Again I travel between time zones often and the times I enter where I am when I travel automatically are converted to EST when I return It seems there is no way around this and there is no customer support email to write to I just returned to the Eastern Time Zone from a two week trip in the Mountain Time Zone When I landed all the times I manually entered over the past two weeks were shifted two hours to their EST times I can not access your Help section frustrating I am baffled at this and wondering why this happened what purpose on earth this feature could be useful for and how to avoid it in the future This may not be the correct forum but as your help is not working it appears there is no other         Puzzled and annoyed mmmeeesrs
I have nothing but great things to say about this app Very easy to use and customize                     Amazing Maria324
Updated October 2017 This has been one of the most used app on my phone Very helpful in figuring out how I spend my time to adjust for higher productivity If you ve ever wondered where all your time went use this app Fast and easy to use make it as simple Or as comprehensive as you need it to be for your time log purposes Previous review 2 years ago Can t find help with setup I am having problems with setup I am trying to reorder my activity icons to how I spend my time in a day When I hold the activity icon down an error message pops up and says to switch to manual mode to reorder icons I have been searching how to switch to manual mode in the more tab for over half an hour now and can t seem to find it Is there a help search button FAQ or manual I can read somewhere Please help After I am able to find help with this app I would like to change my ratings Overall this is a very beautiful and easy to use interface I would love to recommend this app to my productive friends and coworkers whom value time and working smarter Thanks for the help                     I updated my 2 year old review to five stars KobraKye
Been keeping track of my hours for years on this app It helps me to know what I spend waste my time with                     Use this app every day anemec
The last update deleted over 4 months of tracking Right from the point i migrated from aTimeLogger 1 Outrageous     Deleted over 4 moths of tracking jimthemicheal
Very useful app the Apple Watch integration makes my expensive smart watch a lot less useless There are some UI bugs that could be fixed though For example if I manually add a new activity to start something in the past that km doing now to the log it starts out as Stopped and when I switch it to Running it adds an extra 0m log Stopped interval Some black icons also show up as invisible on the black background of the Watch The calendar view sometimes is not very smooth and I accidentally zoomed out once and it was hard to see what was going on Finally some of the text alignment the activity names above the times sometimes looks a little off center But this is a great app overall and incredibly useful I wouldn t hesitate to recommend it to anyone                 Great app Apple Watch integration great Jonathan Y Chan
I ve been using this app for years and the most recent version is terrific It took me a little while to figure out the most useful categories to create and how to group them and sometimes I still tinker with them but the app is very adaptable and it s stayed useful for me through several major life changes The goal and reports options are especially helpful for productivity and personal satisfaction but would also be useful for someone who billed hours to different clients or wanted to track hours devoted to different parts of a job description My only wish might be for some fresh appearance options new themes or icons for activities that kind of thing I plan to use it for many years and I would hate to get bored UPDATE I just had my first technical difficulty but my experience with customer support was AMAZING I heard back within an hour of sending the message responses were clear and courteous and the whole problem was resolved within 12 hours It might have even been faster if I d been closer to my email that day A                     Intuitive and reliable marymarshrose
If you want to start tracking how you spend your time then this app is the easiest to use and provides you with all of the data and charts you will ever need I love how you have so many options in the way you can organize your activities so that your charts are very personalized I break my activities down into four main categories Basic Needs eating sleeping hygiene etc Productive activities that I do to improve a skill such as learning a language writing or sculpting Chores housework or errands that have to be done but which I dont really see as a productive use of my time and unproductive things that I do out of laziness At the end of each day I can see on my pie chart how each section compares and I can see if Ive exceeded my limitation goals for unproductive things or met my aspiration goals for reaching a certain amount of time on productive activities The only feature that I think would improve aTimeLogger 2 is the option to have the set timer screen go back to the top of the selection ie my main four categories after a timer has been set As it is I have to navigate back and forth through several folders and it is a bit difficult to know where you are in the folder structure Its only a small annoyance though and shouldnt prevent anyone from purchasing this great app It becomes really addicting to record and micromanage your life and thanks to aTimeLogger 2 I get so much more done than I used to                 Absolutely love this time logger
