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Imesart , the publisher behind many iOS app (Audio Memos 2 - The Voice Recorder ,USB Disk for iPad ,Tap Volume ,Audio Memos - The Voice Recorder ,USB Disk Pro ,Audio Memos SE - The Voice Recorder), brings Audio Memos 2 - The Voice Recorder with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Audio Memos 2 - The Voice Recorder app has been update to version 3.1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Better audio recording quality than native app on phone..
  • So now when I wake up..
  • Files are transferable to laptop using file sharing Excellent quality..
  • I love using this app for my students to record..
  • Thank you to the tech support team for their guidance..

Overall Satisfactionc71
Better audio recording quality than native app on phone.
It literally crashes when resuming an audio recording from being paused.
the sound quality is perfectly acceptable.
Terrible sound quality - very disappointed.
This is the best Audio recording App in the Store.
Really unfair to re -cast included functions as IAPs.
Thanks great job.
Amazing product.
Fun & Engagingc100
Great app and awesome customer service.
Awesome customer service.
There are also a number of useful add-ons for sale.
I didn't realize how useful it was going to be.
Essential Tool.
Helpful and Simple.
Ease of Usec59
position markers easy navigation.
just simple recording.
Helpful and Simple.
Updates & Supportc37
Great app and awesome customer service.
No customer service at all.

This app works perfectly for recording meetings and such. found in 2 reviews
Great app and awesome customer service. found in 1 reviews
wav format - Developer is extremely responsive. found in 3 reviews
I've even uploaded the converted files to an FTP server. found in 2 reviews
unlike some of the other recording apps. found in 26 reviews
Save with time stamp. found in 1 reviews
Quit whining and learn to read. found in 2 reviews
I record lectures with it all the time. found in 7 reviews
Great for class and lectures. found in 2 reviews
Great for 99 Cents. found in 1 reviews
such as a trimmer and voice activation. found in 9 reviews
Great audio quality and lots of options. found in 7 reviews
To make matters worse. found in 2 reviews
Good Bt failure when u try to. found in 1 reviews
Audio playback stinks. found in 1 reviews
Needs MP3 recording capability. found in 1 reviews
It's good but needs to also be an display recorder. found in 1 reviews
Having to pay extra to select multiple memos is absurd. found in 24 reviews
it's really no better than the stock Apple Voice Recorder app. found in 1 reviews
then leaves behind an audio memo of zero length. found in 2 reviews
This app does not work well. found in 1 reviews
Only critique is it is sometimes frustrating to start. found in 2 reviews
Bummed out. found in 1 reviews
DOES NOT RECORD CALLS. found in 2 reviews
but NEED FOLDERS. found in 1 reviews
Clicking sound is so annoying. found in 2 reviews
Angry but Opportunity for Redemption. found in 1 reviews
but cant find simple way to delete files. found in 3 reviews
You cannot email large files though. found in 7 reviews
Really unfair to re -cast included functions as IAPs. found in 7 reviews
Fix this and five stars. found in 2 reviews
I cannot get my recordings emailed and onto my computer. found in 6 reviews
Needs the ability to transfer files via iTunes. found in 6 reviews
Can't send large files. found in 7 reviews
Very slow to start recording when "record on app startup" option is enabled. found in 10 reviews
But I am now very disappointed with David Detry. found in 8 reviews
the free version fails to transfer the recorded files. found in 11 reviews
Doesn't record phone calls. found in 5 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Audio Memos 2 - The Voice Recorder for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Audio Memos 2 - The Voice Recorder app version 3.1.2 has been updated on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Audio Memos 2 - The Voice Recorder in Imesart`s Official Website :

Audio Memos is a professionally made audio recorder. It has an amazingly intuitive interface, which is easy to use and full of powerful features. Use it in interviews, lectures, music session, briefings, ... and simplify ...
