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Fatima Malagouen , the publisher behind many iOS app (MXF Pro ,Flac to Any Pro ,MP4 to any Lite ,AVI to Any Lite ,Resize Lite ,WMV Pro), brings Audio Converter Pro with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Audio Converter Pro app has been update to version 2.0.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Audio Converter Pro for 6.990 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 33200750, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.6 has been released on 2014-11-21.
More Info: Find more info about Audio Converter Pro in Fatima Malagouen`s Official Website :

Audio Converter Pro is a powerful tool, designed to convert your audios and videos files to others audio formats. After conversion, you can also play the completed files on popular devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Tablette, AndroPhone, ...
Super program A real time saver when converting several different format to MP3 and other output formats                     Well done tonybe
Simple task to convert MP3 to WMA but it did it very well and fast conversion                     Worked Great FrankWurst
What good is it to convert say a studio WAV file to MP3 if you can t put the Metadata in the file before it converts Without Metadata you can t sell the file on stores And without Metadata you can get paid for streams or plays on the radio A complete waste of 7 00     No place to put in your Metadata Tardifbot
I used the lite version for a while but decided to purchase the pro version to support the creators of this wonderful program Use it for a bit and then buy the Pro version it s the right thing to do                     Works like a charm Fiona Flaps
I tried the Lite version on my Mac mainly to convert music files to MP3 It worked so well that I purchased the full blown product When a product works this well the developers should reap the benefit of folks like us making the full version purchase And this product does exactly what it s supposed to do                     It Simply Works MartyepNC
Indispensable tool for me Does whatever I need doing regardless of what I throw at it Really wish I could say that about more software I heartily recommend it if you deal with audio files it will be some of the best money you will spend                     Indispensable revolver
And allows you to configure the results Too me too long to pay for this Sorry I dawdled                     Says what it does and does what it says Moeskido
I export a chat in Wassap mail it to me and convert all the audio files in it very fast No problems at all It is a very sturdy application for cheap Other applications wants 50 or more well done                     Is great for Wassap audio chat fdomago
The application stopped working after converting about 6 albums I now get an error that does not tell me what is wrong or how to fix it Emails to support have not been responded to and the support website was not responsive This comes on the heels of another equipment failure that has resulted in the loss of the files that this application converted Very disappointing     The application died DenebQuarlo
Not user friendly and does not convert files to AIFF     No AIFF Clovercrush
fast easy to use and for 6 well worth it you need to convert audio files look no further                     great convertor for FLAC to MP3 GriffyLB
LVOe IT was using the lite version until I needed it for a big convert had to upgrade but the 6 well worth it                     DANCEHALL LINK Dancehall link
An app that works the way it should less is more                     Great Vegasman81
I was impressed with the free version that allowed 2 conversions at a time so I felt like supporting this company and buy the pro version Does what it s supposed to do                     Great Product Olinsguitar
I am an audio professional and this app is confusing and difficult The presets on the interface and fine but if you want to fine tune your export it gets very complicated very quickly If what you want is to batch out a bunch of MP3 s from lossless files it work fine but I don t reccomend it There is a better app called Pro Audio Converter which is what I thought that I was buying that does all of this and more         Complicated and not the best Tom Rhodes
Conversions WAV to m4a are coming up with error messages this file is damaged and can t be opened The damage happens during the conversion the original remains fine Also Yosemite doesn t allow me to open files from unidentified developers prefering developers that come from the Apple Store I purchased this app from the Apple Store and STILL receive the unidentified developer warning I wish I did not purchase this app     there are better converters than this Budapestme
I am interpreter and translator Sometimes I have to do transcripts of recordings With the Lite Version I was fine 2 files at a time is not bad Today I got 48 files to convert and I got the Pro version Its a time saver Very easy very fast                     Great time saver Nah so so x
this is one of a few softwares I use for music conversion and this one has features that most others do not you can completely customize the output settings and covers every possibility I emailed customer support about some files I was converting and needing settings that were not already presets by the middle of the day they responded with easy directions and I had exactly what I needed cheers                     great software great customer support eljefedejeffy
Let s you choose whatever bitrate instead of low medium etc Good for power users                 Power features Triobelisk
Really great converter I use to convert various files for my job It does a really great job I can convert just a few files or I have converted thousands of files and it handles it like a champ my reason for giving it a 4 star rating instead of a 5 star is that I am blind I use Voice Over to navigate the application I wish the developers would add proper labels to the controls there a bunch of controls that speak as check boxes but I have no idea what they do This is my largest complaint Keep up the great job with this application                 Really awesome converter but it needs a few accessibility fixes Blind wizard
I have only praise for the drag and drop ease and the conversion quality I would like to see the interface easier to see and use My old eyes would like larger type and to have to scroll down a long list of outputs and mouse over to see what they actually mean keeps me from giving it a 5 star rating Design it for your grandmother and everyone will benefit                 Great functionality but the interface needs work yeschaton
I had a bunch well over 500 sound effects in M4A format that I needed or wanted really to put into GarageBand as CAF files This program grabbed them all and batch converted them and even let me choose where the final output was going to go I m sure there s probably a free or cheaper utility somewhere but I don t want to spend a lot of time doing this Drag and drop simplicity                 Perfect for what I needed MacParrot
Hi to start I would like to ask the distributer to return my 6 99 Your app doesnt work like it should I m very dissapointed because I got it to convert my m4a files podcasts to be exact so I can play them as mp3 in my car however this program only converts 20 of those in the mean time I installed some free converter from the appstore and it converts them all I am dissapointer with your service as well there is no customer service updates available your website s main page only works but contact us doesn t work Like I said having this app for 5 min already drove me mad enough to wire this If any of you admins reads this please contact me and refund my money becaue it seems like this is the only way to get to you     not a good product Chris103038
Great product works well easy to use Highly recommended                     Great product Mr. Iowa
This converter works as described and it is able to convert multiple files at once                     Great converter Randalll1
Pleased with this product lite version and pro version are equally useful for DJs like myself seeking to standardize a wide variety of formats to 320bit MP3 typically I m downgrading lossless remember that you can t upgrade quality Lite version gates to 2 tracks at once Full version allows large batch conversion For 7 I feel this is an honest price for a product that works well is convenient and delivers Note I am still testing to see if the MP3 algorithm converts the depth of the bass his as needed regardless it might be smart to run your file through Platinum Notes or a similar music filter after converting                     Good for DJs Octo 81
This app was very disappointing It just didn t work Crashed multiple times and wouldn t retain the folder structure All I wanted to do is convert my CAF apple loops to AIF and I expected that I would just be able to drag a folder with nested folders and have it convert it but it won t do that and it alway will crash on the folders with large amounts of files     Won t retain folder hierarchy and crashes with large amounts danielbailey
When I convert AC3 files to AIFF or WAV the files are not the exact same length as the originals Usually there is about a one second difference in a file that is 10 minutes long If you re trying to sync the audio to a video this causes a considerable amount of extra work                 Good but not perfect Aquaimage
For the less tech savvy this app is very user friendly The default settings are perfectly fine for the casual user Just drag and drop files pick the format you want to convert to click convert and voila It s nice and quick I also like the wide array of formats that are available as well as the adjustable bitrate settings Have been transferring a library of approximately 800 GB of WMA files over to MP3 and M4A Very satisfied and would highly recommend this app to anyone doing the same                     Very happy with this Failing duck
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