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SUPER SOFTWARE , the publisher behind many iOS app (Slideshow Maker HD - Photo Movie ,Audio Record Tool - Best Music Voice CD Audio Recorder ,Video Compress Lite - Compressor Smaller Movie ,Slideshow Maker HD - Photo Movie Lite ,Video Add Subtitle Pro ,DVD Copy & Rebuild Pro), brings Audio Record Pro - Best Music Voice CD Audio Recorder with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Audio Record Pro - Best Music Voice CD Audio Recorder app has been update to version 3.2.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Audio Record Pro - Best Music Voice CD Audio Recorder for 4.990 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 11573866, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Audio Record Pro - Best Music Voice CD Audio Recorder app version 3.2.5 has been updated on 2015-04-22.
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The app is easy to record computer audio, online music, software audio, iTunes audio and mic audio . The app can record internet calls , such as Skype call or other chat software . The app can ...
A great app for capturing streaming music The music is saved in MP3 format and the editor works fine                     Great Little APP Right for the Price
Installed today it makes fine system audio recordings in High Sierra 10 13 2 17C205 It is not Audio Hijack by any means However it works when other apps do not Simple use don t ask it to solve the world peace problem but it gets the basic job done and does it well Interface is reasonable a decent app It s cheap folks give it a whirl if you know that you want to record system audio                 Works fine with High Sierra BrotherJasonR
I thought this might be a good app to record system audio And it may be except for one major security concern In order to record system audio you have to download a plugin from their website Why wasn t this plugin included in the app Why can t it be downloaded through the App Store Could it be that it might not pass Apple s rigorous security scrutiny I m not going to trust some website that I ve never heard of before and know nothing about The security of my computer is worth more than the 4 I paid for this Deleted it     Security Concern glschroeder
I find it a great program to record music that is streaming through my computer But I m having a hard time getting it into iTunes It is driving me crazy I want to get some of this into my phone but It would be helpful if there were some directions It s a waste of time strumbling around trying to figure out basic stuff It s not so intuitive but I like it as far as I ve figured it out     Useful App PRLmisfit
Great simple useful I mean what else could you ask for                     Excellent app Much better than expected LuckyRC
Gran aplicacion sencilla util poderosa excelente aplicaci n                     Magnifica Activa Market
I can t get it to work with High Sierra and no support         not happy disappointed yes no support
The application has worked very well for me The sound quality has been very good I wanted something simple and easy to use and so far everything I have tried to do using this application has worked I have been using it for over two years now It has been upgraded if I remember correctly at least twice After the upgrades I had to re learn how to use it which was time consuming but not difficult                     Inexpensive Good Quality Application WES3074
It does what I wanted and it s easy and quick to learn it                     Easy to Use won’t let me
I like the app I can record audio from some of my faovrite meditations on youtube and put them on my MP3 player It is easy to cut out dead space I like the new version because I can now record without having to be quiet during recording from the computer Kudos to this When I upgraded to Sierra OS X It chnaged a lot it doesn t load very fast sometimes just won t respond and it is very slow to select a recorded file has glitches when I click on it and right click to find the file It didn t have this problem before I upgraded to Sierra OS X                 Loved it until i upgraded the OS Jeanna Gollihur
The app does not record system audio without downloading and installing a system extension from a website that is written in broken english     Does not record system audio KR15
Fell for the trick on the free version to sucker me in to this one you have to buy The free one only records 50 seconds at a time and is about useless This version is okay I think it will do fairly good for my uses I would of gladly paid for this version if there would of been up front information about the limits on the free one but I feel like I was hustled             The Only Version They Should Offer jawjadawg
Exactly what I needed fired right up with no problems it s rare to spend 5 and feel like you got something worthwhile for it but this is certainly that Get it                     Wonderful Deal works perfectly Patrix
At first it worked Then it stopped I restarted my computer and it worked again Then it stopped I restarted my computer again but it didn t work So I uninstalled it and the plug in Reinstalled it but it still doesn t work I m frustrated             isn t working EmilyBelt
I thank the developers for this App It just does perfectly what it is supposed to do                     Super xabayx
Haven t used it long but so far I m satisfied it does what it says it can do                     Satisfied Bobert52000
This program isn t perfect not by a long shot However it helps you record from your computer and that s awesome You can add the metadata along with a album image Which is all nice It certainly helps on the rare stuff Which is what I use this for Getting rare and unusal music onto my iPhone There are two things that annoy me about this app 1 You cannot import your own songs If you alter or convert an existing file that you have You need to play it then record the audio from the mac It s a bit combersome but workable It would be nice to have an import feature instead 2 You must edit the metadate first If you trim the clip to where you want but forgot something in the metadata your re screwed You have to go back in and edit again It doesn t seem to save This is something that I have adapted to but I hate I want to edit the metadata last Not first It would be nice if this was fixed Overall it s a useful app for one or two things This will not be a garage band replacement That s okay with me This is all I need sometimes I don t want the full editing functions all the time Buy this program for that reason Don t buy it for any other                 It makes getting rare recordings possible Alley McNally
I am glad that I didn t spend a lot of money on this App There is no support for this I have sent 10 emails and nobody reply The only reason why I purchased this App was to record system audio I downloaded the drivers Greatdy Computer Audio Device and still not working So I just threw away 5 00 Taxes in the toilette     Save your money don t buy it Tom Jim
I used to hook my stereo system to my iMac to record my music from Spotify and Freegal then burn them on the Philips CDR 560 just to make a Cd Well no more of that with this little app it those all the work without hooking up all the wiring from my stereo and the Philips thanks                     Very good for a little app mr Upgrade
I am giving this product five stars because it works to suit my needs I use it to record the audio portion of online streaming content I use the Safari browser output is in MP3 format The only issue I have with the app is the output location I changed the location multiple times in preferences yet my change keeps returning to the default location It would be nice to be able to set this preference permanently                     Audio Record Pro Debra_Darcy
I bought a lot of apps that didn t work as a searched for an app that would record the computer audio or the system audio This was the 4th paid app that I purchased trying to do this and it was the only one that worked Note that this did require me to install a plugin outside the mac app store but it does allow me to do what I needed to do which was record CLE lectures playing on my computer to Mp3 for car listening I haven t done any recording longer than about an hour so I can t speak to the other reviewer s complaint that it wouldn t record an audio book of several hours long I haven t tried that but for short 1 hour lectures it works great                     Great for recording System Audio Sethballs
I ve tried to record some of my audiobooks using this program but all 4 attempts to record the audiobooks have failed It takes quite a few hours to play and record an audiobook and every time that I ve done it the final file has be cut off it also doesn t inform me that the recording has a time limit For example the last time I recorded a six hour audio book and the file ended at 3 12 00 The app just isn t fully working         Great idea doesn t quite work LV4Red Mage
Audio Record Pro - Best Music Voice CD Audio Recorder BusinessAudio Record Pro - Best Music Voice CD Audio Recorder BusinessAudio Record Pro - Best Music Voice CD Audio Recorder BusinessAudio Record Pro - Best Music Voice CD Audio Recorder BusinessAudio Record Pro - Best Music Voice CD Audio Recorder Business

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