Kind of disappoint about the recording format wav or m4a not mp3 Why not mp3 as default format         Why not recorded in MP3 format Old guy player 8888
Need to be able to send with iMessage Not supported currently             Can t send in iMessage No instruments to buy
As a free tool is excellent to manage no crashes Recommended                     Great tool for a quick recording ErwinUSA
The ability to send a recording to other applications Google Drive Dropbox email etc is very helpful                     Works great for me EvilHenchman
This app is a piece of crap Does not work on Apple Watch Do not buy     Apple watch benimbenim
Yeah I used it for recording lectures and stuff a few times but man is this app great for other things as well Whenever I create a new guitar riff I grab my phone quick make a title and record it using this app Sounds strange but as an on the go sound recorder it s just too quick and easy not to use I have years worth of songs and riffs for both piano and guitar in this app and I pull them up and work on them whenever I feel the urge to It s been very convenient and the recording quality has never failed me No matter the phone placement or amp setting I have a clean recording that I can work with by ear at any time Not to mention I can send it as an email whenever I want someone to check it out I m so thankful for this app it s made archiving my own personal musical history a possibility and it now serves as a progress diary for my growth as a musician                     Extremely useful Cmman47
I m unable to record even though all apps and iOS is up to date Doesn t work on Apple Watch     Unable to record using Apple Watch Jrambler
Excellent reliable easy to use A must have for those who need to record their messages without the distraction of writing or having a device translate sound to the written word Although such device is useful the translation is not reliable This device is                     Excellent S.C. Pa.
Love Love Love Listening                     Luci Luloadem
Like it                     Easy to use Samanayoga
I use this app so that I can learn my piano piece very slowly the right way                     Extremely helpful Pianopatty
Downloaded this to record Skype calls but it only records one way Kind of misleading     Thought this would record both ways @ericfeigl
Quick and effective                     Just 2 taps truK144man
Best at what it does                     Love it Muhdi
This app is outstanding It does everything its supposed to do without a hitch I only wish it had more storage options As it stand right now the only option is iCloud which is fine but I use Googledrive more often                 Outstanding Buck Guitar
This app has allowed me to record numerous lectures and talks It is the app to purchase A very worthwhile investment                     This is a very reliable app jg-95
This review is more about the staff that helped me fix a small glitch than the app itself They responded quickly to my inquiry and worked with me to find a solution The app is great and the support team is very very helpful                     Fantastic Support Sissy515
Record you talking about things you can t imagine other people listening to You ll end up deleting snapchat and facebook but you ll never delete this app                     It s about YOU Not anyone else Velikovsky10189
It s great because it documents the time and the date of which the Apple recorder does not do                     Voice memo MJBTVPRO
Great app Easy to use and it doubles as my brain most days                     Awesome Buzzzzzzman
I use it for presentation practice teaching preparation and even simple note taking                     Great App Majekodunmi
A                     Great App mattpridgen
I have been perusing this app for 5 minutes so far so great The author did his homework The potential is phenomenal I will write an up date in a few months                     WOW kgdi
Perfect dont need anything more to record rehearse my presentations                     Easy Albagli
It easily sent my voice memo from watch to iPhone without me telling it too Better than Just Press Record in my opinion                     Easy use perfect CaptainObvious------52794
I love this app I use it almost every day Couldn t would not want to live without it                     Just Me Looluu33
La app es perfecta Puedes enviar las grabaciones que hagas a servidores en la nube y la calidad es la m xima que se puede obtener Comprarla vale totalmente la pena                     Buena app CĂłmprenla
Can t start the app after the newest update Whenever I try to open it it just crashes and sends me back to my home screen Great app before this hope it gets fixed                 BUG YYuchen9
This is a pathetic app Very difficult to use and voice activated paid add on doesn t work I ve tried several times and it has failed me miserably I want my money back please developer Total waste of money Don t make the same mistake as me     Doesn t Work I want my money back please Mpcharlotte
This is one of my favorite apps I do a lot of public speaking so I record my practice sessions and then I can play it back as a review as well as a reminder if I haven t given the speech for a while I ve also used it to record lectures It is truly an invaluable tool for my uses                     Most helpful app Lisa E. W
