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Artifact Uprising, LLC , brings AU Mobile: Photo goods from Artifact Uprising with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AU Mobile: Photo goods from Artifact Uprising app has been update to version 1.1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • and smoothly integrated with my iphone’s photo albums..

Overall Satisfactionc82
So excited that his amazing company has an app.
Best photo book quality.
Great app from an amazing company.
superb quality.
Love it already.
Thanks y'all.
I highly recommend using this app to purchase these beautiful books.
Fun & Engagingc60
New obsession.
Really fun and easy to use and when it's all said and done.
Rather than spending countless hours figuring out gifts for people.
Obsessed with this app.
Something useful for my iPhone pics.
Amazing everything.
Ease of Usec94
The app is beautifully designed & incredibly easy to use.
Easy interface to create simple photo books quickly.
Excellent and SOO easy.
Gorgeous and Simple.
Really fun and easy to use and when it's all said and done.

So you're saying there's a chance :. found in 1 reviews
Great customer support and beautiful products. found in 3 reviews
Awesome app and shop. found in 1 reviews
Rather than spending countless hours figuring out gifts for people. found in 1 reviews
dates and locations Also great customer service. found in 1 reviews
when the prints come in the mail. found in 1 reviews
I'm a professional photographer and this app is simply AMAZING. found in 2 reviews
Something useful for my iPhone pics. found in 1 reviews
Love the UI and simplicity. found in 1 reviews
Gorgeous and Simple. found in 1 reviews
Received my first photo book from them today really great product. found in 29 reviews
Really fun and easy to use and when it's all said and done. found in 1 reviews
Simple and stunning. found in 1 reviews
Glitchy before I can even use it. found in 1 reviews
Lost all my work once already and the app freezes a lot. found in 1 reviews
Would be awesome if it worked because its so convenient. found in 1 reviews
I made my first book but it was very time consuming. found in 1 reviews
or maybe that function needs to be an obvious update. found in 1 reviews
but it glitched out numerous times for me. found in 1 reviews
Just keeps giving me an error. found in 1 reviews
It would crash and i would have to re open. found in 1 reviews
I've been unable to login. found in 1 reviews
Found it pretty frustrating to use this app. found in 1 reviews
I can't create an account. found in 2 reviews
It repeatedly tells me my. found in 1 reviews
and was also disappointed with the matte finish on the pages. found in 2 reviews
Waste of your time. found in 1 reviews
Upload failed. found in 1 reviews
still not able to choose layout option. found in 1 reviews
Crashed and crashed again. found in 1 reviews
doesn't recognize a lot of iPhone pics. found in 1 reviews
Because I can't create an account. found in 2 reviews
No clue how many stars to give. found in 1 reviews
It's incredibly frustrating and renders this app worse than useless. found in 1 reviews

The AU Mobile: Photo goods from Artifact Uprising is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 29.0 MB to download. The new AU Mobile: Photo goods from Artifact Uprising app version 1.1.2 has been updated on 2014-11-17.
More Info: Find more info about AU Mobile: Photo goods from Artifact Uprising in Artifact Uprising, LLC`s Official Website :

