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RichTech , the publisher behind many iOS app (Atomic Web Browser - Browse FullScreen w/ Desktop Tabs & Ad Block ,Atomic Web Browser Lite ,HTML Viewer), brings Atomic Web Browser - Browse FullScreen w/ Desktop Tabs & Ad Block with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Atomic Web Browser - Browse FullScreen w/ Desktop Tabs & Ad Block app has been update to version 6.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • A truly beautiful web browsing experience like none of the others..
  • Atomic Web is user friendly and highly customizable..
  • The only thing that could make it better I'd firefox sync :..
  • Nice custom settings Love the privacy and password features..
  • This is the most complete mobile Internet browser I have used..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Highly configurable and much better than Safari on my iPod Touch.
This is by far the best web browser app in the app store.
It beats safari hands down and the amount of setting customizations.
By no means it beats safari.
This app need to be updated to work with iOS 8.
Needs flash capabilities.
Best dollar that I've ever spent on an app.
This app is worlds better than the default safari app.
Fun & Engagingc94
Awesome browser with great features and functionality.
Awesome browser prone to sudden unexpected crashes`.
The tabs are awesome.
Atomic Web is everything Safari should have been.
There are so many useful features packed in here.
Does everything a browser should do and then some.
Essential iPad /iPhone app.
Value for Moneyc100
Best app purchase that I have made.
Best app purchase for ipad so far.
Production Valuesc93
and has a tabbed interface that is more intuitive than safari.
Its biggest feature is the tabbed interface.
Ease of Usec73
Comparable / a bit slower than Safari.
Ads not Intrusivec78
Waste of $2 if you're trying to block ads.
Security & Privacyc81
Ad block and the privacy settings also make this browser special.
The latest update does not maintain privacy settings.
and I keep the privacy mode on for extra security.
password protection and speed of this browser.
Update doesn't save passwords.
Security features are great and it is very fast.
Fast and secure browser.
Updates & Supportc86
The decision to upgrade from lite version was a quick one.
I initially tried the lite version and yearned for more.
A solid browser with great customer service.
Great app and awesome customer service.
Atomic Browser customer service is nowhere to be seem.
Try the lite version for free to see what everyone is talking about.
Try the lite version and then get this one for even more features.

This is really the best mobile browser out there. found in 47 reviews
This replaced Safari as my mobile web browser. found in 99 reviews
Very nice Safari alternative for viewing non-mobile versions of sites. found in 41 reviews
This is by far the best web browser app in the app store. found in 221 reviews
Highly configurable and much better than Safari on my iPod Touch. found in 672 reviews
It beats safari hands down and the amount of setting customizations. found in 36 reviews
as this is truly a great Safari replacement. found in 47 reviews
A great desktop capable browser for iPhone and iPad. found in 68 reviews
Been using it for years and it's far superior to Safari. found in 38 reviews
Overall very feature packed and I'm looking forward to future updates. found in 19 reviews
The tabs are plentiful and I love the full screen browsing. found in 92 reviews
A solid alternative browser with many handy and unique features. found in 66 reviews
which is similar to " open in new tab " option in firefox. found in 113 reviews
Now it's slow to load pages when it's actually loading pages. found in 28 reviews
the browser crashes at some point every time I use it. found in 31 reviews
Adblock is on but it does not block ads. found in 13 reviews
Great tabbed browsing with ability to open pages in background tabs. found in 18 reviews
like holding down on a link to open a context menu. found in 19 reviews
yet there is no update for iOS 7 support. found in 12 reviews
Also when switching applications many of my open tabs mysteriously disappear. found in 36 reviews
App crashes all the time when having too many tabs open. found in 36 reviews
Desperately needs to be updated for iOS 7. found in 29 reviews
but it needs an update badly. found in 8 reviews
The multiple tab pages are great until it crashes. found in 17 reviews
Oddly-- the Free version is more stable with multiple tabs open. found in 169 reviews
you can't manually open links in new tabs or rearrange tabs. found in 46 reviews
It just needs flash from being perfect. found in 13 reviews
Constantly having to re login to some sites. found in 47 reviews