The app has great potential but a few key points that are major set backs 1 As a user the former version which is free is exactly the same Yes v2 has I watch support and can change the color but Ill get to that 2 The design is primitive and for a paid app I expect ALOT more 3 Tasks can only be timed one at a time huge disappointment As often when Im on route transport Im also reading studying or whatever 4 Iwatch support in the new version is absolutely useless due to the fact that glances access is not available If people want to track their time its got to be as simple as possible to avoid interrupting the activity This is definitely not the case here I would certainly request a refund it was a wasteful purchase        Flawed Insufficient
The app is good but I just cant remember all the time to keep logging The app could make use of configurable reminders per activity st I could program a notification when I have hit a time limit for an activity Like youve been sleeping for 10h are you really still sleeping Other than that the app works and does its job The missing star is cause I just cant get reliable data with it because of the user interface as mentioned above              Good but i cant seem to manage
Ive been using this app for years and the most recent version is terrific It took me a little while to figure out the most useful categories to create and how to group them and sometimes I still tinker with them but the app is very adaptable and its stayed useful for me through several major life changes The goal options are especially helpful for productivity and personal satisfaction                 Intuitive and reliable
This app is very customizable You can make it as simple or as detailed as you want Somethings you can customize include The way you enter your data Activity lists and the color and icon of each activity Themes really great interface btw Can group activities together You can view data as a list or piechart You can view by date week or month You can add comments on each activity For instance Im when Im tracking my billable freelance hours I can add the name of the client as a comment The way you set goals For example you can try to reach to one hour of walking limit TV time by 40 minutes or reach a total of 6 hours of researching per week month etc There is a lot more I cant think of right now The cool thing is you dont have to do all these you can keep it simple and just know that you can customize it however you want if you want to keep a more detailed track of how you spend your time Oh and the best part is that by seeing how Im spending my time Im more motivated to do the things that I keep saying I will do Ive been swimming meditating and reading more since I started using this app                 Time tracking made fun
Thank you my opinions is correctly update iOS91 beta and iPhone5 users                 thanks
I use this to track my time for work and then export it to excel each month This works perfectly for the system we have in place                 Use it every week day
Have been using this for almost three years the devs have quickly and flawlessly updated it to keep pace w iOS features and design while the core functionality remains absolutely and perfectly stabile flexible and useful Update 06 May 2015 yup they put on a watch app Constantly impressed with this app team                 Awesome app
The simplicity of this app is its core strength and being able to edit in time spent that you forgot to log A perfect app for someone with attention issues who needs to be conscious of where their time and energy goes                 Life changing app
I use it every day Really puts into perspective where my precious time goes to I like the customization a lot too can create my own categories for things I do                 Great app
I looked at a bunch of apps about a year ago and this was the best one Still using it a year and a half later and love it I use it to charge time for work                 Best time tracking app
Pros Make custom icons with a HUGE variety of colors Its in settings Add any desirable name for the activity Its simple easy yet sleek Pie Charts Cons You cannot delete premade activities such as Drinking or Reading that came with the app If so Im not sure how It doesnt allow multitasking ie Watching TV and Internet              Room for Minor Improvements
You need to do more than set goals and track your hours to get something done especially if youre studying something new that is outside your comfort zone This is the only app Ive found that gets it aside from igoals2 which appears to have been abandoned around 2012 or so All the other apps out there let you track your time spent on a particular task aTimeLogger2 goes beyond that allows you to set a goal of hours You can either set a goal to spend less than a set time doing something like watching TV or set the goal to do at least X hours doing something like reading a book Then it tracks it as a count down For me this is hugely motivating For example if youre studying a new skill one activity may take 40 hours to complete I can break that down to a weekly goal and make sure I find the time to put in the time The one function I feel the app is missing is to allow you to set a number of hours and a due date and let it calculate how many hours per week or day or month you need to put in if you want to hit it Update After using this a week no change in my rating This is a competent usable app I am coming to depend on it as a productivity aid Great APP update July 2015 Ive been using the app for several months now and continue to love it It really helps me to understand where my lost time is going and to also help me understand if my plans for projects at work and at home are realistic eg Building rome took 100years instead of the 24 hrs that I assigned                 It takes more than checklists to get something worth doing done
