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Audible, Inc., brings Audible with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Audible app has been update to version 1.8 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc81
The app works great and it is the best way to listen to Audiobooks.
Please fix so I can listen to audio books on Bluetooth.
This is by far the superior app for audio books.
Love being able to listen to books though my car phone on long trips.
But the audible app is great and I love the sleep feature.
Sleep feature doesn't work.
I love being able to download and delete whatever I am currently listening to.
the return to the app to down load them.
This app is much better than using iTunes for your audible library.
Ended up deleting this app and using iTunes for audiobooks.
Great sound quality amazing control scheme I love the achievement addition.
The sound quality is pretty awful since the update.
I absolutely love the service and the app is great.
Love the service the app is terrible.
Fun & Engagingc82
I have had an Audible account since 03 and listen to books all the time.
Audible is awesome and the app works extremely well.
I have been addicted to audible since my very first iPod.
I really like this app and use it all the time.
I never had an issue with this app and use it all the time.
Audible is an awesome service that makes listening to audiobooks better.
I have become totally addicted to audiobooks.
I use it almost every day --on some days for multiple hours.
Listen to my audible every day - have 144 books - I love it.
I listen everyday sometimes for 10 hours straight.
Listen to books on my way to and from work everyday.
Repeat Valuec96
This app has given me hours upon hours of entertainment while driving.
dependable and gives me hours of entertainment.
Production Valuesc30
I use this app almost daily and liked to old interface.
So much better than the old interface.
Ease of Usec77
Audible makes it easy to download books that I like with trustworthy reviews.
Audible makes it easy to listen and organize all of your audio books.
Audible makes it very easy to download and listen to your favorite audiobooks.
This app makes it so easy to download and listen to Audible audiobooks.
the return to the app to down load them.
Bookmarks are super convenient in case you accidentally lose your place.
Audible has great recordings and is super convenient.
Simple app to use easily downloads library to your IPAD.
A simple app and one I use almost daily.
and the sync display will show playing title.
Security & Privacyc69
Having an Audible account has been an amazing experience.
Everything I need from my audible account on my phone.
Fix this crap ASAP or I'm canceling my expensive audible account.
Great player for audiobooks and love the access to my Audible library.
This app makes access to my Audible library collection slick & easy.
Please fix as I love to listen to my audible books.
Easy access to my library and books that I purchase.
This app allows me easy access to my library.
There's no button indicating to download it to my library.
And also love the monthly option for charging you're Amazon account.
Works great on my iPhone and seamlessly with my amazon account.
Updates & Supportc85
Their tech and customer service people are excellent.
Now just another pathetic money- eating conglomerate with ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE.
particularly when I can pair the audiobook with the kindle version.
Location of audible version doesn't advance with location of kindle version.
I download the audible version and listen away.

I spend half my life driving and this makes the time fly. found in 64 reviews
This app keeps me sane at work and during traffic. found in 37 reviews
Audible even makes yard work and mowing the lawn enjoyable. found in 34 reviews
Easy access to an endless library that makes my commute bearable. found in 27 reviews
I really enjoy books on a drive or while cleaning the house. found in 43 reviews
I absolutely love the audible service and app Cldnt live without it. found in 221 reviews
I drive long distances and appreciate having the entertainment. found in 33 reviews
Audible is the best audible book club around without a doubt. found in 35 reviews
I purchased my first book and listen during my commute. found in 75 reviews
Makes it easy to listen while driving or doing chores around the house. found in 92 reviews
I have been addicted to audible since my very first iPod. found in 35 reviews
Makes cleaning house and cooking dinner much more enjoyable. found in 47 reviews
This is the best audiobook app I have found so far. found in 344 reviews
love the bookmark feature and the ability to view summaries and chapter lengths. found in 64 reviews
Highly recommended for commuters with long commutes. found in 27 reviews
This app is an absolute heaven sent for busy people everywhere. found in 14 reviews
This is the best audiobook player on the market. found in 67 reviews
when I was commuting an hour each way to my job. found in 58 reviews
But the audible app is great and I love the sleep feature. found in 219 reviews
walking the dogs I always have a book with me. found in 49 reviews
The inability to search and purchase from the app is very annoying. found in 39 reviews
I only wish I could purchase books directly from the app. found in 140 reviews
Ask me to rate the app and then crashes no matter what. found in 42 reviews
There is no volume control and no skip chapter button. found in 148 reviews
but you took out the chapter skip forward and skip back. found in 35 reviews
The only drawback is that you cannot purchase books from the app. found in 214 reviews
please fix the sleep option location to the front screen. found in 12 reviews
The popup Asking me to review the app kept crashing the app. found in 49 reviews
Also timer doesn't work for 'end of chapter' on all books. found in 28 reviews
It's been crashing a bit since the latest update as well. found in 23 reviews
I really wish you could make purchases through the app itself. found in 66 reviews
Great app but wish I could browse bookstore and buy on my iPhone. found in 26 reviews