Off your Device, Into Your Life // Create a premium quality photo book directly from your iPhone in minutes.
Beautifully designed                 Beautifully designed
Great application very simple and easy to use                 Love it
Worthless that you cant save progress Its a MOBILE app of course itll be interrupted its 2015 Wasted two hours Thanks Taking my money elsewhere     Spit on it
I love the design Very simple and user friendly                 Beautiful App
My favorite part is when I connect my Instagram I just ordered some photo prints too and they turned out fantastic                 I love this photo book app
I have to say I was a little skeptical and the app felt a little sketchy However when I received my prints I was absolutely blown away They are stunning Consider me a fan and a repeat customer Thank you                 So impressed
I truly love Artifact Uprising and this app its super user friendly and provides great visual inspo for my own projects Plus the wood calendar was one of my favorite products from the website and its now recently available in the app Definitely recommend checking this app out if you havent yet downloaded                 Hello wood calendar
I was able to give my friends prints from our camping trip only a few days after we returned it was so easy                 Love this
I downloaded this app so that I could print photos from my phone but it only allows connection via Dropbox or Instagram I primarily have photos on my phone andor on Facebook so the app didnt meet my needs at all     No Facebook connection
Im already planning out who I am going to give artifact uprising products to this year And what I want to gift to myself Calendars and wood photo blocks and prints have such beautiful woodwork                 Gifts for Christmas
Received my book fast and the quality is fantastic                 Great app for creatives
Wont upload photos and cant get even one book made        Wont upload
I had tried the website awhile back and it was so frustrating trying to access my 1K Instagram photos When I tried the app it actually worked really well Except please add a save work feature If you dont build your book and order it in one sitting its lost and you have to start from scratch So frustrating It didnt even stay in my cart Also I love that the captions are imported but it would be nice to have the ability to edit them           Need SAVE Function
I love this app The paper quality is amazing and I was so happy with my prints note if your image is not well lit your photo is not going to print good this is not an AI issue I had a few that I probably should have skipped but I printed them anyways because the photo itself had a meaning Super happy with the overall quality and I wished they were also liked ton FB This is my 8th order love it                 Amazing Print Paper Quality
Ive used this app a few times and would use it more if it could access google photos for higher resolution versions of photos stored on my phone Also need to me able to save projects working on to finish at a later date and perhaps on another devise phone pad computer I love the quality of the prints so hope you can add enhancements soon              Need a few more options
Ive been using Artifact Uprising for several months and the quality of the products is absolutely awesome The app is easy to use and very clean Well done                 easy personalize photo prints
This app is beautiful and easy to use except that there is no obvious way to save work Ive completed a book twice and uploaded it for purchase once yet its not saved anywhere in the app I wanted to go back and add a photo that I needed to upload to my phone I exited the app and my book was gone upon opening it again twice now Frustrating I dont like wasting my time Please make a save work feature           Beautiful app but
Just ordered some square prints and I LOVE them I think Im obsessed                 Love this app
Excellent print quality and easy interface Could not be more pleased                 Best app for creating photo books
I have been using Artifact Uprising for months now and every print is wonderful the books are awesome and the quality is beautiful The only time a picture looked bad was because it was a poor photo my faultAU continues to amaze me each time I order keep up the great work and keep adding more products                 Love these pictures
In a nutshell use minimal photos If the phone times out goes to sleep ALL work is lost and non retrievable There is not a way to save progress and come back later to finish it I read good reviews I tried it for the first time I arranged a book of 98 photos I carefully edited and arranged each photo After about 9 progress uploading needed to use my phone to make a call When i opened the app up my work was gone Good concept but poor design Waste of time     Great concept poorly thought out
Crappy quality photo prints It looks like something I could have made on my printer at home Very disappointed Theyre just printed onto some cards stock without any tweaking to make the images right My photos are verrrrry dotted like from a printer when the same photos look great from other printing apps        No
Fastest app for building a great product in the App Store Just keeps getting better                 Extremely Easy to Use
App closes unexpectedly wont save your current order Can only order 1 product at a time no shopping cart If you go back a step you can lose all your work Looks like a cool idea but doesnt function well Deleting it     Frustrating Deleting it already
Thank you artifact uprising                 Love love this app Best photo product out there
Made in the app in 5minutes Gave one to every person in my family The most beautiful paper you have to try it really people                 Photo books great as gifts
I wish this worked I want to love it but it just doesnt seem ready The app cant find most of my photos Possibly a problem with iCloud Photos but it seems bigger than that It lags and crashes frequently just hanging on an empty screen before crashing unexpectedly I managed to get one book made but it took a lot of tries to get the photos to show up and I ended up settling for photos that showed up rather than the good ones I know exist but the app somehow cant access Oh well Hopefully it will all work with the next update Fingers crossed        It could be great