Just so you know this app does not export the file in a useful format such as wav or MP3 And you have to pay extra for a lot of the perks as listed     No ability to open file unless iTunes Smokie25
It continues to get better and better Easy to use Easy to move the records to your computer I tried other apps before but this one is the most compleat an easy Finallyyyy                 Excelent
I literally use it daily and have used it daily for over a year now I purchased the upgraded version so I can email recordings but there still too long to send However I am able to load the recordings from iPad to the cloud and listen to them anytime                 Love it
I bought this for the timer function but it is not there as another user noted below Where is the timer button     No Timer
Its exactly what i want                 Perfect
Yet you dont update the paid version Does this mean youre discontinuing the paid version Paid version should always get updates first not the Free version We pay to have updates first not pay to keep older versions     Why Did the Free Get an Update
I know we search to strengthen our cloud Be careful to be able in the ground game if it gets to that Please add a feature to hardwire into the devices Awesome App for the phone and cloud devices here              Serious critique
It needs the ability to repeat and doesnt have it I use this to memorize lines for my acting roles the one drawback is having to push a button over and over for the track This could be fixed e mailing the clip then putting it on a cd which I have done but would prefer not to do I usually have my phone with me and not a cd player              Love it but
I dont see the buttonvoicetime control in my paid app downloaded to iphone6 Can someone explain what is going or fix this pls     Missing controls
It is at times hard to sync with the phone cord to the computer right away Refresh the screen does not work The extensions for making the recording smaller to email is not working        Pls fix
Helpful out a lot                 Great app
This piece of crap just deleted all my memos and the trashcan is useless because nothing went into it     Piece of crap
For me it works very well The sound is 100 clear                 Perfect
This is the best app recording ever I use it almost everyday and it is really easy to use I would recommend this app to anybody that needs to record anything High quality audio too                 Love it
This app is great has a few qwerks but very useful              Audio notes
Does not affect my music playback when opening and using this app Thats the most important aspect of it Other voice memo apps will open up and disrupt the continuity of your music app playback so that when youre done recording you dont know where you left off This one handles it okay The only thing I dont like is that it would be great to be able to send voice memos via not only email but also via text message Additionally why is record at the very bottom middle but stop is at the very top right And it would be great to have a more graphic UI instead of textual record and stop labels placed so far apart           Great app
I use the app on my iPad to record choir rehearsals or meetings I sync to my computer using FileApp Love that I can email directly from the App too                 Perfect for my needs
I would give it 3 stars regarding UI lets say theres room for improvement if it werent for all the functionality I particularly love the voice activation recording it also pauses on silent moments                 Packed with functionality
A good app for recording almost anything you need to make a recording of Having a gain control to adjust the Volume works well Work even while in my pocket              Does the job
Easy to use I think one of the better freebies                 Audio recorder
Wonderful product Easy to use works as expected every time I use it everyday Lots of valuable well designed features                 Terrific Tool
Simple Record memo Save with time stamp Could not find anything else like it Perfect 4 my needs                 Has time stamp
Description and reviews say product can be voice activated and will run with other apps in background No voice activation will not run concurrently with music streaming     Audio Memos
Although syncing to iCloud drive was reasonably quick syncing between my iPhone and iPad was NOT reliable Hence the downgrade from 4 to 2 stars I have since moved on to a dropboxbased app Dropbox Recorder for Dropbox but am crossing my fingers for an update to this app that will fix the sync problem I really like this app more than any of the other voice recording apps out there Simple easytouse interface AND highly customizable from naming schemes to sort order to bluetooth access The killer feature for me was integration with iCloud drive so that I can make a quick recording on my iPhone and then later listen to it on my Mac perfect for recording todos which I later create as tasks        Good BUT sync not reliable
Ive had it for a year Used it 50 times No complaints                 No complaints Always works