one you can't buy books from the app it would be great if you could. found in 635 reviews
This app has just started crashing every time I open it. found in 30 reviews
Needs in app store and more intuitive delete control. found in 9 reviews
I don't like that there's no option to shop from the app. found in 25 reviews
I just wish I could shop and purchase through it as well. found in 34 reviews
Won't stop crashing and asking for reviews since update. found in 18 reviews
Enjoy this app wish I could purchase books directly from the app. found in 64 reviews
Please restore these two functionalities to the main player page. found in 15 reviews
it keeps requesting I review the app and then shuts down. found in 49 reviews
Dark is better but I preferred the book cover background. found in 53 reviews
"Error Opening Audio File " over and over and over. found in 65 reviews
Hard to do if no wifi connection. found in 61 reviews
but it seems ridiculous that badges and listening times aren't. found in 108 reviews
Apparently you can't purchase audiobooks through it. found in 46 reviews
All other apps install and run on an iphone 5s. found in 53 reviews
The removed the volume control the fwd and back buttons. found in 148 reviews
Sleep timer doesn't work and badges are essentially useless. found in 1256 reviews
Forget the idiotic stats and badges and make the app work properly. found in 71 reviews
The update looks nice but the listening stats don't work anymore. found in 135 reviews
Stops playing intermittently with no solution but uninstallation. found in 55 reviews
it crashes every time I say no thanks or remind me later. found in 48 reviews
Now with " Night Mode " Annoying update. found in 97 reviews
Bright white is not "more modern" but ridiculous. found in 57 reviews
I got a error message saying to re -download it. found in 231 reviews
the return to the app to down load them. found in 56 reviews

The Audible is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Audible app version 1.8 has been updated on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Audible check developer Audible, Inc.`s website :, the Internet s premier provider of digital audiobooks and more, is now available on your iPhone and iPod Touch This free app features the most comprehensive audiobook experience ever, including Wi-Fi delivery of ...
I recently upgraded my audible application and it has been a horrible experience First it would not recognize my password After I called support and had it reset it still doesnt function correctly not to mention that support didnt call back as promisedSecond now the app opens and asks me to sign in I try and it it pushes me to another Screen where I can finally open the app with all my books But before satisfaction I have to select my device instead of the cloud What a painIf iTunes smartens up and gets a subscription service it wont be a hard choice which service to use As a long term audible customer I hope it doesnt come to that     Bad upgrade
Dang thing keeps turning off the book and makes it distracting to turn the book back on     Good ap when it works
Audible is awesome The app is fairly awesome tooI can speed up the words but 2 to 25 or 3 times as fast are no different OddI can download parts rather than the whole and I have no trouble pausing and restarting like I do with other appsI dont need to buy through the app but Id like to at least see prices to help me determine which to put on the wishlist If I had to I can still buy on my phone through SafariMobile great selection Expensive but Im not a memeber              Love it
Just updated the app but it continues to crash This app used to be great about 4 updates ago        Used to be good about 4 updates ago
I got audible on a 3 month free trial and have liked it and had no issues I recently upgraded from an iPhone 5S to an iPhone 6 Now I cannot access my account via the mobile app Ive already changed my password reloaded it etc I have contacted customer service 3 times via email and continue to get the same rhetoric they are very sorry they know there is an issue my issue requires backend technical work and I should expect to hear from someone in 12 days That was a week ago Now that Im paying for this service it doesnt work Wow     Terrible Customer Service Can no longer use app
Worthless Could not even create an account and help page says youre working on it Why offer a free trial for a product that doesnt even work Thanks for deleting my last review because my nickname was taken Make sure your updates work before you release them AudibleAmazon     REEEEEEEEEE
You cant even sign into this stupid app its ridiculous and all they say is delete and reinstall well no matter how many times you do that it dont work Dont waste your time or money     Bad service
The app still crashes on a regular basis     Back to the drawing board boys
The app no longer recognizes chapter titles of an audiobook that I purchased a long time ago through audible It might be an issue between the app and iTunes but Audible should keep their app better updated     Poor
Since the upgrade I cant even log in I used to use this daily Customer service was no help     Bad Upgrade
I used to be able to listen to a book while searching on the web or in other apps Now the minute I open another app the book stops PLEASE FIX              WHAT HAPPENED
It seems many have issues with the app but for me its a bit different While most are using it to actually listen to their audible books I use it to listen to those I synced from iTunes It really doesnt like it and constantly will abruptly end a chapter in the book and go to the next and even if I go back and reselect the chapter it will simply flash through it and go to the next chapter or large file in the book Its not worldending but makes it very difficult to use constantly Since Apple killed audiobook playback within the music app with 83 or 4 I have yet to find another player that will play synced audiobooks so this is my only option since the iBooks player is just awful           Lots of issues