App was a good experience I ordered a photo book as gifts for my family Id do it again                 Great way to get something tangible from those teams of digital photos
This app was so easy to use Great products too                 Convenient super user friendly app
Ive tried to select photos for a project multiple times I have Dropbox connected and it takes a lot of time to get the album loaded and sorted Three times Ive been been 7080 complete after almost an hour of curating and it crashes losing all my work Unfortunately the web UI is so poor and difficult to use with the thirdparty albums that Ill just scrap this and find another service I really want to use you because your print quality is excellent too bad the technical issues are such huge blockers        Dont waste your time it will crash
This app looked promising but now Im not even gonna bother using it I spent at least an hour building a photo book and then put my phone down for a matter of two minutes to get my son a snack Soon as I came back the app opened as if I was starting a new project and there is no way to recover all my previous changes Total waste of time           Lost all data after letting phone sleep
Pretty frustrating especially since they were having the 25 free prints If you use the Instagram account it crashes when you get to 18 photos and if use regular iOS album it crashes upon loading the photos in preparation for the order Then you have to choose all the photos from scratch prior to it crashing again Definitely has potential for 5 stars        Great Concept Keeps crashing midOrder
There are many things about this App that are good Many that are not The backend administration is awful Good luck changing a credit card number The webbased product is not linked to the mobile App so you cant update your credit card or check order history from your laptop AND you actually cant order ALL of their products from their mobile app You can only order a 55x55 soft cover book So their tag line of off your device and into your life is fairly misleading Also dont go searching around for admin tools after you think youve uploaded a book youll lose the whole thing Another very frustrating experience with AU today     Almost Good
Im trying to give you my money but this app crashes every time I finish choosing my 25 pics Fix ur app I print a ton of pictures AF you lost a lifetime customer     Crashes every time
Hands down the best way to print your mobile photos and create photo books and gifts Beautiful easy to use app with extremely high quality results There is nothing comparable that I have found                 The best way to print your photos
AU is AMAZING Seriously their products are amazing                 Will never print with another photo company again
I ordered this almost 2 months ago and no book     Wheres my photo Book
So awesome                 Love this app
Quality is amazing                 Beautiful prints
For years Ive been searching for the best books to print my favorite photos in mission accomplished Their quality is impeccable beautiful detail and I love those freaking Layflats I made one from my phone how amazing is that Crazy about printing with AU                 Photo Book Heaven
One of those experiences that is so bad you have to drop everything to write a review I couldnt for the life of me figure out why my password wouldnt work on the app after I took the trouble to set up an account in advance on their website I thought that maybe the password was too long which is a common bug but it wasnt that So I figured Id look at what happens when I click forgot my password on the app and I was shocked to read that you have to have a completely different account for the app as you do for the website Who does this Who wants to reenter all this stuff twice and have multiple accounts How would one manage projects between devices Deleted I may use the mainstream account on the web because it looks like its a good effort there PS I didnt even get to use the app of course but judging from the reviews that said you cant save your work in progress well that is of course ridiculous     Awful
Great site and awesome photo book app                 I love my photo books
The design is impeccable and it is definitely user friendly I can create a book in a matter of minutes Thank you Artifact Uprising                 Mighty impressed
The products look lovely but I keep getting an error at checkout Please fix asap ETA NM Got it Cant wait           3 stars for now
I download the app make a photo album have to make repeated attempts to place the order and I get nothing but errors all my info is valid correct after entering it multiple times then you have to click back so far to find help or contact info then all you created is gone very disappointing especially for a first time userorder     so frustrating
Such a beautiful seamless app and creating our photo book was so easy The finished product was stunning Cant recommend enough                 Artifact are amazing
This app is beautiful I love their story They encourage everyone to take photos and make you feel like you can be a professional photographer in your own world Their prints are amazing and everything they come out with is untouchable And can I just say they have the best customer service out there I would and do recommend Artifact to everyone Beautifully simple                 LOVE THIS APP best prints out there
My daughter and I both downloaded this app and it crashes either during photo upload or on Step 2 EVERY time Does it need an update     Crashes
Very clean design and easy to use I especially love that this company uses materials from recycled wood to make their products I used them to make a photo box after my wedding to keep small memories from the big day                 Great App
Nice designs on the new holiday cards Ill definitely be ordering some this year especially since my square prints are BEAUTIFUL                 Good looking holiday cards

AU Mobile: Photo goods from Artifact Uprising Photo & VideoAU Mobile: Photo goods from Artifact Uprising Photo & VideoAU Mobile: Photo goods from Artifact Uprising Photo & VideoAU Mobile: Photo goods from Artifact Uprising Photo & VideoAU Mobile: Photo goods from Artifact Uprising Photo & VideoAU Mobile: Photo goods from Artifact Uprising Photo & VideoAU Mobile: Photo goods from Artifact Uprising Photo & VideoAU Mobile: Photo goods from Artifact Uprising Photo & Video

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