it's needs to be updated please so all the features work. found in 29 reviews
Need to keep up with app and fix dropbox integration ASAP. found in 36 reviews
Used to be my favorite but without context menus. found in 19 reviews
Please update your apps dropbox support. found in 18 reviews
Long press doesn't work and they don't answer emails. found in 19 reviews
Keeps crashing and creating phantom quick links that cannot be deleted. found in 20 reviews
All of the sudden I have no option to open in new tab. found in 113 reviews
Only works OK if you open links in new tab. found in 46 reviews
I hate the quick scroll and I can't permanently disable it. found in 31 reviews
Crashes with low memory warning if more than about 4 tabs open. found in 20 reviews
I rarely open more than one tab at a time. found in 17 reviews
If the browser included an "Open tabs from last session " option. found in 17 reviews
new tabs randomly opening and sporadically zooming/scrolling. found in 137 reviews
If the browser included an " Open tabs from last session" option. found in 36 reviews
Ever since the latest update the browser crashes at startup. found in 31 reviews

The Atomic Web Browser - Browse FullScreen w/ Desktop Tabs & Ad Block is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Atomic Web Browser - Browse FullScreen w/ Desktop Tabs & Ad Block app version 6.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-18. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Atomic Web Browser - Browse FullScreen w/ Desktop Tabs & Ad Block check developer RichTech`s website :

Atomic Web Browser is the most advanced and customizable fullscreen web browser to date. Experience desktop features including Adblock, Tabs, MultiTouch Gestures, User Agent Switcher, Passcode Lock, Facebook/Twitter integration, Save Page, and much more. Press Coverage: ...
Pretty snappy performance wise for me and I love all the quick links                 Very handy mobile browser
I had high hopes after reading so many positive reviews I just want a browser that will open at a decent speed and not freeze up or shut down on its own This app will shuts down every time I use it I try to scroll click a link zoom it shuts the pages down and makes me renter the url all over again Not worth the headache        Not Reliable
I love Atomic Web browser on my IPad Air Much better than Chrome or Safari IMHO Its fast and has lots of helpful features Well worth two bucks                 HeyYou
Great app for me              Much better than Safari Works and responds very quickly
I bought this because I loathe mobile websites and this browser is supposedly able to avoid them It does nothing of the kind Set it to Safari desktop or any other desktop ID and you still get automatically served crummy 1dimensional picturefree versions of sites     Waste of money
This is my favorite web browser for my iPad Fast tons of customization and features and Ad block Keep up the good work RichTech                 This is my go to browser
A fine browser Worth purchasing for full power                 Its good
This used to be so amazing Now its totally pointless AVOID What purpose does this serve if it still sends me to mobile sites no matter what browser I select Thanks for nothing     Pointless
Actually does what I want in a browser with one exception Supposedly I can open links in a new tab If I can find out how that would be great It hasnt been discovered yet           Id like it more if
This app has the potential to be better than the Google app but without an up in THREE years its hard not to switch to another browser please update app as soon as possible        Good app but needs update
Love this app Wont use any other browser                 Love
I havent had any issues with it                 No problems
Hasnt been updated in years Dont trust     Dont bother
I have used the Atomic Web Browser on all of my iDevices for years and it has always worked flawlessly It loads webpages quickly and gives you a lot of settings to really customize your browser 5 stars all the way                 Great Web Browser
Another one of those howd I miss this all this timeand its been around almost forever So far it has not had a feature that Ive wanted and a lot more JUST what I have been looking for There is one thing it doesnt have now to think about it it could use selectable simultaneous file deletion Doing 100 one at a time is a little nuts Just in case someone reads the 2013 post about the startup freeze for the opening 15 tabs You just go to AppleSettingsAtomic Web and turn on Recovery Mode That closes all the open tab before full app startup Already had to use it Each open tab causes the app to need more memory It crashed once in a three hour session Not bad as I am a heavy user on a browser But then again a lot of apps crash now on iOS 84 on my 1st gen iPad Air even Apples                 Instantly my primary browser