I love listening to books through this app and it would have gotten five stars except for the fact that the triple speed option actually plays the books slower than double speed If they could fix that I would definitely have to give five starsAlso since I updated the app makes me download books that are already downloaded to my device in order to play them I end up with multiple books downloaded twice I hope this is fixed soon              Love audible
I was away on a weekend vacation and the app stopped working on day 2 The app still will not play any of by books     Updated phone will not work
It seems that with every update this app gets worse for me Im on an iPod touch 5th gen and for a long time it worked fine then I started having issues and was told to delete and redownload During one of these times the update occurred and now nothing The app is there on the screen but I either get a black screen or the orange opening screen and then it just goes back to the 3rd screen with all the other apps on that screen I cant get in at all cant listen to any books I was a great customer too I dont know what to doobviously customer svc will be no help Seriously I could cry I am almost bedridden due to pain I have surgery coming up and audiobooks have been playing constantly Thank goodness I have a Kindle but its not pocketable and I just liked the Audible app old ones the best     Worse and worse
Nothing happens when I tap the book I want to listen to I can select the book and see the sections but it wont play them     Wont play audiobooks
I love this app but it keeps stopping Its skittle better with the last upgrade but its still happening Please fix     I love it more without the glitch
Ive been using Audible for at least 5 years and love it But since the last update in the middle of listening to a story it pauses for no reason I just hit play and it goes on but it happens so often it is very irritating Fix that bug and you are back to 5star in my mind              Continues to pause
91215V26 finally addresses the remaining issues I had been experiencing since the debacle that was v254 All is good now back to 5 stars 81215On a positive note its good to see v255 come out as quickly as it did which apparently addresses some issues However for me the app now crashes after 2 or 3 seconds when using the integration with BMW iDrive Still works via Bluetooth but its obviously not as convenient or safe to use that way 8515Restarted my phone and now the app works As many others have said all previously downloaded books need to be redownloaded Apparently theyre still there just not accessible since space usage shows Audible as using 5Gb of space 8415After updating to v254 app opens for 5 seconds then closes Im running it on an iPhone 6 and am disappointed with not being able to listen to Audible on my long commute today                 Finally Good Again
Ive had this app on my iPhones ever since it hit the market During this time Ive experienced minor issues when pairing it my vehicles but nothing that couldnt get resolved quickly Now however I will be listening to a book with my earbuds and every several minutes the app just stops and I have to open the app restart the book Ive had this problem ever since Audible issued their last update I have no idea why the book closes as well as the app while Im listening to my book        Becoming VERY Frustrated
Been trying to log in for a WEEKCustomer supports best advice was to log in in 24 hours Guess what NOT HAPPENINGGlad I did not update other devices I dont want texting or sharing of any kind but it seems developers force it on everyone anyway     Cant log in
After installing the latest update on my iPhone 5 I had to execute the following steps to be able to use the application again delete application from phone reboot phone download application from cloud log into applicationThe first couple of times I tried to login it didnt work Eventually I was able to login              If you are having problems with 26
Update deleted the app and installed it again and its working perfectly now I looove Audible but these app updates are really messing everything with the app Please take more care with your app updates and thanks for the awesome appIs it that hard to update an app I mean we have hundreds of other apps that works normally and keep working after an update You are a big company and part of Amazon for Gods sake whats wrong with your dev team Every update brings more problems guys please test your updates on a testbed and then release them Wth              Get a real developer team
Audibles application is still very glitchy in spots The personal statistics are hit or miss but mostly miss        Still Glitchy
Someone needs to inform Jeff Bezos how incompetent the audible developers are Apparently not being able to listen to your purchases on the latest iPhone is not a priority for them They told me that the inability to log in is a known problem Unbelievable Thats a debug not longterm development     cannot log in on an iPhone 6
I listen to my books on this app at least 10 hours a day Since the latest update the app randomly closes while Im listening to it So about every hour I have to restart app and pick the book I want to listen to Very frustrating I will happily give this app 5 stars when this issue is fixed Please fix Soon        Love the app But
Being a college student who is taking a lot of literature classes this app is perfect                 Fantastic
And I thought reading helped with that Find title Tap orange Add to Wishlist button Button turns white and says Added to Wishlist Tap Back arrow Tap same title Add to Wishlist button orange againIve already logged out reset my settings and even reinstalled the appIve contacted support more than once about this and theyve so far ignored my request to fix this significant and pesky bug        This app has a terrible memory
Usually I love this app but it crashes every few minutes or so when attempting to listen to a book This with the newest update Please fix        Keeps crashing with new update