Really good app customizable and easy to use                 Not perfect but really good app
although a few more export options would be nice such as being able to choose the order of the entries Right now Im using it just to record times which is sufficient              It does what I need
If you use this properly it will change your life Guaranteed                 Needed
On Types tab press on the type then on type details screen press on Edit delete button will be available If you want to reorder select Manual order on Types tab in nav bar To activate reorder mode do long press 2 sec              Excellent how to edit delete items
Really like how its functions                 Great app
Super great App Very happy to use it Makes your time much more productive and organized                 Great App
Grouping Pause All that I was missing in the competition                 Plenty of functionalities
It is literally worth 3                 Awesome
Its marvelous Its honestly a lifechanger Being presented with the freedom to plan out ones day in this manner is liberating and powerful                 Very grateful
I use this app mainly to track my work and I love its flexibility and its logic Easy to use you can time you activity and also enter or edit it at a later time which I love since other apps make it hard to do that                 Love this app
Ive been using another time tracking app but it is fairly cumbersome to switch between activities I just switched to Time Logger 2 It is EXTREMELY customizable and simple to configure Supports multilevel grouping great reporting options and has an Apple Watch extension which will be perfect for the watch I just ordered Ive been watching previews on watch apps and this is the first potentially killer app Ive seen                 Spectacular App
Its hard to believe there are no ratings on this app Its helped me tremendously in keeping track of where I spend my time Its fully customizable and very easy to use It even allows you to track time on multiple activities at once great if youre a multitasker Best time tracker Ive used                 Great
Very useful when it comes to looking at how youve been spending your time and then allocating some of that time into more important things                 Great App
Simple layout but also granular controls to advanced users Nice charts and synchronization features for multiple devices The app is well kept and improved over time                 Well put together and elegant
Very complete extremely easy to use and powerful You can use the widget to access rapidly at the tracker time Very recommend                 Excellent
I absolutely love that I can do my logging from the notification screen Its got a couple bugs but I really love this application              Excellent
Finally a tracker I can use and which adapts to my workflow and not the other way around Works also great on the watch                 Love it
I am having problems with setup I am trying to reorder my activity icons to how I spend my time in a day When I hold the activity icon down an error message pops up and says to switch to manual mode to reorder icons I have been searching how to switch to manual mode in the more tab for over half an hour now and cant seem to find it Is there a help search button FAQ or manual I can read somewhere Please help After I am able to find help with this app I would like to change my ratings Overall this is a very beautiful and easy to use interface I would love to recommend this app to my productive friends and coworkers whom value time and working smarter Thanks for the help     Cant find help with setup
This is a very good app May I suggest that it would be nice to be able to delete a certain interval Currently we can only delete a whole activity                 Suggestion
May not be the perfect but its the best among all apps in this category                 Better than all other apps
I love this app If you do anything where you need to track your time especially across multiple tasksbilling codescategories this works really well Occasionally things break with updates but theyre fixed quickly and the development team is very quick to respond to emails                 Critical part of my daily workflow
exactly what I was looking for thank you                 perfect
A very useful app that has been well designed              Very good app
Genius Developers I had the first time logger and bought this one because it is obvious by their design that they understand life tools better than anyone else                 The best