Ive got Mercury chrome and a couple of other alt browsers for iOS This one feels like the most stable and the fastest and the passcode feature is very nice As of August 2015 I have two suggestions 1 the Dropbox integration is currently broken they need to update the loginlinking to support a newer version of the API 2 The download feature is very good in terms of being able to grab embedded videos especially But the lack of info and control in the file browser makes it hard to manage them Theres no sort control at all and there are no timedate stamps or sizes displayed on the files one downloads Oh and if they wanted to enable the Touch ID on the passcode thatd be nice too But IMO not anywhere near as important as the other 2 items              Overall very good app Needs a few tweaks
Tapping Adjust Brightness just brings ip a blank rectangle that doesnt do anything it used to dim the screen down further than the lowest ipad setting which made reading at night a lot more comfortable        Adjust Brightness feature no longer works
Ive been in need of a browser like this for years One word to describe this appLIFESAVING                 Where have you been hiding
Im not sure why but it works much better than the Safari browser So many times Safari gets hung up when trying to open the page but when I go to this browser to open the same webpage it opens right up Strange but true                 Works better than Safari
Sites detect my phone mobile and not the browser setting Useless     Was good
In spite of no update for years i use it more than any other app especially google searches bc googles app bloats with data uses mobile only version even though u have history off Versus all other browsers this is the only true browser not streamer that loads web pages like a pc not mobile which means I can see everything on a webpage not a bare bones useless watered down crumb of the real thing like safari for example Im in control I choose what I want to see all of it Whats wrong with wanting full functionality out of a www Thats why atomic laughs at these other socalled browsers I heavily use imported bookmarks from firefox pc thanks for letting us do that Adblock is essential All the customisation like what buttons and where colours full screenhuge REAL tabs choosing which browser to identify as or even specifying manually Wow this app is so versatile But for god sakes update it once in a blue moon it does need it                 Still my best most used app
I was simply looking for an app or download I could purchase to get rid of mobile browsing All I read in the reviews were that Atomic Web Browser would eliminate that Even when I changed the settings it did not 199 down the drain I only gave it a 1star because of it being slightly faster than Safari Save your couple dollars     Does NOT Do Away With Mobile Sites
Ive used and loved this browser on iOS 4iOS 6 for 4 years But its been orphaned No one maintains it Its been crashing increasingly often as websites become too complex for Atomic Web AW to handle reliably Ive put up with that because of the great features of AW however I finally updated to iOs 8 blech last week and the AW linkaction context menu that appears when I press and hold a link no longer offers the Open in New Tab option This is a major deficiency This app needs updating to fix such bugs           Desperately needs updates for iOS 8
Was expecting something spectacular with 4000 something good reviews Dont see anything special about it In fact I think safaris better What a waste of 2 Oh well     Its a browserWhat more can I say
So awesome                 Great
Sure if you dont mind your browser crashing constantly buy this app Otherwise just use the Lite version The paid version is a terrible excuse for a browser     Crashes frequently
It is the best browser for iOS Well worth the                 I like it
This browser allows access to full featured version of websites for those times when mobile site doesnt have needed features                 Desktop version of website
Im very disappointed in this app I bought this app for one reasonto be able to download MP4 files locally to my device and play them back when I didnt have an Internet connection I was extremely disappointed to find out that Atomic will download MP4 files but throws an error message when I try to play back a downloaded video Whats the point in allowing a video download if playback doesnt work Turns out theres a free app called iDownloader that does exactly what I want and then some I feel cheated out of my 3     Wont play downloaded MP4 videos