There is indeed a sleep timer and I was able to locate my personal bookmarksThe issues that remain which I still find very frustrating are1 Inability to make inapp purchases what2 No drivingmode settingPlease work on this AppleAudible As I said before your users deserve better           Correction
It works fine on my PC but it wont even let me log in on mobile Keeps saying theres an error even after I reinstall it     Very disappointed
Newcould not install the new update had to delete the app and reinstall in order to try to restore functionality Now it wont install Very disappointed as I love this appThis is a wonderful app until the last update It erased all of my downloaded titles and I have been having problems since then I hope this is fixed soon Unfortunately this may have something to do with the previous iPad update Anyway I will give this app 5 stars as soon as these current bugs have been fixed     iPad
You would think Amazon would do it right but this app is plagued with UXUI problems Poor sync time leads to long waiting period before you can access you titles remotely Poor error handling give the use no insight as to why they arent seeing their purchased titles        The worst
Audible is the best app ever                 Best app
Wont let me log in     I dose not work
Recent versions of the app have introduced sign in issues Version 26 was installed on my iPhone this morning and the books already downloaded to my device were erased in the process When try to sign in on my account from the app I receive a Login Failure message and Im unable to redownload any of my purchased Audible audiobooksI contacted Audible and the person on the phone said this was a known issue Id suggest people avoid upgrading to version 26 until the issue is worked resolved     Cannot log in and previous library erased
Love listening to books but not wild about walking around my house with my phone in my back pocket and headphones to tune in Would be amazing if audible were among the 3rd party subscriptions I could stream over my sonos system              Stream over Sonos
Audible used to be deadsimple userfriendly and seamless No more since their acquisition by evermoreintrusive Amazon Before you subscribed for monthly credits each worth 1 title that you could cash in whenever you wanted right in the app Which was perfect for grabbing a few new titles right before a road trip Now thanks to Big Bro Bezos infinite wisdom titles have to be purchased separately thru Amazon synced spectacularly awkwardly with the app Audible ID was discontinued without prior notification requiring the user to embark on an illdefined trek to replace Audible credentials with an Amazon login Big A did honor prepaid Audible credits but discontinued the subscription function Now all titles are purchased a la carte Requiring further time spent at Amazoncom Zero stars is too many for this hatchet job not to be confused with Bezos Hachette jobbing Boo     If it aint broke break it Amazon destroys a perfect product
Ive had this app longer than I can remember Its amazing I like the way I can now sync between my various iOS devices and I can simply redownload my purchases from their cloud as I see fit Thanks everyone                 Amazon Rocks
Unfortunately it doesnt work all the time It crashes it loses my password right now the app just doesnt work with iOS It just doesnt work the company says that it doesnt work Then they take your money and say sorry were working on it        Great when it works
I have been unable to access the app for over a year I contacted customer service on two separate occasions and was told I will be unable to use it until a new update is pushed Until then I have to download books to my computer and then sync them to my phone I expect better     Worthless
It now just crashes     Slightly better
worked great the first time now app wont even open crashes every time very frustrated     crash crash crash
App doesnt work on iPod touch Apparently its a known login failure issue I can login fine on the website but not the App Customer Service will only log in your tech issue if you provide name email and billing address to them I will not share this with them over chat     Log in failure for IPod touch
I have always loved this app I listen to audiobooks while Im cleaning getting ready for work driving etc and its so nice being able to just play them on my phoneSince the latest update I havent been able to use it AT ALL When I try to open it it crashes Its really put a damper on my week because as previously stated I listen to my books a lot and I havent been able to do so           I love this app but
I see enough reviews that say it works as well as it did in 2013 Its like Russian roulette every time it is updated Still looking for a quality thirdparty app     Wont download this until
I would have happily given this app a 5star review up until this latest update Now I cant listen for more than 5 or 10 minutes before the app crashes     Constant Crashes
Had an iPhone 6 for about a month now Had a note edge previously No issues with app there Had an iPhone 4 before that no issues either I downloaded audible as my 4th app that I wanted to add to this thing Still havent been able to log in Called support several times No one can give me any answers I can get in w my password on the web on this phone on my comp on my other phone Not this app It is pure garbage     Not functional
The fact I cant simply buy an audiobook from the app or at the very least they dont have a button that allows you to open the book in Amazon is a painUpdateThey lost a star because this new update causes it to suddenly pause and every time I try to go to another app it pauses as well        Easy and really good but
I have been an audible customer for several years and always enjoyed listening to books on my phone but since this spring I am unable to use the app It crashes a few seconds after I open it I have been patiently waiting for Audible to fix this issue and feel very disappointed by now I havent been able to listen to books in months Whats the point of having audiobooks if you cant listen to them Sadly its time to cancel my service     Audible app still crashes

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