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jonatan liljedahl , brings AUM - Audio Mixer with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AUM - Audio Mixer app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The AUM - Audio Mixer is now available for 18.990 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 5581824, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2016-02-24.
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AUM is the flexible audio mixer, recorder, and connection hub for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Connect hardware inputs and outputs, Audio Unit extensions, Inter-App Audio apps, Audiobus, soundfile players, built-in signal processing and filters, ...
This thing is nuts                     Crazy JoeBoy38
AUM does a lot and in a straight forward easy to do way Work flow is quick Well worth the price of admission Seems everything Kymatica puts out is 5 Star                     Simplicity of complexity TadbitOmusiC
Apps constantly crash within this app that don t normally crash This app is supposed to be compatible with everything yet seems compatible with nothing AudioShare is a decent app this one not so much     Crash City Axewielderx
Pathways and routes bridges and ladders freeways highways and bus routes or buss routes I ve never quite understood the concept of the audio bus as a term Unless I am correct in assuming it s like all of your audio sources are like a bunch of people that have places to go and things they need to pass through before they end up at the same place and they take a bus to get there so some of those people get on the bus at the same stop and go through the same things that process them like getting a new haircut which I will equal to compression But not all haircuts are the same there are a few barber shops and there are more than one barber in each shop which needs to happen so everyone can be tightened up at the same time and to their own needs All of that would be like using two different apps that are compression based 2 different barber shops inside AUM multiple times for several different audio sources using the AU3 feature The AU3 feature for processing and for app sound sources in AUM is kinda hard to beat and I don t think there s a point in trying though I noticed Audiobus 3 is out and they want you to pay for as an entirely separate app from Audiobus 2 and it seems to have remarkably similar features that AUM always had Audiobus 2 is still a good way to route your final mix out to Mixlr or wherever but if you are just recording or straight up going live the way that AudioShare integrates with AUM defies common sense I won t go into it but just realize that you can playback as many simultaneous files with parameters to change the tempo and length etc from AudioShare while also recording the mix of them in addition to syncing up all your synth apps via midi which you can play inside AUM with a keyboard that can be assigned easily to all apps you want it to control If that s not a reasonably killer feature then maybe you re not getting enough sleep or you have a depleted supply of oxygen which you should deal with before you go messin around with AUM You could think of it as a DAW that s got its own set of rules that are less traditional and built more for the iOS era which gives you the chance to think outside of preconceived ideas about audio production There are things you can do with AUM and Audioshare in tandem that haven t been thought of yet which gives this app the bonus of longevity in discovery And that s worth 5 stars Whatever complaints I ve read about in reviews usually say more about the expectations of the reviewer colliding with their understanding of how things do don t work which is revealed sometimes in their intentions Finally back to the idea and implementation of AU3 audio units and how many synth apps and effects you have to cut everyone s hair with if you think Bram Bros Ripplemaker is cool as a stand alone app then see what happens when you can pull it up 4 times and then do the same with iSEM just clean up the mess if your mind explodes People don t need to see that in the App Store                     This app should be illegal transcendentalaccidentalism
This App is such a incredible tool and creative interface to make music and for live use as well Now I have one request to be able to export a project as a Ableton Live Set                     Incredible Mixmanbg
This is almost perfect Could use a few little features like Ability activate and deactivate or bypass channel fx via midi mapping MORE busses Need at least 4 more At least I J K L Built in ability to sidechain Real side chaining compression or fake ducking                     As close to perfect as an IOS mixer could get MusixMonkey
Wonderful app Absolute must have along with AudioShare Also check out Odessa by Bram Bos A match made in heaven Or whatever wonderful place you believe in                     Indispensable anickt
As of iOS 11 this app is pointless                     Down we go andy_marks
The mixer is the best I ve found and the ability to create Send channels is immensely useful The only problem I have is that if you try to use iOS11 s Screen Capture it only records the audio from the first app you load Everything loaded after that outputs silence Great job on an otherwise excellent product                     This app is awesome random_apple_user
The more I work with AUM the more I realize how little outboard gear I need anymore All with the convenience of a familiar and logical layout Not to mention recording capabilities etc Take a little time and figure out the routing you re sort of creating a mixer from scratch and you ll be rewarded with a ton of possibilities Essentially AUM an iPad and coupled with an 8 channel interface I m kinda ready for anything Great work                     An absolute game changer BB92647
Must have for anyone venturing to make music on an ipad Especially if you ve got external gear in the mix 6 Stars                     Feature rich intuitive brilliantly executed GoogleSucksIt
This app is LEET                     Let The Ratings Guide You Durzø
A well executed concise collection of essential tools Have been eyeing AUM for months had no idea how much I needed it until now Brings the whole iPad live studio together in a way that makes perfect sense                     Solid Hub Nebwise
I have been using iPad since the first version and iOS 3 this is the best design best execution I have seen in any iOS audio app Not to mention how flexible powerful and deep this app is I applaud the developer                     Best workflow of all iOS audio apps period Artemiy Pavlov
Without it my workflow would be less than pleasant Much less It really is a must have app                     As elemental as fire and water Ben Efitofadoubt
Love the design and functionality                     Simply the most must have app on the store LUDAGOO
Wizards are in this Matrix Thank you                     Best of best afullspectrum
The iOS music making ecosystem remains a place where you re constantly hooking apps together AUM provides an elegant place for that both for audio and MIDI Being able to simultaneously record perfectly cut loops from multiple synths is a beautiful thing The GUI is attractive and the workflow is fast                     Essential tool Atm0spher1c
I rarely write reviews but AUM solved all the routing and midi issues I was having I primarily use Bias FX but found some of the fx like reverb to be lack luster Enter IAA convolution reverb apps Problem is in bias you can t toggle IAA apps on and off with a midi foot controller AUM solved it easily It is now the core of my guitar rig                     As a guitarist this was my missing link Analogluvr
AUM - Audio Mixer Music Audio Unit Audio MixerAUM - Audio Mixer Music Audio Unit Audio MixerAUM - Audio Mixer Music Audio Unit Audio MixerAUM - Audio Mixer Music Audio Unit Audio MixerAUM - Audio Mixer Music Audio Unit Audio MixerAUM - Audio Mixer Music Audio Unit Audio MixerAUM - Audio Mixer Music Audio Unit Audio MixerAUM - Audio Mixer Music Audio Unit Audio MixerAUM - Audio Mixer Music Audio Unit Audio Mixer

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