I do like this app a lot but I dont like the way it crashes at times and doesnt handle posts to Twitter very good On Safari after posting something to Twitter it immediately goes back to the page you are posting fromon Atomic it stays on the page that says view it on Twitter There are other gripes about the way it works with Twitter postsbut hopefully it will be updated in this regard              Use it regularly
Love this browser and it really is the best when it doesnt freeze up Will update my review and stars when it improves              Love it but
Atomic browser puts the other browsers to shame It works with minimal hassle and has an amazing depth of capabilities Though it still works relatively flawlessly in the latest iOS versions I sure would love to see a current update soon              Best Browser Available for iOS DEVICES
I use this browser to control types of web pages I can use I hate getting useless iPhone and iPad pages size tailored but containing almost nothing Great app                 Ernie
Ad block had worked not now        Ad block has stopped working
On websites with heavy rendering requirements atomic seems much faster than safari At least with my iPad Air v1                 Fast Plus a built in ad blocker
Why are people still buying this It was the best but hasnt been updated for nearly 3 years It works but with every iOS update less things work correctly Hopefully someone will rescue it but Im not holding my breath           Abandonware
Needs updating 2012           Abandonware
I cant add bookmarks because the browser never changes the URL If I go to a site and browse around the URL in the address bar never changes So bookmarks only take me to that one location Its stupid Ive never seen a web browser do this before I cant imagine why they feel its useful to use incorrect URLs Too expensive even if it was free     Dont like URL handling
As far as i use this everything work well Except the auto fill form doesnt work at all So i need to type the everytime i login to my favorite site which is i dont like much And please add OPEN NEW TAB FEATURE THAT I NEED THE MOST And it most likely to freeze everytime i used this this is not good verynotrecomended     The autofill form doesnt work at all always crash or freezing
Works good when it works but in the last month the keyboard looses most of the keys after couple uses They work if you hit the keyboard in the right spot just not visible Next day when you open its back to normal for a bit           When it works
Very stable app provides great privacy options and good junk filters                 Does the work
It wont remember passwords anymore     Bad
Latest update improved the functionality of the app substantially Although the interface is somewhat limited the improvements are worthy of upgrading the app from a 1 star to a 5 star rating                 Dont recommend
I reviewed the app now quit buggin me Good browser worth what I paid still a bit rough Keeps bugging me for anther review 2 stars Paid for it keeps crashing like 4 or 5 times per session Wait until the code is refined more 20150915 UPDATE New ipad new problems ios8x Can not open links in a new tab ios appears to have removed the option from the menu there is aspot where it should appear but it is blocked by theOSwhy Cost the last star     Very rough crashes often 25
The reason I got this app and first feature displayed on the picture in the app store is desktop display It does not always successfully trick sites into desktop mode           Cant always display desktop
On certain websites the builtin Apple browser does not show the page correctly I searched several browsers and dolphin did not work either So far this one has shown all webpages correctly and allows me to choose to render the webpage using a desktop view Thank you very much                 When the built in Apple browser does not work this one does
Ive been auditioning all the likely suspects but always come back The safari benchmarks dont mean anything to me when usability is so bad                 My browser choice since my original iPad
Have been using Mercury for a year and switched due to due cost Atomic Web far exceeds Mercury and many desktop browsers Great app                 Great Mercury Replacement More
Excellent app never had an issue                 Mr
This was once a very good alternative to Safari and works well with Adblocker Now every time I open the app I get an Apple survey pop up I contacted the developer and no response What once was very good is now spoiled Rats        Once very good

Atomic Web Browser - Browse FullScreen w/ Desktop Tabs & Ad Block ProductivityAtomic Web Browser - Browse FullScreen w/ Desktop Tabs & Ad Block ProductivityAtomic Web Browser - Browse FullScreen w/ Desktop Tabs & Ad Block ProductivityAtomic Web Browser - Browse FullScreen w/ Desktop Tabs & Ad Block Productivity

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