The app is elaborate and infinitely convenient in tracking and even planning the most precious thing in ones life time                 Indispensable helper
Ive used this app to help budget my time between several projects and to enforce my budget I also use it for reporting my activities as a consultant Ive found it immensely useful I set goals to limit my work on certain projects or to enforce a minimum on others I can view pie charts and histograms to spot trends and can export data to spreadsheets for further analysis Been using it for over three years Responsive developer                 Easy Way to track analyze time usage
Ive tried several time management apps and this TimeLogger surpasses them all Ive been surprised to find that it functions exactly how I would have designed it myself The customization is great and really lets you decide how much of your daily life you want to track                 Very Intuitive
Since aTimeLogger 2 came out with version 2 recently I thought I would do another review for THE best time tracking app Ive ever come across This says a lot since I hardly care to do reviews for anything but this is completely worth it and I want this app to stay successful First off if the developer were to come up to me personally and ask me what I would like to see improved I would simply scratch my head and shrug my shouldersit does everything great There is a slight learning curve to get comfortable with the mechanics of it but once you have your tasks and tracking items goals etc in place it is simply there working for you If I had to give an improvement at gunpoint then I would ask for a way to plan your day and have the timer display time remaining for each section of your day sort of like a built in 3030 app or pomodero timerbut that is really asking for a lot and like I saidonly if i HAD to propose an improvement I really use this a lot for goal tracking The goal tracking is the best feature about this You can group similar tasks into a single goal group and the goals can be set up as limits only allowing yourself so many hours a week of watching television for example or as reach goals making sure you are spending at least X hours on personal development or reading or whatever you want The goals are configurable also as daily weekly monthly tasks etc Theres a special feeling in watching the color coded bars fill up as you get closer to achieving your goals There are many other features and once you get into this app and align it to your life you will probably find use for them all I cant say enough good things                 Perfect
UPDATE This is what I consider a perfect app It is efficient easy to use thorough and beautiful I love the app enough to give a review every time it updates Heres an example of how smart it is lets say you neglected to switch a task go to the editor and change the time of an activity When you hit to add a new activity it defaults the start to when you have a gap in your schedule It is that attention to detail that makes this a splendid app BTW one of the 4 star reviews says theres no way to display weekly totals There is under reports Id say RTFM but there is no M Reports is a pretty obvious tab though Guess some folks would rather complain than do 20 seconds of looking and be right ORIGINAL REVIEW Ive been using Klok on my desktop but have been looking for a simple and modern iOS app All the others have been crummy in some way this suits me perfectly Not a sour note                 Precisely what I was looking for UPDATED
I love this app Found it in the original version and very recently upgraded to v2 Sadly after only one day of use the new version is having issues The onboard keyboard freezes up and can only be closed by exiting and reopening the app The timer also freezes if I attempt to add a comment to an activity while it is being timed Again the only solution seems to be exiting and reopening the app I find I am having to do this a lot This is such a great app Please fix these issues so I can feel confident migrating my data to the new version           New version has issues
Helps me use time effectively                 Love it
So complex yet so simple I was searching for an app like this for some time and this is by far the best                 Gorgeous
Great app for what it does Easy to use flexible to set up I also love how easy it is to export the data Very good app for time tracking Use it everyday                 Flexible easy to use yet powerful
When generating a report the total time spent on the activity is not totaled correctly The history of the activities is correct but when you look at the total time it is not added accurately           Total time is not added correctly
Works beautifully on the Today Notification screen so dont even have to open the phone Ive tried a few and this is the best so far Simple intuitive interface Easy to edit and correct Easy to input new tasks and create new tasks Havent tried the report feature as yet                 Best time logging app
This app is a must have for anyone who wants to track their time and record what theyre doing The best part of this is that its fully customizable You can add and delete any activity you want Im definitely glad I found this app Check it out                 NiCe
Great app easy to use sync is fast I wish I could use some simple voice commands through Siri Maybe on the Apple Watch              My wish list is short

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