I bought the TRIM extension It does not appear I pressed restore I also made sure my inapp purchases button in ONrestriction was lifted in my iPhone settings How do I get help           My extension does not appear
This app is my goto for making audio recordings with my iPhone Some of the extra plugins are kind of clunky to use but the bottom line is that this app works well and I recommend it                 Excellent
Im not sure where the negative reviews are coming from as I used the free version for two years and never had a problem recording or offloading recordings via the builtin mini web server I like this app so much I finally decided to buy the paid version JUST so I could see what additional options it has as the free version did everything I needed it to do So far the options in the paid app seem quite useful So take the negative reviews with a grain of salt and try the free version for yourself If you like it buy it                 Works great try for yourself
Great app Use this a few times a week I like that you can download recordings over wifi instead of having to plug in your device                 Awesome app
I purchased the paid version of this app as recommended by Life Hacker After several attempts it does not record Skype calls even with the app running in the foreground with the internal volume all the way up and the phones screen saverpassword turned off I can hear myself fine but the person on the other end is very quiet I turned the gain up in Adobe Audition but there is a hissing sound which does not make for professional radio I want my money back     Does not record Skype calls well
I use this all the time Never miss a thing                 Great App
I highly recommend this app Pros are that the recordings are clear and there is long limit on their duration as long as you have the space Transferring the recordings to others can be challenging and a bit quirky Quite often it takes several steps to move a recording somewhere so that it can be shared or edited                 Recording quality very good
Practical app Use it to record memos and verbal diaries of my personal life Love the passcode feature thats a must for me                 Practical
Much more productive with this app than the iphone default UI is wonderful Features are rich                 Great
If youre willing to consider some of the extensions there are a ton of features When you start out it loads all the extensions as part of a free trial I found that made the app a lot slower than normal so consider disabling those features as you figure what doesnt serve you I chose to buy the Voice Activation which makes it super easy to start recording Multiple Selection which makes deletion a breeze when Im done transcribing This used to be able to record a phonecall but I think apple prob put a stop to that with some iOS update along the way Id suggest turning on the setting Invert RedordPlay seemed more logical              Full featured
This app does what I need just simple recording Its easy to send the files to Dropbox or anywhere else For the price it cant be beat                 Audio memos
Works great nice controls                 Works great
I record Continuing Ed audio so I can listen again later and take notes Love being able to email and share with others                 so valuable
It is not possible to load it up new iPhones and iPads with existing iCloud memos Only a small fraction of the memos will ever get fetched There is no way to fetch them all Downloading the memos directly to the phone using iTunes breaks iCloud sync For over a year I have been reporting this to Imesart support They ignore this issue even though all you need is a new phone to reproduce it     No iCloud Sync
Espero puedan habilitar la utilidad en bloqueo en la cual mostraba el minuto donde iba la grabación Era similar a la aplicación nativa del iPhone pero mucho mas sutil De manera que no se percibía que se estaba grabando Me servia mucho en la universidad           Utilidad en bloqueo
Terrible lost my recording     Rate
It is a nice toy but it is not versatile in its integration with Siri There is no way to speak a secondary command or back out of one           Almost like it
I have used several voice recorders but this the one that I always end up using Reliable and very good record quality                 One of the best
Send to your iPad           Good Bt failure when u try to
You should put the cancel where the play is I hit the cancel by Mistake I was so              Jeffrey
Recording is easy but this app is not very useful due to the lack of proper exporting and editing capabilities        Voice Recorder
There are few tweaks that Id like to see but overall with the inclusion of the all extensions features this is a well designed and thought out app I use it everyday              Excellent App
The best memo program I particularly love the pause feature I didnt realize how useful it was going to be but now I wouldnt ever want to be without it                 Awesome
This app started awesome gets better with every update Continuous playback adjustable quality iCloud sync variety of export formats are all wonderful features A                 It just works
Good              Good
Esta aplicación es excelente                 Buenísima

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